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Q 003
Lanes Rail gutter lining saves London
Underground maintenance costs
Lanes Group
Q 005
Lanes Rail is extending the life of drainage systems on London
Underground buildings by introducing a gutter lining system that
prevents leaks and avoids the need for roof assets to be replaced.
In 18 months, more than 2,000 metres of guttering at train
maintenance depots across London have been lined in a
programme of work that London Underground (LU) says has been
a significant success.
It is the first time gutter lining, which supports sustainability by
extending the life of roof assets, has been used on LU buildings.
Lanes Rail, part of Lanes Group, the national drainage solutions
provider, is responsible for maintenance and repair of a wide
variety of roofs and roof spaces across LU.
Lanes Rail Planned Maintenance Manager Mark O'Leary said:
"We are always seeking innovative ways to solve maintenance
problems efficiently and cost-effectively.
"The gutters were installed in the 1930s and 40s and are at, or
beyond, their life expectancy. By lining them, we give them at least
another 25 years of life, making this a very cost-effective repair
Lanes Rail is using the UK-made Plygene Gutterline lining
system. A pliable membrane is made-to-measure in the factory, so
is joint-free. It does not use adhesives, or need structural work
during its installation.
The liner can be fitted inside any shape of guttering. Downpipe
connections are made waterproof by being sealed with a heat gun.
The gutter reline technique has been used, so far, on five London
Underground depots - Acton, Ruislip, Upminster, Tufnell Park, and
Mark O'Leary said: "We now have a full-time team working on
gutter lining for London Underground. Maintaining roof drainage
systems is a top maintenance priority, to protect buildings and
maintain asset values.
"Rainwater getting into maintenance depots is a significant health
and safety risk, and is detrimental to the welfare of maintenance
staff. It has the potential to disrupt maintenance work, adding to
LU costs and putting at risk the efficiency and quality of passenger
rail services."
BIM made easy
Q 006
Pentair’s Thermal Building Solutions has
expanded its online information resource – the
Raychem Engineering Toolbox - with the
addition of a new section dedicated to
Building Information Modeling (BIM).
The section provides useful information
about the Raychem BIM families and the
Revit Software add-in and is broken down into
the following segments:
BIM Families
(http://seek.autodesk.com/search/manufacturer:Pentair Thermal
Raychem Trace-it for Autodesk Revit
Watch our BIM Tutorials on YouTube
Pentair BIM launch
Pentair Thermal Building Solutions recognises that getting the
right information from manufacturers quickly and easily is of
paramount importance. The Engineering
Toolbox is an invaluable online resource,
enabling customers to find exactly what they
need, quickly and efficiently. The site has
been specifically designed to share Raychem
product information as well as providing a
quick and easy link to downloads at SEEK
and the Autodesk Exchange libraries.
The Engineering Toolbox provides a
comprehensive guide to a range of
applications including : Frost protection for
pipes, Snow melting for gutters, roofs, and downpipes, Snow
melting systems for ramps, pathways and stairs, Hot water
temperature maintenance for single pipe hot water systems,
Electrical underfloor heating systems and which simplifies the
design process for heat tracing applications. Accessing the toolbox
couldn’t be easier all users need to do is visit:
Enquiries please to: Thermal Building Solutions
Pentair Thermal Management,
Tel: 0800 969013,
Email: [email protected],
e-mail your news to [email protected]
CleanSafe blasts chewing gum problem for London Gatwick
Q 008
London Gatwick Airport has wiped the floor with one of its biggest
facilities management problems by using ‘melt and blast' technology
to clean hundreds of thousands of pieces of chewing gum from
terminal walkways.
The UK's second busiest airport wanted to bring its external public
areas leading to terminal buildings up to the same World Class
standard as those inside.
To achieve this, it commissioned CleanSafe Services to use a
specialist technique that rapidly heats the chewing gum and removes
it from the floor with a jet of water at 1,250 pounds per square inch.
The response of airport visitors has been highly favourable, as they
see floors darkened by sticky grime and tens of thousands of blobs of
gum, transformed to look brand new again.
London Gatwick Airport Incident Manager Nick Henderson said:
"CleanSafe has filled a very niche and specialist function for us, to
get our base cleaning standards to a higher and improved level.
"The CleanSafe team has done a fantastic job of giving the areas a
cleaning facelift, to enable our core cleaning provider to perform their
"Now CleanSafe has established a good benchmark for external
flooring, it helps our core cleaning provider to maintain that
As the world's most efficient single-runway airport, London
Gatwick Airport experience some of the highest footfalls of any
public space on the globe. It caters for 36 million passengers a year,
and many millions more visitors.
dropped chewing gum and cigarette ends we've experienced
anywhere in the UK.
"At the North Terminal alone, we cleaned 30,000 square feet, with
an estimated 120,000 pieces of chewing gum."
To counter this problem, CleanSafe, a national extreme cleaning
company with branches across the UK, is using its Aquila Triventek
high pressure steam cleaner.
Combined with the skill and experience of CleanSafe operatives, the
technology represents the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way
to deep clean large floor areas.
Nick Henderson said entrances to terminals - the "front door" for the
airport - create a first impression, so have to be right. But they are the
most difficult to maintain.
Steam heated to 150 degrees Centigrade removes surface grime and
begins to melt the chewing gum. Then a jetting lance is used to blast
the chewing gum from the floor.
He added: "Passenger behaviour results in gum being disposed of
prior to entering the building. It often ends up on the paved areas,
even though gum bins are provided at every entrance. This, combined
with dwell areas where people smoke, often with a coffee or tea,
provides us with a big challenge."
CleanSafe's David Avers, project managed the work at London
Gatwick. He said: "We worked our way across the terminal walkway
a block at a time. As we go, we are taking the floor from dark to
bright and looking brand new.
Chewing gum mixes with cigarette ash and other daily grime,
including spilt sugary drinks, to set rock hard, making it almost
impossible to shift using conventional cleaning techniques.
CleanSafe Managing Director Steve Broughton said: "Chewing gum
remains one of the biggest cleaning challenges facing any
organisation managing public access spaces.
"The external walkways at London Gatwick Airport are at the
extreme end of this challenge. They have among the highest rates of
"The transformation is impressive, and gets very favourable
comments from the public.
"With floor cleaning equipment that uses high pressure water and
steam, health and safety is paramount. The worksite is enclosed in
sheeted barriers, and is monitored by a look-out at all times."
London Gatwick Airport's Nick Henderson said: "Our core cleaning
team is now investing in gum removal, with the use of new
technology and chemicals, to prevent the build-up of chewing gum."
Limetec offers colour-matching service for
renders thanks to new tinting machine
Q 009
Award-winning sustainable building
solutions company also provides pollutantresistant topcoat renders.
Sustainable building systems company
Limetec has introduced an exclusive full
colour-match service for its popular range
of Baumit decorative finish render products.
Thanks to investments in its Oxfordshire
manufacturing facility's new tinting set-up,
Limetec's full colour-match service allows
customers to choose from one of the 888
standard colour offerings or to create a
bespoke shade to best match their specific
building's requirements.
Roger Shroff, Limetec Mortars & Renders
sales and technical executive, said: "Our
new colour tinting set-up now means
Limetec customers have an unrivalled
choice of colour-matching options for
Baumit's render finish products, allowing
them to select the perfect shade for their
individual project."
Baumit are the European leaders in lime
based breathable renders. Limetec's
partnership with Baumit brings all of their
eco-friendly render products to the UK
market, ideal for conservation/renovation
projects, historic buildings, new homes,
self-build and mainstream commercial
In addition, Limetec is now able to offer
the full range of Baumit Nanopor Top
topcoat renders. Nanopor Top is a décor
render finish for external use. Nanopor is
self-cleaning, pollutant-resistant and comes
ready to use. Baumit's new 'photokat'
technology uses the photocatalyst process the power of light - to break down and
dissolve any organic dirt particles, which
are then removed from the façade, by wind,
rain or evaporation.
Limetec's Baumit range includes façade
systems, renders, plasters, and interior
design products. Limetec provides reliable
logistics solutions and dedicated staff are on
hand to offer technical support and advice
on the specification and use of Baumit
e-mail your news to [email protected]
Guidance for FM professionals on re-using and recycling used carpet
Carpet Recycling UK
Q 012
A practical interactive guide has been published for Facilities
Management (FM) professionals to encourage more re-use and
recycling of used carpet arising from all types of refurbishment
schemes. Best practices for extending carpet lifetime and for
refurbishment specification are also highlighted in the user-friendly
Carpet Recycling UK was commissioned by WRAP, the UK’s
resource efficiency experts, to write the report, entitled ‘Guidance
on re-use and recycling of used carpets and environmental
considerations for specifying new carpet’, which can be
downloaded from the WRAP website at
The guide is aimed at facilities managers in the public and private
sectors, procurers, architects and specifiers, housing associations
and floor layers to assist them with the type of carpet waste that is
most likely to arise in refurbishment projects.
Floor finishes are a significant element of a building and
contribute around 12% towards a building’s environmental impact.
Carpet, including tiles and broadloom, is the predominant floor
covering used in both domestic and commercial settings,
accounting for 58% of the UK’s floor finishing market.
Against this background, CRUK worked with WRAP to develop
a practical guide for facilities professionals to show how used
carpet can be a valuable resource and successfully re-used or
recycled in new goods, from carpet tile re-use to underlay and
insulation products.
The guide explains how to prepare used carpets for re-use and
recycling and showcases best practice for selecting new carpet.
Information is also provided on how to deal with post-consumer
carpets. It also highlights considerations for specifying new
flooring which will increase the product’s lifetime on the floor and
further reduce its overall environmental impact.
“There is growing
pressure for
engagement in
sustainable practices
and it is becoming
increasingly important
for FM professionals to
understand and
participate in such
practices,” comments
Laurance Bird, Director
of CRUK, the
industry’s awardwinning not-for-profit
organisation tasked
with finding new reuse
and recycling opportunities for the 400,000 tonnes of waste carpet
that arises each year in the UK.
