How veins work
Only 10 percent of people have healthy veins. Ninety percent suffer from venous
diseases. This can cause fatigue and swelling in the legs, varicose veins or thrombosis.
How veins work, what can we do? A widely branched system of vessels carries blood
around the body. The blood vessels are divided into arteries and veins depending on the
direction in which the blood flows. The heart pumps blood through the arteries to all parts
of the body and supplies oxygen to the cells. These days Laser Vein Removal Centers
are very helpful to deal with this type of problem.
The importance of the venous system
On the contrary, the task of the venous system consists of bringing back the
deoxygenated blood of the body to the heart and, from here, to the lungs. Many tiny
vessels, called capillaries and venules, collect used and deoxygenated blood from the
entire body and pass it through the veins to carry it back to the heart. Around 7,000 liters
of blood return to the heart through the venous system every day.
Another distinctive feature is blood pressure, which is considerably lower in the veins
than in the arteries. The veins are part of the system of low pressure in the circulation.
Therefore, our venous system is larger and denser than the arterial system. So if you want
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Anatomical classification of the veins
 The veins are divided into different parts of the body:
 Veins of the head
 Veins of the arms
 Abdominal veins
 Veins of the legs
The blood from the abdominal organs passes first through the so-called portal vein to
the liver where it is filtered before transport to the heart. There are several systems in
the veins of the legs. The deep veins of the legs that run through the muscles take care
of most of the transport back in the legs. The rest of the blood returns through the
superficial veins of the leg that extend from the ankles to the hollow of the knee or
groin, where they connect with the deep veins of the leg
When the veins dilate, the remedy is compression.
Physical exercise keeps the veins moving. Also Spider Vein Treatment is used to deal
with issues. As soon as we contract the muscles when walking, they compress the veins.
Treatment for Red Veins:
Nowadays this branch of surgery is called angiology or vascular surgery, it is a medicalsurgical specialty dedicated to the study, prevention, clinical and instrumental diagnosis
and Treatment for Red Veins on Face.
In this way the blood is pumped out from the calves to the heart, hence the origin of the
term "calf muscle pump". After the contraction, the pressure in the empty veins decreases
and more blood can be suctioned, which explains why physical exercise is so important
for healthy venous function. Without physical exercise, the muscles cannot exert
mechanical pressure on the veins, which then dilate, preventing the internal valves from
closing properly.
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