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All Saints
Catholic church & School
January 31st & February 1st
4th Sunday of Ordinary Time
We, the members of All Saints Parish, gather together to promote our lifelong faith journey.
We are committed to gaining a greater understanding of God through Word and Sacrament, faith
formation, responsible stewardship, and service to those in need.
By reaching out to others and uniting as a family, we seek to make God the primary focus in our lives.
Church Website: www.allsaintscr.com
School Website: www.crareacatholic.com/allsaints
All were amazed and asked one another, "What is this?
A new teaching with authority. He commands even the
unclean spirits and they obey him." His fame spread
everywhere throughout the whole region of Galilee. Mk 1:27-28
Parish Office Hours
Monday - Friday
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3:00 - 3:45 pm
or by appointment
Wednesday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
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All Saints Parish Staff
Parish Office Center ~ 363-6130
Priest’s Residence
Business Manager
Parish Secretary
Pastoral Associate
Dir. of Music Ministries
Dir. of Communications
Dir. of Formation
Director of Youth
Formation & Ministry
RCIA Coordinator
Scrip Coordinator
Rev. John R. Flaherty
(Emergency only)
Mike Klappholz
Tracy A. Huk
Jenn Boyens
Margene Rule
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All Saints Parish School ~ 363-4110
School Principal
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All Saints Catholic Church  720 29th St. SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
Ext. 234
Ext. 233
Soup Social
Haiti Mission Trip
Join us for a fun, FREE, adult evening!
Friday, February 6, All Saints Social Hall
Social Hour with Hors D'oeuvres, 6:00, Soup Dinner 7:00
Live Music performed by Terry McCauley, 7-10
Beer and Wine provided
Hosted by All Saints Women’s Guild
Soups provided by many great cooks in our
parish. If you would like to donate a crock pot
of soup, (we still need cooks!) contact Renee
Loushin at [email protected] or 319-4323517
Join us on February 7th & 8th for
our welcome back and “State of our
Sister Parish Address”. Our travel
team will share pictures and stories
during fellowship after both Masses
in the social hall.
Mick Erdman shares stories with
Our team returned on Thursday
parishioners from 2014 trip.
January 29th. This year’s trip was
filled with a variety of activities and experiences:
 Teacher meetings, teacher in-service sessions, Director
and Teacher interviews and debrief regarding inservices. Teaching English
 Working at the hospital, Visiting with Sister Maria
 Farming, Meeting with different groups; a sister parish
council, farmers
 Cultural exploration & learning about the community
 Top ten planning with Father Magloire, Brother Bellange
and Sister Maria.
 Seed bank questions
 Walking tour
 Celebrating Mass, Relaxing, visiting
Check out pictures and news at: https://
All Saints
Scrip is available after weekend masses and in the parish
office during business hours.
Scrip Volunteers Needed For The Following Dates at
the Scrip Table
Saturday, February 14th-4:45-5:15 (2 Volunteers needed)
Sunday, February 15th-11:15-12:15 (2 Volunteers needed)
Saturday, February 28th-4:45-5:15 (2 Volunteers needed)
Sunday, March 1st-11:15-12:15 (2 Volunteers needed)
All Saints has a Scrip volunteer shortage and
needs your help! This program raises over
$25,000 a year for our church and school, yet
costs us NOTHING!!
You will be paired with an experienced scrip volunteer who
will show you the ropes. Must be 18 or older to volunteer.
Email us at [email protected] or sign up on
VolunteerSpot at http://vols.pt/5S1QgM.
Gas & Auto SCRIP
Not sure how to start using SCRIP? Gas station SCRIP gift
cards are great way to start earning money back towards the
area of your choice at All Saints, such as tuition, the church
or the Haiti Fund. Swipe them at the pump just like your
debit or credit card. SCRIP carries the following gas station
cards in stock-Casey’s General Stores-$25/ $50, can also
be used in conjunction with HyVee Fuel Saver
cards! Kum N Go-$50 cards, Hawkeye Convenience Stores
-$50 cards, and Walmart/Sam’s Club-$25/$100. More gas
& auto retailers available to special order on our Scrip
website at ShopWithScrip.com - Your Source For
Fundraising With Scrip.
Thank you for your support of the Scrip program at
All Saints - fundraising while you shop!
Communal Anointing of the Sick
During Mass February 14 & 15
During his ministry on earth, Jesus had a
particular concern for sick people; he healed
them not just with a word of power, but
also with a human and compassionate touch.
The anointing of the sick, like all
sacraments, is one way that the church continues the
ministry of Jesus. Through it, Christ continues to touch,
heal, and comfort. The Letter of James attests that this
practice has always been part of ministry: “Is anyone among
you sick? He should summon the presbyters of the church,
and they should pray over him and anoint [him] with oil in
the name of the church” (5:14).
