Information for Participants HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF

Information for Participants
Bahnhofstrasse 8
30159 Hannover, Germany
Petra Kerker
phone +49.89.54727935
[email protected]
HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF | Participation, Dates | Page 2
“Efficient Water Design: Small Space – Big Shower Pleasure“
For the fifth time, the HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE “Efficient Water Design: Small
Space – Big Shower Pleasure” is calling for entries. For the first time, participants can
register independently for this competition.
Students, graduates and young designers from different design disciplines are
invited to enter their visionary concepts on the special theme “Efficient Water
Design: Small Space – Big Shower Pleasure“.
The jury decides how the total prize money of EUR 5,000 will be distributed among
the winners as recognition.
Participation in the HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE is free.
Students and recent graduates of all design related courses and programs are
welcome to register their entries.
Registration deadline
15 December 2014
Graduates are viewed as „young professionals“. You are eligible to participate if
you graduated no more than two years ago at the time of registration.
Projects should not be older than two years by the time they are submitted.
All entries have to be related to the theme “Efficient Water Design:
Small Space – Big Shower Pleasure“.
In addition to projects by individual designers, we will also accept works by small
teams of designers with no more than 4 team members.
Every participant can register as many entries as he likes. Every entry can only be
registered once in the running competition. Registering the same entry twice, e.g.
in different categories, is not allowed.
February 2015
10 and 11 March 2015
Notification of jury decision
from 18 March 2015
Awards ceremony
May 2015
Publication of the award winners
in the iF design app
May 2015
HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF | Categories and Trend Roots | Page 3
You can register your entries for the HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 in four
different categories:
01. Bathroom / Wellness
02. Survival + Emergency / Eco Solutions
03. Print Media
04. Digital Media
Trend Roots
Furthermore there are five fields of change, the trend roots. They indicate a change
in society that the entry is most likely to achieve. When registering, every entry has
to be assigned to one category and to one trend root. The jury reserves the right to
assign the entry to a different category or trend root.
Social Change
Your concept and idea is based on societal aspects such as an ageing society or
it may be a reaction to the fact that we can increasingly observe a shift towards
female principles in society.
Cultural Change
Your concept and idea is based on major cultural changes such as the growing
desire for individuality and self-management or on the explosively growing desire
to be part of a community on the other hand.
Economic Change
Your concept and idea is based on economic changes such as the importance of
creating more transparency in the financial sector or on the need for a better
distribution of wealth.
Ecological Change
Your concept and idea is based on
ecological changes such as the growing
urbanization we are facing on a global
scale or on the corresponding desire
to live in a more natural way in an
increasingly artificial world.
Technological Change
Your concept and idea is based on
technological changes such as the
rapidly growing demand for more
mobility or on the fact that we try to
simplify the complexity that surrounds
HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF | Entry Data | Page 4
Entry Data
1. Description
We need a description of your entry. Please use the text field under the header
‘Detail Data’ to enter a description of your entry and of its special features in
English. This description should be no longer than 650 characters (incl. spaces).
If your entry wins an award, this text will be published on all communication
Only entries with an understandable English description will qualify for
admission to the jury. Please ensure that your description is proofread by an
English native speaker or by a reliable translation agency.
2. Images
Please upload one or two images of your entry. Make sure you have these images
available before you open the registration form. If your entry wins an award,
these images will be used for the iF online exhibition, the iF design app and for our
PR work.
Please comply with these specifications:
n Image size: 1,536 pixel min. edge length
n Advised ratio: Landscape
n File format: JPG
n File size: max. 5 MB
n Color space: RGB
n Naming: your Entry-ID_name of project_No. of picture, e.g. 303-222222_car_1
3. Student ID
If you are still a student, please upload a photo or scan of your student ID. If you
are a recent graduate, please upload a photo or scan of your graduation certificate.
In exceptional cases, an official document from the university proving the student
status may be accepted.
4. Film / Video
You are welcome to explain your concept also in a film / video. If you do so, you
need to upload a video in the tab ´Entry Media´. The link to the video should also
appear on the presentation poster. The film / video must be accessible with
standard PC software and must be no longer than 3 minutes.
5. Presentation Poster
We need a digital presentation poster for each entry you submit. The presentation
poster is the foundation for the jury decision. The poster should represent your
entry clearly in words and images. The essence of your design should be obvious
immediately. To help you with the creation of the presentation poster, we have
prepared an example of how the poster should look like on the next page.
Summary of poster specifications:
n Format: A1 horizontal (840 x 594 mm)
n Font size for description and index data: 20pt
n Font: Frutiger or other sans serif fonts such as Arial, Franklin Gothic,
Futura, Helvetica, Univers
n Resolution: 300 dpi at 100% positioning
n Data must be sent as platform independent PDF-X3 file
n Maximum file size: 5MB
n The information about yourself, your team and your entry must also
include: Entry-ID, category, project title, name(s) of designer(s),
name of university, city, country and university department, email address
n If you wish, a link to a film or video that describes your entry.
HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF | Presentation poster | Page 5
Presentation poster
Format: A1 landscape (840 x 594 mm) divided as follows:
Area 1 (840 x 430 mm):
Can be designed as you wish but must include a short,
catchy presentation of your design in words and pictures.
Area 2 (840 x 64 mm):
As shown below, font size ca. 20pt
Area 3 (top and bottom 840 x 50mm)
Please leave blank for print and assembly
Name of project
First name / Surname
Name of university
City / Country of university
Personal email
Area 3
840 x 50 mm
Description and images
The presentation poster must contain a description and images. You might
have uploaded a description and one or two images with your registration
form. You can also use these for the presentation poster. If you prefer, you can
create an alternative description and images for the poster.
Area 1
840 x 430 mm
Please note: the description and all other text on the presentation poster
must be in English. You may additionally include the text in another language
of your choice.
303- xxxxxx
Name of project
First name / Surname
Name of university
City / Country of university
Personal email
Area 2
840 x 64 mm
Area 3
840 x 50 mm
For Area 2:
303- xxxxxx
Name of project
First name / Surname
Name of university
City / Country of university
Personal email
HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF | Registration, Jury | Page 6
You can register your entries to the HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 online
only on our website in the user-area “my iF“ at
If necessary, a pre-selection will be
done out of all submitted entries.
Please make sure that your registration form is complete and contains all the
necessary information. The earlier you fill in your registration form, the shorter will
be the waiting times for answers to questions and for completing your registration.
The selection of prize winners will be
made by a panel of experts during a
non-public judging session.
The jury will also decide on those
winning entries, which will receive a
cash prize. The total prize money is
EUR 5,000. We will let you know about
the jury decisions as soon as possible.
When you are in the login area, and have registered an account, please fill in one
registration form for each entry you want to submit. After you have submitted your
online registration, we will immediately send you a confirmation email. This email
will contain an entry identification code (303-xxxxxx) for each submitted entry. The
Entry-ID helps us to clearly identify and assign each entry. Please make sure that the
relevant Entry-ID is contained in all communications with us.
Address Data
n Please use the index tab ‘Address Data’ to indicate your university address.
If already available in ´my iF adressbook´ just choose an address from there.
If you want to create a new address as university address, please click on the
button ´Change´ under your university address and then click on ´Add New
n If you have studied at more than one university, please enter the one
where the project you submit has been designed mainly.
n Please also enter the full department name as well as the title and first and
second name of the supervising faculty. If your project was not supervised,
then please enter the title and name of the department head instead.
Team projects
n Teams with up to four members can submit entries together.
You can only create one user account for the whole team.
n In order to add up to three additional team members, go to ´Address Data´
and click the button ´Change´ under your university address. There you can
add the further team member with name and university (if different).
n All correspondence will be sent to the team member who created and owns
the user account for the team. If your team project wins a HANSGROHE DESIGN
PRIZE, all team members will, of course, receive an award.
The decision of the jury is legally
binding and final.
The intellectual property rights of all
submitted designs remain with the
participants. The organizers will not
implement any concepts submitted
Please note:
In all other cases, our General Terms
and Conditions apply.
HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF | Benefits for award winners | Page 7
Benefits for award winners
All successful contributions will receive the ”HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF”
logo. As an award winner you are entitled to use this logo for commercial purposes.
iF design app
All award-winning contributions will be published in the iF design app. All winners
and related universities are welcome to download the app free of charge.
iF online exhibition
All award-winning contributions will be represented in the iF online exhibition on
the iF website. This exhibition is not limited in duration. As an award winner, you
can add a link to your website that directly points to your design in the online
exhibition. With 5 million page views per month, the iF website is one of the most
popular design platforms on the Internet. Visitors from over 100 countries come to
find information about the iF design awards.
Winners Package
The iF label is a seal of design excellence that is known the world over. Each
award-winning entry can benefit from this. In order to make the most of this
image-promoting factor, we offer all award winners the following efficient
advertising tools:
n Certificate for download
n Logo “HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE 2015 by iF” for download
Cash Prizes
All those who have also won a cash prize will be immediately notified after the jury
Before, during and after the competition iF‘s comprehensive PR work ensures that
the HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE will receive a great deal of attention in the national
and international press. In economics and lifestyle magazines, in the specialized
design press, in daily and weekly newspapers, as well as in radio and TV, there will
be reports about the outstanding quality of the award winning submissions.
This thorough press coverage is based on longstanding contacts with more than
100 media representatives worldwide. With this comprehensive communication
package, iF achieves optimal publicity for HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE winners.
Good luck for your participation!