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Sunday, February 8, 2015
Serving the Parish of St. Kilian
Mission Statement
The Catholic family of St. Kilian Parish, guided by the Holy Spirit and nourished by God’s Word and
the Eucharist, building on our Benedictine tradition of welcome, prayer and liturgy, seeks to be a
vibrant, faith-filled community, committed to worshiping God, loving God and witnessing God in and
through our neighbor.
Mr. Victor Albanese - Trustee
Mr. Pierre Lehmuller - Trustee
Deacon Frank Barone
Mr. Richard Merzbacher
Mr. Edward A. Smith
Deacon William Weiss
Mr. Stephen G. Wilson
Mrs. Carol Budinoff
Mrs. Anne Carter
Mrs. Addie DeVincentis
Mr. Timothy Fierst
Mr. Brian McKenna
Mrs. Elizabeth Noveck
Mrs. Suzi Picciano
Mr. James Porter (Chairman)
Mr. David Rodenburg
Pastoral Council e-mail
[email protected]
St. Kilian Parish Web
Parish e-mail addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Baptisms are celebrated on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month at 2:00 p.m. in
the church. Spanish Baptisms are celebrated on the 4th Sunday of the month at 2 p.m.
Parents are required to participate in one Sacramental Preparation session. These
meetings are held on the first and third Sunday of each month. After attending the
9:30am Mass, parents should proceed to the Parish Center (below the church) for the
Baptism Preparation Class. Godparents are welcome. Please call the rectory to arrange
an interview with a deacon or priest to register for the preparation session and the
Baptism ceremony. Additional information on Baptism is available on the parish website:
e-mail addresses
Father Bruce Powers - Pastor
[email protected]
Father Michael Duffy
[email protected]
Sr. Mary Jane Kelly - Religious
Education [email protected]
Confessions are heard in the church on Mondays, 1:00-2:00 p.m.; Saturdays, 4:00- Mrs. Nina Petersen - Social
4:45 p.m.; and in the rectory by appointment. Confessions are not heard on Mondays Ministry/Outreach
that are Holy Days or public holidays. Confessions in Spanish by appointment. [email protected]
Please call the rectory at (516)249-0127.
Mr. Paul Phinney - Music -
[email protected]
Marriage arrangements should be made with a deacon or priest at least six months
before the proposed wedding date. No dates for marriage will be given over the phone. Mr. Frank Shanley - Business
Note: The interview to schedule the marriage date at St. Kilian should be completed
Manager - [email protected]
before commitments are made with a catering hall. Additional information is available
on the parish website:
Support Staff
Anointing of the Sick
The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick may be received by any Catholic who is
preparing for surgery, or is of advanced age, or is seriously ill. The sacrament is the
Church’s prayer for health and healing and should not be delayed until there is danger
of death. Please call the rectory to speak with a priest. Also, to arrange for Communion
to be brought to the homebound, please call the Parish Social Ministry/Outreach Office
at (516)756-9656
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – RCIA (Becoming A Catholic)
Anyone who is inquiring about becoming a Catholic, and who has not been baptized, or
who has been baptized in another Christian community is invited to inquire into the
RCIA. Please call the rectory for information at (516)249-0127.
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Mrs. Eileen Donohue - Bulletin /
Website - [email protected]
Mrs. Barbara Geary - Secretary
[email protected]
Mrs. Maureen Ihm - Secretary [email protected]
Mrs. Antoinette Pusateri Accounting Admin.
Sunday, February 8, 2015
“The Joy of the
-Pope Francis
In the fall of 2014, Pope
Francis published his first
document as Pope, an Apostolic Exhortation,
entitled “Evangelii Gaudium” or the “The Joy of
the Gospel”. It is over 220 pages in length (about
5 hours of reading time) and chock-full of key
themes that are close to his heart and essential
to understanding the priorities of his papacy. You
can download the Exhortation on the Vatican
Pope Francis believes, as I have been writing,
that our faith began with an encounter, an
encounter with Jesus Christ reaching its apex in
his death and resurrection. The encounter that
his followers had, by the hundreds, with the
risen Jesus, made them aware that he was not
only a holy man but God present among them.
These followers received power from Christ in
the Pentecost event In the Upper Room, when
the Holy Spirit came upon them and energized
them as bold witnesses. Pope Francis reminds us
in The Joy of the Gospel that all the baptized are
called to be apostles. Francis is confident in the
power of Christ in the church to convert all
people. There is great joy, says the Holy Father, in
sharing the experience of God’s merciful love
with others. Do all Catholics have this desire?