While the sacrament is often administered individually, the
church encourages celebrating it within Mass. Many parishes
celebrate it on one or more Sundays each year. The
sacrament may be received by a baptized person who “begins
to be in danger of death from sickness or old age,” according
to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1514)—seriously
ill, but not necessarily near death—so it may not be apparent
that someone receiving the sacrament is ill. The communal
celebration reminds us that suffering is part of our human
condition and may move us to look on each other with the
compassion of Christ the healer. Celebrating this sacrament
during Mass also helps us unite our sufferings with Christ’s as
we recall his body broken and his blood poured out for us.
Please Pray For the Following People
(Why people want prayers isn't important, the prayers are!)
Geraldine Richards, Donna Curtin, Lucille Walter,
Ann Dwyer, John McIvor, Charles “Chip”
Witcher, Pam Lillibridge, Mary Hill, Mike Barber, Margaret
Harris, Kellyn Moeller, Emily Affeldt Patel, Kenneth &
Louise Hebron, Dorothy Loehr, Taryn Ann O’Toole,
Therese Cavin, Duncan Fabor, Charles Richart, Steve
Richart, Caray Frank, Phyllis Simonin, Pete Bailey, Charles
Quinn, Susan Benson, Charles Vermeersch, Marek Leo
Rudzki, Marilyn Frank, Leon & Vera Mehring, Shirley
Mulherin , Suzanne Stoeffler , Tommy Bolyn , Paul
Valliere , Patricia Jennings 
Parishioners & Family Members
on Active Duty - Ted Welch
To add a name call Brian Conway,
Communications Director, at 363-6130, ext. 104. Names will be listed
for 4 weeks and may be renewed. Please do not call or email the people
listed above for details regarding their request.
 Recently deceased will be listed for two weeks.
Come Support Our Students Attending
Butter Braid is back by popular demand!
Our students attending National
Catholic Youth Conference will be
taking orders for Butter Braids February
21st, 22nd, 28th and March 1st after
Mass. Please support our students as they try to raise money
for a life changing experience through NCYC.
We will be selling Apple, Blueberry & Cream Cheese, and
Carmel Roll w/ Caramel Glaze, Cherry, Double Chocolate,
Cinnamon, Raspberry, and Strawberry & Cream Cheese
flavored Butter Braid for $14 apiece. Checks can be made
out to All Saints Parish. The Butter Braid’s will be available
for pick up on March 21st in the Social Hall.
Please Remember
Parishioner Patricia “Pat” Jennings died January
22. Her funeral mass was celebrated January 26.
Parishioner Dennis Pfiffner died January 24. His
funeral was January 29. Please pray for Pat,
Dennis and their families.
Stewardship Corner
Moses told the people, “The Lord will raise
up for you a prophet like me from among
your own kinsmen.” God still provides among
His people the gifts and talents necessary to
continue the work of His Church. What gifts
are yours to share?
What is Adoration?
Why should I participate?
What do I do in Adoration?
WHAT? Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is part of the
Church’s official liturgy. “Eucharistic adoration is one of
the most important ways in which the presence of Christ
continues...following the celebration of the Mass. What
we do at the Eucharist is eat and drink deeply of the food
of our salvation. Adoration outside of Mass is meant to
stimulate our appetites for the next sacred meal.” (Fr.
James Moroney, USCCB Secretariat for liturgy).
WHY? “The Church and the world have a great need for
Eucharistic worship. Jesus awaits us in this sacrament of
love. Let us not refuse the time to go to meet Him in
adoration, in contemplation full of faith, and open to
making amends for the serious offenses and crimes of the
world. Let our adoration never cease.” (St. John Paul II)
WHAT DO I DO? Adoration is meant to be a time of
prayer and meditation in the presence of Jesus. The focus is
the Body of Christ in the monstrance. The atmosphere is
peaceful and reverent.
Silence allows for internal prayer without distractions.
 There is a clipboard on the pedestal by the door. Please
sign in so that we know who is in the chapel.
 Turn off your cell phone before you enter the chapel.
 The proper reverence is to kneel on both knees before
the Body of Christ. If you physically can’t do that, a deep
bow is fine.
 The Body of Christ must never be left unattended. If you
are the only person in the chapel, please wait until
someone else comes to replace you.
 If you must leave, go to the office and let them know
you are alone. Return to the chapel and wait for a staff
member to take your place.
 Bring a favorite devotional, journal, rosary or use the
prayers in the Breaking Bread book next to each chair.
There is also a basket of devotional books by the door as
you come in. Please return them before you leave.
