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February 1, 2015
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Parish Office:
103 Center Avenue
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
Rev. William Lago, Pastor
Ext. 112
[email protected]
Rev. Carlo Calisin, Parochial Vicar
Ext. 115
[email protected]
[email protected]
Saturday Morning
8:00am OLPH Church
Novena to Our Lady of
Perpetual Help follows
Msgr. Cajetan Salemi, Weekend Assistant
Rev. Joseph Quinlan, Weekend Assistant
Deacon Raymond Rainville
Deacon Robert Johnson
Mrs. Eileen Ziesmer, Director of Religious Education
Ext. 114
[email protected]
Mrs. Karen Frank, Admin. Asst.-Office
Ext. 110
[email protected]
Mrs. Kathy Post, Admin. Asst.-Bookkeeper
Ext. 117
[email protected]
Dominican Sisters of Hope
Convent: 732-291-8246
Sister Teresa Paul Heinke, O.P
Sister Monica Socinski, O.P.
Mother Teresa Regional School
St. Agnes Church
OLPH Church
9:00am St. Agnes Church
Novena to Our Lady of the
Miraculous Medal follows
Saturday Evening
OLPH Church
St. Agnes Church
St. Agnes Church
OLPH Church
St. Agnes Church
10:15am St. Agnes Church
10:30am OLPH Church
11:30am St. Agnes Church
BAPTISMS: Baptisms are held on Sundays following the last
Mass at both Churches.
Please call Karen Frank at ext. 110 in the rectory office for
more information.
RECONCILIATION: Saturday from 4-4:45pm at both
Churches, or call the rectory office for an appointment.
WEDDINGS: Please call Kathy Post at ext. 117 in the rectory
office for more information.
Weekend Mass Intentions
Saturday 1/31
5:00pm Saint Agnes Church
William S. Bartosiewicz (Siobhan Quinn)
Salvatore Costagliola (Emmer Family)
Weekday Mass Intentions
Monday 2/2
8:00am OLPH Church
Rev. Leonard Lang (Parish)
5:00pm OLPH Church
Flip McMahon (Mary Goode)
Joan Burns (Rose Marie Remias
Sunday 2/1
7:30am Saint Agnes Church
Bettina Petroce (Laurie & Wayne Dellosso)
Barbara Daly (Donald & Mary Daly)
Tuesday 2/3
9:00am Saint Agnes Church
Peter Locascio (Theresa Perpinan)
Peter Verdicchio (Bob & Arlene Hammesfahr)
9:00am OLPH Church
Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Saint Agnes Parish
Wed. 2/4
5:00pm Saint Agnes Church
Dennis Weyer (Rose & Augie Hillman)
Sally Graham (Bill & Rita Senn)
Thursday 2/5
7:00am Saint Agnes Church
Anne Malaspina (Children)
8:00am OLPH Church
Rev. Leonard Lang (Parish)
Friday 2/6
5:00pm OLPH Church
Flip McMahon (Sophie Dziedzic)
Al Bayles (Rose Marie Remias)
Sunday 2/8
7:00am St. Agnes Church
Rev. Leonard Lang (Parish)
8:00am OLPH Church
Carol Zachey
11:30am Saint Agnes Church
Robert “Flip” McMahon (Jerry & Mary Snyder)
Violet Hallam (Joanna & Tina Kearney)
Saturday 2/7
7:00am Saint Agnes Church
Jeffrey Buckley (Dan & Judy Smith)
8:00am OLPH Church
Vincent Sprouls (Eileen)
10:15am Saint Agnes Church
Marguerite & Thomas Lyons (Family)
Peter Locascio (Kate & Bill Wigginton)
10:30am OLPH Church
James McGrath (Kovach Family)
Bishop O’Connell (Special Intention For a Quick
Recovery & Healing) (OLPH SVDP)
7:00am Saint Agnes Church
Rev. Leonard Lang (Parish)
7:00am Saint Agnes Church
Ann J. Suckow (Dolores & Jack Fink)
8:00am OLPH Church
Joseph Brignoli (Anne & Tom Connelly)
7:30am Saint Agnes Church
Peter Locascio (Joyce & Ronald Bertone)
9:00am Saint Agnes Church
Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Saint Agnes Parish
9:00am OLPH Church
Ann Fitzgibbon (Mike & Mary Schoales)
Saturday 2/7
8:00am OLPH Church
Joseph Smith (Estate)
9:00am Saint Agnes Church
Violet Hallam (Kate & Bill Wigginton)
10:15am Saint Agnes Church
Joe Small (Wife, Linda)
10:30am OLPH Church
Evelyn Strano (Michael Strano)
11:30am Saint Agnes Church
Peter Locascio (Charles Penszynski)
Carmen Leary (Pete & Pat Murray)
Liturgical Offerings
Flowers :
Flowers may be requested by calling the rectory office.
