MultiModal Supply Chain BeSt praCtiCe SeMinarS

MultiModal Supply Chain
BeSt praCtiCe SeMinarS
Tuesday 28th – Thursday 30th April, Halls 6, 7 and 8 NEC Birmingham
learn from the experts in a
series of panel debates and
workshops designed to help
you run a slicker supply chain,
keep up to date with the latest
regulations, and stay ahead of
the curve thanks to new ideas
and innovative solutions. We
have teamed up with the Cilt
and the Fta to deliver three
days of topical sessions.
• Modal shift
• Freight by water
• air freight skills gap
• Container weights regulation
Topics include:
• omnichannel challenges
• rail Freight solutions and
• Calculating your carbon footprint
• incentivising 3pls
• the Cilt’s Vision 2035
• environmental paving
• reducing warehouse costs
• inventory optimisation
• navigating the transport
compliance maze
• Focus on australia
• introducing a new
lightweight pallet solution
• regional development
in humber
• Creating airfreight
Speakers from:
Cilt, Fta, Boots, Sainsbury’s,
the Co-operative, lafarge,
network rail, dB Schenker,
the CBoa, iChCa, enVista,
Clear returns, iJS global,
transworth rail, Schiphol
airport, SaSi, pallite, excello
law, oBS logistics, labyrinth
Consulting, rail Freight
Consulting, Filterpave,
university of hull, dnata,
Cranfield university.
Day One
Multimodal 2015
Workshop series
tuesday 28th april
Transport compliance – navigate the maze
The different elements of O Licence compliance including the
undertakings and requirements to operate vehicles legally. The
responsibilities of company directors and transport managers
Speaker: ruth Waring, Managing director, Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd
Innovation in rail freight: why doesn’t it
happen and how can we improve it?
A look at the barriers to innovation preventing changes in delivery or the
introduction of new products. Discussion and presentation of ideas on how
this can be improved
Speaker: ralph Goldney, Managing director, Rail Freight Consulting
Regional development in the Humber region
The fourth biggest port cluster in Europe
Speaker: professor amar ramudhin, director at the logistics institute,
University of Hull
other speakers tbc
Environmental paving solutions
Speaker: tim McKee, technical Consultant, Filterpave
Day One
Multimodal 2015
CILT Seminar Day
tuesday 28th april
the Cilt is the independent professional body for individuals associated with logistics,
supply chains, and all transport, throughout their careers.
Introducing the CILT Knowledge Centre
The CILT’s resources include on-line, as well as traditional sources, and
can provide one-to-one services
Speaker: peter huggins, Knowledge Centre Manager, CILT
Omnichannel panel
How can supply chains adapt to the demands of omnichannel, a look at the
challenges and solutions for retail, including an introduction to drones
Speakers: Steve agg, CILT
andy Banks, Supply Chain Vision & planning, Waitrose
Steve Wilson, head of Supply Chain innovation, Boots UK
Vicky Brock, Ceo, Clear Returns
naomi landman, director Commercial development, IJS Global
Catherine Weetman, Vice Chairman of the environment and
Sustainability Forum, CILT
The future of rail freight
Multimodal opportunities for supply chain solutions
Speakers: Steve pryce, head of Marketing, DB Schenker Rail UK
Julian Worth, director, Transworth Rail
and Chair of Cilt’s Rail Freight Forum
andrew hemmings, national officer Cymru, CILT UK
Geoff Clarke, transport Consultant, AECOM
Inventory optimisation
Ensuring a demand driven supply chain – having the right SKu at the right
place in the right quantity at the right time
Speakers: Jim Barnes, Senior Managing partner, enVista
other speakers tbc
The CILT Vision 2035
What are the challenges facing the industry in the next 20 years and how
can we best adapt to the changes and shape the future?
Speakers: daniel parker-Klein, head of policy, CILT UK
nick Gazzard, Ceo and Founder, Incept (tbc)
professor alan Braithwaite, visiting professor, Cranfield University (tbc)
Day Two
Multimodal 2015
The Loadstar Air
Freight Sessions
Wednesday 29th april
Multimodal has teamed up with the loadstar to produce a series of panel debates focused on
challenges for the air freight industry. the loadstar is an online news portal with a focus on supply
chain and transport.
