January 11, 2015 - St. Frances X. Cabrini Catholic Church

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The Baptism of the Lord • January 11, 2015
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and by appointment/
y si hace una cita
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Rev. Santos Ortega
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Peter Bond
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Dan Hudec
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[email protected]
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Reflecting on God’s Word
This is one of the key moments in the life
of Jesus. Up north in his hometown of
Nazareth he must have heard about
John. At some point an inner voice must
have said, “Go south, go to the desert.
Go listen to this preacher John.”
When he came to the desert, he may
have stood in a long line before that
moment came when he entered the
water and John baptized him. Mark
gives us only the briefest account of their
meeting, but does present John as
expecting someone mightier than he who
would baptize with the Holy Spirit.
It is this same Holy Spirit who came down on Jesus as
he was coming out of the water. At that moment, the
heavens were torn open, heaven reached down to touch
the Galilean, and the Spirit descended like a dove.
Have you ever seen a gull descend to snatch a fish or a
hawk swoop down to seize its prey? By contrast, the
image of a descending dove is one of beauty and grace,
of gentle alighting.
The words do not announce Jesus to others, as in
Matthew’s account, but they are spoken only to him:
“You are my beloved Son; with you I am well
pleased” (1:11), echoing the words the Lord speaks in
the first song of the Servant in the book of Isaiah.
The descent of the dove did not mean an easy life for
Jesus, but God had penetrated his being in a way that
would then drive him into the desert to begin his
mission of confronting the powers of sin and death.
This gentle dove came—and continues to come—with a
mighty power.
Reflexionemos sobre la
Palabra de Dios
Éste es uno de los momentos clave en la
vida de Jesús. En su propia ciudad de
Nazaret, ubicada al norte, él debió haber
oído hablar de Juan. En algún momento
debió haber escuchado una voz interior
que le decía: “Dirígete hacia el sur, ve al
desierto. Ve a escuchar a este predicador
Juan”. Cuando llegó al desierto es
probable que haya estado esperando en
una larga fila antes de que llegara el
momento de entrar en el agua y que
Juan lo bautizara. Marcos nos hace sólo
un recuento brevísimo de tal encuentro, pero nos
describe a Juan como esperando a alguien más
poderoso que él, que bautizará con el Espíritu Santo.
Es este mismo Espíritu Santo que descendió sobre
Jesús en cuanto salió del agua. En ese momento se
abrieron los cielos, el cielo bajó a tocar al galileo y el
Espíritu bajó sobre él como una paloma. ¿Has visto
alguna vez una gaviota descender para arrebatar un
pez o a un halcón precipitarse de picada para agarrar
su presa? En contraste, una paloma que desciende es
una imagen de belleza y gracia, y de posarse
suavemente. Las palabras de hoy no anuncian a Cristo
a los demás, como sucede en la versión de Mateo, sino
que se enuncian sólo para Jesús: “Tú eres mi Hijo
amado, en ti me complazco” (1:11), haciendo eco de las
palabras que el Señor dice en el primer cántico del
Siervo en el libro de Isaías. El descenso de la paloma no
quiso significar una vida fácil para Jesús, sino más bien
que Dios había penetrado el ser de Jesús de tal manera
que lo llevaría hasta el desierto para comenzar su
misión de confrontar los poderes del pecado y de la
muerte. Esta gentil paloma vino —y continúa
viniendo— con intenso poder.
2014 Tax Statements
In order to save on the cost of unnecessary mailing
please contact Precious Chikulo at ext. 227, if you
would like to receive a 2013 tax statement. Please
leave a message with your full name, phone and
envelope number (if possible) or send an email to
[email protected] . Due to the high volume of
requests you will not receive a call back, but all
statements will be mailed by Jan 15-31st. Any
donation made directly to the Diocese of San
Bernardino will receive a separate tax statement from
the Diocese.
Remember using your church envelope is always the
best way to insure you are properly credited for your
donation. Can’t locate your envelopes? Just put your
Envelope # in the memo.
Are you looking for another place to share
information? If so, take advantage of our
new blog! Simply email Precious at
[email protected] to submit your
¿Están ustedes buscando algún otro lugar
para compartir información? Si es así,
¡aproveche nuestro blog nuevo!
Simplemente mande un email a Precious a
[email protected] para someter sus
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Dates to Remember
Saturday, January
E-Waste Collection
Tuesday, January 20th at 6:00PM
We will be meeting in alcove 11.
Trip payment is due January 20th.
All Catholic women 18 years and
older are invited to our meeting
and to join the CDA.
Come join the Knights
of Columbus on their
bus trip
January 14, 2015
going to Fantasy
Springs Casino
in Indio, CA.
The donation to go is $30:00 and the
Casino provides $30.00 incentive for
passengers. Bus departs promptly @ 9:00
AM from the St. Frances X. Cabrini
Church (back parking lot) on California
Street; and returns at about 4:30PM.