“As such, the document’s advice aims to guide FM professionals
to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and
gain Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment
Method (BREEAM) credits. To achieve these environmental
benefits, planning early for re-use and recycling of carpets is
crucial,” adds Laurance.
CRUK’s action in helping to develop more outlets for carpets has
been instrumental in increasing the landfill diversion rate for carpet
from 2% in 2008 to 27% in 2013. Enquiries are welcomed from all
types of organisations interested in recycling their waste carpet. For
more information, call 0161 440 8325 or visit
Enquiries to: Axion Consulting, Tel: 0161 426 7731, Email:
[email protected]
Contacta Offers M&E Companies End-to-End
Hearing Loop Solution
Contacta Systems
Q 014
* Latest Technology which is High Quality, Cost Effective, and
Reliable *
* Hearing Loop Systems with UK-wide Field Service Offering *
Contacta Systems, a leading manufacturer and field service
company for Hearing Loop Systems, now offers M&E organisations
a complete end-to-end solution from system design and specification,
through installation, to maintenance and training, implementing a
transparent offer no other UK company can equal. Contacta offers a
wide selection of 1-2-1 audio products and large area Hearing Loop
Systems and has supply and support contracts with high street banks,
the Post Office and major retailers as well as councils, hospital trusts
and entertainment venues.
The Company's UK manufacturing capabilities ensures quality,
reliability and product availability and its skilled nationwide
installation and support teams deliver expert provision across the UK.
Facilities management (FM) and M&E teams are increasingly
challenged to sustain Hearing Loop Systems within managed sites.
Contacta can provide an extensive portfolio of solutions tailored to
end users' needs and which support the FM and M&E companies'
The Equality Act 2010 has emphasised businesses' need to introduce
facilities that ensure disabled users and visitors are not disadvantaged.
For people with hearing loss, who use a hearing aid, hearing loops
ensure that even in noisy environments, clear communication is
Contacta can assist FM and M&E organisations to plan and
implement processes and physical systems that meet and exceed their
requirements under the Act. The company provides a highly trained
nationwide field service capability, which is based on agreed service
levels. Contacta can also deliver CPD certified training to M&E staff.
Simon Thomas, managing director, Contacta Systems Limited said,
"M&E organisations play an enormous role in the every day lives of
people. We can help these companies meet their legal, and customer
responsibilities by
effective, easy to
install and use
systems that are guaranteed by our personal service commitment."
It is essential to create understanding of all forms of ‘assistive
listening devices' within buildings and other structures, and the FM
organisations and M&E companies are an important audience. From
the boardroom to the M&E subcontractor, all organisations need to
understand the benefits that accrue from the correct installation and
maintenance of these systems. Contacta has a range of hearing loop
and personal counter-top and portable products to meet the needs of
service providers and FM organisations, offering cost effective, easy
to install and maintain systems supported by comprehensive training
and full support capabilities across the UK.
Hearing loss and the additional stress that it creates in many
everyday business transactions can often be simply resolved with the
introduction of a hearing loop system. Millions of adults in the UK
are affected by hearing loss and with service providers seeking to
increase their positive personal communications with customers and
employees, hearing loop and speech transfer systems provide a highly
effective and non-intrusive solution.
With the introduction of the HLD platform, Contacta has redefined
the process of hearing loop specification, concentrating on total
system performance over straightforward loop area. Additionally, the
new products offer automatic power standby for greater energy
efficiency, passive cooling to provide increased reliability, high
frequency compensation to offset interference from metal in the
building's infrastructure, intelligent input offering dynamic control, as
well as self testing for early fault identification.
Contacta can be reached at www.contactaglobal.com or sales on
0845 331 2072. Worldwide sales are available through a network of
specialist suppliers and installers, details are available on the website.
e-mail your news to [email protected]
Action packed and biggest to
date opens its doors in March
The Cleaning Show
Q 016
With pre-registered visitors up by a staggering 60%* and news
that Kimberly-Clark Professional, TL Killis, SCA Disposables and
VAX will be joining Numatic and MITIE to exhibit, The Cleaning
Show 2015, is destined to be a winner for both exhibitors and
visitors alike.
Taking place from 10-12 March at Excel in London for the first
time the show will feature all the latest innovative products
impacting the cleaning sector, as well as some brand new
interactive features for visitors – plus the organisers have just
increased the size of the event to accommodate the latest
companies who have just signed up. Cleaning and hygiene
professionals and facilities managers will be able to try out
products, learn from a wide range of free seminar sessions, get free
careers advice, take part in small group training sessions on social
media and staff management, as well as networking at a number of
social gatherings.
With the move to London, the Cleaning Show organisers have
created a series of compelling new features for the event, ensuring
that visitors and exhibitors get full value from time spent out of the
office. Some of the new key features that transform the old
Cleaning Show into a true industry event are:
A Free Seminar Programme: The seminar programme will
consider solutions to challenges currently facing the industry.
Keynote topics already confirmed include the Living Wage,
immigration and employment issues, training, window cleaning,
and hospital hygiene.
heart of the main exhibition - offers visitors and exhibitors a venue
to hold meetings and one-to-one discussions.
The Guinness World Record Attempt: Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, the
world’s fastest window cleaner, is throwing down the gauntlet,
challenging window cleaners from across the globe to take him
on…and take his crown! The official world record challenge event
which is being sponsored by Unger and Principle Window
Cleaning and will take place on Wednesday 11 March. Would be
record breakers can enter by completing the form on the Cleaning
Show website. www.cleaningshow.co.uk. Anyone holding a new
world record after the event will receive a cash prize of £1,000.
A Series of Social and Networking Events: The Cleaning Show
represents the largest gathering of cleaning professionals and
hygiene experts in the UK and is the ideal place to attend meetings
and network with customers and colleagues, old and new. A
programme of social events has been devised, and a number of
industry associations will be taking the opportunity to hold
meetings and stage presentations during the Cleaning Show.
Twitter Sessions: Small businesses who want to find out how to
use and engage with social media to their advantage can learn how
to set up Twitter tweets effectively by having a free training session
with our expert.
Over 100 Industry-Leading Companies Showcased Within the
Exhibition: The UK cleaning industry’s main producers and
suppliers of machines, products and services will demonstrate their
latest, cutting edge solutions. Amongst the major brands attending
the event are Vax, Numatic, HSS Reintec, SYR, IPC, Vileda,
Nilfisk, Prochem, Rubbermaid, Truvox, and Unger, to name but a
few. A full list of exhibitors is available at
The Guinness World Record Attempt: Be a record breaker and try
and beat Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, currently the world’s fastest
window cleaner
The full Seminar programme can be viewed at
www.cleaningshow.co.uk/seminars and is not to be missed.
The Training Academy: An opportunity to learn more about
products and techniques, to get professional advice in developing
your business, as well as a host of other topics designed to improve
the way you work.
Careers Clinic: Meet and discuss career opportunities in the
cleaning industry with clinic sponsors FM Network.
The Cleaning Show Innovation Awards: The Cleaning Show
Innovation Awards have been updated, improved and companies
can enter simply by visiting the Cleaning Show website before the
entry deadline of 28th February.Categories include: cleaning
products; floor cleaning; outdoor cleaning; carpet cleaning;
window cleaning; washroom hygiene; sustainable cleaning; and
management systems – together with a panel of professional judges
who will ensure an awards programme that is better than ever. The
Award winners will be announced in the Seminar Theatre at
4.15pm on Tuesday 10 March.
Platinum Sponsorship: For the first time in the Cleaning Show’s
history, Mitie is sponsoring the event. As well as presenting a
number of keynotes in the Seminar Theatre, Mitie is working hard
to attract visitors from its existing and potential customer base.
This will enhance the profile and number of visitors at this year’s
The Exclusive VIP Lounge: This private area – constructed at the
Who should attend?
Everyone who has an interest in the commercial cleaning sector
should attend The Cleaning Show 2015.
In a nutshell, visitors will include:
• Contract cleaning companies.
• In-house cleaning teams.
• Specialist cleaning companies.
• Facility managers from a wide range of industries including:
o Educational establishments.
o Finance/insurance establishments.
o Hospitals and healthcare establishments.
o Industrial and manufacturing premises, and warehouses.
o Leisure and hospitality facilities.
o Local and central government.
o Public services.
o Residential and nursing homes.
o Retail outlets and shopping centres.
o Offices.
o Transport providers.
Registration to attend is completely free-of-charge so sign up now
at www.cleaningshow.co.uk.
*Compared to pre-registration figures recorded at the same time
for 2013 show at NEC, Birmingham.
More information on The Cleaning Show 2015 can be found on
its website: www.cleaningshow.co.uk
e-mail your news to [email protected]
Local Company wins environmental award
SpaceVac Technologies Ltd
SpaceVac Technologies Ltd has won a Green Apple Environment
Award in the national campaign to find Britain’s greenest
companies, councils and communities.
SpaceVac competed against more than 500 other nominations and
has been presented with its Green Apple Award at a ceremony in
the Houses of Parliament.
As a result of this success it will have its winning paper published
in The Green Book, the leading international reference work on
environmental best practice, so that others around the world can
follow its example and learn from SpaceVac’s experience.
It is now being considered to represent the UK in the European
Business Awards for the Environment.
The Green Apple Awards began in 1994 and have become
established as the country’s major recognition for environmental
endeavour among companies, councils, communities and countries.
The awards are organised by The Green Organisation, an
Q 020
independent, non-political,
non-activist, non-profit
environment group dedicated
to recognising and promoting
environmental best practice.
Judges for the Green Apple
Awards are drawn from the
Environment Agency, the
Chartered Institute of
Environmental Health, the
Chartered Institution for
Wastes Management and other
independent bodies.
Further information:
SpaceVac Technologies Ltd, 01604 760282 www.space-vac.co.uk
How Britain can fix its labour skills gap
Able Skills
Q 021
It was reported this week that Britain is being forced to fill gaps in
its labour markets with overseas workers.