Flag: This week the flag is flown at OLPH in honor of Charles
Sanctuary Light: The Sanctuary Light at OLPH this week is
for Jimmy Smith and Kathy Palamara.
Bread & Wine Offering: The Bread & Wine offering at either
Church may be requested by calling the rectory office.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
Saturday, February 7, 2015 5:00pm
Lector: Cheryl Brocato
Extraordinary Ministers: Frank Teeple, William Monahan
Altar Servers: Morgan Seidler, Emily Seidler
Sunday, February 8, 2015 9:00am
Lector: Megan Hesterhagen
Extraordinary Ministers: Patricia Black, Marie Testa
Altar Servers: Abby Hesterhagen
Sunday, February 8, 2015 10:30am
Lector: Peri Marando
Extraordinary Ministers: Joseph Palmisano, Carol Alleva
Altar Servers: Dominick Gangemi
Saint Agnes Church
Please go to which is the National
Committee for a Human Life Amendment website.
You can go to the upper left hand side and click on
“Action Alert” and on the next page you can find a
tremendous amount of information to educate your
conscience as well as inform you on what is being
voted on at the state and national levels. On that
“Action Alert” page there is a light green text box in
which you can click and sign up for action alerts.
The way things move today, the public has little notice within to get your voice heard. The Action
Alerts give you updated information and a quick response that you can use or edit on your own. This is
the best way for you to be aware of what is happening, be a Catholic witness for Life, and pray for the
success of the pro-life movement. Please recall that
pro-life is all-encompassing of life issues from
womb to natural death.
Saturday February 7, 2015 5:00 pm
Readers: Peter Lopusznick, Andrea O’Boyle
Extraordinary Ministers: Connie Lopusznick, Maureen
Pitman, Patricia Bromka, Ginny Yule
Altar Servers: Ryan Kennedy, Riley Dowd
Sunday February 8, 2015 7:30 am
Readers: Nckechi Osefoh, Katie Grimm
Extraordinary Ministers: Tom Gaffey, Karen Gaffey,
Maureen Hrbek, Patrick Corey
Altar Servers: Sarah Corey, Matthew Corey
Sunday February 8, 2015 9:00 am
Readers: Kenneth Quinn, Sam D’Ambola
Extraordinary Ministers: Jim Neff, Chris Neff, Julie
Casal, Moira Barrett
Altar Servers: John Wilson, Alexander Goushy, Tyler
Sunday February 8, 2015 10:15 am
Readers: Jim Guerriero, Richard Stucko
Extraordinary Ministers: Judith Anderson, Patti Shea,
Kathleen Johnson, Nora Corneliusen
Altar Servers: Ralph D’Antonio, Tyler Lopusznick, Matthew Payne, James Davies, Casey O’Neil
Sunday February 8, 2015 11:30 am
Readers: Joe Sacco, Glenda Petruzzelli
Extraordinary Ministers: Bambi Sherman, Maureen
Gallo, Fayes Sacco, Kate Sharkey
Altar Servers: Erin Craig, Katie Craig
The Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Saint Agnes
A Message from Fr. Bill
I have two very important opportunities to introduce to
you this week. One is offered by the diocese and the other by our parish.