 Children are welcome if they are old enough to be quiet.
Preparing for Lent
Don’t forget to pick up your little black book filled
with reflections for Lent. They will be available in
the Narthex and by the South entrance February
14, 15 & 18. Also, keep an eye on our website and
Facebook page for Lenten Reflections.
Youth News
Religious Education Schedule
February 4th: No Class! City-Wide In- Service for Catechists
February 11th: Regular Class
February 18th: Ash Wednesday (RE goes to Mass!)
February 25th: Regular Class
March 4th: Regular Class
Confirmation News
Confirmation Students: If you haven’t signed up for a
Confirmation exit interview with Fr. Jack & Casey then
contact Casey by email ([email protected]) ASAP.
Confirmation Schedule
February 1st: Confirmation Class
February 22nd: Confirmation Class
March 1st: Confirmation Class
March 15th: Confirmation Class
Please keep all of our students and chaperones in your
prayers as we spend the year preparing for our journey to
Indianapolis for NCYC.
Before, After, and Lifelong! – The National Catholic
Youth Conference is slated to take place in November of
2015. In the past, the Archdiocese has set the record for the
largest diocesan delegation to attend this conference. We
currently have over 1,700 people signed up to attend the
conference from the Archdiocese, that's 250 more than in
2013 and approximately 20% of all teens active in Catholic
schools, parish RE programs, and Confirmation preparation
programs. NCYC is clearly a big deal. Parishes and Schools
that are sending groups to attend the conference are
challenged to make the most of the experience.
NCYC Participant/Parent Meeting Schedule:
If you are signed up to attend NCYC make sure you mark
your calendars. These monthly meetings are mandatory for
students and parents! Meetings will be held in the Lower
Level of the Church.
 February 2nd: 6:00 PM
 March 9th: 6:00 PM
 April 6th: 6:00 PM
 May 4th: 6:00 PM
High School Youth Event!
Come join us for a social event filled with food, fun,
games and prizes! We will be meeting in the lower
level on February 15th from 5-6:30 pm. Don’t forget
to bring your friends!
Catholic Schools Week
As Catholic Schools Week ends, several
fifth graders would like to convey their
thoughts about the school and offer
special thanks to All Saints parishioners
for their support of All Saints School.
Thank you for supporting our school. I’m so glad you helped us get
iPads, Smartboards, and computers. It was very nice. Hugh
Thank you for supporting our school. We appreciate everything you
do. All Saints is a fun and great school to go to. I love going to this
school. Thank you for your support. Natalie
Thank you for everything you do to support our school. You put so
much work and generosity into everything! I love going to school
here because of all the activities such as the Sock Hop, Carnival, and
Walk-a-Thon. Again, thank you for everything you do. I really
appreciate it. Emma
Thank you for your commitment for serving in our church and
teaching us to be God’s followers. Zach
Thank you for supporting All Saints Catholic School. We appreciate
everything you do for us. All Saints is a great place to learn! I really
enjoy going here. Thank you for your support. Claire
I enjoy All Saints School for many reasons. I enjoy the education and
teachers. I enjoy the units in Science and Writing. I enjoy the
projects in Reading and Math. I enjoy Mass on Thursdays and
Father Jack. All Saints Parish and School has helped me learn for six
years. Weston
I would like to start with how thankful I am. I love this school
because the teachers are nice. Masses are the BEST. Mrs. Bartlett is
so nice and kind. I am so thankful! Yasmin
Thank you for supporting our school. We have such a great place to
work and learn, and we are all very grateful for it. Thank
again! Olivia
All Saints is a beautiful school with nice teachers, students, and
staff. What I like best about All Saints are the teachers. They are so
nice and make learning so much fun! Thank you for supporting All
Saints School. THANK YOU!! Lucy
The things I like best about All Saints are the ways they put fun
things into our learning. I like the teachers, the iPads, and the
computers. Thank you so much for everything. Meagan
My favorite parts of All Saints School are the teachers. They put in
so much time to teach all of the kids in the school. The teachers are
very kind to everyone, even if you are having a bad day. They always
cheer you up. They make learning actually fun for us. Every student
learns a new thing every day. They help you if you have a hard
problem or a hard question. They plan fun projects so that we can
enjoy school. In library, they help you find a book if you cannot find
the book you are looking for. I would like to thank all of the
teachers. Mostly, I want to thank everyone in All Saints Parish for
supporting us. William
by Rachel Allen
Copyright © Life Teen, Inc. All rights reserved.
So… how’s that New Year’s Resolution holding up?
I think the New Year is pretty overrated, as far as holidays go.
What are we celebrating again? Oh, the passing of time? That
thing that is constantly happening, but we only pay attention to
once a year? Neat.