Construction firms are hiring Portuguese bricklayers to fill a
shortfall in supply in the UK market.
Due to the lack of skilled British workers, these foreign brickies are
able to demand wages of up to £1000 a week, twice the average rate
of £200 a day.
However, ample opportunities do exist for British workers to gain
the skills required to satisfy an increasing demand within the
construction industry.
AbleSkills.co.uk is a specialist in construction training offering
eleven types of bricklaying courses, including City & Guilds, CITB
and DIY qualifications.
These courses are offered on both a full-time and weekend basis, so
they’re flexible enough to fit around existing commitments. They
offer introductory courses for complete beginners and more
advanced courses for people looking to build on existing skills. For
those who’ve been working in the industry for over five years but
lack official qualifications, there are NVQ level 2 and 3, as well as
CSCS Cards options available.
Accommodation is offered on site and there are even interest free
payment and finance options available to help spread the cost of
training. Able Skills also offer advanced learning loans for 24-yearolds and over. So, if you’re studying at Level 3, Level 4 or higher
you can apply for a loan to meet your course fees. The loans are
open to anyone meeting the age
requirements and taking an eligible
course at an approved institution in
England. At present they are
offered in the fields of electrical
installations, plumbing, carpentry as well as NVQ performance units.
The growing demand for skilled construction workers was recently
highlighted in a report published by Manpower UK, a global leader
in innovative workforce solutions and part of the ManpowerGroup.
They found that hiring plans in construction are set to jump to prerecession levels. Employment prospects in the sector are expected to
rise by around 9% in 2015. The energy sector also looks set for an
even greater increase in demand, upwards of 15%. This follows a
bumper year in 2014, which saw the highest level of job creation in
forty years in the UK.
What should be fairly clear is that these increased employment
opportunities should be open primarily to British workers rather than
looking abroad. However, with organisations like Able Skills
providing the necessary training across the relevant industries, UK
workers will be available to enjoy this upturn in market fortunes.
Whilst there may be some truth in what Manpower claims about
British companies looking abroad, this should not be the main story
here. Rather, it is the fact that increased investment in our young
people and skilled workers will benefit us all. Ultimately, this is a
positive story that will hopefully have an equally happy ending for
British workers.
Remote monitoring for Shell fuel sites
Q 022
Critical power specialist, Powertecnique, has supplied and installed
its remote monitoring software to seven Shell fuel sites across the UK
from Cambridge to Derby.
The remote monitoring solution, PowerVue, relieves business
owners from the headache of equipment monitoring by enabling
Powertecnique engineers remotely to diagnose, test and fix any
problems that may arise. The system provides secure monitoring for
both UPS and generators, along with servicing and automated call-out
for both.
Kevin Airey, Regional Operations Manager at Johnson Controls,
explains: “We have been using Powertecnique for the maintenance of
the backup diesel generators on Shell petrol stations at motorway
services, so that in case of an electrical power supply failure, the
service stations can continue to trade, with fully working fuel
dispensers, till systems and forecourt lights etc. It is critical that we
have motorway service stations that are fully available to the motorist
in the event of a mains power outage.
“When Powertecnique
explained that they had a
system that could remotely
monitor any issue or potential
problem, the cost of install
and ongoing maintenance
seemed insignificant – it was
a no brainer. It is always vital to have something you can rely on to
keep trading, and Powertecnique has been excellent in terms of
responding quickly to any issues. The team has been very transparent
in terms of communication and pricing.”
PowerVue offers remote monitoring for UPS and diesel generator
equipment using a GSM telemetry connection which is attached to
the power equipment. Powertecnique engineers are able to view and
respond to any flagged items that may need attention, and synoptic
panels show details at a glance remotely, as if the engineer were
standing in front of the equipment.
e-mail your news to [email protected]
Q 024
Q 025
www.easysoftware .co.uk Tel: +44 (0) 284 727870
e-mail your news to [email protected]
Q 025
Security Sponsored by Selectamark PLC
- www.selectadna.co.uk
Optex detectors at heart of new
security system at Manchester
business park
A recently refurbished business park in Manchester that wanted a
more modern and flexible security solution than its existing manned
guarding operation, turned to a complete new electronic system that
relies on laser sensors.
Greencourt Business Park, now known as Manchester Green, is
conveniently located only five minutes from Manchester Airport and
has five large buildings in a landscaped environment. The current
landlords, Barwood Investments, purchased the site at the end of
2013 and undertook a significant refurbishment programme to
improve the buildings, the landscaping and the security of the whole
Property Letting Agents, Savills turned to Clarion, an electronic
security system integrator, to design a system delivering high security
and capable of replacing the costly manned guarding solution that had
been used historically. The site is constantly in use so the system
needed to be flexible in its configuration and always ‘on’.
For Clarion the best way to protect the entire site was to secure the
perimeter by deploying an integrated solution comprising an access
control system working in conjunction with an intrusion detection and
an IP CCTV system. At the heart of this solution was the deployment
of nine OPTEX REDSCAN laser sensors, scanning the activity on the
perimeter line but also inside the perimeter.
The laser sensors detect vehicles and people within a 30m radius
and aren’t affected by light or weather conditions. They were
integrated by Clarion with the vehicle barrier and the IP based
intercom system so that they don’t trigger when an authorised vehicle
or person enters the site. The REDSCANS integrate directly with the
Video Management System, Avigilon’s Contol Center platform,
triggering dome cameras to go to pre-set positions to track any
detected intruder and send an alarm to Farsight, the monitoring station
looking after the site.
“Our philosophy at Clarion is to provide a solution that offers
flexibility to the customer and minimises unwanted alarms so the
monitoring station can operate at its best,” says Chris Billinge,
Managing Director at Clarion.
“We chose OPTEX REDSCAN for this project for its flexibility and
stability; it was easy to set up customised detection areas and to
integrate the perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) with the rest
of our security system. The system has proven very stable since the
installation. Although Clarion has been working with OPTEX for many
years, this is the first project we have deployed the REDSCANs and
we are very satisfied by this intelligent sensor.”
Security Sponsored by Selectamark PLC - www.selectadna.co.uk
One for the road?
How empty pubs can blight the
High Street
The health of the High Street and other commercial and town
centres is significantly affected by the retail environment. And few
retail sectors have been so badly impacted by the recession and
changes in legislation than the pub sector, writes Simon Broadbent,
CEO of specialist contractor Secure Empty Property.
Recent reports indicate that 31 pubs are closing each week in the
UK. Pub numbers have fallen from 68,000 in 1982 to 48,000 in 2013 –
a 40% decline. Overlooking the nostalgic handwringing over the
demise of our favourite local, this creates a dramatic change in the
profile of town centre property and so creates challenges for the local
authority. The economic impact to the authority of lost jobs and
diminished business rates income is exacerbated by the blight on the
high street of another vacant property. Vacant pubs, or voids, are a
magnet for crime stimulating and becoming a focus for vandalism, theft
– especially metal theft - squatting and even arson. Worse, badly
managed void pubs can have a wider detrimental impact to the
adjacent shops and high street creating a spiral of decline.
For some perspective, void rates in the retail sector are improving
slightly from an average 15.1% to 13% more recently however this
improvement is very location dependent – 23% of shops are voids in
Lisburn NI for example.
Few industries outside the pub sector have faced the ‘double
whammy’ of recession and constricted retail spending, as well as
legislative interference. The proportion of beer sold in pubs versus at
home has dropped from 68% in 2000 to just 50% today due to
intense price competition from the supermarkets. Add to that alcohol
duty, VAT, business rates and inflationary energy bills and the
commercial challenges keep coming. Recent controversial changes to
the ‘beer tie’ system could also damage the industry. Here, all tied
tenants would have the right to request a rent review if they have not
one for five years together with the option for pub landlords to buy
beer on the open market. The British Beer & Pub Association claim
this new Bill could result in more pubs closing with 7,000 job losses as
the pub management companies are deterred from investment in
their property portfolio.
The ‘snap-shot’ of void numbers however is too simplistic. The big
pub companies are in a continuous process of upgrading, refurbishing,
purchasing and divesting their property portfolio. It’s a significant
challenge to match customers’ expectations in the pub facilities and its
geographic location and local ‘foot-fall’. And the property portfolio can
be extensive with companies such as Enterprise Inns and Punch
Taverns managing 5,000 and 4,000 pubs respectively. Therefore a pub
can be void as a result of investment in new kitchen facilities or change
of ownership rather than a sign of neglect and dis-repair. However, as
pubs undergo refurbishment, upgrading or divestment the void period
needs to be managed to be fair to the high street community and to
be ‘good neighbours’.
The challenge facing the Pub Co operator is to assess what measures
are necessary to protect the property asset whilst it is vacant ?
Moreover, how can these measures be cost effective, support the
refurbishment process, maintain the High Street ‘kerb-appeal’ and
comply with their insurance companies policy requirements. Some of
these requirements can be mutually exclusive so a ‘tool-kit’ of options
may need to be investigated.
Taking the last requirement first, most insurance policies default to a
very basic level of cover after just 30-days void period. Generally
referred to as FLEA cover (fire, lightning, explosion and aircraft) the
property owner is now very exposed to losses in the event of
vandalism, squatting or theft. Such losses can make investment in ongoing refurbishment unsupportable due to additional cost and
significantly extended refurbishment time. Recent changes in legislation
making squatting a criminal offence in residential property does not
generally provide any additional protection to vacant pubs. Worse, the
displacement of the estimated 22,000 full time squatters from
residential property has heightened the risk to commercial properties
and pubs. Significant levels of squatting attack is now reported in
London and the South East.
Maintaining the property ‘kerb appeal’ with aesthetically pleasing
physical security can also be problematic. The traditional approach of
plywood boarding-up windows and doors creates an eyesore in what
are often very public places and has a detrimental effect to the town
centre and adjacent retail outlets. The true level of security offered by
plywood boarding is also very limited and a determined attack
attracted by the potential of high value metal, boilers or fixtures and
fittings will not be prevented. The darkened interior also helps the
intruders work undetected.
