10 Best Places to Visit in Jammu and Kashmir

Words fall short to describe the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. One
always imagines snow while thinking about this beautiful state of India.
There is a lot beyond snowfall and many interesting locations to explore.
It possesses mystic element in its nature and has attracted tourists from
all corners of the world to come and fall in love with it. The snow peaks,
glittering sun rays, lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, winding roads,
highest mountain passes, breathtaking valleys, meadows and the list
goes endlessly while describing the paradise land.
Here are top 10 places to tour in Jammu and Kashmir while you go on
a holiday.
The summer capital, Srinagar is the prized possession of Jammu and Kashmir with a
vibrant atmosphere and picturesque beauty. Situated on the bank of river Jhelum, it
exudes majestic charm with Mughal gardens, architecture and cool breeze. The
floating gardens, vegetable market and clear waters of Dal Lake engulf you with a
sense of tranquility. The boat rides and Shikhara ride on the lakes is an ideal holiday
for romantic couples. Water skiing, golfing and bird watching are other activities to
spend your time merrily. Attain Nirvana by watching the beautiful sunset over the
Himalayas with your partner by your side.
Witness heaven on earth at Leh due to its sheer proximity with nature and its
queer beauty. Located at a high altitude of 3500 meters it presents a number of
trails and trekking options to adventure enthusiasts. Being very close to Tibet it
shares its culture and traditions and reflects a mixture of Indian and Tibetan
lifestyle. The clear water lakes, monasteries and rough terrains add fun and beauty
to the district. The monasteries and forts reflect architectural grandeur in their
style and is a treat to the tourists and history buffs. Unleash the Himalayan
panorama and its beauty during summers by exploring rafting and trekking.
Jammu city:
This winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir is nestled on the bank of river Tawi. The
place is a famous pilgrim attraction with Vaishno Devi temple and other holy
places. The forts, caves and wildlife sanctuary of the city present you with perfect
holiday spot to explore and imbibe the culture. It is one of the top cities in the state
to attract tourists looking for peace and tranquility. The markets of Jammu city are
quite popular for the high quality of products sold. Shop for handicrafts and
pashmina shawls at their best price.
This a most popular hill station in Jammu and Kashmir with scenic routes and
meadows. Gulmarg earned the name meadow of flowers with the presence of a
variety of gardens and flowers engulfing the place. The summers and springs are the
perfect time to take a walk among the gardens and the winters pose for a good
skiing activity with its snowfall. A visit to the frozen lake, snowboarding, golfing and
mountain biking are fun activities to do to enjoy your stay.
It is one of the beautiful and well-developed Kashmir valley located on the banks of
river Lidder. The name literally translates into the village of shepherds. The Valley is
an ideal destination for picnics with lakes and streams around it. It also serves as the
base camp for pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra which occurs annually. It is also the zero
point for trekkers by presenting the perfect weather and background. The velvety
green grass, lush vegetation, and crystal clear skies will surely leave you spellbound
and compel you to camp for the night under the stars.
For photographers and nature lovers, Sonamarg is the visual treat with the sun
glistening brightly on the snow-capped mountain ranges. The name means
meadow of Gold which was earned rightly when you see the valley sparkling under
the sun rays. The Valley hosts mind blowing glaciers, waterfalls, and lakes and it
should not be missed at any cost during the trip to Kashmir. The beauty of the
valley transports your soul to a different world and stimulates your senses.
Trekking and trout fishing are some common activities tourists look forward to in
this valley.
This is the most fertile land of Kashmir and has earned many names like rice bowl of
Kashmir and Dudhakul of Kashmir. The apple orchards and saffron plantations with
lakes reflect the unmatched beauty of the place. the blue skies with golden
cultivated lands portray the mixed hues of the place making it an eternal beauty on
earth. With lakes, natural water springs and historic culture, Pulwama holds many
secrets of the nature waiting to be unraveled. This charming town has historic sites
and temples portraying the Mughal and Indian architecture.
Located in the foothills of Shivalik mountain ranges, Kathua offers a perfect spot for
short holidays. This border town calls adventure lovers for trekking and
mountaineering in its serene ambiance. The crisp mountain air and clear waters
soothe the tired souls and is a great place to reconnect with your family. Enjoy your
stay there with rafting, boat rides and visiting holy shrines. The valley is beautiful
with waterfalls, gorgeous meadows, brooks, streams, and snow. Due to the existence
of a large number of Sufi shrines the place is fondly called the city of Sufis.
It is the brave heart town located on the India-Pakistan border and has secured an
important place in the history of India. This enchanting land lies on the bank of river
Indus. The visit to an ancient village in Kargil is greeted by ruins of castles and forts
from our history. The snow covered peaks and blue skies are a view to behold. The
valleys let you comprehend the existence of mankind and its interaction with
nature. A visit to war memorial is sure to bring up the emotions inside and gives us
the pride with which our soldiers are safeguarding the nation.
The region of Hemis attracts tourists from all over the world with its culture and
famous ancient monastery. It lies on the bank of river Indus on its western end.
Thither important attraction of the place is its national park which is the house for
various species of flora and fauna. If you want to have a look at snow leopard then
it is certainly a place to visit. The Hemis festival held annually is so popular and it
draws attraction of the visitors with an array of colors and dances.
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