5 Things You Didn’t Know A Home Warranty Can Cover

If you’re shopping for a home warranty for the first time, it might feel like there’s
a lot to take in. Even for those among us who have owned multiple homes and
multiple home warranties, some of the perks and advantages might not be
immediately apparent until you take a step back and consider just what you’re
In most cases, your home warranty plan will offer coverage based on what you
need. For standard appliances, such as ovens, dishwashers, and garbage
disposals, the right coverage is a simple choice, because you’re likely using
these appliances daily, meaning you will want them to be repaired quickly if
they break down.
Of course, down the line, many homeowners realize they need coverage that
extends beyond their standard appliances. Other appliances throughout your
home can also lead to just as expensive breakdowns that require quick repair.
Luckily, there are many additional appliances and systems in your home that can
be covered with optional plans.
Here are five things you may not have known your home warranty can cover:
1. Your roof.
Water damage is one of the top causes for claims submitted by homeowners
with home warranty coverage, as many insurance plans don’t always cover this
type of damage. If your home’s roof is leaking, your home warranty can cover it
and have someone over to repair it before it damages your home further.
2. Your pool.
Do you have an in ground pool or spa? With a home warranty plan, you can
cover the pumping system, filtration system, and heating system. Your pool will
be operational all summer long.
3. Your home’s ductwork.
The ducts that connect to your heating and cooling unit can be covered under
your warranty. Issues such as the point of attachment at your grill or register
can be protected with this additional coverage.
4. Your lawn sprinkler system.
If you care for a beautiful lawn surrounding your home and need to keep it
watered, you may want to invest in a home warranty with coverage for your
sprinkler system.
Any mechanical mishaps with your sprinkler’s components can be covered.
5. Your well pump.
If your primary water source is a well, you must rely on a mechanical system
that brings water into your home. Select Home Warranty can cover all
components of this type of well.
Did you know you can take advantage of Select Home Warranty’s plans for
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