Amt warranty corp an ideal solution for manufacturers

With the variety of programs offered, AMT Warranty can assist
many different markets and industries with their extended
service and warranty needs. From a retailer that sells consumer
electronics to a manufacturer of power tools, AMT has the
expertise to help grow and enhance customer services for the
specific business.
Here is how AMT warranty Corp works with different
markets to accomplish profitable goals:
For Manufacturers – As a top warranty provider, AMT Warranty
has the ability to administer original equipment manufacturers’
(OEM) warranties by providing:
In-bound calls
Triage services
Claims adjudication
Service dispatch Service fulfillment
Service Center Network Management
Outsource insurance liability
Aftermarket initiatives including ESPs, surveys, quality assurance and much
For Distributors – An ideal solution for distributors is AMT’s Protect-it
card, a turnkey extended service plan that offers product protection from the
date of purchase. This can offer programs for distributors to sell in-store, as
well as offer to vendors to sell to their consumers.
For Retailers –
Retailers need simple and convenient extended service plans to keep their •
business profitable and their customers happy. AMT can provide retailers wit
h customized plans to suit their specific needs or with the Protectit card program as a simple alternative to traditional warranties.
There are various types of warranty plans for different types of business. AMT Warran
ty takes a handson approach to assist you in this decision by evaluating your business
and making recommendations that match your company goals.
Different types of warranty plans for different business types are as follows:
Replacement plans – These plans cover the replacement of lowerpriced new products and become active after the expiration of the manufacturers' wa
rranty. This replacement can be fulfilled by a physical replacement, gift certificate, vo
ucher or copayable check and will cover replacement of the product with one of equal
or greater quality. Replacement plans are best suited for purchases such as cell phone
s, digital cameras and lower-cost consumer electronics.
Repair Plans –
These plans become active after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, but ge
nerally cover repairs throughout the duration of the contract. LCD televisions and lap
tops that depend on advanced technology require pricey repairs, making them the pe
rfect fit for repair plans. Onsite repair plans are also available for products that are no
t easily portable, allowing the customer to have the product serviced without hassle.
Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) plans – ADH plans operate in conjunction
with the manufacturer’s warranty starting on the date of purchase (DOP) and cover
areas not qualified by the OEM. Products used on a daily basis such as MP3 players,
PDAs and laptops are excellent choices for ADH coverage. Unlike standard repair
plans, ADH plans cover replacement or repair of products that have accidentally been
damaged from typical everyday use.
There are many other features & benefits of AMT warranty. Regardless of your
involvement, working with AMT will always be beneficial for you in many ways, which
are as follows:
A robust national service center network. Depot services. Utilization of web-based
application for tracking all aspects of programs. Personalized marketing materials and
sales training. Full disclosure of information regarding clients' ESP programs including
sales, claims and profitability.
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