Course Expectations for Modified Earth Science 2 Instructor: Ben

Course Expectations for Modified Earth Science 2
Instructor: Ben Geller
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 720-423-7063
Credit: 5 semester hours
Course Description: Welcome to Mr. Geller’s Earth science class! In my class we learn
about the Earth and Earth systems that shape our world. This second semester will focus
on Astronomy (stars and planets), meteorology (study of weather and atmosphere), and
oceanography (study of oceans and ocean systems).
Course Goals: After taking this second semester Earth science course, students will be able
to understand more about astronomy, meteorology, and oceanography. This course is my
opportunity to show student show math and science are connected. Students are expected
to apply math and science in this class to get ready for higher applied sciences such as
chemistry and physics.
Approximate Course Schedule:
2nd Semester Chapters Covered:
Chapter 24 (Astronomy, stars and galaxies)
Chapter 23 (Solar system)
Chapter 22 & 21 (Earth & Space exploration)
Chapter 14,15, & 16 (Meteorology)
Chapter 17 & 18 (Oceanography
Textbook: Earth Science, Feather et al., Glencoe, 1997
Homework: Homework will be assigned usually twice a week, and occasionally three
times a week. Students will have up to one week to do an assignment and turn it in. After
one week, an assignment can be turned in for half credit. After two weeks, an assignment
will not be accepted and will be a zero.
Make-up Work: Students have as many days as they were absent plus one day to make-up
an assignment. Office hours, which are every Wednesday from 2:15 to 2:55PM are a
perfect time for students to come in and get help with make-up work.
Tests/Quizzes: Tests will be given every two to four weeks depending on the length of the
unit. Students will know at least one week ahead of time if there is going to be a test.
Grades: Grades will be based on a combination of homework, in-class assignments,
laboratories, quizzes, and tests. Students can check their grades on the infinite campus
The semester grades will be calculated as follows:
4th Six weeks = 30%
5th Six Weeks = 30%
6th Six Weeks = 30%
Final Exam= 10%
Please note that each grading period is independent of the other grading period. This would
mean if you do poorly in one six week period and well in another two, it does not penalize for
the poor six-week period.
The following scale follows Denver Public Schools grading scale:
89.5-100%=A; 79.5-89.4%=B; 69.5-79.4%=C; 59.5-69.4%=D; <59.5%=F
About Mr. Geller: I am a Denver native, and was a student of Jefferson County Public
Schools. I graduated with a B.S. in geology from the University of Kansas and attended
Metropolitan State University of Denver for teacher education courses. I have been part of
the earth science community for several years (my father is a geologist), and I worked in
the field as a geologist for a few years.
I will communicate through several options, one being my school e-mail account and the
other my school phone. Parents can contact me through either of these ways and I will
respond in a timely manner. Feel free to call or e-mail me to remind me again of your
question or concern if I have not responded.
I have read these expectations and understand them. If I don’t I will ask the teacher.
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