Why not?
Drawing from a century and a half of Catholic
social teaching written mostly by the Popes, from
the last half of the 19th century to the present
day, Pope Francis emphasizes two central
themes. First, human beings are given immense
dignity by God our Creator. Second, human
beings are social in nature, and only find
themselves in community with other human
beings. People are our first priority. Dignity is
never to be compromised. Pope Francis attacks
people who place themselves and their desires
above the basic needs of others who lack food,
clothing, and shelter. He sees this
concupiscence and greed both in the church
and in the world.
Pope Francis calls for solidarity with all
people and for a special inclusion of the poor
and wounded. He challenges the church to
strive always for peace and harmony through
respectful and compassionate dialogue with
other Christians and with other religions.
The Parable of the Prodigal Son figures
prominently in his understanding of the
church. In Pope Francis’ metaphor, God, the
loving Father of all people, is constantly
seeking out his children, longing for them to
come home. The Church is the tender spouse
and mother of all people. This spousal couple,
God and God’s holy people the Church, longs
to unite everyone in them, and their love.
“I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting
and dirty because it has been out on the
streets, rather than a church which is
unhealthy from being confined, and from
clinging to its own security.... If something
should rightly disturb us, and trouble our
consciences, it is the fact that so many of our
brothers and sisters are living without the
strength, light, and consolation born of
friendship with Jesus Christ, without a
community of faith to support them, without
meaning and a goal in life.” (Pope Francis)
As our parish Steering Committee develops
new mission and vision statements, Pope
Francis will have an influence on our
consciences and future priorities as we
proclaim the kingdom of God in Farmingdale.
Let us pray for one another.
Peace, Father Bruce
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Mass Intentions For The Week
HOSTS AND WINE to be used at all
WEEKEND Masses ( February 7-8, 2015)
were donated in Memory of
+ John Wallace
Gift of: Florence Kaufold
SUNDAY - February 8 - Fifth Sunday in Ordinary
Time - Readings: 1st—Job 7:1-4, 6-7; 2nd—1
Corinthians 9:16-19, 22-23; Gospel—Mark 1:29-39
For the Parishioners of St. Kilian
Olga Razzano
St. Kilian Women’s Guild
Philip Turecamo
12:30pm Carol Galvin
Ann Elizabeth Piraino
Angela & Nick Caponi
Louise Schinnerer
HOSTS AND WINE to be used at all WEEKDAY
Masses (February 9-13, 2015)
were donated in Memory of
+ Warren Flynn
Gift of: Eleanore McIntyre
Rest in Peace
Please pray for the repose of the
soul of:
MONDAY - February 9 - Weekday
Angela Ghezzi
Ferernand Wagner
Eleanor A. Harrell
Marie Bareille
Kathleen M. Serkes
Rita Stellato
Rose Ceraso
Josephine Gioia
Catherine Nugent
Mary Elizabeth Cantwell
TUESDAY - February 10 - St. Scholastica
Joe Fugallo
Mary & Michael Sullivan
WEDNESDAY - February 11 - Weekday
Jerry Iazzetta
Geraldine Osmeloski
THURSDAY - February 12 - Weekday
Mrs. Santocito
Joseph, Ann & Roger Schmitt
Saturday, February 14
5:00 p.m.
Fr. Gus
6:15 p.m.
Fr. Antonio
7:30 p.m.
Fr. Bruce
FRIDAY - February 13 - Weekday
Frank Milone
Pat Pedone
SATURDAY - February 14 - Sts. Cyril & Methodius
Maria Dease
5:00pm Norah Carr Depperman
Patricia Ann Montonino
Mary Fulico
Thamoso Ferazzoli
7:30pm Kathy Martello
SUNDAY - February 15 - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary
Time - Readings: 1st—Leviticus 13:1-2, 44-46’; 1
Corinthians 10:31—11:1; Gospel—Mark 1:40-45
John “Doc” Paci, Sr.
For the Parishioners of St. Kilian
Nan Kester
Jon Peter D’Angelo
12:30pm Katherine Twning
James Joseph Lavelle
James Cioffi
Doreen Winter & Family
Sunday, February 15
7:00 a.m.
Fr. Bruce
8:00 a.m.
Fr. Gus
9:30 a.m.
Fr. Antonio
11:00 a.m.
Fr. Bruce
12:30 p.m.
