Intuitive Scripting by OnSite CRM

Here at OnSite CRM we are constantly evolving our platform. We acquire tons of data
from our clients across all our solutions provided to many different industries. By
utilizing this data we enhance our system to improve your ability to service your clients
and reach your sales goals.
For many years now CRM platforms for business have provided a simple box style client
input form. This is an industry standard however like the phone book it is very out
dated. With our new intuitive scripting platform you can input your exact sales script
into our CRM lead sheet. Instead of molding your business to a standardized template
we tailor our platform to your exact sales process cutting down on learning curves and
keeping a smooth transition upon roll out of the OnSite CRM product.
You will now have the ability to provide your team a uniform sales approach that is
always “on script” from the intro call through the entire list of qualifying questions with
your current prospects.
Now how is this improving the sales process if we are just using our current script for
the CRM lead sheet? With OnSite CRM’s intuitive scripting it’s simple! Right now
you use your sales script time and time again however you do not know when you are
losing your clients since there is no dynamic data provided on when the call breaks
Here’s an example: we get through our current sales intro and get to a tougher
question for the client, let’s say we are requesting the clients Social Security
number. Currently a sales rep may provide some verbal feedback stating “whenever I
ask for the SS the client isn’t willing to provide this information and we lose the deal.“
With our detailed analytics we will now see the number of times this questions is
asked and the number of times the sales process breaks down. This way we can
readjust our sales script to improve with detailed analytics by readjusting when the
question is asked or removing it entirely.
Now that you are aware of the possibilities intuitive scripting provides, allow us to show you
a no cost demonstration on how it can be applied to your company and improve your sales
process today!Click here to request a demo.
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