Download 2015 Juried Prospectus - Associated Arts of Ocean Shores

Fine Art, Photography, and
Electronic Media
Mark your calendars now. We invite you to
enter your best work and compete for
thousands of dollars in awards at Associated
Arts of Ocean Shores’ Annual Juried Art Show.
Once again the Fine Art Show will share the
Ocean Shores Convention Center with the
Photography Show and Electronic Media
Show, so you can enjoy three shows in one!
Earliest date for shipped work
Mon April 20
DEADLINE for shipped work
Sun April 19
Hand delivered work accepted
10am – 4pm OS Convention Center
Mon April 20
Hand delivered work accepted
10am – 2pm OS Convention Center
Judging all day
Fine Art
Sat April 25
Show 10am – 5pm
Fine Art includes Oils, Acrylics, Pen & Pencil,
Watercolor, Pastel, and 2 Dimensional Mixed Media.
Sun April 26
Show 10am – 3pm
Pick up hand-delivered art works
4pm – 5pm OS Convention Center
Fine Arts ~ Photography ~ Electronic Media
Shipped art works will be returned within 2 weeks.
2015 Juried Show Awards
One each per Division:
Best of Show
Second Place
Third Place
People’s Choice
President’s Award
Electronic Media is created partially or totally through
the use of computer. Components such as photos
and graphics must be the original work of the
submitting artist. Eligible artwork may include
photographs enhanced and artistically altered by
computer manipulation or by over-painting, drawing,
or other creative means. Video work is not eligible.
A brief written description of techniques and software
used must accompany the entry.
P.O. Box 241
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
Wed April 8
Show 12p – 5pm
Awards Party 7pm – 9pm
Electronic Media
Entry deadlines:
Both Digital & Postmarked by February 27, 2015
Mon March16 Notification mailed to artists
Wed April 22
Ocean Shores Convention Center
120 Chance a la Mer
Ocean Shores, Washington
Entry deadline
Fri April 24
Photography entries may be film or digital. Please
review electronic media format and enter
April 24, 25 and 26, 2015
Fri Feb 27
Additional Awards will be given including
Honorable Mention of $50 each and
specialized selections to be determined.
Entries must be original work, done entirely by
the entrant.
Entries must not be copies, in whole or in part,
of paintings or photographs by other artists.
Works produced in workshops or under
supervision are not eligible.
Entry acceptance will be judged from digital
images only.
Awards will be judged from original works.
Artists may not substitute another work for an
accepted work nor withdraw the work once it is
All entries must be for sale. Associated Arts of
Ocean Shores receives a 20% commission.
All entries must be framed with wire hanger (no
clips, no saw-tooth hangers). Gallery wraps
are permitted.
Maximum/Minimum framed dimensions: at
least 12” but not to exceed 42” horizontal
and/or vertical.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
AAOS reserves the right to refuse, upon
arrival, any piece of unacceptable quality not
discernible in the digital image. Art works that
do not match the digital image will not be
Jpg format. Maximum size: 1024x768 pixels,
150dpi. Maximum file size: 500kb
Save each image as:
“artist’s name division (fine art, photography,
or electronic media) title of work .jpg”
e.g., “JaneJamesPhotographyStill-Life-withBlue-Vase.jpg”
Multiple images may be saved to one CD.
You may submit your image(s) by mail with
entry form and entry fee.
Artwork from emailed images will not actually
be eligible until entry forms and check are
received in mail.
Digital Entries deadline: February 27, 2015
Initial Entry Submission Checklist:
Digital images submitted for entry
acceptance judging. Either:
• on CD & mailed with entry form/fee or
• emailed with entry form/fee following
For electronic media, include detailed
written description of techniques and
software used.
Entry form completed and signed
Entry fee enclosed
Self-addressed, stamped envelope
enclosed for notification
Work may be hand-delivered or shipped.
Instructions will be included in the Acceptance
There is a $10 handling fee per artist for
shipped works. (Entrant pays shipping costs.)
Accepted works must be ready to hang,
including wire. (Framed or gallery wrapped.)
CDs of submitted work will not be returned.
While utmost care will be taken to avoid
damage to entries, neither AAOS nor its
representatives nor the Convention Center
will be responsible for damage to or loss of art
works from any cause. AAOS is not
responsible for providing return postage or
shipping containers. After 10 days, unclaimed
entries become property of AAOS.
Associated Arts of Ocean Shores
Annual Juried Art Show 2015
Fine Art * Photography * Electronic Media
For more information, contact:
Ed Schroll (253) 576-2717)
[email protected]
Fine Arts:
Jim Beauvais
[email protected]
& Cheryl Stevenson
(360) 209-9280
[email protected]
Electronic Media:
Judy Horn (253) 350-3147
[email protected]
& Ena Myers (530) 515-9595
[email protected]
City, State, Zip
Please check Division:
Fine Art Photography Electronic Media
Up to five submission allowed per Division.
Complete a new entry form for each Division.
Title #1
Title #4
Image Size ___________ Framed Size
Medium ___________________ Price _________
(For fine art)
Entry #__________________ (assigned by AAOS)
Title #5
Image Size ___________ Framed Size
Medium ___________________ Price _________
(For fine art)
Entry #__________________ (assigned by AAOS)
Submittal of images constitutes a legal contract and
commitment on behalf of the artist to assure that, if
accepted for display, the artwork will be available for
sale during the exhibit. Art should be priced to sell.
Image Size ___________ Framed Size
I understand and abide by all the conditions set forth
in the application of the Associated Arts of Ocean
Shores Annual Juried Art Exhibition (2015).
Medium ___________________ Price _________
(For fine art)
Entry #__________________ (assigned by AAOS)
Title #2
Image Size ___________ Framed Size
Medium ___________________ Price _________
(For fine art)
Check enclosed for amount: $
Make check payable in U.S. funds to:
Associated Arts of Ocean Shores.
Entry Fee:
Single image: $20
Up to three images: $40
Each additional image: $10
Maximum five images per applicant per Division.
Entry #__________________ (assigned by AAOS)
Mail entry form, payment, and CD to:
Accepted work will be judged by AAOS
committee along with recognized artists in
each division. Results are not scored and
judge’s decisions are final.
Open Show prospectus will be mailed by
February 1st. 2015
Title #3
Image Size ___________ Framed Size
Medium ___________________ Price _________
(For fine art)
Entry #__________________ (assigned by AAOS)
Associated Arts of Ocean Shores
ATTN: Juried Art Show
PO Box 241
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
Entries must be postmarked by
February 27th 2015