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 An AMA Gold Club  The January meeting is Thursday the 1st at
the field. Come join the fun on January 1st.
This is a tradition that I brought to the club
when I moved here from the Texas panhandle.
We have added to the tradition by a having
soup and chili lunch. Several also bring
desserts, meat trays and other side dishes to
Vice President - John Louden
Secretary - Tom Carlyle
Treasurer - John Edwards
Field Marshall - Tom E. Hatfield
Safety Officer - Tom L. Hatfield
The first January 1 here, to keep my streak of
flying the first day of each new year alive, I flew
a quick flight with my old Morris Hobbies
Sudokhoi profile in a 20 degree outside
temperature, 15 mph wind and several inches
of snow on the ground. I started it and warmed
it up in the garage not knowing what to expect
with low outside air temps. Then I threw it in
the back of the pickup with a towel wrapped
around the engine and headed for the field.
The most unfavorable conditions I ever saw on
a first in Southwest Kansas, where I learned to
fly RC, or the Texas panhandle was a 35
degree day with freezing rain. For the record,
r/c airplanes can ice up. Although, I guess
you could say that steady 40 mph winds are
unfavorable, just makes it a little more
interesting (ever seen an r/c plane fly
Safety Officer - Don Trosper
Feel free to approach any of the officers with any
questions you may have and maybe wish them the
best. This team will make every attempt possible to
lead our club and keep it fun!
Please welcome your 2015 -2016 officers:
For you WWII history buffs, I recently read a
book about the Mighty 8th Air Force. The book is
Masters of the Air by Donald L. Miller. It tells the
stories of many of the airmen who flew with the 8th.
Starting January 28th, 2015, HBO will be showing a
10 part miniseries. The series is produced by
Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks and is said to
have a $500 million budget. The TV series, they
say, will avoid using composite characters, focusing
instead on real stories of the actual figures who flew
with the Eighth Air Force. The January 2015 issue
of FLYING magazine has a nice article about this
TV series.
President - Rege Hall
Another blast from the past
It’s that time again to
renew your AMA and
club membership
Members have the option to renew using the
mailed Renewal Notice, online, via fax (765)741-0057, or over the phone (800) 435-9262.
From Joe Miller comes some real old history:
Visiting with the girlfriend's parents after
thanksgiving, with her dad and I discussing his
favoring 'older' airplanes (with regards to my
R/C flying), I became the recipient of this P-38
(along with a smaller F-89 Scorpion). He built
these over 50+ years ago as a teen, and has
stored them in an upstairs bedroom closet
I believe the P-38 was a 'Cleveland' models kit,
as he also gave me the box for the F-89 which
he still had (with plans still in it!). I believe I
can make this an r/c flyer, as it was originally
rubber band power. Some carbon fiber rod
reinforcement, re-learning how to cover a
model, some micro servos, and I believe this
thing may fly!
Here it is skinned and ready for restoration:
We ask that each member read the message
located at the top of the renewal notice. Each
form is personalized to show the amount you
owe for 2015. Most have options for
membership, including different alternatives for
magazine subscriptions. Please read this
carefully to ensure you sign up for the package
that best suits you. If any of your contact
information needs to be modified, please do so
on the form. Modifications can also be made if
you choose to renew online under your
membership profile in the ‘members only’
If you have already renewed for 2015, please
tear off the ballot at the bottom of the form and
send it. No envelope is required.
The AMA Foundation was officially launched at
the 2014 AMA Expo in Ontario, CA.
Information, including the AMA Foundation’s
mission, and support programs, can be found
in the brochure included with your renewal
notice. Support of the AMA Foundation will
provide the funding necessary to continue
AMA’s mission and its efforts to build,
enhance, grow, preserve, and protect model
If you are interested in supporting the Academy
with its legislative efforts and its dealing with
protecting modelers’ rights to fly— select the
“Advocacy/Government Relations” box.
Members who give $10 or more for the 2015
membership year will receive a donor icon on
their membership card.
More information about the AMA Foundation
can be found online:
If you have any questions please contact the
AMA membership department, (800) 435-9262.
Tri-County Club Annaul Swap Meet
Sunday January 11, 2015. New location,
Cross Countyr Mall, 700 E. Broadway Ave.
East, Matoon, IL 61938. Go around to the
back side of the mall. Doors open to the
public 9 am to 1 pm. Vendors set up at 8 am.
Contacts Steve Epperson, 217-460-0510 or
[email protected] Admission
$5, vendors tables $5 per table. Around 90
tables available. There is a food avaialble and
a raffle during the event.
SWAP MEET - TriCounty Aero
Vincennes, Indiana
Saturday, January 24,2015
First Church of the Nazarene
1902 Main Street
Set-up at 8:30AM - Sales at 9:00AM 'till 1:00 PM
1st Table with Admission $5
Additional Tables $5 each
TCA Members, Ladies, Youth 12 and under Free
All times are Vincennes time.
Same location as 2014.
2014-12-10 09:43:02
FAA Press Release
The Department of Transportation’s Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted five
regulatory exemptions for unmanned aircraft
systems (UAS) operations to four companies
representing several industries that promise to
benefit from UAS technology.
The four companies that received exemptions
want to fly UAS to perform operations for aerial
surveying, construction site monitoring and oil
rig flare stack inspections.
“Unmanned aircraft offer a tremendous
opportunity to spur innovation and economic
activity by enabling many businesses to
develop better products and services for their
customers and the American public,” said
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “We
want to foster commercial uses of this exciting
technology while taking a responsible
approach to the safety of America’s airspace.”