Finally, traditional security measures can effectively hinder the
refurbishment process by delaying access to the property, causing
damage to glazing, window and door frames and requiring artificial
lighting as natural light is blocked.
The above issues can be effectively overcome by the use of bespoke
security systems including anti-vandal doors and window screens and
the use of specialist temporary electronic alarm systems. Where
perimeter security is required, these modular products offer a high
level of visual and physical security yet the specialist fixing methods
cause minimal damage to the building fabric or fenestration. By
allowing easy access into the site and natural light penetration, the
refurbishment process is facilitated and the high-value items offered a
proportionate level of security. The alternative, or complementary,
approach is the use of temporary alarm systems to detect both fire
and intruders. These specialist units are battery powered and
communicate to remote Alarm Receiving Centres through GPRS
mobile communications. This allows mains power to be isolated –
normally an insurance requirement - and phone lines to be
disconnected. Wireless detectors allow large properties to be
protected without trailing wires. Both systems can be effectively
utilised on Listed or protected buildings with minimal risk of damage
to glazing, brickwork or fascia.
One pub chain, deploy a combination of temporary alarm systems
and live-in Guardians to protect vacant pubs. This has the dual benefit
of providing 24-hour security even when Guardians are out at work
and a ‘lived-in’ appearance to deter intruders. Guardians can report
minor problems at the property without costly inspections but they
can be more financially beneficial with regard to mitigating Empty
Property Rates. Supporting a change in registered use from vacant
commercial property to occupied residential property which incurs
standard council tax, the overall cost saving can be significant. Success
rates in achieving this change of registered use varies from council to
council however, for longer-term voids, it is certainly worth exploring.
So there are a myriad of security solutions to meet the challenges of
empty High Street pubs. However the one-size-fits-all approach of the
traditional security company may not meet all the stakeholders
requirements. Insurance company’s knee-jerk recommendations for
void security tend to be either static guarding or mobile patrols.
However, 24-hour guards have a significant cost for the Pub Co and
the security offered by mobile patrols – absent more often than on
site – is generally ineffectual. Swinging in the opposite direction,
boarding up damages both the property and blights the High Street
with little real gains in security. Yet cost can be relatively low with a
one-off installation charge. So value for money in vacant property
security can be problematic to evaluate and very dependent upon the
individuals viewpoint, the duration of the void, risk profile and ultimate
objective of the owner.
As a specialist contractor in this niche marketplace, Secure Empty
Property offers clients a wealth of knowledge which is shared free of
charge together with a detailed risk, health & safety and security
report on each property. By having a range of security solutions and
wider property services, the best-fit solution can be delivered
nationwide from a one-stop-shop. A unique resource is available to
property owners and managers in a web-based ‘Risk Slider’ which
profiles different risk levels to property types and provides security
recommendations. This resource can be found at
Security Sponsored by Selectamark PLC - www.selectadna.co.uk
Eaton’s Range of Visual Alarm Devices Gain Poland’s
Highest Safety Certification
Power management company Eaton today announced that it has
gained certification from CNBOP (Centrum Naukowo-Badawcze
Ochrony Przeciwpo˝arowej), the Polish government’s chosen fire
safety certification body, for its Fulleon LX range of visual alarm
devices (VADs). This announcement of compliance with Poland’s
most stringent certification in fire protection further strengthens the
LX range’s high standards of safety.
“This certification not only credits the extremely high standards of
safety provided by the product range, but also Eaton’s ongoing
commitment to providing customers with solutions that meet the
highest possible industry safety standards,” said Peter Regan, product
marketing manager, Eaton. “We are delighted to have gained the
CNBOP certification in Poland for our LX range of beacons.”
Poland’s CNBOP is a Notified Body for the European Commission
under Directive 89/106/EEC within construction. It works to
improve fire safety by conducting and providing technical
assessments of the performance of products for use in fire
protection. The LX range of VADs had to go through a rigorous
technical performance evaluation to gain CNBOP certification.
Eaton’s LX range with patented lens technology was initially
introduced to meet the requirements of the recently enforced EN
54-23 standard, a uniform standard for VADs to improve life safety
in high noise areas and increase notification for the hearing impaired.
The EU standard, which came into effect in January 2014, requires
that a light level of 0.4 lux per square metre is dispersed across the
entire area.
The LX range of devices is based on familiar Fulleon product
platforms with backwards compatibility available for a number of
variants providing easy installation and the reassurance of reliability
and efficiency. The range is comprised of six products that include
both wall mounted and ceiling application devices. All products are
fitted with patented lens technology that overcomes the challenge of
developing a device that distributes a range of light coverage of 7.5
meters whilst still remaining energy efficient.
Eaton was the first company to market with a low current solution
that meets the demanding requirements of EN 54-23 and has also
launched a campaign to help raise awareness of the new legislation
across the industry. As part of the campaign, Eaton has made a
number of information resources available, such as an online
specifying tool to help professionals determine which products are
required for a given installation, a beacon placement template that
overlays scale drawings for ease of use and a pocket guide to the EN
54-23 standard.
To learn more about Eaton’s range of Fulleon alarm devices, visit
Q 037
Security Sponsored by Selectamark PLC - www.selectadna.co.uk
Delta Security helps to protect vulnerable residents
Rotheley House, a supported-living housing development in
Hackney, assisting residents who suffer from mental health issues
and learning difficulties to manage their own security and to live
independently has received a new door entry and CCTV system.
Rotheley House is home to 15 residents and is managed by
Advanced Housing and Support. With over 40 years experience,
Advanced offers a wide range of housing and support services to
over 5,000 people at home, in work or within the community.
The previous entry system had become unreliable and Kevin
Pearce, Deputy Area Manager for London and the South East at
Advanced, sought a new system that would provide greater security
specific to the needs of the residents:
“One of our requirements was for us to be able to choose which
residents had the functionality to let visitors in or not, depending on
their capabilities.”
Following an assessment of the property, Delta upgraded the door
entry system to an isolated digital video entry system using the
latest Videx Kristallo colour apartment handsets. These provide
users with clear video images of visitors and have the required
flexibility to restrict functionality where required.
“The whole process for us was made very simple with regular
communication and prompt, flexible responses to issues or changing
“The CCTV has already proved extremely useful on two
occasions,” he continues, “one for an internal incident and the other
to assist the police with a mobile phone robbery that happened
outside the premises, where we were able to provide very clear
Dave Mundy, Operations Manager at Delta Security, says that the
company has valuable expertise in a wide range of housing
association projects: “For the Rotheley installation, we hand picked
engineers who knew the challenges
and best practice of working within
this kind of accommodation. As a
company we take pride in the part we
play in helping those living in supported
living environments to live as
independent lives as possible.”
Delta also recommended and installed high definition Nexus
IP CCTV cameras in communal areas and outside the premises.
The cameras provide exceptional image quality, even at night,
and the high storage capability enables images to be stored and
reviewed when necessary.
Kevin says that installation went very well and was completed
faster than expected: “All engineers were professional and
understanding in giving residents extra time to understand why
they were there, giving them their badges and working through
any communication challenges.
On your marks, get set, move!
By Warren Hamlin, Sales Director at Johnsons Moving Services Ltd
Planning your office move is like running. Sure, it
looks easy, but for any of you who have been
running, you know that the way you start, will
determine; the length of time you can run for, how
the run will feel and how quickly you can recover
after the event.
So, how does this relate to moving?
I tell all of my clients “It’s not the finish line that matters, it’s
the journey along the way”. That’s why it’s important to think
about how your staff experience the move process.
Like running a marathon, a move takes hours of preparation
and experience. If you don’t have the time to put in to the
preparation process, you won’t get the desired results. Just
getting off your chair one day and starting to run does not
make you a great runner. If anything, it can do more harm than
good. What’s more, most new marathon runners don’t have a
good sense of the right time goal, and they can overlook steps
in the training process that will come back to haunt them
during the event. Sure, crossing the finish line can bring with it
a feeling of accomplishment, especially if you have met or
even surpassed a personal goal (such as budget or timeline).
But inevitably you must ask what effects the race has had on
your business and your staff after the event.
But what if you had a personal coach who was there to
advise you on the right trainers to wear, help you on what to
eat before the big race and show you when to push or hold
There’s no doubt the expert advice of an experienced
professional is always tremendously valuable. At Johnsons
Moving Services Ltd, we’ve been helping companies with their
relocation needs since 1871. So we know that a move is not a
sprint, it’s a marathon – especially in this modern era where
technology and regulatory concerns can complicate even the
simplest of moves.
It has been said that a marathon doesn’t really begin until
mile twenty. With a move, ‘mile twenty’ is normally where the
physical move of your assets begins. However, actually moving
your belongings is the easy part. The hard work must already
have been done in the miles leading up to the move itself: by
then, you should have done all of the planning, managed out
the risk, engaged all of the key stakeholders and developed a
strategy that will get you through to the end of the race.
A good trainer takes the time to get to know you.
Understanding your requirements, your unique personality as a
business, working with you to set goals and achieve your
Let’s look at a few examples which could be considered
milestones in the preparation process. What about records and
other paperwork? Because of legal regulations, long-term
record keeping is a necessity, but do you want to bring all of
that with you? Johnsons can provide a Records Management
Service that not only stores and archives your paperwork, but
offers the full scope of management tools as well:
computerised coding and tracking, record reviewing and
retrievals, and 24-hour access.
Something else to think about: what is to be done with your
existing assets, such as office furniture and equipment?
Johnsons Zero is an accredited specialist in recycling, re-selling
or re-purposing these assets, and can help you reduce the
environmental impact of your move and plan for your recycling
needs going forward in the new facilities.
Of course, computer and communications systems are an
essential yet complicated part of any move. That’s why we
employ a dedicated team of technology specialists to facilitate
the complexities of the process, including the commissioning,
networking and patching of systems, ensuring an efficient
transition with minimal downtime. We can even provide
network card changes, auditing, testing, and the complete
cleaning of the desktop equipment at each workstation.