Fr. Antonio
Readings for the Week of February 8, 2015
Next Sunday:
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Jb 7:1-4, 6-7/1 Cor 9:16-19, 22-23/Mk
Gn 1:1-19/Mk 6:53-56
Gn 1:20—2:4a/Mk 7:1-13
Gn 2:4b-9, 15-17/Mk 7:14-23
Gn 2:18-25/Mk 7:24-30
Gn 3:1-8/Mk 7:31-37
Gn 3:9-24/Mk 8:1-10
Lv 13:1-2, 44-46/1 Cor 10:31—11:1/Mk
Sunday, February 8, 2015
As a praying community,
we automatically ask
prayers for all those who
are ill. Names added to
the list will remain on for
a maximum of 3 weeks.
If the individual is still in need of prayers, the
office would have to be notified to continue for
an additional 3 weeks. If you do not desire to
be listed, please inform us.
The following are the weekly collections for:
January 31, February 1, 2015 .......$24,123.32
(Last year 2014) ............................$25,405.00
January 31, February 1, 2015 ...............1822
(Last year 2014) .....................................2059
Parish Collection report-Weekend of Jan. 31, Feb. 1, 2015
Number Of
Amt. in Env.
5pm - Sat.
6:15pm-Sat. 12
7:30pm -Sat 49
Mail in Envelopes:
Total: $24,123.32
Parish Monthly Expenses for January $130,191.00
Bulletin Reflection:
Like St. Paul in the second reading, the good
steward can say, “I do all that I do for the sake of the
gospel in the hope of having a share in its blessings.”
Frank Burnside; Msgr. Tom Hartman; Sarita
Donald; Denise Wagner; Helen Norjen; John
Nelson,Sr. John Nelson; Kerri Ihm;
Rosemarie Oliver; Matthew Malley; Bill
Johnson; Frances T. Sicari; Fred Rigolini;
Helene Klem; Carol Gering; Ellen Morse;
Angela D’Amico; Nancy Martello.
And prayers for the children: Gwendolyn
Rose; Kyle Patrick Johnson; MacKenzie
Jordan Borchers; Jameson Frogge; Jillian
Cordi; Baby Julia Rose Manno; Olivia
We are currently in need of usher
assistance for the following weekend
Saturday evening - 7:30PM
Sunday - 7AM, 8AM & 12:30PM
We would appreciate parishioners
stepping up to assist with the above
needs as well as special “on call” ushers
for Ash Wednesday and Easter Masses.
Living Stewardship:
We are grateful this week for all stewards in our
parish who use their gifts of healing and forgiveness to
help repair relationships in families beset with divorce.
St. Kilian Catholic Church
John Fitzpatrick (516)385-1718
Frank Shanley (516)249-0127 or fax
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Lent is less than two weeks away! The season of Lent
(from the Anglo-Saxon word for springtime) is a forty day
preparation for the celebration of Holy Week and the great victory
of Easter, the Resurrection of Christ. Catechumens prepare in the
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) to become Catholic
Christians through prayer, study (catechesis), and the rituals of the
Catechumenate during Sunday Mass.
At the Easter Vigil Mass, Holy Saturday night,
Catechumens (those seeking to become Catholic Christians) in our
parish and throughout the world, will receive the sacraments of
Baptism, Confirmation, and for the first time the Eucharist, the
body and blood of Christ.
During Lent, we get ready for the Easter season of
rejoicing in the Victory of Christ over sin and death. Through
prayer, fasting and almsgiving (generous giving to the poor and the
needy), we cleanse our hearts and minds so that we can more
worthily celebrate the renewal of our baptismal promises and
We examine our consciences, and resolve to repent of our
sins and develop new habits that lead to virtue. Confronting our
failures and shortcomings, we determine to live more authentic
Christian lives in the Spirit. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is
available on all the Saturdays of Lent from 4-4:45pm. On Monday
of Holy Week, March 30th the priests of the parish will be hearing
confessions and forgiving sins in our church from 3pm – 9pm. Be
sure to celebrate God’s forgiving love in this healing sacrament!
This year, Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, February 18th,
and concludes with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy
Thursday. Adding to the solemnity of the penitential season, the
‘Alleluia’ is not sung or said from the beginning of Lent until the
Easter Vigil.
“Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”
Ash Wednesday is a day of universal fast and abstinence in the
Church. The ashes, a physical reminder of our mortality, are the
burnt palm branches of the previous year’s Palm Sunday
celebration when cries of Hosanna to the Son of David turned to
‘Crucify him, Crucify him!’