Our Diocese is planning a major event! Would you and
your spouse feel called to represent our parish at a Marriage Summit as the diocese launches our Five-Year Diocesan Plan to Strengthen Marriage (2015-2019). This
event will be held May 8 and 9. You can go to one or
both days. I am looking for a few couples to attend on
May 9th and be able to give their reflections on the event
to me so as to begin plans here at our parish. The commitment is the one day at Georgian Court and the followup meeting with me. Hopefully from this unique Marriage Summit event inspiration will guide us to action
here at our parish for events and programs of all sorts
Please call me for details or if you have any questions and
for information about registration. Registration will be
paid by the parish and opens Feb. 2 with early bird discount until the 28th. So please consider this opportunity
and contact me by Feb. 25th (I’m all about the early bird
Our parish is offering a great opportunity for adult Catholics who would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation! This opportunity is only for Adults who have
been baptized in the Catholic Faith and have received the
Catholic sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion
and are registered members of this parish (or get a letter
of permission to participate from the pastor of their parish). Perhaps events led to your not being able to be Confirmed when you were younger, well now is the opportunity to prepare to receive Confirmation at the Easter
vigil this year. There will be a meeting at St. Agnes
Church on Tuesday, February 24th . Then during the
month of March there will be meetings each Tuesday at
7pm in St. Agnes Church on “Rediscovering Catholicism”. Then on March 31st there will be a meeting at 8pm
at St. Agnes Church (right after Lenten Confessions). As
the Church teaches, Confirmation is necessary for full
initiation into the Catholic Church, it is necessary to be
godparent/sponsor, it is necessary to take active part in the
Liturgy as reader/extraordinary minister of the Eucharist,
and it is necessary for salvation.
Please spread the news about these opportunities and
let us pray for their success.
It is required of the volunteer counters to make sure
that the check number (if check is used) and amount
of donation are on the outside of the donation envelope. These measures are to insure proper accounting as required for tax credit. Please take a moment
to put this information on the envelope so as to make
it easier for the volunteers who count.
M. Kelly writes: “On some level the best way to
live is the same for all of us.” He writes of
three principles that are common to all men
and women of good will.. “Second Principle:
“Virtue” is the best way to live. Every culture,
country, and organization has an organizing
principle. But what is the ultimate organizing
principle for your life, your family, your organization, the whole world? Virtue. Our present
culture likes to say that virtue is a personal
matter. In some ways it is, but the impact of
virtue, or the lack of virtue, of any person cannot be confined to that person alone. Everything we do or say and think affects other people. Virtue is the ultimate organizing principle
and so, in virtue, we have another example of
how the best way to live is the same for us all.
Dynamic Question of the Week: Revisit the
Cardinal virtues: Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, Justice. Why are they considered so important to the Church? How are the Cardinal
Virtues organizing principles for your life? What
other virtues are organizing principles for your
Week at a Glance
Sunday, February 8, 2015
CCD 8:45-10am
Ave Maria Shop Open
HNS Meeting Follows 9am Mass-CH
Monday, February 9, 2015
St. Agnes Knitters 9am-CH
SVDP District Meeting-OLPH CH 7:00pm
Youth Group 6:30pm
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
CCD 4-5:15pm
OLPH Choir 7:45-9pm
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Baptism Workshop-OLPH CH 7:30pm
Thursday, February 12, 2015
St. Agnes Senior Meeting-CH
St. Agnes Choir: Children 6:15pm; Adults 7:30pm
Saturday, February 14, 2015
Men’s Sharing 7:30am-CH
Sunday, February 15, 2015
OLPH KofC Pancake Breakfast-OLPH Gym
As a parish we have been called upon to pray for
all, in particular we pray for the following:
Lois Cunningham, mother of Mary Palmisano, Margaret
(Peggy) King, Rachel Kovach, Mary McDede, Mary
Ann Sims, Edna Black, Judy Teeple, Mary Larsen, Lucille Anthony, Timothy La Vopa, Richard Guinnessey,
Terry Hardiman, Ravi Soloman, nephew of Tom & Jane
Snow, Rich Everett, Melissa Giunta, Pat Adams, Tina
Dexheimer, Jackie Woods, Sue Calise, Jamie Calise ,
Margaret Burke, Pat Reed, Dave Reed, Catherine Adamo-Tawil, Tommy Welch , Al Kirk, Laura Donlon, Doris Hodgkiss-O’Neill, Lorraine Padula, Joseph Hohenleitner , Louis Boyle, Peter McAllister, Maureen & Joseph Gallo, Bonnie Osborne, Russ Repetti, Michael Carloni, Justin O’Neil, Catherine Natoli , Marie Patnaude ,
John Bracchi, Thomas Welch, Sr., Eileen Trainor, Erin
Brennan, Mitch Halprein, Mike Doherty, Jean Gillmann,
John Dugan, Rosa Davis, John Brandon, Genevieve
Comerford, Bob Kearney, Sister Teresa Paul, Gary Slater, Kevin Mulvaney, Anthony Velazquez, Joanna
Kearney, Robert Fedak, Arden MacPhee, Jane Halleran ,
Christopher Falzone, Jonathan Carloni , Paul Mercadante, Dean Newman, Samantha McGrail, Robert
Batz, Jim Sproule, Pat Phair, Ruth Halpin, Roy Halpin,
Patricia Peterson-Lee and Emma Hofmann.