Perhaps your move isn’t for a standard office. If you are
relocating a laboratory, hospital, or any ‘clean environment’
facility, Johnsons has gained a sophisticated knowledge of the
requirements for the handling and transport of specialist
equipment. If your move involves a production or
manufacturing facility, with heavy machinery or industrial
equipment, Johnsons has a team of experts who understand
the particular requirements of such a move, including
decommissioning and recalibrating machinery, backing up CNC
routers, lift and load calculations, as well as electrical,
mechanical and regulatory requirements. We can also manage
warehouse and stock relocations in a way that minimises
disruption to your business or to your customers’ needs.
Do you need more people on your team? Johnsons is one of
the few removal companies that have in-house Project
Managers available if required. Our managers are all trained to
PRINCE 2 methodology and have the experience and
qualifications necessary to manage the diverse tasks demanded
by a marathon move. If you need us to, we can even
undertake the management of your sub-contractors within the
main scope of the project. Our project managers aren’t just
cheering you on from the sidelines – they’re running the race
with you.
Integral Memory plc
Minister joins UK
Lighting Manufacturer in
Call for Focus on Green
At an event celebrating their 25th year, Integral Memory plc, a
leading memory and LED lighting manufacturer has called for
increased support for energy saving products which are
researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. According
to Sunil Kotecha, Integral’s MD, an opportunity exists to build a
‘Shenzhen style technology hub in Brent, North West London'
based upon the demand for innovative energy saving lamps
that are quickly replacing other forms of lighting in homes and
throughout industry.
The event was supported by the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP,
Minister for Universities, Science and Cities who officially
opened a new LED Lighting Laboratory facility which is part of
a package of new investment planned by the company to meet
a growing demand. Visiting the facility he acknowledged
Integral’s achievement of staying at the top of a fast moving
technology markets for many years.
“Integral’s success is based upon their agility to spot and
respond to opportunities in a fast moving marketplace. The
future demand for energy saving lighting is a key growth sector
“As an experienced visitor and witness to China’s economic
miracle - I know we have a considerable distance to cover in
order to catch up to the level of skills, investment and
infrastructure available to our manufacturing competition
abroad. Our strength as a country is in our ability to innovate.
Hence the key to our future lies in nurturing the talent within
our Universities and attracting them to fast growing market
sectors like LED lighting.” he concluded.
The future of LED Lighting is very exciting according to
experts present at the event. According to Tony Howells, Senior
Policy Advisor to the Department of Business Innovation and
Skills “Lighting is everywhere and combined with the cost
savings available of 60 to 80 percent that LED can offer- it is a
total ‘no brainer’. Couple this with a requirement to become
less reliant on coal fired power stations and in our critical need
to match government environmental targets - the LED Lighting
industry becomes one of the strategically important industrial
that both rewards the customer with lower energy bills whilst
providing energy savings and helping our ability to achieve
lower carbon emission targets.” commented the Minister.
Within a series of keynote addresses at the launch event,
speakers called for further investment to provide the essential
training and skills required to meet the challenge of the global
green technology market.
“As a government we have a responsibility to companies like
Integral to ensure that the skills are available to ensure
continued growth. The recently announced science and
innovation strategy is designed to feed that need.” continued
the Minister.
Referring to his early days as an engineer, Sunil Kotecha, MD
of Integral Memory observed that opportunities for new
graduates were fewer than in the mid-eighties when he entered
the job market.
Ecobuild 2015
Ecobuild 2015
The Big Innovation Pitch aims to unearth a true sustainable
innovation at this years show - Ecobuild and Marks &
Spencer work together and M & S look to investigate
applying the winning product or service in its buildings.
80 plus seminars now compatible and applicable with
global Continuing Professional Development (CPD) principles.
UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) will lead sessions and advice
clinics on the routes to overseas markets.
3rd to 5th March
Wavin will showcase the winning project from the Aquacell
Saint-Gobain will be celebrating its 350th anniversary at
Ecobuild 2015, as well as launcing its Multi-Comfort concept.
Home automation providers Ecodhome will debut at the
2015 show with its innovative MyVirtuoso Home System.
David Ball Group are due to showcase Cemfree, world’s first
sustainable concrete.
Wolf Systems showcases Horizon BIM Software
– the UK’s only Revit-based timber frame detailing software –
at Ecobuild 2015
Timber frame, trussed rafter and floor designers who need to
collaborate on BIM projects should make a visit to Wolf
Systems top of their list at Ecobuild 2015.
The company, which specialises in the manufacture of
products and software for timber engineering and design, will
be demonstrating its Horizon BIM software on stand N5020 in
the BIM section of the Sustainable Design and Construction
Horizon software is the UK’s only timber frame tool built on
Autodesk’s leading Revit Structure platform. Developed by
Wolf Systems in-house software team, it draws on the
company’s extensive expertise in timber frame design and
timber engineering. The result is a system that allows timber
frame designers to quickly and easily create intelligent 3D
objects that represent physical building details such as wall
panels, floors and roof trusses. These can be manipulated and
specified to represent just about every real-world timber
framing application and construction method.
As the first and only Revit-based BIM software for timber
design, Horizon has enabled all disciplines involved in a
collaborative BIM project to work from a single integrated
model. As a result, design revisions and changes are
automatically updated throughout the entire model, so
amendments only need to be made once. This reduces errors,
improves accuracy and streamlines workflow – not just for the
person making the change but for everybody working from the
Speaking about Horizon, Karl Foster, sales and marketing
director of Wolf Systems, explained that the use of BIM
software is becoming increasingly important requirement for
designers and manufacturers. He said: “By 2016, all public
sector projects with a value of £5 million or above will need to
be undertaken in a collaborative BIM environment. Through
Horizon we are giving our customers the edge, because for the
first time they will be able to work with organisations such as
the public sector or large house builders that require all
suppliers to work in a BIM environment.
“At Ecobuild timber frame, roof and floor designers will have
the opportunity to come to our stand and see the software in
action and see just how powerful it is and how easy it is to
use. And of course, as we are in the BIM section they will be
able to make a direct comparison between Horizon and other
software providers and see the benefits for themselves.
“With less than a year to 2016, we expect this year to see a
huge increase in the adoption of BIM, so it’s important that the
timber frame industry doesn’t get left behind.
Wolf Systems is part of the Wolf Group, a family business
with more than 45 years’ experience in timber engineering that
employs around 3,000 staff across 21 European countries. The
company manufactures and supplies nailplates, metal webs
and software for the design of roof trusses, metal web joists
and timber frame wall panels. This is supported by bespoke
design services, training and outstanding customer support.
Wolf Systems, which was established in 1988, serves the UK
market and is head of software and product development for
the company’s timber engineering business. It has a UK-wide
network of trussed rafter manufacturers and has established a
reputation for making timber engineering as easy as possible.
For further information about Horizon BIM software visit Wolf
systems on stand N5020 in the BIM section of the Sustainable
Design and Construction Hall at Ecobuild at Excel Centre,
Ecobuild 2015
HETAS - advice on Training
The team from HETAS will be on stand N3186 this year to
help with advice on training, certification and registration with
HETAS. The government approved body specialises in solid fuel
and biomass, and runs competent persons schemes for
installers, as well as approval schemes for products, retailers
and fuels. They also support the Renewable Heat Incentive
scheme with Microgeneration
Certification Schemes (MCS)
for both installers and
products. The HETAS website
is packed with information
and is the first port of call for
many consumers looking to
install stoves, fires or biomass
heating systems.
With over half the payments made under the domestic RHI
going to biomass heating, there are great opportunities for
MCS registered businesses, and HETAS staff can advise on the
best training courses and routes to accreditation and
registration. HETAS also operates the emissions certificate list
for MCS approved biomass products, which is required for RHI
HETAS registered installers
have access to dedicated
advice on solid fuel and
biomass via a free technical
helpline. They also receive
regular updates and support
on the latest legislation and
good practice with regular
technical bulletins and
monthly e-newsletters. At
Ecobuild HETAS will be
launching the latest copy of
their annual guide which
contains over one thousand
approved products and
services - an essential
specification and reference
tool for anyone in the solid
fuel and biomass industry.
New consumer advice leaflets
will also be available.
FLIR Systems - showing the latest generation of T-series
Thermal imaging is proving to be an invaluable technology for
detecting the source and cause of energy loss in buildings and
this is the reason why market leader, FLIR Systems, has chosen
Ecobuild as its launch platform for the latest generation of the
FLIR T-Series infrared cameras. These expert models are the
first to feature UltraMax™, a unique image processing feature
that significantly improves IR resolution and sensitivity.
UltraMax™ images have four times the thermal pixels, twice
the resolution and 50% greater sensitivity than standard
unprocessed images. The technology allows users to zoom in
on smaller heat anomalies and see more detail than ever
Stand no. N3122
The latest addition to this series of premium-quality
instruments is the FLIR TG165, an imaging infrared
thermometer. It is a powerful, affordable and compact tool that
allows the user to see invisible heat patterns, measure
temperature accurately and conveniently store image and
measurement data for reporting.
Built around the FLIR Lepton® micro thermal imaging camera
core, the TG165 eliminates the blind guesswork of
troubleshooting by combining a single spot IR thermometer
with the power of a thermal camera in a rugged, compact
package that anyone can use.
Two new and additional models have also been introduced to
this popular range; the FLIR T460 and T660. Both include all
standard T-Series features such as continuous auto-focus and
on-board recording of real-time radiometric images. In common
with all latest generation models in this range the new
introductions also have improved thermal sensitivity - as low
as 20mK – and superior temperature measurement accuracy.
While UltraMax™ is the latest FLIR technology to enhance
thermal imaging, it’s not the company’s only unique selling
point highlighted at Ecobuild. Its MSX™ technology continues
to boost sales across all camera ranges from the high-end FLIR
P- and T-Series cameras down to the entry level
troubleshooting models. This feature adds definition to the
thermal image by overlaying important details from the
corresponding visual image.
