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Island Times
February 3, 2015
Forever...Barefoot on the Beach
As a tribute to Jane Waters who passed away January 10, 2012 Island Times will continue to run some of Jane’s favorite columns for your enjoyment
The Islander Newspaper –
February 27, 1987
Eight years ago, three people, Frank Douglas, Larry Geisel,
and Jane Waters met on a dark,
cold, misty November afternoon
in Delgado’s (now Flounder’s).
Their purpose was to conduct a
feasibility study on presenting a
Mardi Gras celebration on Pensacola Beach. The first order of
business was to scrub the study.
The threesome knew that starting
a promotion with no money, no
precedent, and no sponsorship
could only be insane. So, they
proceeded to establish the Krewe
of Wrecks. Larry became the
first treasurer by contributing a
hundred bucks to get a bank account set up. Memberships went
on sale for $5 each. Thirty people
bought them and the Wrecks
were in business.
Amazingly, the format set
up in 1980 has never changed.
The celebration has simply blossomed under the careful tutelage
of the Wrecks Board of Directors.
Many of the first thirty members
have gone, but they left their
mark. The parade that first year
consisted of a few automobiles,
the SRIA garbage truck, two fire
trucks and the Mayoki Indians.
Still, the royal court headed the
procession, riding in vintage
convertibles, just as they do today.
Captain Harry Gowens sponsored
the Red Beans and Rice Luncheon, carrying the financial and
food preparation burden on his
own in 1980. The second year, the
Island Authority crashed through
with the bucks to continue the
luncheon and they have done this
every year since.
We are all still singing the
official Krewe of Wrecks song
written by Rosemary Ryle. We
are still producing costumes for
the royal court, using the design
Sara James created in 1980. And,
we are still putting her logo on
our T-shirts. Year after year, we
return for meetings in the same
beach bistros, which have served
the Wrecks so well. The meetings
remain the same, retaining the
successful agenda…five minutes of some kind of business
and a couple of hours of hardy
Back in 1980, the Wrecks
could not afford to buy postage
stamps, so membership cards
were handed out at meetings just
as they are now. Meeting dates
were announced in The Islander,
and this tradition continues.
There are a lot of unsung heroes and heroines in the Wrecks’
chronicles… like the members
of the Woman’s Club who come
forth to serve Red Beans and Rice
every year, the sequiners who
decorate the sailor hats and costumes, the t-shirt sellers, the beer
pullers, and munchee makers.
I am the only member of
that first triumvirate still working with the Krewe of Wrecks.
It’s time-consuming, sometimes
frustrating, frequently nerve
wracking, and I would not trade
the experience for anything in
the world. (Oh, well, maybe a
million dollars.)
Tomorrow, as I step to the
podium to give my eighth “Hap-
of fun loving souls, will flood
over me…and I will rejoice one
more time that Mardi Gras on
Pensacola Beach lives.
py Mardi Gras,” all the happiness in the hearts of the Wrecks
who have enjoyed or who still
enjoy the mystical communion
New Orleans Delicacies Available During Mardi Gras
Sweet and spicey like the
town that made them famous.
King cakes, red beans and beignets are on the menus at beach
eateries. The tantalizing smell
of warm fried beignets will greet
diners at The Native Cafe through
Mardi Gras Day.
“It’s the only time of year
that we offer them,” said owner
Joyce Brown. “Get ‘em while
they’re hot.”
Native Cafe is located in
the Via de Luna Shopping Center where the original De Luna
Fest street party takes place.
The Islander, The Break, Paddy
O’Leary’s and Paradise will each
have a pot of red beans and rice,
free of charge for their guests at
the February 8 event.
The Krewe of Wrecks will
host their ever-famous free Red
Beans and Rice Luncheon, Monday, February 16 in the Sandshaker parking lot. “We’ll make
two batches which feeds about
1300,” said Running Around
Wreck Jeff Goudey.
Romance rules February 14
when award winning Flounder’s
Chef Dennis Moore presents his
Day Boat Swordfish, grilled to
perfection served with potatoes,
Mardi Gras on the Island Events
February 7 Kids and Kritters Parade, 2 PM Across from Sidelines
February 7 Krewe of Wrecks Grand Costume Ball, Elk’s
February 8 DeLuna Fest, Islander/Paddy’s/Paradise, 2 PM
February 9 Queen’s Dinner, Flounder’s
February 9 King’s Supper, Elk’s
February 14 Champagne Breakfast, Crab’s
February 14 Street Dance, Noon, Sandbar
February 15 Krewe of Wrecks Parade, 2 PM
February 16 Red Beans and Rice Lunch, 11 AM
February 17 Krewe of Coma, Sandshaker, 6 PM
February 17 Shoe Box Float Contest, Paradise, 8 PM
mussels and fresh Gulf Shrimp.
Fall in love with his French vanilla creme brulee spiked with
Grand Mariner, served with
Chantilly cream and berries.
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