How can a CRM help your small business

There are two parameters that decide the fate of any business:
1).Acquiring new customer (Lead Generation and New Customer
Acquisition) and
2).Providing excellent customer service to existing customers
(customer retention.)
Whether it’s a large or small business, the rules remain the same.
CRM software has been around for more than a decade but its use was
restricted to businesses having national or international presence. In
today’s world were the competition is fierce and customer demands
high, even the small business needs to work aggressively and
For some time now, small companies have kept themselves isolated from CRM,
presuming that it is only for bigger companies. Since 2010, CRM technology has
evolved considerably, thereby destroying the idea of it being a complex system
with extensive data base, difficult to manage and hard to learn. Onsite CRM is
the perfect small business CRM, which offers affordable solution for small
businesses. Features like a fast dialer, auto e-mailer, and responsive design
makes Onsite CRM the best CRM software both for large and small businesses.
Ways in which CRM can help small business?
i.) Lead Conversion: Increase in number of quality sales. Better profile
management of prospective and existing customers will boost the number of
sales. This system too helps you to get referrals from the existing customer
through follow-up emails.
ii.)Customer Retention: Better customer service over a long period. Long term
relationship and loyal customer base as this software allows you to be in touch
with existing customers through emails and phone contacts.
iii.) Employee Efficiency & Accountability: A user friendly, intuitive and
simple interface like in OnsiteCRM helps your sales team as well as front desk
employees provide better customer service. Analyzing the efficiency of sales
team becomes uncomplicated and one can even keep a track his own
performance on daily basis. Therefore, one becomes accountable for achieving
his set targets.
iv.)Marketing Strategy: Based on solid data available over time you can
analyze and determine tactics or strategies producing better results than the
one which are complete waste of time. Hence, it plays a decisive role in your
marketing strategy too.
v. )Revenue Increase: With better employee efficiency, quality customer
acquisition and retention, better marketing strategies and excellent customer
service revenue are surely going to rise provided you implement this system
with proper planning and train your employees regularly.
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