Creating efficiencies in the uK’s airfreight
supply chain
How future capacity will be deployed in the uK
alex lennane, editor, The Loadstar
dayle hauxwell, Cargo Manager, Peel Airports, tbc
enno osinga, Senior Vice president Cargo,
Amerstdam Airport Schiphol
iaG, tbc
adam Wasserman, Managing partner, GLD Partners, tbc
Mohammed akhlaq, business development director, Dnata UK
Creating efficiencies from airport to door
How to improve and create more efficiencies in uK air freight
supply chains
alex lennane, editor, The Loadstar
doug overett, uK Business development director, CEVA
Steve downing, project Manager, VOLGA DNEPR, tbc
The airfreight skills gap
How do we train and retain tomorrow’s airfreight leaders?
alex lennane, editor, The Loadstar
robert Keen, director General, BIFA, tbc
lilian tan, executive director – learning and development,
Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI)
other, tbc
Day Two
Multimodal 2015
FTA Seminar Day
Wednesday 29th april
the Freight transport association (Fta) represents the transport interests of companies moving goods by road, rail,
sea and air. Fta members operate more than 200,000 lorries – almost half the uK fleet – and members deliver over
90 percent of freight moved by rail, and 70 percent of uK visible exports by sea and air.
Measuring your carbon footprint
The importance of recording, reporting and reducing carbon emissions
across the supply chain
Speakers: Chris Welsh, director of Global and european policy, FTA
Justin Kirkhope, project Manager, Logistics Strategy, Co-operative
rachael dillon, Climate Change policy Manager, FTA
“The agenda for more rail freight”
The key targets set by retailers and shippers for achieving sustainable
growth in rail freight
Speakers: Chris Welsh, director of Global and european policy, FTA
Justin Kirkhope, project Manager, Logistics Strategy, Co-operative
Chris Macrae, Manager railfreight policy, FTA
paul McMahon, Freight director, Network Rail
Kevin Greenaway, national planning Manager, Sainsbury’s
John Carpenter, national rail Manager, Lafarge
Freight by water
A look at the opportunities and how to make the shift
Speakers: Chris Welsh, director of Global and european policy, FTA
Chris Macrae, Manager railfreight policy, FTA
ross thompson, Group Sales director, Peel Ports
John dodwell, trustee, Canal & River Trust
Preparing for new legislation on the verification
of container weights
All parts of the supply chain will be affected by the new regulations which
come into force next year. The panel looks at best practice and introduces
the idea of accreditation
Speakers: Chris Welsh, director of Global and european policy, FTA
Capt. richard Brough, technical and admin director, ICHCA
Keith Bradley, hazardous Cargoes advisor,
Marine and Coastguard Agency
Reducing the environmental impact and
operational costs of your warehouse
using the building envelope to generate heat, solar PV & modern building design
Speakers: Brian Watson, Group development director, CA Group Ltd
andrew Brewster, project development engineer, Renewables Design Team
paul edis, Solar power development team, Belectric
Stuart Brown, project development Manager, CA Group Ltd
Day Three
Multimodal 2015
Shop Window
thursday 30th april
Multimodal has brought together experts from across the industry to share insight and introduce new ideas to
help you run a slicker supply chain.
Creating end-to-end logistics infrastructure
A look at the growing Australian logistics market, and how to overcome
supply chain challenges such as internal timezones and working with
mixed freight over long distances
dave renshaw, Ceo, OBS Logistics
Saving costs and reducing carbon with a
revolutionary new lightweight pallet
A live demonstration of, and an introduction to, a new 100 percent
recyclable fibreboard pallet capable of holding up to a one tonne load and
ISPM15 exempt
rani Virdee, Sustainability Consultant, Pallite
Incentivising 3PLs
How do we choose outsourced providers, is it cost or service, and how
can we find the right balance? A look at using KPIs as a motivator to help
providers deliver a tailored service and how to make sure you get the
benefit of your provider’s specialist knowledge
nigel Kotani, Solicitor, Excello Law