Get Automated! CRM For Tax Company

If you are a tax professional of any kind, whether you are a
certified public accountant or handle tax work in another
capacity, you know what a headache keeping everything straight
can be. Not just who needs what, but also who hasn’t checked in
so far this year, who has checked in but hasn’t followed up, and
who are the potential new clients you need to get in touch with.
This is a juggling act at the best of times, but during tax season
the demands on your time can be overwhelming.
Onsite CRM can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches
by helping to manage your customers simply and efficiently. Not
only that, we can provide you with a clean, integrated system
that does it all, letting you dump the old way of doing things
and step up to our CRM system that is both efficient and
intuitive. With Onsite CRM everybody in the office uses a single
system, improving efficiency and your bottom line.
Onsite CRM for tax companies gives you the power to get the job done. Our
system offers you a complete customer relationship management system.
Track your leads, inquiries and clients across every department in your
company. Anybody in your operation can enter data about a client, and
everybody else can see it. This keeps the whole team on the same page and
presents an excellent image of your company. You know the entire history of
every client’s contact with your company, so you’re prepared to talk to them
and help them, often before they even realize themselves that they need your
One of the great benefits of working with Onsite CRM is that this system is
far more than just a way to manage your clients. With our integrated tax
professional vertical system, Onsite puts everything at your fingertips and
makes it easy to manage. You no longer need one kind of software for the
front office and something else for the back office. Onsite CRM does it all.
With our integrated verticals you can track a client, provide an electronic review of
the client’s needs, identify the necessary tax forms for the specific situation, prepare
them and print them out. We even give you a time-saving electronic client interview.
Once everything is delivered to the client you can use the CRM to follow up to check
on customer satisfaction; all this without jumping from system to system. It’s a proven
fact that the more you have to handle data the greater the opportunity for error. With
OnSite everything is in one place and there’s no chance for data errors to sneak in
between the front and back offices.
We know your emails are important to you, and a great email campaign is essential to
the success of your business. To give you the best possible experience, Onsite CRM has
partnered with SMTP to give you the best delivery service available for your email
campaigns. This is a top-notch company with over a decade of history delivering
emails and making sure they get where they need to go. They are publicly traded and
have set the standard that all other email delivery services strive for.
SMTP reaches more in boxes than any other service. Even when clients have requested
the information, 22% of emails from businesses never make it to the client. SMTP has
the highest rate of deliverability in the industry. Don’t let your drip campaigns go down
the drain – work with a partner that delivers the best.
Contact Onsite CRM now to step into the world of full-spectrum CRM and integrated
verticals. Stop costly errors and wasteful jumping from one system to another. Let
Onsite CRM handle it all and save you money every day.
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