The high point of our church year is Holy Week, starting
with Palm or Passion Sunday, and the Easter Triduum (Latin for
three days -Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil and
Easter Sunday). Make coming to those services and liturgies a top
priority! We rejoice in the fact that Christ is risen, death has been
vanquished, and God has taken possession of our hearts at their
deepest core. We are an ‘Alleluia’ people. Dying he destroyed our
death, and rising he restored our life.
How will you be changed by the Spirit during this Lenten
journey to Easter?
Peace, Father Bruce
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday,
February 18th
Stations of the Cross
Fridays during Lent
at 7:00 p.m.
Weekday Masses during Lent
Monday through Friday 7:00, 9:00 a.m. & 12:15 p.m.
Saturday - 7:30 a.m.
Sunday Night Adoration
Every Sunday during Lent there will be
Exposition of the Blessed
Sacrament from 7:00 to 8:00 PM
in the church. Exposition is for
adoration, quiet time with the
Lord. Before your hectic week
begins, come and spend some
time alone with the Lord. Jesus
frequently brought his apostles
away to pray with Him. He
invites you to be with Him in quiet
prayer if not for the hour at least for a
few minutes. The hour will conclude with
a brief Night Prayer and Benediction.
Sunday, February 8, 2015
A Tour of a Catholic Church
by Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M., S.T.D.
The assembly area
Entering the church proper,
the nave (from the Latin word for
“boat”), we find ourselves in a large
room. If we are taking our tour at a
time when the liturgy is not being
celebrated and no people are present,
the space may look a little “strange,”
but that is normal. The space only
looks “right” when it is functioning.
Visiting an empty church is something
like visiting a Coney Island type
amusement park during the winter
when the park is closed. We can
imagine what the park would look like
when the lights are flashing and the
music is playing and the children are
running through the crowds of happy
people. But the park needs these
people and activity to look “right.”
Similarly, the nave of the church
“needs an assembly of people to
complete it” (Environment, 24). It looks
especially “right” when it is actually
functioning as an assembly space for
God’s people at prayer.
The nave is usually filled with
benches, or pews. Catholics expect to
find pews in a church and are
surprised when they enter one of the
older churches of Europe and find no
pews or fixed seating! The absence of
pews in older churches is a reminder
to us that the principal posture for
Christian worship is standing. We
stand in the presence of one we wish
to honor and to serve—just as the
priest stands at the altar during Mass.
Standing is a mark of reverence and
readiness. Pews and fixed seating
entered the church at about the same
time western culture discovered the
printing press; people in church began
to “line up” like lines on a printed page
to hear the word of God read to them
from a printed book. At the time of the
Reformation, pews enabled the
congregation to sit and listen to the
sermon, which often lasted several
Fixed pews reinf orced the
image of the congregation as “listeners,”
like the audience in an auditorium
(audire, Latin, “to listen”). Recent
liturgical renewal suggests that we are
present as “doers,” actively engaged in
the liturgical action, and not merely
“listeners.” Some churches today do not
have fixed pews but use individual
chai rs. A more f lex ible seat ing
arrangement can encourage a more
active and participatory liturgy. Church
architects are “striving for a seating
pattern and furniture that do not constrict
people but encourage them to move
about when i t is appropriate”
(Environment, 68).
In the 13th century, when
Christians no longer received Holy
Communion frequently and the high
point of the Mass was looking at the
Sacred Host after the consecration,
Christians began to kneel at this point in
the Mass. As the practice of kneeling
was extended, kneeling benches were
introduced, often attached to the back
of the chairs of pews. You will see
kneelers in most churches today,
although the more traditional position of
standing during worship is again gaining
favor with the faithful.
Around the walls of many
churches you will find the Way of the
Cross, pictures (numbered from 1 to 14)
of incidents in the last journey of Jesus
from Pilate’s house, where he was
condemned to death, to his entombment.
From an early date pilgrims to the Holy
Land would v isit these places (or
stations) and follow in the footsteps of
Jesus on his way to Calvary. In the later
Middle Ages the devotional Way of the
Cross was made popular, especially by
the Franciscans, to enable those who
could not afford the rigors and expense
of a long pilgrimage to the Holy Land to
participate in the passion of Jesus in
their own villages. The faithful go to each
of the stations and meditate on an event
of the passion. Our liturgical renewal
reminds us that the church is primarily
St. Kilian Catholic Church
a place for our public worship. Objects
for our personal devotion must not
distract from the principal function of the
Focus of the sacred action
From wherever we stand in the
church, our attention is drawn to the
focal area of the liturgical action and to
the three pieces of furniture we find
there: the presider’s chair, the lectern
and the altar. Formerly this area was
called the sanctuary (Latin sanctus,
“holy”), but when “sanctuary is used we
must be careful not to imply that this is
the only holy area in the building, for
indeed the entire church, the entire
assembly area, is a holy place.