Please arrive by 8:30 AM to sign in.
Call Bob Stalnaker
(909)730-9150 for reservations.
HOLIDAZED??? How About A Time Out !
How about some peace and quiet in the New Year? El Carmelo Retreat House in Redlands will
be hosting our Parish Men’s Retreat in January and our Women’s Retreat in February. The retreat
theme this year is Family. The Discalced Carmelite Friars will be giving the retreat. This is a silent
retreat, in a serene environment, only minutes away, that allows time for prayer and quiet meditation. The weekend begins Friday evening and ends Sunday after lunch. Single and double rooms
are available on a first come, first served basis. There are limited spaces available since we share
the weekend with a number of other parishes. For questions and see the contact information below:
REGISTER EARLY !! (There are brochures in the Narthex Kiosk)
MEN’S RETREAT: January 23 – 25, 2015 Contact Dennis Martinez @ (909) 435–0063
WOMAN’S RETREAT: February 13 – 15, 2015 Contact: Millie Hudec @ (909) 797-9560;
Nancy Chlebnik @ (909) 239-6050; Terri Paulson @ (909) 855-4756
El Bautismo del Señor
11 de enero de 2015 3
Please take note of our new pledge weekend dates.
2015 Generous Heart-Debt Campaign
17th and 18th of January
A prayer will be given for all the
pledge cards that will be brought
to mass on these dates. Please
don't forget yours!
Campaña del Corazón Generoso
17 y 18 de enero
Una oración será ofrecida por
todas las tarjetas de promesas
entregadas en Misa en estas
fechas. ¡Por favor no olvide la
Celebrate the beauty
and dignity of every
human life!
Bishop Gerald Barnes and Auxiliary Bishop Rutilio
del Riego would like to cordially invite you to join them at the first ever One1Life LA Walk for Life in
Los Angeles, January 17th, 2015. By joining them and your Christian brothers and sisters, you are
sharing the Church’s teaching that all human life has value and worthy of protection, particularly the
most vulnerable in our community.
The event starts at 10 am at La Placita Olvera, Downtown LA and then begins with a walk up Temple
Street, across Grand Avenue and down 1st Street. It then concludes with entertainment and exhibits
from community organizations. For more information, please contact Mary Huber at 909-475-5352 or
[email protected] or check out the website http://OneLifeLA.org. We are looking forward to
seeing you.
El Ministerio De Respeto a la Vida te invita a participar en la primera Marcha por La Vida, el
próximo sábado 17 de enero, en LA Placita Olvera, Los Angeles, que iniciará a las 10:00 am. Los
Obispos Barnes y Del Riego dirigirán la marcha.
Saldremos en el tren de las 8:30 am desde San Bdo hacia Los Angeles. Acompañanos y se parte de este
momento histórico. Mayor información en www.onelifela.org o Iris Bigueur 909-723-3690
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Upcoming RE Schedule 
Tuesday, January 13
4:30 - 6:00 pm
Wednesday, January 14 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Monday, January 12
6:00 - 7:00pm
Tuesday, January 20
6:45 - 8:45pm
Thursday, January 15
6:00 - 7:30pm
1/10 – 1/16, 2014 Mass Intentions
4:00 P.M. Marie Sadler
7:30 A.M. Belinda Saiz†
9:00 A.M. Pro Populo
11:00 A.M. Baldo Fernandez &
Tom White†
7:30 A.M. Richard Stewart†
7:30 A.M. Louise Serrano†
Wednesday 7:30 A.M. Joyce Garcia†
7:30 A.M. Carmen Castillo (B-day)
7:30 A.M. Communion Service
1/17 – 1/18, 2014 Mass Intentions
4:00 P.M. Julius Lopez†
7:30 A.M. Leonard & Ron Lardy†
9:00 A.M. Pro Populo
11:00 A.M. Gena Gengway†
We say the Rosary for all your Mass intentions are available for these dates:
prayer requests every Friday
1/21, 1/22, 1/26, 1/27, 1/28, 1/29, & 2/12
at noon, in the Chapel.
Please call or come into the Parish office to
reserve these dates before Tuesday for
Everyone is welcome. After the Rosary,
bulletin publication.
the chaplet of Divine Mercy is prayed.
Free Citizenship
Clases de
U.S History
The Constitution
Mock Interview
Historia de
La Constitución
Simulacro de
WHERE: “ St. Frances Xavier Cabrini”
12687 California St. Yucaipa, CA 92399
WHEN: January 14, 2015
6:00 pm - 8:30pm in parish center library
DÓNDE: "Santa Francisca Xavier Cabrini"
12687 California St. Yucaipa, CA 92399
CUÁNDO: 14 de enero del 2015
De 6:00 pm - 8:30pm en la librería del Centro
In Memoriam of:
William Paulson & Dolores Lahr
Pray for your servants William &
Dolores who served you faithfully
throughout his life. We ask this through
Christ our Lord. Amen
Prayer List
(Please note this list is for seriously ill
persons - names can only be listed for two
weeks - our prayer chain continues to pray
for people after this time). Recently we
received additional requests for prayers for
the following:
Mike Mercer, Donna Luongo,
Ara & Angelina Sagherian, Eileen Lammers,
Luis Espinoza & Janet Dai
If you would like to request prayers for your
family, please contact Margo at 797-2533.