Soup and Stations
In recent years, it has been a tradition to
serve a light meal of soup and salad following the 3pm Stations of the Cross at OLPH
I’m looking for volunteers to make soup on
the following dates:
3/20 & 3/27.
Please call me in the rectory office at 732291-0272, ext. 110 for more info.
Counters Schedule
OLPH: Week 2
Mike Schoales
Mary Schoales
Tamara Osifchin
Ruth Ann Rodriguez
Saint Agnes: Week 2
Wally Cashin
Gerry Snyder
Antoinette Giordano
Mary Ackerson
Works of Mercy
Saint Vincent de Paul Society
The St. Agnes St. Vincent de Paul Society assists residents of
Atlantic Highlands and Leonardo.
Contact info: Please call the rectory office at 732-291-0272, ext.
The OLPH St. Vincent de Paul Society assists residents of
Highlands and Sea Bright.
Contact info: Please call the rectory office at 732-291-0272,
ext. 120.
As we begin the New Year, the OLPH St. Vincent de Paul Society thanks you for all of your support in 2014.
Your generously enabled us to:
 Respond to 211 calls for help.
 Provide your neighbors a total of over $85,000 in assistance
for rent, utilities, emergency medicine, household items,
food and clothing. (Incudes over $30,000 from our Bishop’s
Hurricane Relief Fund.)
 Join with the OLPH Food Pantry to give Thanksgiving
Dinners to 95 families.
Assure 150 children woke up happy on Christmas with gifts
you left at our Giving Tree.
If you’ve ever said “I wish I could help more.” ---you can! In
2015 - Why not consider making a gift of your time by becoming a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society at OLPH? Call
us at the number below for more information.
We pray for a happy and healthy 2015 for you and your families! As we thank you again for your continued support, we’d
like you to know that there will be no Giving Weekend in January. We’ll resume those in February.
To reach the St. Vincent de Paul Society at OLPH please leave a
message at
732-291-0272 Ext 120.
Communion for the Homebound
Volunteers are available to deliver Communion to parishioners
who are not able to attend Mass. Please call Father Carlo at ext.
115 in the rectory office to schedule a visit for a homebound or
hospitalized parishioner.
OLPH Food Pantry
The OLPH Food Pantry serves the bayshore area. Hours are
Sundays from 12-2 pm and Monday evenings from 5:307:30pm. For further information, call the rectory office at 732291-0272, ext. 110.
AACC Food Pantry
Saint Agnes has been happy to participate for many years in
providing food to the needy in Atlantic Highlands and surrounding communities through the dedication of the AACC
Food Pantry.
Saint Raphael
Mark 1:22
The people were astonished at his teaching, for he taught
them as one having authority and not as the Scribes.
Bariatric Surgery can help prevent cancer too. When diet and
exercise fail, weight loss surgery helps obese people shed
pounds. What's more, it helps reduce their cancer risk.
Fat cells secrete hormones and other substances linked to malignancies. Over time, obesity increase your odds of developing
colorectal, breast, kidney, thyroid and other types of cancer.
