InnoApps EU-ChInA hACkAthon FInAl 4 FEbrUAry 2015

InnoApps EU-ChInA hACkAthon FInAl
4 FEbrUAry 2015
The InnoApps Hackathon Final will be held from 4.15pm to 8pm at the Bibliotheque Solvay,
Parc Léopold, Belliardstraat 137, followed by a cocktail reception.
Opening Speech by Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and President, EYIF
Welcome keynote speech by Antonio Salvatore Graziano, Vice-President at Huawei’s
European Public Affairs and Communications Office
Session 1: InnoApps Hackathon – Pitch Your App!
Moderated by Robin Wouters, Co-founder
Frank Kresin, Research Director, Waag Society
Arne Herkelmann, Head of Handset Portfolio & Planning Europe, Huawei
Lionel de Somer and Vincent Castus, Co-founders, Pinch
Miranda Qu, Co-founder, Little Red Book
Jana Vecerkova, Director, EYIF
Special address: InnoApps 2013 2nd Winner, Natalia Vicente, TagTagCity
Coffee Break
Session 2: Urban Smart – App Life or City Life?
Moderated by Robin Wouters, Co-founder
Colette Maloney, Head of Unit, DG Connect
Eva Paunova, MEP, Bulgaria
Frank Kresin, Research Director, Waag Society
Gerard Corcoran, Senior Solution Manager at Huawei
Miranda Qu, Co-founder, Little Red Book
Keynote by Robert Madelin, Director-General, DG Connect
InnoApps Award Ceremony
Cocktail Reception
#InnoApps, @EYIF, @HuaweiEU
InnoApps EU-China Hackathon Final
4 February 2015
Colette Maloney
Head of Unit DG CONNECT, European Commission
Frank KresinKresin, @Kresin
Research Director, Waag Society
Head of Unit Smart Cities and Sustainability Unit at the European
Commission’s Directorate-General for Communications Networks,
Content and Technology. From 2004-2008, Dr. Maloney was Head of Unit
Cognitive Systems and Robotics and was responsible for building up a
substantial R&D initiative in this domain. Prior to this she held various
assignments in the Commission in the field of ICT, from microelectronics,
to telecommunications and digital content. Before joining the
Commission in 1994, she held research positions in Ciba, Switzerland
and Dartmouth College, USA. She has a BSc in Mathematics and Physics
(summa cum laude) and a PhD in Physics (1982 and 1986 respectively)
from Trinity College Dublin.
Research Director at Waag Society, responsible for the research
programme and chairman of the Management Team. The research
programme consists of six research themes, aimed at healthcare,
education, culture, society, the government and the business world.
Frank has a background as filmmaker and holds a masters degree in
Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam. He has worked
as a programme manager at the Dutch Digital University Consortium, and
filmmaker functional designer at the University of Amsterdam. He is a
board member for ISOC NL and The Mobile City, and currently serves in
the steering committees of Erfgoed & Locatie (Heritage & Location) and
CineGrid Amsterdam.
Wauters, @Robinwauters
Miranda Qu
Co-founder of Little Red Book
Robin is a seasoned European technology journalist and founding editor
of, a new digital publication dedicated to covering the EU tech
industry in depth. He was formerly the European Editor of The Next
Web, and before that a senior editor at TechCrunch (acquired by AOL in
2010) and managing editor of Robin started his career
working as Internet marketing manager for IT company Hostbasket
(acquired by Telenet) and later as online media manager for Belgian ICT
publisher Datanews / VNUnet (acquired by Roularta). He went on to cofound social media agency Talking Heads in 2009 (the company became
part of Web development agency Netlash in 2010). Robin occasionally
serve as a startup advisory board member – more specifically, he is
currently a minor shareholder in / advisor to Belgian startups such as
Checkthis (Frontback), Maily, Showpad, Argus Labs and ARTPLUS.