But I do like the idea of making resolutions and trying to
change some of my (many) bad habits. I’ve been known to
keep a New Year’s Resolution well into February, sometimes
March… probably because I don’t start them until January
15th, at the earliest. That way, when everyone else has called
it quits by Valentine’s Day, I’m still going strong because I
haven’t been at it nearly as long.
And, if I happen to slip up and lose it somewhere along the
way (there’s an extra-50%-off-sale sale, they add new shows to
Netflix, Taco Bell is… open) and mess up, Lenten resolutions,
thankfully, are always right around the corner.
If you didn’t make a resolution this year, or if you’ve made one
and already broken it, it isn’t too late to reconsider. Pope
Francis has some suggestions –his top ten list for Vatican
employees is full of excellent advice for any of us.
I think Papa Frank might be on to something, here… As much
fun as it is to talk about a new diet or an exercise routine, or
finally sticking to a budget and getting some organization in
that rat’s nest you call a bedroom/locker/backseat (all
admirable goals), let’s step outside the box for a minute.
This life isn’t going to last nearly as long as the life to come.
Maybe there ought to be more to this New Year’s Resolution
thing than just looking like we have it all together on the
outside… But we’re made up of so much more than just our
exterior. How are things looking on the inside?
Have you ever asked Jesus what He would resolve for you, if
He could? Think about it: no one knows you better than He
does. He has seen every moment of your life, known your
every fault, cheered on your every triumph. And I bet that no
one knows better than He, what your next victory ought to be.
What about letting Christ make us into something new? If we
could just place ourselves into His hands, with honest and
humble hearts, He can and will change us. He makes all things
new (Revelation 21:5) – that’s you, and me. Rather than
coming up with our own lists on what we’d like to improve or
change on ourselves, maybe we ought to come to Him in
prayer and ask what He would like to do in our hearts, our
relationships, our families, etc.
This year, I’ve resolved not to make any resolutions, except
one: to spend more time with the One who knows what I most
need, and has the power to help me achieve it. Go to prayer,
however you pray best (whether that’s journaling, hiking,
playing music, sitting in Adoration, or something else entirely)
and ask Jesus some questions about what kind of
home improvements He’d like to make on your heart.
He should know – He lives there.
A couple ideas to get you started:
 Is there a particular virtue (honesty, charity, chastity, etc.)
where I feel especially weak? How can I grow stronger in
 Is there someone difficult I have been avoiding? How can I
love him/her better?
 Have I done what I can to help take care of the poor? Do I
have time, talent, or treasure that You would like me to
spend on others?
 Am I disciplined in my prayer life?
 Am I a gossip?
 Do I think about others or myself more?
 Do I only feel confident based on what others think of me
(Is anyone crushing on me? How many likes did that get?
Did anyone see me do that thing well?) or what You think
of me?
 Do I spend more time being jealous, or grateful?
Those are some tough questions – and please don’t take this to
mean that I think you are struggling in each of those areas and
need God to do a total overhaul on your life (although, I don’t
know you, so maybe that’s true…). But when it comes to
New Year’s Resolutions, we generally try to make some big
changes. And if we work at them, we might achieve one.
So why not ask God to help you tackle one of those areas? If
anyone can make it happen, it’s Him. Just ask:
Ezekiel 36:26 – I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit
I will put within you. I will remove the heart of stone from
your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.
Habakkuk 1:5 – Look over the nations and see! Be utterly
amazed! For a work is being done in your days that you
would not believe, were it told.
Isaiah 43:18-19 – Remember not the events of the past, the
things of long ago consider not; See, I am doing something
new! Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
2 Corinthians 5:17 – So whoever is in Christ is a new
creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things
have come.
New Year, new you – in Him. Now that’s a resolution worth
Living a Stewardship Life
There are many ways to be a steward
of what we have been given. Our
journey together began a new
understanding of our relationship,
not only with God, but with our
church community and especially
each other. When we were first
Casey, Ericka & Mikayla
married, we made the decision that
with our new relationship, came the
responsibility of giving back a portion to God what is his.
We decided to give the first 10% that came into our
household. While we had to give up some of the material
things that we wanted, we were able to focus on our
relationship with each other with fewer distractions. We
also learned how putting together a working budget that
focused on both of our goals, rather than just our current
wants, drove us to be more intentional and disciplined, not
only with our finances, but in other aspects of our lives and
marriage as well. Shortly following our move to Cedar
Rapids, and joining the All Saints faith community, we
learned of several opportunities to become involved in the
church parish beyond financially. We found that giving of
our time and talents were foundational building blocks of
living a stewardship way of life. We also want to continue to
teach this way of life to our child, Mikayla. Recently, we
have decided to help as Hospitality Ministers before and after
mass. Our hope is this allows her to learn that there are
ways to become involved that simply take a few extra
minutes and a smile. We want to instill in her the idea that
Stewardship is not simply placing money in a basket at
collection time, but rather it is a mindset that must
continually be nourished and fostered. Stewardship is
following the call of the gospel to serve others with all of the
gifts that we have been given.