The commercial entities that received
exemptions are Trimble Navigation Limited,
VDOS Global, LLC, Clayco, Inc. and Woolpert,
Inc. (two exemptions). The FAA earlier granted
exemptions to seven film and video production
Secretary Foxx found that the UAS in the
proposed operations do not need an FAAissued certificate of airworthiness because they
do not pose a threat to national airspace users
or national security. Those findings are
permitted under Section 333 of the FAA
Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.
The firms also asked the FAA to grant
exemptions from regulations that address
general flight rules, pilot certificate
requirements, manuals, maintenance and
equipment mandates. In their petitions, the
firms said they will operate UAS weighing less
than 55 pounds and keep the UAS within line
of sight at all times.
In granting the exemptions, the FAA
considered the operating environments and
required certain conditions and limitations to
assure the safe operation of these UAS in the
National Airspace System. The agency also
will issue Certificates of Waiver or
Authorization (COAs) that mandate flight rules
and timely reports of any accident or incidents.
“The FAA’s first priority is the safety of our
nation’s aviation system,” said FAA
Administrator Michael Huerta. “Today’s
exemptions are a step toward integrating UAS
operations safely.”
As of today, the agency has received 167
requests for exemptions from commercial
You can view the FAA’s exemption grants at
Small and very important parts and fasteners will be
much easier to find and store if you organize your
field box and/or workshop drawers. A very
inexpensive alternative to those ready-made parts
bins and compartmental storage boxes are leftover
plastic Tic Tac containers. Tape several together as
shown and add those little screws, nuts, grommets,
etc. An added benefit is that your breath will always
be minty fresh!
5 Budget tips from Model Airplane News
Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back
on a budget. These five easy tips are sure to make
your modeling life easier, and they don’t cost a
If one of your model’s control servo connectors
become unplugged during flight, at best, you’re
going to have a really tough time getting it back on
the ground in one piece. At worst, you could lose
the model completely due to a serious crash. By
simply crossing your servo lead end like this and
forming a half-knot at the connection, you can be
sure the connectors won’t come undone even while
under extreme forces during aerobatic flight.
Using an old milk crate (readily available
everywhere!) and some water pipe insulation foam,
makes an inexpensive, yet very sturdy model
airplane maintenance and support stand. It’s also
big enough to use as an equipment caddy to
transport your battery charger and field equipment.
Subscribe by going to:
We all know that L-shaped hex head Allen
wrenches are handy. You can easily turn an Allen
wrench into a long-reach hex driver with a little
shop work and a length of 4-inch wood dowel. Drill
a hole in the end and a second larger hole to
intersect the first (as shown) through the side of the
dowel. Split the dowel lengthwise and remove
excess side material with a band saw. Next, add a
threaded cinch bolt to clamp the Allen wrench
securely in place. This design also allows you to
change sizes of the Allen wrenches.
gas engine that may need an ignition module,
other than that, it runs
great) $500, contact Rege Hall
If you’re having trouble getting your tape hinges to
stick to your foam airplane, use a Q-tip to apply a
thin coating of medium or thick foam-safe CA to
the area where the tape will be applied. Let the
adhesive air dry (don’t use kicker!) and then apply
the tape. The hinge material will stick more
securely and will last much longer than if it were
applied to the untreated foam surface.
Here is the link to Model Airplane News weekly
Didn’t get that plane or heli you were hoping for
at Christmas? Be sure to check out the Swap
Shop page on the website, you will find some
great bargains.
For Sale – Top Flite P-51 Mustang ARF, new
in box. 86” wing span. Includes Robart air
retracts, used in excellent shape, never had an
air leak issue. Includes tanks, gauge, servo
valve, filler, quick disconnects, lines and
restrictors. For a 40cc to 60 cc gas engine or
large electric set up. (I’ll throw in a 3MM 53cc
For Sale:Goldberg Bucker Jungmann Receiver ready. Built in 1998. Covered in
Coverite prepainted fabric. Saito 150 4 stroke
engine, Hitec 635 servos, 2500 nimh flight
battery. Covering is kind of faded after 16
years but it still looks ok. A great flying biplane.
$425.00. Also a new in the box kit, $175.
Contact John Louden, [email protected]
For Sale - Hobby King 30cc Tucano. Includes
30cc DLE engine and retracts and all Hitec
servos. Good condition, small crack in canopy,
and looks great in the air. $600 w/ JR 9 ch
reciever or $500 without. Contact Brian James
- [email protected]
For Sale - Hobbistar 60. ARF, flown once. 4
each Futaba servos (brand new). Brand new
Super Tigre .61 installed. Add your receiver
and battery and go fly. $700 value - Asking
$300.00. Contact Monty Miller,
[email protected]
For Sale: Tiger 2 - receiver ready. Saito 50 4
stroke engine, 5 standard servos, 2500 nimh
flight battery. $350.00. Contact John Louden,
[email protected]
For Sale: Great Planes 1/3 Scale Christen
Eagle II, Zenoah G-45 w/Pitts Smoke Muffler,
Simple Smoke System, Spektrum 2.4 receiver.
Bind N Fly = $650 , Without batteries = $600,
without batteries and receiver = $550. Contact
Bob Groves 317-440-8604 or e-mail:
[email protected] or [email protected]
Support your local hobby shops and our club
sponsors. If you have anything for the
newsletter or website, drop the editor a note
via the website. Fly safe and enjoy.