In the front of the assembly area
we find a very special seat for the one
presiding and leading the assembly. In
the principal church of a diocese, this
chair, the cathedra (from the Greek word
“chair”), giv es name to the entire
building, Cathedral. Each church will
have a presider’s chair or bench and
seating for the other ministers. This
seating is arranged so that the presiding
and functioning ministers are “clearly
part of the assembly, yet conveniently
situated f or the exercise of their
respective offices” (Environment, 70).
Also in this focus area we see
a reading stand, the ambo. After the
14th century the ambo
was replaced by a pulpit
(Latin pulpitum, a raised
platform for speaking).
Today the pulpit is usually
replaced by a lectern
(Latin legere, “to read”)
from which we proclaim
the Word of God and upon which is
placed the lectionary, the book of
readings f rom Sacred Scripture.
Preaching can be done from the lectern,
the chair or elsewhere.
In some churches you may see
a second, very simple lectern, which is
used by the song leader and reader of
the announcements. The main ambo or
lectern “represents the dignity and
uni queness of the word of G od”
(Environment, 74) and is used only for
that purpose.
(4 Part Series “ will continue next
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Feb. 8 (Sunday)
Scouts Hospitality - 10:30am - Parish Ctr.
Respect Life Meeting - 10:30am - Parish Ctr.
CYO Basketball 1pm - 9:30pm - Auditorium
Alanon Meeting - 7:30pm - Parish Ctr.
Feb. 9 (Monday)
Daily Rosary - 8:30am - Church
Seniors - 11am - Parish Ctr.
Divorced/Separated - 7:30pm - Parish Ctr
Miraculous Medal Novena - 7:30pm - St. Benedict
Eucharistic Adoration - 8pm - St. Benedict
Feb. 10 (Tuesday)
Daily Rosary - 8:30am - Church
Seniors - 11am- Parish Ctr.
NA Meeting - 7:30pm - Parish Ctr.
Feb. 11 (Wednesday)
Daily Rosary - 8:30am - Church
Bible Study - 10:30am - 12:30pm - Parish Ctr
AA Support Meeting - 7pm - Parish Ctr.
Spanish Charismatic Renewal - 7pm - Cafeteria
Scouts Meeting - 7:30pm - Parish Ctr.
Charismatic Prayer Group - 8pm - St. Benedict
Feb. 12 (Thursday)
Daily Rosary - 8:30am - Church
Women’s Guild Meeting - 7:30pm - Parish Ctr.
Feb. 13 (Friday)
Daily Rosary - 8:30am - Church
AA Spanish Support Meeting -7pm-Parish Ctr.
Feb. 14 (Saturday)
CYO Basketball - 12 noon - 8:30pm - Auditorium
Spanish Youth Group - 7:00pm - Cafeteria
Feb. 15 (Sunday)
Love & Lunch - 10am - Parish Ctr.
Baptism Preparation Class -10:30am - Parish Ctr.
Scouts - Pinewood Derby - 11am - Cafeteria
CYO Basketball 1pm - 9:30pm - Auditorium
Love & Dinner - 6pm - Parish Ctr.
Alanon Meeting - 7:30pm - Parish Ctr.
National Day of Prayer for Victims and
Survivors of Human Trafficking
On February 8th, we observe the National Day of Prayer
for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking.
February 8 is the feast Day of St. Josephine Bakhita,
who was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery.
Once she was freed, she dedicated her life to sharing
her testament of deliverance from slavery and
comforting the poor and suffering.
Retreat Leader
2015 Catholic Ministries Appeal
Serving God by Serving Others
St. Kilian’s goal for this year is $143,000.00.
So far pledges total $4,120.00 or 2.88% of
“Have you made your pledge in support of
the Catholic Church on Long Island. Our
Lord needs you!”
St. Kilian’s
Saturday, March 14, 2015
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Pray for Peace
Sunday, February 8, 2015
St. Kilian Women’s Guild
Youth Events for Middle and
High School Teens:
Women of Faith
Women of Vision
Women of Gentleness
Women Centered in God
2/6 6pm -7pm Music Choir Practice Church Music
Room, Basement. WE NEED YOUTH SINGERS for our
February 12th Meeting
7:30 pm
Blue Room in the lower level of the
2/8 9:30am
Youth Mass in Church (all teens are
invited to sit and sing with us). 8am rehearsal in church
music room.