~Casey & Ericka Mushrush
Bruins Beat
Kindergarten students are learning about communities and
those people who help us. What a perfect time for a visit
from Police Pal Glenn!
May God bless each and every one of us.
~ Parnell Etteldorf
The MarriageYou've Always Wanted
Led by Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the best-selling
The Five Love Languages.
March 21, 2015, 9 AM- 3:30 PM
St. Columbkille Church, 1240 Rush St., Dubuque
Many parishes in the Archdiocese have been participating in
the Archdiocesan program, Caring For Your Marriage using
Dr. Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages. Find out
YOUR Love Language in advance of the conference:
www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/, then join us to find out
just how to show your spouse love in the way that they need
to receive it. The conference is not a formal, dry, marriage
conference - it's a time of fun and discovery to help you build
the love relationship of your dreams. Whether you're
getting married in 6 months - or you've been married 60
years, you'll get solutions you can use. With biblical advice
and laughter, Dr. Chapman will give you valuable tips to
break unhealthy patterns and to choose steps to develop a
God-honoring, happy marriage.
Tickets are available by calling St. Columbkille @ 563-5839117 or St. Joseph The Worker @ 563-588-1433. Register
online at www.stcolumbkille.net & mail in your check today!
Tickets in advance are $35 each/$70 per couple. Pricing
goes to $50 each/$100 per couple just prior to the
conference. Contact Pat Derby, [email protected],
563-451-3557 or Gina Burkart, [email protected]
563-542-6393. The tickets make great gifts for: weddings,
engagements, Valentine's Day, birthdays, OR just because.
Call today!
Why Do I go to Haiti?
Why do we go all the way to Haiti to help the poor
when we have poor people right here in our parish,
city, state and country?
It is an excellent question and one that has many answers. It is
a question I have been asked and I think is sometimes on the
minds of people when I discuss my work for our brothers and
sisters in Haiti. In preparing for my third trip to Haiti, I am
forced to reflect on this very question.
My first answer is this: We are so extremely lucky to have
been born in the United States. We have wealth and
opportunity here. We have many wonderful people and
organizations that support those in need in our parish, city,
state, and country through taxes, governmental programs, and
non-profits. This does not mean that all needs are met and no
one is hungry, homeless, sick or dying without proper care.
But we are planning, working, giving and sacrificing for our
neighbors here in the United States every minute of every day.
Those opportunities are not available – AT ALL – in
our sister parish. There are no food stamps, food kitchens,
discounted transportation, medicine, doctors, free school, free
books…I could go on – oops, I did. For most, they are lucky
to have a small plot of land – smaller than our yards, a pick ax
and some seeds with which they must eek out food enough for
their families. School is not free, so not available to everyone
and many teachers are minimally educated. Life is a continual
camping trip (without the fun) with a few hurricanes,
earthquakes and epidemics thrown in. I think they could use
some help, don’t you?
Secondly, and on a more personal level, we are lucky if, at
Mary’s Mantle
February 21, 2015, 9:15-10:30AM,Scotus Hall,
Immaculate Conception Parish
Pray, Fast, Give: “Practically” Living Lent with Trish
Lokmer, Director of Faith Formation, from St.
Elizabeth Ann Seton.
Mary’s Mantle is held monthly, every third Saturday. Gather
with women to learn, pray and fellowship as we invite
exciting speakers and solid teaching to provide support for
living out our Catholic Faith.
Christian Experience Weekend (CEW) 2015
Now is the time to mark your calendars for the
Feb. 2015 CEW weekends. The women's
weekend is Feb. 13 - 15 and the men's is Feb.
27 - Mar. 1 at LaSalle Middle School. This
would be a great gift idea for a loved one. Take
this opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and
learn more about your faith. For more information, contact
Mary or Dan Goiffon at 365-0614 or
[email protected], or go to www.crcew.org.
some time in our life, something
hits us enough to cause real
emotion…enough to move us to
action. When I first heard we were
partnering with a parish in Haiti, I felt
that pull. I had small children at the time The Loeffelholz Family
so it took a while, but I finally just did it
– with the great support of Chris, my children and the other
dedicated members of the Haiti committee. If you feel
something pull at your heart and mind, maybe that is a little
sign that God wants you to – “just do it.”
