October 12, 2014 - St. Agnes Parish

Saint Agnes Catholic Church
233 West Gay Street
West Chester, PA. 19380
Saint Agnes Catholic Church
233 West Gay Street • West Chester, PA 19380
www.saintagnesparish.org • Phone: 610-692-2990 • Fax: 610-692-9623
Rev. Alfonso J. Concha ( Fr. Al)
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Laurence J. Gleason
Weekend Ministry
Rev. Stephen J. Baker, O.S.A.
Rev. John Franey
Deacon Victor Gonzalez
8:00 a.m. & 5:15 p.m. (Sunday Vigil)
7:00, 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.
12:00 p.m. (Spanish) 5:15 p.m.
Weekdays: 6:30 & 8:00 a.m.
First Friday: 6:30 & 9:00 a.m.
Holy Days: 5:15 p.m (anticipated)
6:30 & 8:00 a.m. 12:10 & 5:15 p.m
(Spanish) 7:00 p.m.
Deacon Clement J. McGovern
Deacon Martin LoMonaco
Deacon Thomas Shurer
Eucharistic Adoration:
Wednesday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sr. Dorothy Mayer, I.H.M., Superior of Convent-610-692-9430
Sr. Joan Felicia, I.H.M., School Principal- 610-696-1260
Felicia Navarro, Coordinator of Religious Education-610-436-4640
Sr. Helene McGroarty, I.H.M., Hispanic Ministry-610-344-7224
Sr. Martha Staarman, O.S.U., Hispanic Ministry-610-436-5580
Mr.Sean McElwee,Director of Music–
[email protected]
Second, Third and Fourth Sundays: 1:30 p.m.
First Sunday in Spanish:
1:15 p.m.
Pre-Jordan, First Sunday (TPH)
12:00 p.m
Mrs.Barbara Kirby,Director of Outreach Services-610-429-0697
Mr. John Mattia, Facilities Manager- 610-692-2990
Wednesday: 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Mrs. Joan Fogarty, Business Manager- 610-692-2990
Saturday: 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Mr. Samuel Riccardo, Jr., Cemetery Manager- 610-692-4421
Vigil of Holy Days & First Friday Eve: 4:00-4:30 p.m.
Marriages: To register for Pre-Cana contact:
Reflections: Looking for freedom?
In today’s readings, the theme of invitation draws us into the freedom that Jesus offers us. Jesus invites us to that summoning back to life, the invitation to unbind ourselves from the things that tie us up. Today we can become aware of how much God
longs for a deeper relationship with us, one where we realize that God is not in our
minds, but deeply settled in our hearts, just waiting for us to notice. And if we really
take the time today to listen, we will hear Jesus say deep in our hearts, “Untie him
and let him go. Untie her and let her go.” (Creighton Reflections)
Week of October 12, 2014
Monday: Columbus Day (green)
6:30 AM: Adeline Mobile by Marie Moretti
8:00 AM: Lynn Berry Klinger by Marie Hanby
Tuesday: St. Callistus l, Pope & Martyr (green/red)
6:30 AM: Adeline R. DePaolantino by Kristine
8:00 AM:Michael Frances Meehan by Meyer Family
Wednesday: St. Teresa of Jesus, Virgin & Doctor of
the Church (white)
6:30 AM: Maureen L. McGovern
8:00 AM: Dominic Mary Luminello by Family
Thursday: St. Hedwig, religious, St. Margaret
6:30 AM: John Deane by Luchetti Family
8:00AM: Virginia Powell by Steve & Anne Quigley
Friday: St. Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop & Martyr
6:30 AM: Mary Finnerty by John & Eleanor Zerbato
8:00 AM: George & Patricia Kruszewski by John &
Gabreille Deane
Saturday: St. Luke, Evangelist (red)
8:00 AM: Jena & Kathleen Furlong by Johnson Family
Please pray for the repose
of the souls of
Our family and friends
May they rest in peace
John Natale
"While praying the Rosary, we hand
over our burdens to the merciful hearts
of Jesus and Mary. Looking back over
difficul es of twenty-four years as
Pope, I warmly invite all to experience
personally that the Rosary brings the"rhythm of human life"
into harmony with the "rhythm of God's life" a joyful communion of three Divine Persons. (Saint John Paul ll) October
is the month dedicated to our Lady of the Rosary.