The Baptism of the Lord
January 11, 2015
Baptism of the Lord
Theme: Baptism gives us new life.
Question for Children: Why does Baptism make you
Question for Youth: You were baptized as a member of the
Christian community. What does it mean to you to belong to
this community? How is it a support in your life?
Question for Adults: What meaning does your Baptism
have for your everyday life?
El Bautismo del Señor
Tema: El Bautismo nos da una nueva vida.
Pregunta para los niños: ¿Por qué el Bautismo te hace
Pregunta para los jóvenes: Fuiste bautizado como
miembro de la comunidad cristiana. ¿Qué significa para ti el
pertenecer a esta comunidad? ¿De qué manera es un apoyo
en tu vida?
Pregunta para los adultos: ¿Qué significado tiene su
Bautismo en su vida cotidiana?
Is 42:1-4, 6-7 or Is 55:1-11;
Ps 29:1-4, 3, 9-10 or Is 12:2-3, 4bcd-6;
Acts 10:34-38 or 1 Jn 5:1-9; Mk 1:7-11
Monday: Heb 1:1-6; Ps 97:1, 2b, 6, 7c, 9;
Mk 1:14-20
Tuesday: Heb 2:5-12; Ps 8:2ab, 5, 6-9;
Mk 1:21-28
Wednesday: Heb 2:14-18; Ps 105:1-4, 6-9;
Mk 1:29-39
Thursday: Heb 3:7-14; Ps 95:6-11; Mk 1:40-45
Heb 4:1-5, 11; Ps 78:3, 4bc, 6c-8;
Mk 2:1-12
Saturday: Heb 4:12-16; Ps 19:8-10, 15;
Mk 2:13-17
Sunday: 1 Sm 3:3b-10, 19;
Ps 40:2, 4, 7-10;
1 Cor 6:13c-15a, 17-20;
Jn 1:35-42
Respect Life
Spiritually Adopted and I'm 1 Month Old: Thank you for praying for me. I am one month old now. I have
a heart pumping my blood and a backbone. I am very, very tiny and I appreciate your prayers.
ADOPCIÓN ESPIRITUAL Gracias por rezar por mi. Ya Tengo un mes de vida. Soy muy chiquitin, y ya
tengo un corazón que bombea mi sangre y una espina dorsal.
Ministry Staff
Business Manager/
Administradora de Negocios
Precious Chikulo
ext. 227
[email protected]
Coordinator of Pastoral Care/
Coordinadora de Cuidado Pastoral
Margo Isenberg
ext. 225
[email protected]
Coordinator of Youth Ministry/
Coordinadora de Ministerio Juvenil
Grades/Grados 7th-12th
Iliana Garcia Ocampo
ext. 229
[email protected]
Director of Religious Education/
Educación Religiosa
Grades/Grados 1st-6th
Linda Ornelas
ext. 224
[email protected]
Office Assistant / Asistente de Oficina
Peggy Patterson
ext. 222
[email protected]
Office Receptionist/
Recepcionista de Oficina
Cecilia Newby
ext. 221
ICS (Food Distribution)
(Mon., Tues., Thurs.) 797-0007
Annulment/Anulación 797-2533 ext. 225
Baptisms/Bautismos 797-2533 ext. 225
Marriage/ Matrimonio 797-2533 ext. 228
Pastoral Council / Concilio Pastoral
Enrique Lima
797-2533 ext. 501
Finance Council
Don Averill
797-2533 ext. 503
Jovenes Para Cristo
Elvia Corona
Office Assistant / Asistente de Oficina
Mothers in Faith
Edith Garcia
ext. 230
Teresa Russo
[email protected]
For preparation of Marriage or Baptism,
contact ministry staff first ext. 228/225
Altar Servers / Monaguillos
Dcn. Dan Hudec
797-2533 ext. 506
Eucharistic Ministers/Ministros de Eucaristía
Jesse and Monica Robles 797-6235
Alfredo Montiel
Clara Ureña
Small Faith Communities
Lisa Cox
Health Ministry/Ministerio de Salud
Alicia Sevick
Dcn. Peter Bond
797-2533 ext. 505
Iliana Garcia Ocampo
797-2533 ext. 229
R.C.I.A. (new Catholics)
Lisa Hudec
[email protected]
Returning Catholics
797-2533 ext. 225
Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Trisha Wright
Knights of Columbus
Dietrich Rubelius