Home Warranties Are They Worth It

It’s often the first question that comes to mind whenever someone is introduced
to the concept of a home warranty:
“Are home warranties worth it?”
It’s a legitimate question, but to find the answer, you first need to understand just
what a home warranty does, what distinguishes a home warranty from
“homeowner’s insurance,” and most importantly, what the benefits of a home
warranty include.
What’s a “home warranty?”
A home warranty, often referred to as a “coverage plan,” “protection plan,” or
“service contract,” defends homeowners against sudden major appliance and
home system breakdowns. When you have a home warranty and something
goes wrong, your plan will help you get covered items repaired or replaced by a
qualified contractor.
Depending on the protection plan you choose, a home warranty can cover
things like plumbing stoppage and issues with major appliances including
dishwashers, stoves/ovens, garbage disposals, and water heaters – items that
would not be covered by homeowner’s insurance.
Differences between a home warranty and homeowner’s insurance.
A home warranty is quite different from homeowner’s insurance. While your
homeowner’s insurance policy may cover things like fire damage, weather
damage, or property crimes, it won’t cover things like your refrigerator motor
breaking down or issues with your cooling system. That’s where a home
warranty will benefit you.
What are the benefits of a home warranty?
A home warranty provides peace of mind and can even save you significant
money when your appliances or home systems require repair. Instead of having
to pay out of pocket to purchase and install an entirely new home system or
appliance (which tends to be expensive), when you have an issue with a
covered item, the steps you’ll follow are always the same:
Make a claim with your home warranty provider.
Your provider connects you with a locally licensed service tech.
The service tech will set up an appointment to diagnose and repair or replace
the problematic appliance or home system.
And that’s it! All you pay is a modest fee for the service call. Some providers,
including Select Home Warranty, have no limit to the number of repairs
covered, don’t require a home inspection to purchase, and cover appliances
and home systems regardless of age.
Of course, if you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll find that a protection plan
can help you sell it, with most home buyers preferring to purchase a home with
a warranty.
In addition, home warranties aren’t just limited to covering homes. You can
even cover rental properties, condos, and mobile homes.
Should you buy a home warranty?
At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether a home warranty is worth it. But
many homeowners appreciate the added value and peace of mind that comes
with never having to worry about what they’ll do when their heating system
breaks, when the washing machine makes a banging noise, when their sump
pump goes haywire, when – well, you get the idea.
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