Join us daily following the 8 a.m. Mass to pray the Rosary for
all our needs.
Lisa Jacobsen, Samantha Calfapietra, Charles Gebel,
George Dargay, Carol Theis, Susan Curran, Geralyn
Mattera, Bob Hoeveler ,Barbara Watkins, Kenneth
Wylie,Tiffany Brandt, Agnes Grady Chesko,Breelyn
Valentine, Ted Wright, Noreen C. Crowley, Phil Kennedy, Zachary Trexler, Megan Whitman, Alexandra
Kendell, Bob Bucceri, Isabella Large ,Ann Beury
USMC: Cpl J ohn Mitas, 2nd Lt. , Pvt. Joseph Rochfo
rd,Jr., Capt. Ryan Yeandel, Capt. Gregory W. Kosh, Sgt.
Isaac Pineda ,Pvt. Joshua Feliciano
USAF: 1st Lt. Timothy J . Baldwin, 1st Lt. Kathleen
Styron, Capt. Jared Yankech, Major Katie Sullivan,
Major Lt.Adam M. Sema, 2nd Lt. Jessica Clark
USN: LTJ G Char les G. Schapper t, CTR2 Alexandra Haney, CTR3 Reilly Haney, Lcpl Anthony Serrato
USA: Specialist J ason Hall, 1st Lt Gr ant T. Hahn,
Capt. John Paul Snook, Sgt. James Mac Fadden,1st Lt
Eric Lugo, David P. Estes, Private 2nd Class, Specialist
Ian Donoghue,1st Class,2nd Lt. Walter R. Snook, Capt.
Jessica Bayer Chominski 1st Lt. John Eife, SPCMatthew
Conway.2nd Lt.James DiBello
Next weekend our parish will celebrate World Mission Sunday. This year we are invited to reach out and build the
Church in Mongolia, the world’s youngest Catholic Church, as well as local churches throughout the Missions, in
the most remote area across our world. Through the work of these Churches, and their witness to Christ, the poor
receive prac cal help and experience God’s love and mercy, His hope and peace,. Please come prepared next
weekend to give generously in the collec on for the Society for the Propaga on of the Faith. For more informa on, please visit www.IAmMissionary.org
Fr. Robert B. Kosek, CRSP is the Superior and moderator, Bamabite Spiritual Center
Fr. Kosek was scheduled by the Society for the Propaga on of Faith to preach for World Mission Sunday at St.
Agnes this weekend. We are grateful to Fr. Kosek for his me and spiritual outreach for the Missions.
one who loves, gives… Gives things, gives life, gives oneself to God and to others.”
Pope Francis
Adora on every Wednesday
Following the 8 A.M. Mass concluding at 8 P.M.
The 40 Days for Life fall campaign has begun.
Please be part of this worldwide fall campaign of
prayer and fas ng to stop abor on.
St. Agnes day to take part is Monday, October 20
& 27th . Sign up sheets will be in the back of
Church and the Chapel.
Sunday Collec on Report
Sunday Collec ons:10/5/2014-$35,003.77
(includes direct debit of $8,713.50)
Mission Sunday Collec on: $30.00
Sunday Collec on: 9/29/13– $35,825.67
(includes direct debit of $8,076.50)
Thank You for your generosity to
St. Agnes Parish!
Training Session at St Agnes
Saturday October 18,2014—9 AM
Exercise of this ministry presents an opportunity
for you to serve the Church.
Interested Parishioners may contact priests to
sign up for this ministry.