Models from all of the ranges will be on the FLIR stand for
visitors to try as will the company’s newly enhanced Test and
Measurement range.
The Health & Safety Event 2015
IIRSM Authors New Conference Programme at
The Health & Safety Event 2015
The Health and Safety Event, a national exhibition and
conference organised by Western Business Exhibitions, is giving
visitors a sneak peak at its exciting new conference programme
independently authored by The International Institute of Risk &
Safety Management (IIRSM). The director of Long Latency
Health Risks Division at HSE, Kären Clayton will officially open
the conference programme that takes place from 24th to 26th
March at the NEC in Birmingham.
A must in the calendar of any health and safety manager or
business director is the seminar entitled ‘Developing a risk
management programme’. Delivered by Emma Cundiff, Director
at Peritis Limited, a speciality management consultancy and
training company, the seminar builds a bridge between
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Occupational Safety
and Health, which on the surface are two worlds that are
diametrically opposed. Emma believes that the skills used in
the two disciplines are similar and therefore the two worlds
have synergies that it is advantageous to explore. Alongside
Emma’s belief, there is also very real movement in the market
whereby those with responsibility for safety and health are
having other, aligned responsibilities ‘tagged on’ to their role.
Amongst these are ‘the environment’ and increasingly ‘risk
On a more practical footing, there has been a recent focus
regarding diesel exhaust risks within the workplace and the
potential harm they can cause to a worker’s health. It is
believed there are approximately 500,000 people exposed to
diesel engine exhaust particulate during the course of their
work in Britain, whether a professional who works around
diesel engines or drives a diesel car. However, although the
exhaust emissions disperse into the surrounding air and
sometimes are not easily detected, this doesn’t necessarily
mean that there is no risk to the worker; low levels of diesel
engine exhaust can still increase the risk for cancer and other
serious diseases. Duncan Spencer the Safety Manager of John
Lewis Partnership hopes to raise awareness of this hot topic by
exploring what this could potentially mean for companies in his
seminar entitled ‘Diesel Exhaust Risks’.
Additionally, Dr. Gayle Brewer, Senior Lecturer in Psychology
at the University of Central Lancashire, will deliver a seminar
entitled ‘An Introduction to Psychosocial Risks’. Dr. Brewer’s
seminar will look at psychosocial risks (stress, bullying and
harassment) that are slowly becoming recognised as key
occupational health challenges. With her seminar Gayle aims to
help organisations understand and put in place different types
of interventions in order to tackle these issues.
The full seminar programme for the three day event can be
viewed online at HYPERLINK
events.co.uk. The Health & Safety Event is free to enter and it
is highly recommend that visitors register in advance for entry
tickets, especially for seminar places as these are extremely
popular. The event is taking place at the same time and in the
same location as Maintec, Facilities Management 2015 and
Cleaning 2015. This co-location of events ensures that any
visitor will maximise the time they spend attending the NEC.
To register online visit www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk or
call the event hotline on: 0870 4866816.
A rail flush
Solving rail’s toilet waste problem
A recent feature on the BBC’s Inside
Out programme unveiled that one in
ten of Britain’s train carriages dispose
toilet waste straight onto the railway
tracks. Following the show,
professional rail cleaning chemicals
manufacturer Arrow Solutions has
called for the potentially hazardous
practice to be stopped by retrofitting
older trains with sealed storage
tanks. The company has also
explained the financial and hygiene
benefits of performing correct
maintenance of effluent tanks.
Rail toilet waste that currently gets
sprayed directly onto the tracks is an
environmental and health and safety
hazard, not to mention a particularly
unpleasant and old fashioned
practice. Train operating companies
are currently working hard to retrofit
older trains with sealed effluent
tanks, but the progress is relatively
“Trains built in the last couple of
decades have sealed effluent tanks,”
explained James Lomas, Arrow
Solutions’ national sales manager and
rail expert. “The problem is that a lot
of the current rolling stock is of an
older generation and lacks these
tanks, so the first crucial step is for
train operating companies to retrofit
storage tanks wherever they are
“However, the story doesn’t end
here,” insisted Lomas. "Effluent tanks
need to be maintained because, over
a number of years, scale build-up in
the tanks can make them unhygienic
and reduce functionality.
“Continuous and preventive
maintenance stops scale build-up and
helps break down organic matter in a
safe and controlled way. New rolling
stock needs to be treated to avoid
scale build-up in the storage tank and the toilet area. For older
trains with effluent tanks, maintenance involves two steps:
first, the organic matter in the tank needs to be broken down
using the relevant chemicals. In the second stage, tank walls
are descaled through chemical treatment."
Maintenance and cleaning is essential for train operating
companies, particularly when it comes to sensitive areas such
as toilets and effluent tanks. Manufacturers expect the life span
of a train to be about 40 years, but only if correct maintenance
is performed regularly.
Restoration Project
£11m Restoration project at Leicester
City Council HQ now complete
Work on an £11 million project to restore Leicester City
Council’s headquarters is now complete.
Contractor Willmott Dixon began work last year to restore the
1930’s building in Charles Street to its former glory.
In addition to sensitive restoration of original Art Deco
features, the firm has also created new committee and function
rooms to allow the city council to hire out spaces at the venue
for weddings and functions.
Nick Heath, operations director at Willmott Dixon in the East
Midlands, said: “This was a really interesting project for us to
be involved in as it involved the restoration of a historic
building, but also the provision of office accommodation
appropriate for the modern age.
“As part of the works we have undertaken, we have managed
to create areas of civic space in addition to the council offices
which opens up the building to the people of Leicester.
“Not only that but, following the closure of the council’s New
Walk Centre, some 400 staff members have been working in
the building since the summer, which presents unique
challenges in and of itself as we have continued to work on
the lower floors.”
The building served as council offices until the authority
relocated staff to New Walk in the 1970’s. Occupiers since then
have included the Inland Revenue and the former Willie Thorne
snooker club – later known as Riley’s.
Renovations have included the transformation of the old rates
hall, where residents used to pay their taxes, into a function
room which can be hired by members of the public, as well as
the revamping of an auditorium and conference rooms.
Sir Peter Soulsby, city mayor at Leicester City Council, said:
“The building has been restored very faithfully to echo how it
looked when it was opened almost 76 years ago to the day. It
looks amazing, it really does.”
Nick added: “We are really pleased to have now handed this
building back in its entirety to Leicester City Council, and are
certain that this will be a fantastic facility for their staff and the
people of Leicester for many years to come.”
Uninterruptible Power Supply
UPS system for new shopping
mall in Bratislava, Slovakia
In the Bory Mall shopping center in Bratislava, Slovakia, an
uninterruptible power supply (UPS) guarantees reliable energy
even when external problems may occur. With a performance of
300 kVA, the system was delivered by Delta Electronics and
installed by a local partner who also maintains the service.
Delta Electronics has provided Bory Mall with an extremely cost
effective solution featuring state-of the-art technology and most
importantly, a 96% efficiency rate.
Preventing a power failure is a prime operational concern for
all shopping malls, and this is why they are equipped with a
uninterruptable power system (UPS). The system immediately
delivers in the case of an interruption, the necessary power
and voltage range ñ without alerting the public to any behindthe-scenes problems.
For this critical safety-related matter, shopping and event
center, Bory Mall is relying on technology from Delta
Electronics, the global leader in power and thermal
management solutions, providing a well-balanced supply and
voltage. Delta’s UPS can also manage large supply and voltage
dimensions, which are necessary for the numerous shops, gym
and multiplex located in the mall. The new 100,000sqm Bory
Mall complex is one of the largest retail and leisure
developments in Europe and will offer a gross leasable area of
54.000 square meters with over 150 retail units and 12
Delta’s UPS product portfolio includes several lines which
cover a power range from one to several thousand kVA; there
are compact systems for small enterprises as well as system
solutions for larger installations, i.e., R&D facilities, hospitals
and server farms.
Thanks to its advanced topology and its IGBT rectifier, Deltaís
Ultron DPS features an outstanding 96% AC-AC efficiency, which
is the highest degree of efficiency on the market. This high ACAC efficiency rate is critical as it represents a significant
amount of saved energy consumption. Another product
highlight is the output power factor at 0.9 and a very low THD
factor of less than 3%, which protects investment. All sensitive
systems are secured by a clean power, and the UPS system is
installed online to increase the power quality and life span.
An intelligent battery management system creates the prerequisite for a high-availability, service-friendly design, and the
use of high-quality components means low operational costs.
The intelligent fan speed control contributes to low energy
cost, as well. Delta has enhanced the design for battery
management, swappable fans, and ease of maintenance.
Furthermore, N + X redundancy or hot standby configuration
increases system reliability.
Among the criteria which led to Penta’s decision to go with
Delta Electronics and EZ Profinal, were the outstanding
price/value-ratio, the high-quality and reliability of the product,
as well as the fast installation, completed in only 7 weeks.
Concerning service, EZ Profinal, with a standard warranty from
Delta, was able to offer a five-year warranty together with a
service agreement, showing great confidence in Delta’s superior
product solutions and a strong desire to maintain a long-term
The local UPS specialist, EZ Profinal suggested an Ultron DPS
system from Delta Electronics to investor Penta Investment
Group. With Delta, EZ Profinal supplied a complete offer with a
300 kVA UPS and Exide Sprinter batteries that were installed in
an EBC TJH battery rack. The projected performance is more
than sufficient for the power supply of the building, which will
soon be supplemented by a vast retail center.
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QUBE Issue No/Month:
Issue 125 - February 2015
LCC Support Services Backs Living Wage
costs and clients receive continuity of
quality service and staff going the extra
According to KMPG the number of UK
employees paid less than the Living
Wage in 2014 is now running at 22%,
up 1% on the 2013. The cleaning
industry is one of the most ‘fair wage’
conscious business sectors with over 25
cleaning contractors joining the
programme. Minimum wage rates are
£7.85 nationally and £9.15 for London.
