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Recruiter’s guide to client-facing projects
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Original Thinking Applied
A cost-effective approach to business solutions
Previous projects
Client-facing projects are a great way for your company to gain the cost-effective expertise of our
highly motivated, talented and enthusiastic postgraduate MSc Business Analysis and Strategic
Management students.
Past projects have involved our students applying their skills across a range of disciplines:
The MSc Business Analysis and Strategic
Management course is studied over one-year
on a full-time basis. It focuses on the latest
thinking in management and gives our students
an international perspective, exploring the
issues faced by organisations operating in the
global business arena.
Between May and September, students carry
out client-facing projects for organisations.
These are unsalaried, making our students
attractive candidates for projects and shortterm assignments that your company may need
fulfilling. The projects also enable students to
put their international business knowledge and
skills into practice.
Strategic management
Distribution and supply chain management
– Strategic positioning in relation to the offshore
wind turbine market in northern Europe for a
leading worldwide chemical company
– An analysis of carrier efficiency and the
potential cost savings of time-based dispatch
– An analysis of potential competitive strategies in order to achieve growth targets
– Global supply chain analysis of existing supply
chain maps to address market failures in developing countries.
– Comparative analysis of multinational retail
companies in the Korean retailing industry
Information systems management
Marketing and market strategy
– Research into market opportunities to enter
into the carbon credit market
– Analysis of the success of a re-launched
supermarket loyalty scheme and
recommendations for the future
– An in-depth analysis of the wholesale market
and changing trends towards online shopping
Strategic financial analysis
– Assessing the funding options for a clinical
research resource directory
– An analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of
outsourcing and offshoring
– A performance-profitability relationship analysis
on online detection and mapping technology.
Benefits to your organisation
The key benefit to your organisation is the constructive analysis and consultancy that you
receive on an ‘expenses only’ basis. You will also enjoy a range of other benefits:
– Expand your workforce for a special project
or short-term assignment, without a
long-term commitment
– Our talented postgraduates can successfully
provide analysis and ideas for business projects
when internal resources are stretched
– All students are supervised throughout
the project by their academic supervisor an experienced member of the Manchester
Business School faculty.
– You will raise the profile of your organisation
on campus, attracting high-quality candidates
to your organisation.
– Analysis of an organisation’s under-utilised
intranet and recommendations to improve
the structure and make navigation and
accessibility easier
– Data warehouse management - recoding of
goods and processes in order to save costs and
speed up processes.
Who recruits our students?
Companies that have that have benefited from MSc Business Analysis and Strategic
Management client-facing projects include:
BAE Systems
British Red Cross
Cooperative Banking Group
Credit Suisse
Deloitte PCS Ltd
First Manchester
Godel Technologies
Goldman Sachs
Hill Dickenson Ltd
Manchester United
Newsco Insider Ltd
Quatchem Ltd
Tax Assist
What do students learn on our programme?
Our students develop knowledge that is relevant to the needs
of the business world. Units are built around the challenges
of business management, the operation of multinational
enterprises, business analysis and the skills necessary to work
efficiently in a commercial environment.
Units include:
Building Strategic Capabilities in Different Business Systems
Global Politics and Global Business
Analysing Companies: Business Models, Narrative and Numbers
Organisational Design and Strategy: International Contexts
Global Business Strategy
The Analysis of Business Structures
The Management of Organisational Change
Technology, Innovation, Management and Business Strategy
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