2/8 6pm – 8:30pm Bowling @ Farmingdale Lanes
(Conklin St). Please bring 10 dollars for bowling and
additional money for snacks and meet us @ Bowling alley
at 5:50pm
Guest speaker is Mary O’Connell
Volunteer, Women Heart Coalition
Mary O’Connell will present a
program on women’s heart health.
NO SKY Meetings (Winter Break)
All women of the Parish are welcome.
2/20 5pm -6pm Music Choir Practice Church Music
Room, Basement. WE NEED YOUTH SINGERS for our
We are looking for all eligible
Players who are interested in
directing this summer’s show or
serving on the Play Selection
Committee. The following criteria
are necessary:
2/20 6:30pm – 10:30pm Meet at rectory parking lot
for Holy Hour/Dodgeball for a ride and we’ll drive to St
Ignatius of Loyola, Hicksville
2/22 9:30am Youth Mass in Church (all teens are
invited to sit and sing with us) 8am rehearsal in church
music room
Play Selection Committee:
Participation in 3 St. Kilian Player
productions. Must be at least a Junior in High School. Board
Members & family members of would-be-directors are
2/22 6pm-9pm SKY meets at school cafeteria (rear
basement entrance) for hockey, pizza, and faith talk+
We then move Church food collection to pantry and
then……. Stations of the Cross practice in Church
(pickup @ church 9pm)
Director: Shall be a member 30 years of age or older
with two years involvement with the St. Kilian Players.
Director must be active member of St. Kilian Parish.
2/28 and 3/1 SKY’S Annual 30 Hour Fast / Retreat
(details to TBA)
All letters of intent should be sent to the St. Kilian
Players at the rectory or via e-mail at
[email protected] and must be received by February
27, 2015. Prospective directors and play selection
committee members will meet on March 29, 2015, at
Contact Youth Minister DJ Schultz: [email protected] or
[email protected] to volunteer and for any information
Join Sky facebook [email protected] (Sky) and be a member+
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Outreach is our parish community’s response to the Gospel call to help those in need.
We serve anyone who lives within our parish boundaries regardless of religion, race or ethnicity.
We are located at 140 Elizabeth Street but our main entrance is in the parking lot facing Conklin Street.
We are also available certain Saturdays by appointment only. Spanish translators are available Tuesdays and Fridays.
For further information please call 516-756-9656
Nina Petersen, Director of Outreach
Weather Permitting, this Saturday, 2/7:
From 5:00pm-7:30pm in the Church Basement, no appointments necessary
Volunteers will be here from Catholic Health Services. Refreshments will be served J
For information, call Luz at 631-465-6403.
Did you know we offer Employment Assistance (resume writing, interview coaching, job search tips)? Our
Employment Counselor is here Thursdays from 11:00am to 2:30pm. If interested, call for an appointment.
We apologize, but our voicemail system has been down for over a week. If we did not return your call, it is
because we are unable to pick up any of these communications. So please keep trying us if you do not receive a
return call by the next business day. Again, we are so sorry for this inconvenience.
This week our pantry could use the items listed below. Just drop your donation in the bin in
the gathering space of the church or bring it to Outreach during our regular business
Pancake Mix
Living Waters, located on Wolf Hill Road in Melville, on the grounds of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, provides
individual and group therapy with a Christian perspective - 631-754-3990 email: [email protected]
Our pastor, Father Bruce Powers, besides his graduate degree in theology from the major seminary in
Huntington, New York, holds a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling from St. John’s University ( M.S. in Ed.). In
addition, he has received certification in substance abuse counseling from South Oaks Institute in Amityville, New
York. If you would like his counsel on personal and family difficulties, please contact him at St. Kilian rectory: 516249-0127 or email him for an appointment: [email protected]
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Sunday, February 8, 2015
A time for giving birth
A time for planting
A time for tears
A time for healing
A time for keeping silent
A time for speaking
A time for loving
A time for building
A time for peace
—Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
St. Kilian Women’s Guild
“Evening of Recollection”
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Mass in the Church at 6 P.M.
Handicapped Encounter Christ (HEC) is in need of
volunteers for its annual retreat which will be held
Thursday, April 23 through Sunday, April 26, 2015 at
Camp Alvernia in Centerport, NY.
HEC is a retreat weekend for persons 18 years and older
with special needs. Each candidate has a team member
with them throughout the weekend. It is a prayerful
experience of song, talks, sharing, Eucharist and many
other joyful moments. Please contact us if you know of
someone (whether at home or in a group home) who
would like to attend the retreat. An application will be sent
upon request.
