Control Your Mortgage Business with Onsite CRM

An important thing to note in mortgage is the difficult balance
between being successful in business and staying out of the way of
regulators motivated to penalize the industry. CRM platforms are no
longer only contact managers and sales tools. Nowadays, Onsite CRM
software has become a partner in compliance, providing ways to
increase sales while keeping lenders in sync with regulators. Onsite
CRM integrates with Encompass, Point and other key players in the
mortgage world.
With compliance concerns and increased regulation, it is important to
enforce consistency within your business and it's far from impossible
with our software.
Onsite CRM for mortgage helps originate loans correctly and moderate costs,
which will help you remain profitable and successful. Unfortunately, this
compliance-heavy environment is not just a fad. Our CRM includes
considerations around federal Do Not Call Registry guidelines, Gramm-LeachBliley protections of consumer information, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
requirements regarding consumers and credit reports, and more, including data
retention, archival security, etc. Let us does the heavy lifting for you, so you can
focus on increasing sales conversions.
Onsite CRM, when combined with a great content library, can create amazingly
powerful communications based on fact-filled and dynamic borrower
presentations. By quickly being able to pull client information, it is easy to
persuade customers to commit on the spot, and follow up campaigns that boost
successful referrals.
Using the CRM & Customizations
Our technology can help you in virtually every aspect of compliance and
business success. However, attitude is just as important as your business
techniques. Having all tiers from management down should be on board with
compliance & strategy.
A CRM is only as good as the people who use it. Onsite CRM is fully
customizable for any size mortgage firm. By explaining your sales process, your
account manager & our team of developers will help come up with a seamless
system that is an easy transition from your current structure.
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