Veins Face and Legs, Redness, Vinotinto Spots and Vascular Injuries

Veins Face and Legs, Redness, Vinotinto
Spots and Vascular Injuries
Many people suffer from veins in the face and legs, or redness or rosacea and
ignore that there are places where they can treat those vascular problems that
torment them so much with lasers. It's time to solve them at the Laser Vein
Removal Centers.
Due to the size of the vessels, their colour and configuration, it is not possible to
treat all veins and vascular pathologies with a single laser, it requires several
lasers and techniques that are only available in specialized laser clinics .
How does the laser work?
The laser produces a beam of strongly concentrated light; the green light
produced by our laser is the key to the effect on the venous injury.
The red colour of the blood that is in the blood vessels absorbs the green light.
The laser seals the vein and closes it and the vessel is absorbed by the body,
Unlike other laser equipment that when closing the vein can leave a burn on the
skin, our lasers have a device that cools the skin, protecting it and preventing it
from burning during treatment.
What can you expect from the treatment?
The laser treatment for Vein Disease In Legs depends on the quantity, size and
depth of the veins. Most patients require approximately 1 to 3 sessions. The
prognosis is excellent and the improvement is between 80 to 90%. The sessions
are held in our clinic, spacing it between 6 to 8 weeks.
The laser is not painful, it feels like little taps with a rubber. Most patients do
not require anaesthesia. If needed, topical or local anaesthesia will be applied.
After the treatment by Veins Specialist Doctor, the appearance of the treated
area varies from person to person, depending on the intensity of the treatment.
This includes: redness, small scabs or slight pain that disappear in a short time.
The results are amazing and after the treatment the skin regains its natural
Hemagiomas and Stains Red Wine:
Hemangiomas: red or red wine tumours that appear in 3% to 10% of children.
They are characterized for being of fast growth and they are constituted by
vascular disorders that appear with numerous glasses of different size and fast
growth. Although over time they stop growing can leave large aesthetic
deformations and affect the functioning of some organs, and the rapid treatment
of these with appropriate lasers is critical.
Red wine stains (PWS) : These are malformations caused by a lack of total or
partial development of nerves around vessels. They can be flat or ecstasy. They
are usually constituted by vessels of different diameters and therefore require
several types of lasers to be treated such as: 532 nm, 1064 nm, 585 and 980nm.
USA Vein Clinics has several types of vascular lasers to treat these pathologies,
since the vessels according to the diameter require different wavelengths to be
In most cases a complete removal of this type of injuries and other substantial
improvements in a high percentage is achieved. The number of sessions varies
according to each injury.
The treatments of veins and vascular injuries at The Vein and Laser Clinic are
safe and the care is minimal.