Training begins with the 8 am Mass in Church
To register please contact Mar ne Simonis at the
rectory 610-692-2990 or
[email protected]
St. Agnes
(Parents with children receiving the
Sacraments of ReconciliaƟon, First
Holy Communion and ConfirmaƟon
must aƩend)
Sunday October 19, 2014
10am-1pm (includes Mass)
In an cipa on for the World Mee ng of Families 9/2227/2015 our theme will be
Love is Our Mission:
The family fully alive
Our Keynote will be Deacon Tom Shurer for English Speaking households and Sister Helene for
10am gathering
10:10am Opening Prayer
10:15am Dismiss English speaking parents to 10:30am Mass
in the Church
10:20am Refreshments (Drop-off children at childcare in
10:50am Keynote (Spanish) Sister Helene
11:35am Dismiss the Spanish Speaking to Spanish Mass
11:40am Refreshments (Drop-off children at childcare in
12:10am Keynote (English) Deacon Tom Shurer
12:50am Closing Prayer. (Spanish speaking a endees will
dismiss from the Mass)
Child care provided
St. Agnes Religious Educa on Ministry
[email protected] parish.org
From Outreach Educational Support Services:
Our programs are designed to assess and respond to
the needs of immigrant families with young chil‐
dren. The overall goal of these programs is to assist
and strengthen families in their process of adjust‐
ment and acculturation with an emphasis on per‐
sonal growth and greater independence in the com‐
munity as we prepare the children for the American
We offer three program levels for children from two
years of age, Mommy and I Learning English,
through Count Down to Kindergarten. All of our
classes are full with families on a waiting list. Each
program is led by teacher volunteers and aids as
well as education majors from West Chester Univer‐
sity and Immaculate University. This year we are
blessed to have Sister Cecilia Lyons teaching Reli‐
gion and Music to the children and mothers too.
Our little ones and their parents are profoundly
grateful for this gift of educational opportunities
and faith development. Joy abounds in our little
classes and no one ever misses a day because they
know that they will encounter Love and friendship.
Thank you for all the ways in which you help us to
be a place of welcoming, hospitality and encourage‐
ment for our neighbors in need. May God continue
to bless you with His love and His grace.
Guide Book & Directory
Adver sing Opportunity
Guide Book Informa on
Does our St. Agnes database have
YOUR family records correct?
Here is your chance to update YOUR informa on for our annual Guide Book & Directory. Please call the rectory with any
change, addi ons or dele ons that may have occurred in the
past year. For example have you changed your phone number, moved, are all of your children s ll at home?
We are in the process of upda ng our annual Guide Book &
Directory for the Church. This book will be the Who, What,
Where, When, Why and How of our Congrega on. The book
is being provided at no cost to our Church, including the
mailing to each family, and again is being subsidized by local
businesses that adver se in it. If you own or manage a business and would like to find out about adver sing in our book,
please call the Church Office.
Play the 5/50
You and your parish can be winners!
Prizes are :
$25,000 , $10,000, and three $5000.
Winnings are predicted on the amount sold.
$50. a cket
N O V E M B E R 8nd, 2014
BLAST is a parish wide event, supporting the
Tickets can be purchased in the rectory.
Thank you for your support!
$100. bonus for the seller of the winning Ɵcket
Education Endowment Fund and St. Agnes School.
For ticket and sponsorship info go on the St. Agnes
School website—
or stop in the at the Rectory or
School for ticket info.
If you knit or crochet, and can work mostly at home, at your own pace, please
join us in this easy and rewarding ministry--and it's good for your health!
(according to a Daily Local News ar cle this summer).
Morning mee ngs also, fourth Wednesday of each month
(October 22, 9:30-10:30)
For informa on--or to request a shawl--610-431-3355,
E-mail [email protected]
Columbus Day
Christopher Columbus' arrival to the
Americas on October 12, 1492. This was
the beginning of the ‘New’ world. How
do you celebrate it? Remembering the historical values? Visi ng families and friend from the ‘Old’ world?