Bariatric Surgery or weight loss surgery can help you lose
weight or fat by restricting your food intake or interrupting
digestion and improving your metabolism. “Weight loss surgery can improve the health and lives of those who need it and
reduce the risk od obesity-related cancers”, says James
Pasquariello, M.D. of Ocean Medical Center. “Talk to your
doctor about the benefits and risks.”
Community Garden
There are many ways to be involved. You can have your own
personal space and/or just volunteer to support our efforts in
providing the Food Pantry with fresh produce all season!
Please call the rectory office if you are interested in learning
more; someone will call you back. Thanks!
See you in the Garden!
“No work of charity is foreign to the Society”
The Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Saint Agnes
Parish Ministries
Saint Raphael
Profile: To provide pastoral care to the homebound and sick, and to promote health awareness.
St. Raphael Ministry is a pastoral care/health and
wellness outreach program that focuses on the visitation and care of the sick and elderly in our parish. This ministry can include any health care professional, as well as Extra Ordinary Ministers,
dedicated seniors and other volunteers, and centers
around visitations to those in our parish and community who are homebound and in need of prayers, care, and just a friendly hello.
Holy Name Society
The Holy Name Society meets the second Sunday
of the month following the 9am Mass. The Society
is dedicated to the spiritual formation of its members. The Holy Name Society is involved in a
number of Church activities; monthly Continental
Breakfasts, St. Pat’s Dinner Dance and Annual
Communion Breakfast.
If you are interested in joining, please attend one of our meetings or contact Bob Hammesfahr at
Senior’s Club
Bi-monthly trips to Atlantic City on the second
Tuesday of the month.
Saint Agnes
Monthly membership meetings are open to seniors
of the community on the second Thursday of the
month (Sept.-June) at 11am in the Church Hall.
The Knitting Club meets every Monday morning
from 9am-11:30am in the St. Agnes Church Hall.
Everything we make is donated to different charitable organizations such as Birthright, schools,
nursing homes, veterans, etc.
We make baby hats that are given to babies as a
memento of their Baptism. We also make baby
blankets, baby sweaters, lap robes, adult & children’s hats and scarves.
If you are interested in joining us, come down to
the Church Hall any Monday morning.
Rosary Altar Society
The Rosary Altar Society is a spiritual and social
group of men and women. The primary purpose and
goal of the society is to encourage devotion to the
Blessed Mother through the Rosary. We try to promote awareness of the Rosary as a most powerful
means for salvation of souls.
There are many spiritual benefits in recitation of the
Rosary and we aim to make others more aware of
them through the course of our ministry. We also put
our minds and hands to work in the service of the
Lord by caring for the sacristy and sanctuary areas of
the Church.
If you are interested in joining the Rosary Altar Society, please call the rectory office at 732-291-0272.
Knights of Columbus
Joseph Donnelly Council
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the
month at 8pm in the Church Hall.
Contact: John Bajor—732-291-9023
Saint Agnes
Vincent T. Lombardi Council
Contact: John Condon 732-673-1322
Thrift Shops
OLPH-Saint Jude Thrift Shop
151 Navesink Avenue
Highlands, NJ 07732
Hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-3pm
Saint Agnes Thrift Shop
46 Avenue D
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-2pm
The Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Saint Agnes
Youth and Family Ministries
Religious Education
Though Religious Education classes are well under way,
we continue to need volunteers. Catechesis for our children is an important ministry. Consider helping as substitute teachers or hall monitors. There are many ways to
help throughout the year. Programs run on Tuesday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Please contact Mrs. Eileen
Ziesmer in the Rel. Education Office at (732) 291-0272
ext. 114.
Mother Teresa Regional School
“Where we educate and serve with excellence and faith”
Pre K 3 through 8th Grade
Youth Group
The Saints by the Sea is our parish Youth Group open to
students in grades 6-12. We meet on Monday evenings
from 6:30-8pm in the Parish Center. For more information, please contact Father Carlo at 732-291-0272, ext.