There are many roles to be filled. We are in need of team
members, kitchen help, setting up and taking down the
camp, as well as drivers for our candidates.
Followed by light Supper
in the Blue Room
Guest Speaker:
Father Michael F. Duffy
For more information
call Iris at (516) 249-8538
or Lorraine at (516) 694-8943
$15.00 per person
“All Are Welcome”
Our first planning meeting will take place on Monday
February 9, 2015, 7 pm at St. Francis of Assisi in
Greenlawn. Two follow-up meetings are planned for
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 7 pm and Tuesday, April
14, 2015 at 7 pm. We request that those interested in
assisting a candidate make every effort to attend at least
two of the meetings.
Please call Deacon Frank & Michele Barone at 516-4201207 or e-mail at
[email protected] to volunteer or participate
as a candidate.
Marian Healing Ministry
Continuing the Marian Healing Ministry of
Fr. Dennis Kelleher CSsR there will be a Healing Mass at
St. Anastasia’s Church, 45-14 245th St., Douglaston Little Neck, NY 11362, on Tuesday, February 10,2015.
7:00PM - Rosary, Mass & Healing Service
Celebrant: Fr. Augustine Fernando
Assisted by Deacons Joseph Mercolino, John Dennehy,
Michael Vicinanza. Music: Tony Owen
For information contact St. Anastasia’s Church at 718631-4454. Come and experience the outpouring of the
Holy Spirit, the presence, healing touch and power of Our
Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of Mary the Mother
of God and Our Mother.
Let us say THANK YOU by supporting their businesses. Please let them know that you saw their ad in
our Parish Bulletin.
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Sunday, February 8, 2015
We are grateful to those parishioners
who braved the winter’s cold and took
a day from their daily routine to
witness to the nation on our behalf.
Let us pick up on and continue their
efforts as we work together to protect
and defend all human life from its
true beginning until its natural end.
Pro-Lifers are:
And in so many other situations where
human life is disrespected.”
at 516-523-0373 or
call IRENE MUHS - 516-249-6567
Faith on Tap is a forum engaging young adults in straight
talk and honest answers to questions of faith. FOT is a
venue where a young adult can meet other young adults
who are also living out their faith. Next Faith on Tap will
be on Monday, February 9 at 7:30pm at the Wantagh
Inn, across from the Wantagh RR Station. Our talk for
the evening will be “The Hobbit: The Journey of a Soul”
given by Anthony Gentile, a dynamic and passionate
speaker who works closely with the Young Adult Ministry in
the Diocese.
Married Couples! Are you looking for the perfect
Valentine’s Gift? A Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Weekend just might be what you are looking for. The
next weekend on Long Island is scheduled for
February 13-15, 2015 at the Montfort Spiritual Center
in Bay Shore, NY. For more info or to apply call 1-877697-9963 or visit our website at
Knights of Columbus - Knight At The Races
Friday, February 27, 2015
Tellers Open at 6:30pm
Meal at 7:00PM
Races Start at 8:00PM
1 Morton St. Farmingdale, NY 11735
(off Route 109 behind 7-11)
Tickets: $12 per person
(Includes Food, Beverages and Dessert)
For tickets call 516-755-2204
Employment Opportunity
Be a Suffolk County Police Officer
Apply Now at
2/8 (Sun) - Pro-Life Meeting 10:30-10:55AM, in the
Green Rm of St. Kilian’s Church Basement. Light
refreshments will be served.
2/14 (Sat) - 10:30-11:30AM Prayer vigil outside Planned
Parenthood, 35 Carman’s Rd, Massapequa.We
do this EVERY Sat., Please join us when you
Special Opportunity for Spanish Speaking Applicants
Last Date for Filing is April 1, 2015 Exam date is June 13, 2015
Application Fee: $100.00
If you need assistance with applying online, call the
Department of Civil Service at 631-853-5500 for help.
This test is only offered every 4 years.
Requirements - minimum age of 19 years on date of test.
Maximum age, 34 years. Military candidates may have a
period of active military duty, up to six years, deducted
from their age for purposes of determining whether they
meet the age requirement. Education - High School
Diploma - NO COLLEGE REQUIRED.United States citizen
at time of appointment.
St. Kilian Catholic Church
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Ciclos de Fe
Celebremos Los
Todos los Sábados a las 6:15PM.
Ultimos miércoles de cada mes.
