Media Pack 2015 - Intelligent Transport Systems Review

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ITS (UK) Review and
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ITS (UK) Review and
Annual Review
ITS (UK), the UK association for the
The ITS (UK) Annual Review
industry as well provide a more
promotion of Intelligent Transport
showcases the ‘ever increasing’
progressive communications tool
Systems (ITS), is a not-for-profit
value of technology-based solutions
more suited to ITS (UK) and its
public and private sector
in today’s world, celebrating UK
association financed by members’
expertise, keeping readers informed
of current innovation and providing
The organisation is a forum for
both stakeholders and practitioners
Media Pack 2015
The future of transport lies in
effectively moving people and
goods across our transport
system. This is important for the
UK’s economy in order to improve
communication, efficiency, safety
and reduce carbon emissions.
There is a strong focus from
central government on the
development of new technology
and infrastructure. Collaboration
between government
departments, local authorities,
police forces, consultants, service
companies, academia and industry
is therefore vital. Furthermore,
investment in transport systems
now will allow for strong
economic growth in the future.
members with a solid promotional
There will be two further issues
per year of the ITS review,
published in a digital format
on the ITS (UK) Review website
to come together to share and
ITS (UK) operates at the hub of the All
provide mutual understanding and
UK’s Intelligent Transport Systems
subscribers to the Annual Review
increase knowledge and awareness
network and prides itself on
will be sent a email alerting them to
of best practice, in turn promoting
ensuring every copy of ITS Annual
the new publication and containing
the international excellence of UK
Review goes to key stakeholders
a direct link to the digital magazine.
technology, expertise and solutions.
currently active in the intelligent
ITS (UK) membership comprises
transport systems industry.
A series of ITS Review branded
monthly newsletters is also
over 150 UK organisations from
Published in April 2015 in printed
planned, updating subscribers to
government departments,
and digital formats the ITS Annual
the latest news in between issues of
local authorities, police forces,
Review is distributed to a list of
the magazine, as well as exclusive
consultants, manufacturing and
2500 key industry professionals
round table events.
service companies, as well as
including ITS (UK) member
academic and research institutions.
companies and the wider intelligent
transport systems community. The
additional digital version offers
a format that allows ITS (UK) to
broaden its reach within the
ITS (UK) Member breakdown by type
7% %
nITS product manufacturers
nLocal authority and central
nSpecialist ITS service providers
nEducational establishments
nIndustry bodies
Annual Review printed circulation breakdown*
n760 - Non-member senior
central and local government
n700 - ITS (UK) members
n540 - Key industry events
Total circulation: 3000
* source ITS (UK)
Rate Card Packages
ITS Roundtables
In order to assist in marketing activities, special
promotional packages have been developed to
enable advertisers to capitalise on the benefits
offered by both printed and digital media.
ITS roundtables offer you the opportunity to
be the exclusive sponsor of a high interest
and topical debate on a key market area at
an event which brings together up to ten key
individuals from the sector.
Sales Director
Full page package
The event will appear as a prominent
four-page feature in the ITS (UK) Annual
Review, published April 2015.
Advertising Sales
• Package 1:
One full page advertisement in Annual Review + a full page advertorial article in Annual
Printed once a
year in a luxury
yearbook format
- a reference
work likely to be
retained all year
Printed copies
distributed to
a list of 2,500
key industry
Also published
online at www.
The next issue
of the ITS (UK)
Annual Review
will be published
in Apeil 2015 and
will tie in with
the Traffex 2015
• Package 2:
As Package 1 + banner with live link on ITS (UK)
Review website for full year
* Premium positions (Inside front cover or Outside
back cover) £2000
Half page package
• Package 1:
One half page advertisement in Annual Review + a half page advertorial article in Annual
• Package 2:
As Package 1 + banner with live link on ITS (UK)
Review website for full year
All editorial articles submitted must be approved
by ITS (UK) prior to being published
The roundtable feature in the ITS Annual
Review will include photos, comments and
your branding; three of the four pages will be
editorial/reporting of the topic, debate and
event and then the fourth page is dedicated
for the sponsors comments, to outline your
opinion and expertise on this market area.
The roundtable will also be available online at and be promoted via email
driving extra interest and readers to view the
results of the debate.
As the exclusive sponsor you will have the opportunity to invite one of your clients to take part in the roundtable as well
as have up to two representatives from your company at the table too; representing your interests and importantly
expertise on the subject matter.
Roundtables produce excellent and engaging editorial content which draws readers and positions yourself as a key
leader in your chosen area.
A senior transport journalist or a key member from the ITS will chair/host the event to ensure it is impartial, content
driven and flows naturally and is productive.
Round tables are excellent tools to align yourself with key individuals and present your company as a thought leader on
a specific area of interest.
This exclusive sponsorship package costs £5,000 and includes:
• Input on the core topic for the event
• Submit three questions you would like discussed
• Venue hire
• Invitations to the guests
• Two seats at the table for your representatives
• Option to invite one client to the event
• Option to bring branding and marketing literature to the event
• Photographs being taken of the debate to appear in ITS (UK) Annual Review
• A journalist at the event
• Key ITS member relevant to the debate to chair or take part
• Four page feature of the roundtable in the ITS (UK) Annual Review 2015
• A dedicated roundtable section on reporting on the event
• Promo on an ITS Review newsletter
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ITS (UK) Annual Review April 2015
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20 April 2015
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ITS (UK) Review July 2015
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20 July 2015
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Display ad copy deadline 13 July 2015
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ITS (UK) Review November 2015
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