Our Promise to Protect
The Diocese of Trenton is committed to the initiatives
outlined in the U.S. Bishop’s Charter for the Protection of
Children and Young People in regard to the reporting of
and investigation of sexual abuse allegations involving
If you have been sexually abused as a minor by a member
of the clergy or anyone representing the Catholic Church,
or if you know of someone who was, you can report the
abuse through the diocesan Abuse Hotline: 1-888-2962965 or via email at [email protected]
The Diocese of Trenton reports any allegations of sexual
abuse to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Anyone with an allegation is also encouraged to provide that
information to local law enforcement authorities.
A Message to Families:
I was teaching the eighth grade Religious Education
class this Sunday and we were talking about what it
meant to be Catholic. Why do we seek at Confirmation to become fully unified with this community of
individuals who worship, love and serve God in this
very particular way? And what does that require of
us as we join more fully. How do we go about making good on the Baptismal promises that were made
for us, now that we step forward and choose this
faith as our own way of life. The very real truth of
this is that we are on a mission. And when we accept the grace given to us in the sacraments we
acknowledge that God made us for a mission. His
love is our life mission. This mission enables us to
find out our true identity. And if we choose to embrace this mission, we will have a new perspective
on everything, every cultural issue, life choice and
person we encounter including our family members
and ourselves. I always feel that receiving the sacraments is not much different than the beginning of a
Mission Impossible episode or movie. You know the
old... “Your mission…if you choose to accept it”
line. The mission is told to us and then we choose to
accept it. From there we gather the team together
with the best skills possible to help us get the job
done. We have to figure out a way to live the mission and yes, sometimes it will seem impossible and
risky, but in the end it is always important because it
does come down to saving lives, maybe even saving
the world! To live the mission of the Church means
that as a Catholic you will most likely have to go
against a culture which has very different values.
These days for our children and ourselves, this
seems almost impossible. The mission of love we
have been chosen for will require courage and fortitude. It requires all of us, our heart, soul and our
mind. Jesus is calling us to live it and we respond.
We too seek a community to share the mission with,
our Church. But unlike the movies…his request
does not self-destruct in 10 seconds…it’s a life-long
call to us to choose lives of faith, hope, charity and
service and Jesus is right there with us giving us all
the tools we need to achieve it.
The Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Saint Agnes
The responsibility for evangelization and education properly belongs to all baptized
Christians through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, commonly known as RCIA.
Adults who want to become Catholic or
haven’t received all of their Sacraments of
Initiation (Baptism, First Holy Communion,
Confirmation), are fully initiated into the
Church through this Rite. Adults interested in
learning more about RCIA, please contact
Father Bill at 732-291-0272, ext. 112.
The Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual HelpSaint Agnes follows the Common Policy of
the Diocese of Trenton. Engaged couples
must schedule their weddings at least one
year in advance in order to properly prepare
for the Sacrament. All couples must attend a
Pre Cana Workshop. Please contact Kathy
Post in the rectory office for more information.
Baptism Workshop:
In order to schedule your child’s Baptism,
parents must have attended a Baptism Workshop class within the last three years. Workshops are held on the second Wednesday of
the month except for July and December.
Please contact Karen Frank at 732-291-0272,
ext. 110 for more information.
Holy Hour:
Holy Hour takes place at Saint Agnes Church
on the third Sunday of the month from 23pm.
The Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual HelpSaint Agnes serves the bayshore area. We
will guide you through the process, including
assisting you in choosing readings, music,
etc. Please contact Karen Frank in the rectory office for more information.
Bereavement Information:
If you are having difficulty after experiencing the loss of a loved one, we are here for
you. Please contact Father Bill in the rectory
There is Rosary recitation at St. Agnes
Church 6:30am Monday –Friday before the
7am Mass, and 8:30am on Saturdays. OLPH
Church has rosary recitation on Wednesday
evenings at 7:30pm
Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help is
held on Saturday mornings at 8am at OLPH
Novena Mass for Miraculous Medal is held
on Saturday mornings at 9am at St. Agnes
News and Events
We appreciate our advertisers.
It is through the generosity of our advertisers
that we are able to publish a weekly bulletin,
and we encourage our parishioners to patronize these local businesses.
