the Bluejay Flyer 1/30/15 - St. John the Baptist School

January 30, 2015
Three parishes... One commitment to Catholic Education
From the Principal’s Desk...
Dear Parents,
As we close the day today with an early release (yippee, the principal also likes early release days) and we
bring a close to this year’s celebration of Catholic Schools Week we have to stop for a moment and express a
sincere word of thank you to each of you, our faithful parents. You are the people who make great sacrifices to
send your children to St. John’s School. We are ever so grateful for this and more so for the trust you place in
each of us as we care for and educate your children. May Our Lord bless each of you abundantly for all you do
for your children and for this school.
Please check the backpacks today for the second quarter report cards. Once you have had a few moments to
study them, please take a moment to sit down with your child and discuss what is represented within the report
card. Let your child know how proud you are of them if the grades listed are truly a result of their best effort
even if the grade(s) is not an “A” across the board. If the grades could be better take time to discuss plans of
action both at home and at school to help those grades get better. Conferences will be coming up on February
12th and this would be a great time to discuss things with the teachers. I highly recommend that your son or
daughter be in on some or all of these conferences especially in the upper grades for they are the ones who
have to make the adjustments and buckle down more.
A reminder that our 2015/2016 school registration is open now
through the end of February. Submitting your registration(s) early
helps us to put accurate numbers together and to be able to respond
to new parents especially in situations where class sizes may be
getting to the maximum number. Please do all you can to encourage
new families to send their children to this very good school.
Looking ahead, there will be no school on Friday February 13th and
Monday February 16th. Friday the 13th is the trade off day for
conference on February 12th and Monday the 16th is the celebration
of Presidents’ Day.
Yours in Christ,
Al Grote, Interim Principal
Annual Book Fair
The Book Fair will be open during school hours Monday, February 2 through Friday, February 6 for students to preview and
shop. The Book Fair will also be open from 12—2 PM on Sunday February 1st and 8th (after 11:00 Mass).
Feb 2
2015/16 Registration Begins
Feb 1-6 Book Fair in the Library
Feb 3
All School Prayer Service 2:00
Feb 9
Gr. 7/8 Mass 8:30 AM
Feb 10
Preschool 3yr old Valentine Party
Feb 11
Preschool 4yr old Valentine Party
Feb 12
Preschool 3 yr old, PreK and
Gr. K-3 Valentine Parties
Parent/Teacher Conference
Feb 16
NO SCHOOL—Presidents’ Day
Feb 18
Ash Wednesday
All School Mass 8:30 AM
Visit St. John’s on the web at
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The Blue Jay Flyer
Science Fair Winners
Art Show Winners
Grade 7 Life Science
1st Place: Which Type of Water? - Emily
H. & Abby M.
2nd Place: Mummification of Hot Dogs—
Evie W.
3rd Place: Don’t Blink: You Might Miss
This—Noah G.
1st Grade
First Place: Ellie W.
First Place: Zachary D.
First Place: Venice O.
Second Place: Ryleigh S.
Second Place: Wyatt D.
Second Place: Lily H.
Grade 7 Physical Science
1st Place: When Science is Sweet—Olivia
D. & Sydney W.
2nd Place: Battery Life vs. Temperature—
Michael D.
3rd Place: Rocketology—Eden M. &
Alivia S.
2nd Grade
First Place: Carson S.
First Place: Riley M.
Second Place: Ali L.
Second Place: Nicholas C.
Second Place: Layne B.
Grade 8 Life Science
1st Place: Let your Body Move to the Music—Kassidy T.
2nd Place: tie Peppermint & Test Scores—
Chase C. & Nick G., Reaction Time—Jack
C. & Parker R.
3rd Place: A Penny for Your Thoughts—
Alex B.
Grade 8 Physical Science
1st Place: Beeswax or Non-beeswax—
Savannah H. & Kenna M.
2nd Place: Rainbow Fire—Allie K.
3rd Place: Egg Drop—Catherine M.
Special Thanks to all our Science
Fair and Art Show Judges!
3rd Grade
First Place: Dutch W.
First Place: Ashley W.
First Place: Chloe G.
Second Place: Isabella B.
Second Place: Sammy P.
Second Place: Alex U.
4th Grade
First Place: Luke L.
First Place: Ava C.
Second Place: Zoe R.
Second Place: Ava H.
Second Place: Grace V.
5th Grade
First Place: Katie H.
First Place: Allen R.
Second Place: Blaise D.
Second Place: Trevor J.
6th Grade
First Place: Jonah R.
First Place: Ethan R.
First Place: Eleanor K.
First Place: Sandra J.
First Place: Hailey R.
Second Place: Lindsie O.
Second Place: Madison D.
Second Place: Noah H.
Second Place: Josh M.
Second Place: Alex T.
Second Place: Solomon K.
7th Grade
First Place: Nick C.
First Place: Alivia S.
First Place: Nathan W.
First Place: Eden M.
Second Place: Megan S.
Second Place: Sammi S.
Second Place: Kevin F.
Second Place: Lexi W.
Second Place: Amber P.
Second Place: Audrey H.
8th Grade
First Place: Sarah C.
First Place: Rachel H.
First Place: Jackie L.
First Place: Chase C.
First Place: Jack C.
Second Place: Ethan G.
Second Place: Erina J.
Second Place: Allie K.
Second Place: Sam M.
Second Place: Sophia S.
2015-16 School Year Registration
3 and 4 year old Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten-8th grade registrations will begin Monday, February 2, 2015. Registration forms for current students were sent home via the Blue Jay Folders this week. Extra forms will be available in
the school office.
2014/15 school year tuition must be current for registration to be accepted. Priority registration (current families in the
school) ends on February 12 for Preschool and February 27 for Kindergarten-8th grade. After this time regis-
tration is on a first come first serve basis.