Today technology allows us to reach everyone in a
moment. Our wish is that everyone remembers the
good things in the past and keep them in your prayers. Enjoy the Holiday! Fr. Al
Catholic Lawyers Associa on
20th Annual Celebra on of
Red Mass
St. Agnes Church
Thursday, October 16,2014
5:00 P.M.
The celebrant will be
Reverend Christopher Walsh
Adult Faith Formation
School of Community – weekly companionship & reflection on
the presence of Christ in our lives using writings promoted by
Communion & Liberation, a lay movement founded by Msgr.
Luigi Giussani
Meets: Tuesday evenings 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Day Room
Contact: Barbara Kirby (610) 429-0697
Women’s Bible Study – “Walking toward Eternity”
Meets: Thursday mornings 9am – 11 am TPH
Contact: Sharon Chevalier (610) 738-7720
Men’s Bible Study
Meets: Friday mornings 6:30 am – 7:30 am TPH
Contact: Denny Masson –484-354-9601
The King’s Men
Contact: Denny Masson—[email protected]
Adult Evening Study -Acts of the Apostles
Meets: Thursday evenings starting September 18th
from 7-8:30pm in the Cafeteria
Contact: Rob and Terry Gallagher at (610) 996-6761
or [email protected]
Breaking Open of the Word- is a time to come together as a
community and share how God speaks to us through his Word in
Sacred Scripture proclaimed in the Sunday readings at Mass.
Breaking Open the Word is every Sunday immediately following
the 10:30 Mass. Both take place in the Religious Education Office. All are welcome to come and learn about the faith or share it
with others. Anyone inter ested may contact Claudia Robuck
at [email protected] or the Religious Education Office at (610) 436-4640.
Crown of Thorns Prayer Ministry The ministry prays for healing of people with mental, emotional and physical illnesses, conversion of hearts and souls to God, and reparation of sins. Any
questions please contact Chris Turner at [email protected] or
call at 484-459-3838.
Legion of Mary-Join us for work and devotions, Mondays at
7:30PM in the rectory.
Contact: Carmela Cinquina at [email protected]
Catechetical Sessions
Our Lady’s Missionaries of the Eucharist (OLME)
Retreat: A Time Apart With Jesus
November 7-9
Ave Maria Retreat House, Doylestown,PA.
The retreat is offered by Sister Joan Noreen,CoFounder of OLME and EWTN Host of “Eucharis c
Journey”. This retreat includes Daily Eucharist, Adora on, conferences on Catholic Spirituality, Prayer
with Sacred Scripture,Liturgy of the Hours, and
much more.
For more informa on, please contact:
Joanne Ruggeri at 610-436-6362 or email
[email protected]
[email protected]
For Adult Chris an Ini a on Candidates, Catechists, Home
Based Catechists and other interested parishioners are
held every other Thursday evening from 7-9 in the Religious Educa on Office.
All our welcome to a end.
Our next session will be held
Thursday, October 16th
Topic: The Church: Reflec ng the light of Christ.
12 de octubre de 2014
Domingo vigésimo octavo del tiempo ordinario Ciclo A
Misa en español: Todos los domingos a las 12:00 (mediodía ) y días de precepto a las 7:00
Horario de confesiones: Sábados de 4:00 a 5:00 pm en la iglesia.
Bautizos: El primer domingo de cada mes a la 1:15pm. Comuníquese con la hernana
Martha para registrarse a tiempo.(610) 436-5580.
Clases de Inglés: Grupo A: Lunes y Jueves de 6:30 a 8:00 PM , y Grupo B: Martes y miércoles de 10:00 a 11:00 AM. Empezando en la semana del 15 de septiembre.
Pláticas pre-bautismales: El último jueves de mes a las 7:00 pm, en la capilla. Comuníquese con el diácono Victor González.