One of our newest advertisers, “Schooners
Fishery” in Belford, whose owners grew up
in our parish, is offering a special during
Lent. When you go to Schooners Fishery
during Lent, identify yourself as a parishioner of Our Lady of Perpetual Help-Saint Agnes; at the end of the Lenten season, the restaurant will donate a percentage of all parishioner sales to our parish.
Camp Veritas 2015: Camp Veritas is a one week
play and pray sleep away summer camp for teens
going into 7th to 12th grades. It will be held at
three USA locations in 2015; July 19-25 at Mount
St. Mary College in Newburgh, NY, July 26-August
1, 2015 at Summit Lake Camp in Emmitsburg, MD
and August 16-11 at Camp Lakota in Wurtsboro,
Enrollment opens 1/1/15 and the enrollment price
for each week is $400 per camper. Early bird rates
(if paid in full by 4/1/15) are $370 for all sites.
First Friday Healing Mass
Mary, Mother of God Church
19 Cherry Tree Farm Road
Middletown, NJ
Friday, February 6, 2015
7:30pm Music & Worship
8:00pm Mass
For more information, please call 732-671-0071.
Branson Show Extravaganza
September 26-October 4
9 Days, 8 Nights
$740 Per Person, Double Occupancy
(All Inclusive)
Contact Flo at 732-291-2570
Saint Agnes Seniors — Atlantic City Trip
The St. Agnes
Senior Club is sponsoring a trip to
Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City on Wednesday, February
11th .The bus departs the Church parking lot 9am sharp and returns approx. 6:30pm. Cost is $30 for members & $32 for nonmembers; voucher return $30. For more information, call Marie
Nolan at 732-450-0110.
If paying by check, please make check payable to OLPH-SA Parish. Thank you!
The Area’s
Only Exclusive
Rock of Ages Dealer
100 Route 9,
Galleria Shopping Ctr.
5 - 60” Gaming
[email protected]
35 Center Ave.
Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Air Hockey-Skee Ball
Customized Parties
[email protected]
Open Public
Game Play
Granite & Bronze Markers
Mausoleums • Cemetery Lettering
601 Route 35
173 Rt. 37 W
Tom River
Auto & Marine Parts
137 First Avenue
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
CIRCA 1889
183 1st Ave., Atl. Highlands
Also Open Mon. & Wed. til 9 PM
Family Dentist
Mary Lynn Hughes
Realtor Associate
NJAR Circle of Excellence
2009, 2011, 2012
O: 732-212-0440
C: 732-687-5835
[email protected]
Serving PA, NJ & DE
Follow us on:
65 First Ave.
Atlantic Highlands, NJ
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★Specializing In Total Car Care★
★ Insurance Work Welcome ★
29 Center Ave.
Atlantic Highlands
Tony D’s
Kerrigan Electric
30 Yrs. Exp. • Lic. #10837
A Classic Preschool Experience
2-5 Year Olds
• Early Childhood Specialists
• CPR Certified
• Nut Free Environment
• Not Quite Potty Trained?
It‛s O.K.
All Phases of Electric
45 Appleton Ave.
Leonardo • 732-291-2108
Frank R. Weiland, Owner/Director NJ Lic. #3008
Kenneth J. Rau, Senior Director NJ Lic. #3275
Posten’s Funeral Home
59 East Lincoln Avenue • Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
Funeral Directors since 1886
Tom Bull
Established 2006
C: 732-241-3000
Off: 732-291-2925
John P. Condon, IV
NJ Lisc. No. 4163
Recycle • 10-40 Yard Containers • Pick Up & Delivery
Owner/Director: John P. Condon, Jr.
NJ Lisc. No. 3441
Phone: 732-738-6000
804 Highway 36 • P.O. Box 354 • Leonardo, NJ 07737-0354
732-291-0234 • [email protected]
599 St. Agnes Church, Atlantic Highlands, NJ - (b) SH
Recycl sh Construction & Demolition Debris
ra House/Yard Waste & Scrap Metal
Your T
Fax: 732-738-9150
[email protected]
75 Crows Mill Rd., Keasbey, NJ 08832
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