Bob said: “Cleaning and hygiene
standards required today the highest
ever and to maintain them cleaning
should be regarded as important as any
other profession. I urge all cleaning and
FM contractors to join this excellent
For further information on LCC Support
Services please contact: LCC on 01277
268899. [email protected], or
Q 046
Spacevac Opens Scottish Base MWE products are offered exclusively
SpaceVac, the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum
powered, single operator, lightweight gutter and high level
interior cleaning equipment, has expanded into Scotland to
open its third UK base.
Operating from Aberdeenshire as Control Line Services the
Scottish team will handle all SpaceVac sales and service needs
and also offer a gutter cleaning service throughout the
Control Line Services will operate using the same formula as
the successful English business by providing on-site demonstrations and free product training.
David Forbes, managing Director of Control Line Services
said: “Last year I started using SpaceVac products for my
Scottish gutter cleaning service. Customers then wanted to
buy their own kit because of its simplicity and low cost. I now
provide gutter cleaning to those wanting the job done and
equipment to contractors and those wanting to do it themselves. We are now expanding rapidly into the High Level
Interior Cleaning market. It is wonderful being in this product
sector with no real competitors.”
Since opening for SpaceVac in Scotland Control Line Services
has sold SpaceVac equipment to Drain Clearing and Window
cleaning companies who want to expand their pole cleaning
services and to cleaning and FM businesses wanting to add
further services to their portfolios.
David and his team are currently demonstrating SpaceVac to
Schools, Hotels, manufacturing businesses, industrial units,
housing associations and government buildings.
Control Line Services, 07814 393522.
[email protected]
Q 047
by D R Services
Representing top end quality, ergonomic simplicity and
excellent contemporary aesthetics, MWE products are offered
exclusively in the UK by D R Services. MWE library ladders,
sliding doors and shower systems are ideal for projects where
precision, luxury, functionality and a love of detail are a prerequisite, whether in the commercial or residential environments.
All MWE products are developed in Germany and are made
to exacting standards utilising state of the art CNC machines
combined with careful hand-crafted surface refinement.
The comprehensive range of stainless steel library ladder
systems from MWE embraces movable ladders, ladders with
telescopic, autostop or hook on functions and custom ladders
that can be supplied for an individual shelf unit, library, wine
cellar or shop. The range includes ladders that glide along a
top rail which can be curved around corners.
MWE’s range of smooth running and highly innovative sliding
door systems includes a solution for sliding straight doors
along curved walls. The various systems can efficiently manage
a variety of different door weights and are suitable for glass,
wood, metal or plastic door leaves; some are available with
MWE soft stop and synchronous technology. Handles and lock
cases complete the range.
Shower systems from MWE include all the fittings to create
elegant shower and sauna doors, including a range of glassto-glass fasteners, wall-to-glass fastener, door stop hinges and
single-sided fasteners and self-closing hinges. Elements to
create enclosures with sliding doors and distinctive frames are
also available.
D R Services works with architects and designers to achieve
the right specification for projects and can advise on the most
appropriate MWE product for any situation, in some cases
surveying the site and undertaking the installation. MWE’s
website provides comprehensive product details:
Bill Alliston, Sales Manager at D R Services, comments: “We
decided to offer MWE products because the company is passionate about quality and delivers a range and standard of
product that we have not seen elsewhere. Importantly, the
products enable room for individuality and will complement
the work of the architects and interior designers we work with,
helping them find new and interesting design solutions.” Q 048
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LCC Support Services Ltd., the national
independent cleaning and support
services business, is backing the Living
Wage Foundation and its hourly rates
on all 2015 tenders.
The Company is providing every new
tender with the requested competitive
quote and a second tender based on
the Living Wage programme. This allows
clients to make their own decisions on
hourly rates based on their individual
beliefs and corporate consciences.
Bob Vincent, Executive Chairman of
LCC said: “Since joining the Living
Wage programme we have had little
client objection to paying a Living Wage
rate which we believe is the right of all
hard working staff.
There are two reasons why we have
for many years supported the concept
of ‘a fair wage for a fair day’s work’.
Everyone should live above the
breadline and it is good business sense
for service providers. Happy employees
work better than the unhappy. Being
fair starts with the employer and the
employee usually responds.
We benefit by retaining staff longer so
we reduce training and recruitment
QUBE Products & Services Guide
Q 052
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Q 053
Martindale Electric Catalogue, An Essential
Reference For Professional Electricians
firsts; including the first ever ring main socket tester, first selfproving non-contact voltage indicator and many more.
Information on the latest new safety features of the industry
standard VI-13700/2 voltage indicator is included. The new
model number VI-13800 has the fuse replaced by a high
wattage resistor in the probe, providing protection where it’s
needed, in the handheld probe
assembly rather than just in the
body of the instrument.
This approach
provides superior
protection in the
event of cable
damage. The new
catalogue also gives
a more detailed review
of the compliance
requirements for voltage
indicators to the latest
release of BSEN612433:2010 and GS38.
Martindale products are
available from all good
wholesalers and all products
have a 2 year warranty.
Q 056
New SpaceVac backpack and heads
Stand No E27 The Cleaning Show
SpaceVac, the world’s No 1
high level pole cleaning
system is launching a new
easy to use unit operated by
a ProTeam® backpack. This
development increases
portability and ease of use
enabling SpaceVac operators
to walk between machines
without trailing a traditional
This model will clean up to
929 square metres an hour
and comes with a 5.7litre
HEPA (High Efficiency
Particulate Air) filter system
to trap smaller allergens. It
has a high powered motor
and multi-level filtration
system to remove the
smallest particulate down to
1 micron.
The comfort harness
enables the backpack to rest on the operator’s hips making it
less tiring to operate than traditional vacuums.
Colin Lewis, Managing Director of SpaceVac said: “Reliability
and vacuum power are key to all our equipment as we can be
working at four storeys above – we now have the best
traditional vacuums with Nilfisk Alto and the best backpacks
from ProTeam. We expect a big take-up of the backpack
model throughout our worldwide sales operation.”
New head on proven shoulders
Also launched at the show is the new lightweight aluminium
head with a special locking system for either 50mm or 38mm
tools. There are two other interchangeable tools supplied as
standard – a spike and a crevice nozzle for narrow openings
and neither have any plastic parts.
Further information: Spacevac Technologies Ltd, 01604
Q 057
760282. www.space-vac.com. [email protected]
Innovative range of door and
shower fittings
Exuding ergonomic simplicity
and precision, the MWE range
of door and shower fittings is
now offered exclusively in the
UK by D R Services. The
products give architects and
designers room for individuality
through a powerful blend of
top end product quality and
contemporary aesthetics.
Door fittings are taken to a
new level through an
innovative and highly
engineered range of products conceived with extraordinary
attention to detail by MWE. Designed for both commercial and
residential environments, the mechanisms have a beauty of
their own and include hinges, pivot mechanisms, handles and
soft stop and synchronous technology to operate one or a pair
of doors. Systems are available to manage a variety of different
door weights and types and include a solution for sliding
straight doors along curved walls.
MWE has developed an entire series of fittings for shower
systems that includes hinges and glass-to-glass fasteners
together with distinctive frames and finely engineered rails,
rollers and pivot mechanisms that allow the shower door to
move with the utmost ease. The self-closing Spirit lifting hinge
is typical of the attention to detail that runs through all MWE
products: magnetic caps discreetly hide the screws and allow
the stainless steel surfaces to be cleaned easily.
D R Services works with specifiers to advise on the most
appropriate MWE product for any situation while MWE’s website
provides comprehensive product details: http://www.mwe.de/en/
For more details call D R Services on 01279 445277, e-mail
[email protected] or look at website www.drservices.co.uk.
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Q 058
QUBE Products & Services Guide
The latest Martindale Electric catalogue is the essential
reference for all electricians and maintenance personnel
working on electrical equipment and installations and those
involved in ensuring safe isolation. Featuring more than 300
items of electrical and environmental test equipment and
accessories, the 64-page, full-colour glossy catalogue is a
complete electrical equipment resource guide. The catalogue is
also available on Martindaleís web site in PDF and
Interactive Flash Version format at
Martindale’s catalogue organises
products in 12 categories, allowing
you to easily what you need.
Comprehensive productspecification and
application information is
printed next to each product.
The “New Products” section
showcases the 25 newly
introduced products including
three high specification clamp
meters in the CM range. There are
also new single pole and two pole
voltage testers in the VT range
which exceed the requirements of
the latest safety standards and offer
new levels of functionality and ease of
Martindale has always been an
innovator in test equipment with many
QUBE Products & Services Guide
Unique exterior LED sensor lights
Marley Eternit Revamps Cedral
demonstrate intelligence and efficiency Weatherboard Range
Steinel (UK) Ltd, is
introducing the L 825
LED iHF range of
sensor-switched lights
for outdoor
applications. Ideal for
building frontages and
entrances, the new range of downlighters takes advantage of
cutting edge microwave sensor technology, making it unique
among exterior light fittings.
The Steinel iHF range combines trendsetting technology, userconfigurable functionality and classic design in a perfect
alliance to deliver exquisite lighting to entrance areas with
particular aesthetic appeal. At the heart of the units, and
integrated completely out of view, is the intelligent highfrequency (iHF) sensor. This provides a coverage angle of 160°
and a detection range of 1–7 m that triggers the activation and
deactivation of warm-white light without any delay whatsoever.
The up to 7 m detection range is important for outdoor
security. Being able to sense motion at long distances is where
high quality motion detectors shine. The colour of the light
from the L 825 LED iHF is 3000K/SDCM3 (Ra ?80 colour
rendering), while brightness is 400 lm.
Intelligent motion detection
The intelligent detection system demonstrates its high level of
functionality by distinguishing human movement patterns from
those of small animals, only switching the light on
(automatically and instantaneously) when it is really needed.