So, when I pray on what is the right thing, it comes to me that
there are MANY right things, MANY ways to help. This just
happens to be the one that pulls at me with the biggest tug to
my heart. I am so very grateful that so many in our parish
(along with St. Mary’s and St. John’s) have felt the same tug. I
hope more people continue to grow our efforts. We are
trying to support educational efforts for 4,000 students with
the donations of only 1200 families. It is a big effort, one that
we don’t come close to meeting. I will keep working, keep
traveling and keep asking for more – for those wonderful
people who don’t have anyone to ask for help. We are a lucky
people, and much of that is because we happened to be born in
this country – by no choice of our own. God is good. I think
he is giving me a nudge. If you feel it, come on aboard!
Bondye se bon – God is good.
~ Kelly Loeffelholz
(1 cup of Starbucks coffee = 5 days income for the
average Haitian adult)
St. Matthew Mardi Gras
All are welcome to join in the
fun at St. Matthew Mardi Gras
on Saturday, February 14th
from 6:30 p.m. to midnight!
This is the biggest fundraiser of
the year for St. Matthew
Church and School. The evening includes dinner (catered by
Winifreds), drinks, dancing, a live and silent auction and
games of chance. Tickets are $50 per person and reservation
forms can be downloaded from the St. Matthew website at
Senior Luncheon
Immaculate Conception, Monday, Feb. 9, in Scotus Hall
after the 12:05 pm mass. We will play bingo following the
dinner. All are welcome! Bring a friend!
We had an energetic group of volunteers
this week who packed 116 boxes of food
which will feed about 354 people. Thank
you to all of you for your support in this
Our most needed pantry items this week are:
Pasta Sauce
Canned Soup
Pork & Beans
Hamburger Helper
Boxed Potatoes Cake & Cookie Mixes Muffin Mix
Thank you all for everything you do for MCO!
Young Adult SOUPer Bowl Party!
Adults in their 20s & 30s are invited to a citywide SOUPer
Bowl party to watch the big game on Sunday, February 1st at
5:00 PM. The party will be held at the St. Pius X Catholic
Church Youth Room (4949 Council Street Northeast, Cedar
Rapids). Please bring a soup or other dish to share and a nonperishable food donation. For more information, please visit
Birthright Dance for Life
Saturday, Feb. 7, 6 pm - 10:00 pm, St. Pius X Church Hall
Please join the 26th annual Dance for Life, our great family fun event. The evening will include a variety of dance music
with DJ Bill Kauffman, along with food, silent auction, door
prizes & face painting, courtesy of the Knights of Columbus.
Tickets are only $8 per person, in advance or at the door (age
4 and under are free). All proceeds benefit Birthright!
For tickets or information, call Birthright at 393-3251.
YOU, ME and GOD, Prayer A Thon 2015
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Hiawatha
The Feb. 27-28 Prayer A Thon offers stand-alone hour-long
sessions on numerous Catholic ways to worship. Come learn
about and try Visio or Lectio Divina, pray with Monsignor
Bleich, or spend time in silence with the Holy Eucharist.
We’ll offer over 25 ways to pray and companions for your
journey. Make this Lent something special by selecting a
session or two from our Prayer A Thon offerings. Go to
SEASP.ORG for more details.
Mary Women's Conference
One day conference for women on Saturday, February 21st
at the Grand River Center in Dubuque. Women and teens
are invited to attend. The day includes dynamic Catholic
speakers who will call us to holiness and encourage us on our
faith walk. Special sessions for teens! Sign up today and
bring a friend! Register by Feb 7th and take $5 off
registration fee! To register call 563-580-9373 or go online
at www.springtimeofhope.org.
Catholic Evangelization Outreach
St. Matthew Catholic Church
Tuesday, February 17, 2015, 6:30-8:00 PM
Come and hear how Mary Beth Helgens
allowed the “Light of Christ” to help her heal
from her brokenness. God’s Grace has helped
her through some very difficult life
challenges. Through these challenges she has
encountered Christ in a very powerful way.
A light meal will be served and free daycare
will be provided. There is no charge and all are welcome
Lenten Retreat at Shalom Spirituality Center
From Ashes to a Garland (Is 61: 3)
Director: Anthony Gittins C.S.Sp. Fr.
Gittins has taught at Catholic Theological
Union in Chicago, IL since 1984. He is
currently Professor of Theology and
Culture. Fr. Gittins has taught and given
retreats/workshops in more than 35
countries and he is the author of 15 books
on theological and anthropological topics,
and on mission and spirituality. He is a member of the
Congregation of the Holy Spirit and was ordained a Roman
Catholic priest in 1967.