Co-founder of Little Red Book, app that provides a mobile platform
for the people all around the world to share their overseas shopping
experience, including picture, brand, price, address and above all the
personal comments. Based in Shanghai, Little Red Book has accumulated
2 million people and more than 10 million sharings since Jan 2014.
Miranda also gained 8-year experience in media & marketing and 5 in
general management.
Antonio Salvatore Graziano
Vice-President at Huawei’s European Public Affairs and
Communications Office
Since May 2011, Mr Graziano has held the position of Vice-President at
Huawei’s European Public Affairs and Communications Office in Brussels.
Mr Graziano holds a B.Sc. Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
and a Master’s certificate in Business administration from the University
College of Cardiff, UK. Starting off as an engineer for AB Electronics
Newport, Wales, he spent nine years at Matsushita Electric (Panasonic)
Television Division, where he held senior European and international
positions. He went on to join EACEM (the former European Association
of the Consumer Electronic Manufacturer) where he was appointed
Technical Officer charged with organising, coordinating and administering
EACEM’s Technical Committee liaisons with standardisation institutes
and EU legislators and with providing expert information and advice on
regulatory issues.
Arne Herkelmann
Head of Handset Portfolio & Planning Europe, Huawei
Arne is a tech heavy gadget lover from day one and found his profession
within the mobile industry. Starting his career with Symbian programming
for Vodafone as part of his diploma thesis, Arne joined o2 Germany in
2005 as part of the device accreditation team. In 2007 he then decided
to change from the customer to the supplier perspective and therefore
joined HTC when they started building their consumer brand in
Europe. 2010 Arne took another step joining Huawei Device as Product
Manager for a global account and since early 2013 he’s now heading the
Smartphone portfolio of Huawei Device in Western Europe.
Lionel de Somer, @LioneldeS
Co-founder Pinch
Lionel has a very diverse career. In the past ten years, he is interested
in entrepreneurship in different areas, countries and continents.
After spending a year in Asia within a NGOs, he co-founded Assisto.
Assisto’s goal is to help reduce the problems that arise from the use
of the European Accident Statements in its paper form both for users
and insurance companies making it quicker, easier and less costly for
insurance companies to handle.
Kumardev Chatterjee, @Kumardevc
Founder and President EYIF
Kumardev Chatterjee is a Young Innovation leader, top-tier ICT industry
professional, European Commission appointed expert and New York
Times published opinion leader, all by the age of 35. Chatterjee’s vision,
opinions and views have been published by the New York Times, World
Economic Forum, European Commission, European Business Summit,
Microsoft and leading tech media acr oss Europe. Chatterjee is one of
the 45 world’s leading digital thinkers who with Eric Schmidt and Vint
Cerf co-wrote the European Commission’s e-book Digital Minds for a
New Europe that articulates a vision for Europe 2020. He is an Advisory
Board member of the Journal of Innovation Management with Henry
Chesbrough. In recognition of his Innovation leadership and the highimpact achievements of EYIF, the European Commission and INTEL have
awarded him as an Innovation Luminary – Young Innovation Champion.
Natalia Vicente, @NataliaVice
InnoApps 2013 2nd Place Winner, TagTagCity
Graduated at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with a law degree and at
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Business Administration
and Management, she is currently working as European Project
Manager in TagTagCity. During her professional career, she worked in
an international environment in the ICT realm of business. Namely, she
was a programme assistant at Telefonica S.A. and an stagier at Telecom
Italia (Public Affairs Department). Furthermore, she enriched her working
background overseas by working as a programme and event assistant
with the EUBrasil association.
Robert Hopman, @Roberthopman
Founder and Director at
Owner of (marketplace for creative content) and (image sharing service) in 2013. Robert is Founder & Director at (Innovative marketing services for global tech companies).
Robert followed a BA in International Business at Maastricht University
and started helping local small businesses with their sales and marketing
during his studies. In the final year he started to do consulting for
international clients from Denmark, Sweden, India and the US.