Se celebra cada cuarto domingo de
mes, a las 2:00 de la tarde. Es requisito para los papás y
padrinos, atender la clase pre-bautismal, cada tercer miércoles de
mes a las 6:30 PM, en la parte baja de la Iglesia. Por favor llame
a la rectoría para hacer su cita con el sacerdote, para llenar el
formato; usted deberá traer el certificado o registro de nacimiento
de su niño. Los niños de 6 años ó más, deberán asistir a las
clases de catequesis regular.
PADRINOS: Deben ser católicos, con los Sacramentos de
Bautismo, Comunión y Confirmación; solteros ó casados por la
Iglesia. Deben traer una notificación indicando que están
registrados o son miembros de la Parroquia, en donde viven ó
adonde asisten a misa. No pueden ser padrinos las personas que
tienen parejas sin haberse casados por la Iglesia.
Deben haber recibido los Sacramentos de Bautismo, Comunión y
Confirmación ó estar asistiendo a las clases regulares de
Educación Religiosa ó RICA (Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para
invitamos a una preparación espiritual de conversión a la fé
católica. Favor comunicarse con la Hna: Reina Vásquez
(631)902-9969. Las clases iniciarán en septiembre.
Es necesario hacer una entrevista con el Sacerdote ó Diácono de
la Parroquia con 6 meses de anticipación, para la celebración de
su boda. Es imprescindible que todas las parejas, asistan a PRECANA (charlas pre-matrimoniales), para poder casarse. Para
mayor información, llamar a la Rectoría (516)-249-0127 ext.129
P. Antonio o hablar con él, después de la Misa, los sábados.
8 de Febrero de 2015
5º Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
La vida de la sociedad de hoy está colmada de
desilusiones y enfermedades. A dondequiera que veamos
hay algo que nos conmueve. En la primera lectura el
Libro de Job describe la realidad de aquel tiempo y el de
ahora. La fatiga, nostalgia y prisa nos rodean:
“Recuerda, Señor, que mi vida es un soplo. Mis ojos no
volverán a ver la dicha”. Para Job la vida es servicio y
trata de trabajar duro como un jornalero. Démonos
cuenta de que la condición humana tiene como
característica el esfuerzo y el sufrimiento. Es necesario
trabajar para recibir nuestro salario como recompensa.
Pero hay muchas personas que como Job ni siquiera
tienen el consuelo de una recompensa o un salario. El
Libro de Job nos enseña que la vida es frágil y
quebradiza. Suele parecer que como un soplo, nuestro
destino es la muerte. Más, sin embargo, en el Evangelio,
Marcos nos muestra a un Jesús ocupado siempre,
curando, orando y anunciando la Buena Nueva. El Señor
Jesús es el único capaz de curar y de vencer el mal que
nos aqueja: “Y [Jesús] recorrió toda Galilea, predicando
en las sinagogas y expulsando a los demonios”. ¿Qué
males tengo? ¿Cuáles deben ser expulsados para que
sea yo feliz? Tres aspectos de la vida terrena de Jesús
deben tomar nuestra atención. Primero, sanar nuestras
heridas físicas y espirituales. Jesús es el médico y desea
que sanemos. Segundo es orar: nuestras actividades no
nos deben de apartar de la intimidad con Dios. Por
último, anunciar y proclamar la Buena Nueva. Pero
observemos que si no tenemos las primeras dos, de nada
servirá que hagamos la tercera. Hacer bien el trabajo que
se nos encomienda significa luchar contra el mal.
¿Entendemos esto?
Todos los miércoles de 6:00 a 9:00 PM, en el Grupo de Oración.
Lugar: Cafetería.
Llamar a la Rectoría, inmediatamente en caso de emergencia o
enfermedad, para que la persona reciba los Sacramentos
necesarios. (516)- 249-0127 Ext. 129 Padre Antonio.
(Renovación Carismática) Todos los miércoles de 7 a 9:30 PM en
la cafetería Y la Santa Misa, en la Iglesia, los últimos miércoles de
cada mes a las 7:00 P.M.
Servicios Católico De Salud De Long Island
ofrecemos información y educacion para su salud y
su bienstar
St. Kilian Parish Basement
Sabado, 7 de Febrero - 5:00pm-7:30PM
*Se ofreceran refrescos*
Para obtener mas información, teléfono a Luz en
Servicios Católico, 631-465-6403
Se reúnen todos los sábados, después de Misa. Para
información, hablar con Nelson (516)351-8913/ Erlin (631)7051229.
St. Kilian Catholic Church