Option 1: Ash Wednesday Retreat Day. $65, includes
lunch. Register by Feb. 13.
Wednesday, Feb. 18, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Option 2: Three-Day Retreat – Wednesday, Feb. 18, 9:00
am – Friday, Feb. 20, 1:30 pm. Overnight $230 /
Commuter $150. Registration deadline: Feb. 13. Includes
the following meals: Wednesday lunch & supper, Thursday 3 meals, Friday - breakfast & lunch. Register by Feb. 13. $50
nonrefundable deposit secures your registration.
Daily Themes: Ash Wednesday: "Into the Desert: Why
Bother?" Thursday: "Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me."
Friday: "Becoming an Easter People"
As we enter Lent once again, we have the opportunity to
think positively, about the "Beautiful Things" Jesus speaks of
(Wednesday), about the Call to the Cross and Discipleship
(Thursday), and about the Transformation from the Good
Friday Failure to the Easter Sunday Promise (Friday). Daily
Eucharistic liturgy.
Catholic Daughters will meet Tuesday February
10th at 6:30 PM at St. Patrick's Parish Building.
We will make Valentine Favors for the Sisters of
Mercy. All are welcome.
Scripture for the Week of February 1, 2015
Dt 18:15-20/1 Cor 7:32-35/Mk 1:21-28
Mon: Mal 3:1-4/Heb 2:14-18/Lk 2:22-40 or 2:22-32
Tues: Heb 12:1-4/Mk 5:21-43
Wed: Heb 12:4-7, 11-15/Mk 6:1-6
Thurs: Heb 12:18-19, 21-24/Mk 6:7-13
Heb 13:1-8/Mk 6:14-29
Sat: Heb 13:15-17, 20-21/Mk 6:30-34
Sun: Jb 7:1-4, 6-7/1 Cor 9:16-19, 22-23/Mk 1:29-39
Mass Intentions
Feb 03
Feb 04
Feb 05
Feb 07
Feb 08
8:00 AM
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
4:00 PM
10:30 AM
Mass Intention
Joe Schimberg
Ed & Viola Drees
Lena Eischeid
Joseph Vandewalle
For the People
In the event of a funeral, daily Mass will be canceled.
Updates will be posted at www.allsaintscr.com.
Opportunities for Prayer
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Wednesdays, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and
the 4th Sunday of the month from 1 to 4 PM in the Queen of All Saints Chapel.
Devotions to the Blessed Virgin 1st Saturday of the month at 3:35 PM.
Our Mother of Perpetual Help Devotion Tues after the 8:00 AM Mass.
All Saints Prayer Group Tuesdays at 7:30 PM.
Prayer Tree available to anyone who would like us to pray for their intentions. Please call Ramona Welsh at 366-1770.
Women’s Prayer Group Tuesday mornings after Mass.
Rosary 30 minutes prior to the 4:00 PM Mass on Saturday.
Rosary for the Pilgrim Virgin February 1st - 6th, Pat and Pam Geraghty; 2325 Springbrook Dr NE
M.O.M.S. Rosary 7:30 PM 1st Monday of the month, Queen of All Saints Chapel
Rosary at Planned Parenthood All Saints will pray every Monday at 11:00 AM (Corner of 1st Ave SE & 35th St DR SE).
Liturgy of the Hours Chapel, Monday 6:45 AM & Friday 8:00 AM.
