Amt warranty corp delivers home warranty program for homeowners safety

AMT Warranty Corp Delivers Home Warranty Program for
Homeowners Safety Amtrust Warranty is certainly dedicated to
enabling consumers shield their most precious asset their home.
Experience lets us know that a number of home appliances will
require repair work when they have been in use for as little as fiveyears.
The fact is that, most homeowners are experiencing many different
mechanical or electrical problems on an annual basis, which may
easily cost them approximately $1,000 in repair costs.
Such as, heating and cooling systems usually might need considerable
maintenance after 7 years and routinely demand replacement after 1215 years. When a home’s HVAC system fails, repair costs can easily
exceed $1,500.
Nearly 25% of the above repair costs can pay for an AMT Warranty Corp
Protection plan.
AMT offers a remarkable discount for warranty clients likewise.
The Amtrust Warranty Home Warranty Program offers homeowners with yearround protection against mechanical breakdowns for a lot of covered systems
and home machines. Insurance coverage plan by AMT Warranty Corp is
designed for 1 year and payable annually or in monthly instalments.
Base Coverage:
Heating System (up to $1,500)
AC/Cooler (up to $1,500)
Internal Plumbing System (up to $500)
Ductwork (up to $500)
Water Heater (up to $500)
Internal Electrical System
Built in Microwave
Elective Coverage:
Pool and Spa Washer and Dryer
Trash Compactor
Septic System
Kitchen Refrigerator
Stand Alone Freezer
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