Needless to say, this delivers significant scope for energy
savings. The light will also switch off again after a preselected
time that ranges from 5 seconds to 15 minutes. Adding to the
list of advanced features, is manual override for four hours as
well as 10% basic light level, which can be activated whenever
required. Twilight threshold is also adjustable.
Another major benefit of Steinel iHF sensor lights is
maintenance-free running. Used for an average of 4.5 hours per
day, the powerful yet energy-efficient lighting provides a life
expectancy of a good 30 years (50,000 hours), resigning the
cost and effort of bulb changing to the history books.
Sustainable technology
Ultimately, the high-quality, weatherproof, IP44-rated materials,
as well as the energy efficiency (33.3 lm/W) of this ultramodern, sensor-switched downlighter are the essence of
lighting sustainability.
Q 070
Marley Eternit has
announced a number of
exciting new changes to the
Cedral Weatherboard range to
bring them more in line with
consumer demands and to
create a complete Cedral
system solution.
A total of 8 inspirational
new colours have been added
to the Cedral weatherboard
range, which now totals 23
colours. These are presented
in Earth, Mineral, Ocean and Forest colour families.
Improvements to the Cedral colour palette follows an
extensive research programme with customers, housebuilders
and homeowners, along with current and future trend analysis.
Being responsive to market needs in this way has helped
Marley Eternit establish itself as the market leader in fibre
cement cladding in the UK.
Improvements to the range previously known as Operal have
also been made. Changes to this product, now called Cedral
Board, have been made to reflect the fact that the product is
increasingly being used alongside Cedral as a fascia and soffit
To reflect this trend Cedral Board is now available in the
following new sizes; 2500 x 200/300/400mm. These sizes are
available in the 9 best selling Cedral Weatherboard colours.
“Ongoing development of our ranges is part of Marley
Eternit’s commitment to ensure that the products we offer meet
customers’ needs,” said Jayne Arkell, National Sales Manager –
Cedral, at Marley Eternit. “These latest improvements mean that
we now offer a complete Cedral system solution including
complementary trims, fascia and soffit boards in an
inspirational, up to date, colour palette.”
As part of the enhancements to the Cedral range, C09 Ochre,
C12 Lavender Blue, C16 Cevennes green and C33 Red will be
discontinued, although will remain as made to order lines
(subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times).
CL102 Pine has been removed from the range completely.
The new 2015 colour palette is showcased in an inspirational
new downloadable brochure that is available on line at [URL].
Alternatively, customers can order colour samples by calling:
01283 722588.
Q 073
New Managing Director For Growing Scottish Regeneration Company
Urban Union has appointed Graeme
Nicol to the newly created role of
Managing Director.
Graeme moves to the Scottish based
regeneration specialist from CALA
Homes where he has worked for the
past 13 years as Commercial Director.
Beginning his career as a Quantity
Surveyor, Graeme brings extensive
knowledge in house building, along
with significant expertise in private
home sales to the new role.
Graeme will now lead Urban Union
as it continues delivering large scale
regeneration projects across Scotland
– with a unique fresh approach –
including significant developments
currently underway at Laurieston in
Glasgow and Pennywell in Edinburgh.
Urban Union has significantly evolved
since its formation in 2011. This role
marks the next stage of growth for the
company – which is a partnership of
two renowned Scottish companies
McTaggart Construction and Robertson
Group Holdings – as it continues in its
ambition to create quality homes and
communities throughout Scotland.
Gary Climson of McTaggart
Construction said: "Graeme is an
excellent addition to the business for
us and we are thrilled to have him on
Derek Shewan of Robertson Group
Holdings added: “He brings a wealth
of knowledge of the construction
sector and extensive experience in
strategic planning, all of which is vital
for us as we continue our ambitious
plans to expand Urban Union."
Graeme has been involved in a
number of high-profile developments
in Scotland including the design and
procurement of Lancefield Quay in
partnership with Miller Homes and as
a Director of Glasgow Harbour, of
which CALA was lead developer.
Commenting on his new role Graeme
said: "This is an exciting time to be
joining Urban Union with two largescale developments already well
underway and more opportunities in
the pipeline.
“It was the company’s unique
approach to not just building houses
but developing homes with the
community at the core of each project
which attracted me to Urban Union. I
look forward to utilising the skills I
have gained in my previous roles in
the industry to develop the business
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Q 074
Capital markets team appointments herald
bold expansion for LSH
BALI-NCF, a collaboration
between the British
Association of Landscape
Industries and the National
Contractors Forum, has
announced that Phil Jones,
Managing Director of ISS Facilities Services – Landscaping, has
been elected as the Forum’s chairman. He will assume the role
with immediate effect.
Established in 2012 following talks between BALI and NCF
members, the Forum represents mainly larger grounds
maintenance contractors with regional or national coverage. As
most NCF members were also members of BALI, the synergy
was obvious and now the group is administered by the BALI
secretariat from Landscape House.
Over the past two years, BALI-NCF has organised events for
its members and the wider industry, including a successful
HAVs/H&S event and, more recently, a seminar and equipment
day on the subject of Coping with Slopes. This particular event
was so successful that it is to be repeated in March to enable
those delegates who were unable to secure a place for the
original event to attend.
Commenting on his appointment, Phil Jones said: “I am
delighted to be elected as Chairman of the National Contractor’s
Forum by its membership. The original idea of the forum was to
bring co-ordination of and representation for the large grounds
maintenance contractors, who, prior to the creation of the NCF
did not have a clear voice in the industry. I believe there is
even more of a need for such a platform given the current
challenges facing our customers, particularly in the public
The Forum’s membership includes many long established and
well respected businesses. I look forward to serving as
Chairman and representing this particular sector of our
BALI’s Chief Operations Officer Wayne Grills said: “Between
them BALI-NCF members contribute some £2bn to the country’s
GDP and are a powerful lobbying group. It is vital that BALI-NCF
has a Chairman who is known across the industry and who will
represent the interests of the Forum’s members and the wider
grounds maintenance sector. I am confident that Phil is the
right person for the role.”
The new Chairman was elected by a majority vote of BALI-NCF
members undertaken over the Christmas/New Year period. Q 075
Lambert Smith Hampton has made
two senior appointments to its
capital markets team following a
strong performance in 2014.
Paddy Brennan has been
appointed National Head of Capital
Markets. Paddy has over 20 years’
experience in the investment market
and has advised on over £1 billion
of investment transactions in the
past decade, including major deals
such as the sale of Frenchgate
Shopping Centre in Doncaster and
Fosse Retail Park near Leicester.
Paddy will be supported by Donall
McCann, who will head up the
capital market activities outside
London as Head of UK Regional
Capital Markets. Donall has transacted over £1 billion of deals
during his career, with highlights including the acquisition and
disposal of St James’ Shopping Centre in Edinburgh, totalling
£350 million, within four months.
Ezra Nahome, CEO of Lambert Smith Hampton, said: “We are
building the nation's most progressive commercial property
agency, investing heavily and selectively in certain areas where
we believe we can add the most value for clients. Capital
markets is one of those areas and these appointments are key
to our expansion plans.
“The capital markets team enjoyed an exceptional 2014, with
a strong performance across the board and particularly in the
non-performing loans arena.”
New UK Business Development Manager For
Morgan Tucker
Morgan Tucker has appointed Clare
Swaine as their new UK business
development manager to drive their
ambitious expansion plan.
Clare joins from Balfour Beatty
where she spent eight years in the
business development team. She
worked across a number of sectors
and managed the procurement and
bids process.
“I’m thrilled to be joining Morgan
Tucker at such an exciting time,” said Clare. “They are growing
really quickly and I wanted to be a part of that.
“The firm has a reputation for being dynamic and I am looking
forward to bringing my expertise and experience to the role,
particularly in the education sector.”
The firm is well known for the work it carried out at the London
2012 Olympic Games and for working with big names in the
housing and transportation sectors working for local authorities,
private developers and national and regional house builders.
Morgan Tucker’s managing director Matthew Tucker said that
Clare’s appointment is a reflection of the firm’s ambitious and
strategic growth plan.
“We are delighted to welcome Clare to the team. Her experience
and knowledge will be key for us as we look to further expand
the business.
“Her role will be integral to enhancing the services we can offer
clients and she will be a huge asset to the firm as we continue to
Morgan Tucker has a long term strategy to increase their staff
numbers to around 200 across five regional offices by 2020. Q 077
QUBE Products & Services Guide
New Chairman announced for leading
contractor group
Q 076
BRUFMA Appoints New CEO
The British Rigid Urethane
Foam Manufacturer’s
Association (BRUFMA) is
pleased to announce the
appointment of Chris Hall as
Chief Executive Officer who
has taken up the post on
January 5th 2015.
With a career in the
construction industry that
spans more than 30 years,
including two senior posts
with BRUFMA members
Recticel and Quinntherm,
Chris brings a wealth of
expertise and experience to
the organisation and is
tasked with developing the
climate in which all members
flourish and can benefit from the activities of the association.
Commenting on his appointment, Chris said, “I’m tremendously
pleased to have been appointed as CEO at BRUFMA. I look
forward to developing the association and enforcing it as an
organisation that peers respect and that members feel is a
worthwhile investment in both funds and resource.”
“The PIR/PUR Insulation Industry is in a strong position to
continue to develop as the GB and associated markets continue
to show growth. New applications and new emergent market
segments in RMI provide fertile and rich opportunities for the
members and associates,” said Chris. “There are challenges
ahead but the PIR industry, with the assistance of the BRUFMA
organisation, will be well placed to meet those challenges head
Previously Chris was Sales and Marketing Director for Quinn
Building Products in the UK, and prior to that he held senior
positions both in the UK and Overseas for Rockwool and other
associated construction product manufacturers.
BRUFMA membership comprises all of the major companies in
the Rigid Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Foam
Industry in the UK, including manufacturers of finished
polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam products,
suppliers of the various raw materials and associated services.
For more information about BRUFMA visit
Q 079
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