Liturgical Ministry Schedule
February 7 & 8
Saturday, 4:00 pm Sunday, 10:30 am
Michelle Simoneau
Norma Waters
February 14 & 15
February 18
Saturday, 4:00 pm Sunday, 10:30 am Wednesday, 6:45 pm
Joan Fishburn
John Michael
Volunteer Now
Bob Bembenek
Barrie Ernst
Mary Goiffon
Cindy Lyness
LeElyn Metz
Dale Metz
Tracy Scieszinski
Kathy Ulrich
Morgan Simoneau
Matthew Simoneau
Michael Simoneau
Karly Weiss
Jeanne Amosson
Tom Harrington
Marilyn Malloy
Dennis Mullarkey
Daniel Prentice
Cory Rath
Bea Rethwisch
Nicole Waters
William Grainger
Claire Haefner
Jessica Moore
Carlee Netolicky
Casey Bilodeau
Jack Cosgrove
Dilla Cosgrove
Mary Ducey
Mary Goiffon
Aaron Kelly
Jenny Tursi
Kathy Ulrich
Michelle Favorite
Kate McCartan
Lauren Netz
Anna Netz
Cate Biro
Ashley Gase
Ann Hunter
Larry Hunter
Caroline Kelly
Dianne Knapp
Bill Knapp
Curran Rosser
Jack Bergquist
Sam Cooper
Brennan Lloyd
McKenna Lloyd
Deb Hagedorn
Dolores Reisinger
Chris Conway
Mick Erdman
Forrest Rosser
Lynne Sullivan
Elie AbouRaad
Charles Beusch
Daniel Greene
Joni Musel
Mike Votroubek
Marlene Wilson
Melissa Beckius
Sue Bright
Rick Feeney
Jim Hall
Sean Harschnek
Bill Hunter
Theresa Harker
Sr.Carol Anne
Charles Beusch
Daniel Greene
Joni Musel
Mike Votroubek
Bonnie Yount
Russell Yount
Minister of
Altar Server
Jeani Murtha
Scott Murtha
Patricia Duffy
Rick Feeney
Jim Hall
Bill Hunter
Dorothy Zaugg
Nick Zaugg
Mary Ann Boardman
Stacy Cataldo
Sherry Casey
Kathy Ulrich
Volunteer Now
Volunteer Now
Volunteer Now
Parish Committees & Ministries
For more information, or to volunteer please call the contact listed below
Casey Bilodeau
363-6130 Men of the Eucharist
Larry Hunter
Deacon Mike Klappholz 363-6130 Metro Catholic Outreach Bob Bembenek
Ann Tow
362-4498 Mother Cabrini Circle Terrie Huff
Amy Shipley
Beth Hennessy
Stephanie Felland
504-4316 Newcomers
Marlene Wilson
Kathy Nelson
362-7695 Pastoral Council
Tim Kennedy
Boy Scouts
Nick Klein
360-6029 Parish Life
Brian Talyat
Catholic School Board Brian Talyat
213-1334 Parish Plant
Bill Knapp
Cub Scouts
Katie Walton
361-1985 Prayer Group
Gerald Sullivan
Eucharistic Ministers
Deacon Mike Klappholz 363-6130 Prayer Shawl
Peg Schmitz
Faith Formation Comm. Marvin Stallman
365-3748 R.C.I.A
Jo Meister
Finance Council
James Barry
365-3056 Respect Life
Patty Kauffman
Lisa Wallerstedt
365-7746 Sacristans
Sherry Casey
Girl Scouts
Michelle Green
329-7698 Social Justice
Tina Lampe
Haiti Committee
Steve Schmitz
362-6989 Sponsor Couple
Tom & Mary Takes
Homebound Ministry
Stacy Cataldo
363-0493 St. Anne Circle
Luann Lutkenhaus
Hospital Visitation
Ann Hunter
366-6873 St. Marguerite Circle
Renee Loushin
Hospitality Ministry
Sue Bright
247-4844 St. Monica Circle
Mary Jo Rater
Marv & Lydia Stallman 365-3748
Jeanne Amosson
Kids Against Hunger
Ann Hunter
366-6873 Stewardship
Chris Conway
Colleen Waldron
366-3188 The Marthas
Michelle Green
Deacon Mike Klappholz 363-6130 Tues. Women’s Prayer Sandy Murphy
Liturgy Committee
Sandy Putman
362-3376 Women’s Guild
Barb Hunt
Carmen Welch
364-1948 Young at Heart
Adult Formation
Altar Servers
All Saints Quilters
Save the Date
Parish Soup Social
Communal Anointing of the Sick
Ash Wednesday
Parish Mission
Loaves & Fish agencies after Mass
1st Communion
Volunteer Appreciation Brunch
February Meetings
Feb 06
Feb 14 & 15
Feb 18
Mar 01-03
Mar 07 & 08
Apr 11 & 12
Apr 22
Apr 26
Haiti Committee
Respect Life
Parish Plant
Social Justice
Women’s Guild
Catholic School Board
Liturgy Committee
St. Anne Circle
Young at Heart
Finance Council
Pastoral Council
Parish Life
Faith Formation
Social Hall
Lower Level
Lower Level
Social Hall
Social Hall
Social Hall
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
10:00 AM
5:30 PM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
5:30 PM
1:00 PM
11:30 AM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
Parish Guidelines
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Tuesday through Thursday
before the daily Mass and Saturday from 3 to 3:45 pm.
Sacrament of Baptism: Baptism preparation is required.
Contact the parish office to schedule (some date restrictions
may apply).
Newcomer Registration: Call the Parish Office at 3636130, ext. 100, or register on line at www.allsaintscr.com.
Sacrament of Matrimony: Couples are to make
arrangements with a parish priest or deacon at least six months
before the intended date of the wedding in order to fulfill the
necessary requirements. Please call the parish office for an
Bulletin Deadline: Items must be submitted in writing to
the parish office by Noon on the preceding Monday to:
[email protected]