Grupos de Oración: Se reunen en el Thomas Patrick Hall (TPH) los miércoles a las 7:00pm. Para información, comuníquese con
el diácono Victor González.
El Padre celebra la boda del rey, su Hijo, cuando le ha unido a la
Iglesia en el misterio de la encarnación. Y el seno de la Virgen
María ha sido la cámara nupcial de este Esposo. Por eso, dice un
salmo: Allí le ha puesto su Ɵenda al sol, él sale como el esposo de
su alcoba. Envió a sus siervos para invitar a sus amigos a estas
bodas. Los envió una primera vez mandando a los profetas, y una
segunda vez a los apóstoles para que anunciaran la encarnación
del Señor. A través de los profetas anunció como futura la encarnación de su hijo único, y a través de los apóstoles la predicó como ya cumplilda.
Pero los convidados no hicieron caso: uno se marchó a sus erras; otro, a sus negocios. Ir a sus erras significa entregarse sin
medida a las tareas de aquí abajo. Ir a sus negocios es buscar ávidamente un provecho personal en este mundo. Uno y otro son
negligentes a la hora de pensar en el misterio de la encarnación
del Verbo y vivir conforme a él.
Todavía es más grave lo que hacen algunos que no contentos con
menospreciar el valor del que los llama, le persiguen.
El Señor no dejará lugares vacíos en el banquete de bodas de su Hijo. Manda ir a buscar a otros convidados, porque la palabra
de Dios, aunque todavía es desconocida para muchos, un día encontrará en quien descansar. Vosotros, hermanos, que por la
gracia de Dios habéis entrado ya en la sala del banquete, es decir, en la santa Iglesia, examinaos atentamente por miedo a que,
cuando el rey entre, no encuentre ninguna cosa represible en la ves dura de vuestra alma.
Hoy nos visita el Padre Roberto Kosek, sacerdote misionero de la Orden de los Barnabitas quien nos hablará de las misiones
en la Iglesia Catolica. Le damos una cordial bienvenida.
Día de Reflexión : El sábado 8 de nivembre de 2014, de 8:30 AM a 2:30 PM en el Thomas Patrick Hall, dirigido por el Padre
Miles. El tema será : “La Familia, Célula Madre de la Sociedad”
St. Agnes School News
Grandparent’s Day
October 3rd was our first of the two Grandparents Days at Saint Agnes School.
This is one of the highlights of our year! Grandparents were invited to a end one
of the days and join us for our school Mass. A er Mass, Grandparents met up with
their grandchildren in the cafeteria for some light snacks and students encouraged
to take their guests on a tour of the school.
Again this year we are invi ng our Grandparents who are able to volunteer at our
school. We are glad to be able to use the talents of these wonderful people!
Grandparents might volunteer to tutor during the day, read to students, volunteer
in the library or the cafeteria, among many other places. We will have cards for
Grandparents to complete on the tables during Grandparents Days or contact Jen
Nevins at [email protected] As a school volunteer, Grandparents
would have to begin the process for safety clearances.
Our second Grandparents Day will be celebrated on November 7, 2014.
Feast of the Guardian Angels
Watch Your Words!
On October 2, 2014 St. Agnes School celebrated the Feast
of the Guardian Angels with our annual grade 3 procession
and prayer service.
The seventh graders enjoyed an an -bullying ac vity while
playing with toothpaste this week. They pushed the toothpaste out of the tube easily and tried (unsuccessfully) to
push it back in with a q- p teaching that it’s easy to use unkind words but impossible to take them back!
Thanks to our parent volunteers and St. Agnes
alumni ar sts Michael Stancato, Jimmer Breen and
Kevin Cornell that helped make our West Chester
Gallery Walk stop a huge success on October 3rd!
Our mission at Saint Agnes Catholic School is to develop every student spiritually, intellectually, physically, emoƟonally and socially in a joyful,
faith-based environment that inspires integrity, ciƟzenship, leadership and service to others in the Church and in the world.
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