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La Clave
By Liz Casserly, Isaiah Mackson, Daniel Augustino and Erica Waltsak
El 6 de Junio
La influencia de salsa en otros géneros
En esta parte
aprenderás que salsa
tiene influencia en
otros géneros de
música y partes del
Flor palida – Marc
Bailando –
Enrique Iglesias
feat. Sean Paul
Vivir mi vidaMarc Anthony
Quimbara Celia Cruz
Pantera Mambo
- La 33
In this part you will learn to salsa influences
other music genres and around the world. For
example, the rhythm of salsa sometimes combined
with other genres of music. Carlos Santana is an
example of a person who combined the genre of rock
and salsa. This genre has also went on and created a
new genre called Reggaeton. Reggaeton is similar to
rap music and includes artists such as Daddy Yankee.
There have even been remakes of classical songs such
as Beethoven's Fifth.
Los Origines de Salsa
En el sección de La Clavel tu vas aprender de los orí
genes de el genere de música que se llama la
salsa. Cuando este sección se empieza vas aprender
que países influyó la salsa mas que otros.
Cuando tu aprende de los países vas aprender de el c
amino que la genere sacio. Es muy
interesante a ver cuanto tiempo pasó antes que el ge
nere cambio. Ultimo vas aprender los nombres
de los generes que la salsa tenío antes de cuando Sal
sa existo.
How To Dance Salsa
Start with both of your feet
1.) Hold the Beat
2.) Step forward with your Left
3.) Rock back onto your Right Foot
4 ) Step back with your Left Foot
5.) Hold the Beat
6.) Step back with the Right Foot
7.) Rock forward onto your Left
8 ) Step forward with your Right
Repeat Step 1
Linea de tiempo de salsa
Influential People of Salsa
Tito Puente- es “El Rey de Los Timbales”. He was a salsa percussionist and Latin Jazz
arranger. He has played and collaborated with any artist that has to do with Latin music.
Tito had a big impact on latin percussionists.
Los Aficanos- Africans that were taken to Cuba brought their tradition and culture with
them and it fused with cuban culture and influenced the start of salsa greatly. This is
evident through certain rhythms and dance movements.
Benny More- thought of as the greatest Cuban singer of all time. He had a very fluid
voice and phrased his words expressively. Mastered many styles of cuban music such as
mambo and bolero.
Cenia Cruz- La Reina de la Música Latina, was a cuban salsa singer and preformer. She
was the most popular salsa artist of the 20th century. She work with countless artist for
many years.
Machito- was an influential Latin Jazz musician who changed and helped creat AfroCuban Jazz. With his group, The Afro Cubans, he brought together Cuban rhythms and
big band jazz arrangements in one group.
Fania All Stars- a salsa ensemble established in 1968 in New York by Jerry Masucci, an
Italian-American lawyer, and Johnny Pacheco, a composer and bandleader. Fania All
Stars changed the New York salsa club scene.
Santana- es el genera de Rock Latino. Mixed rock music with latin percussion and
rhythms. Most songs are based around what the led guitar player Carlos Santana plays.