How to Stop Creditor Harassment after Bankruptcy

When you file bankruptcy, creditors have to automatically stop phone calls, emails,
and letters. This is the best and strongest way to end creditor harassment. Creditors
cannot contact you to collect debts after you’ve filed for bankruptcy. Creditor
harassment is really stressful. If you are suffering from creditor harassment even
after filing for bankruptcy then you need to hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.
An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will help you, work to stop the creditor
harassment and also will discuss all legal rights that you are entitled to.
Experienced bankruptcy lawyer Mr. Brian Linnekens shares a few top tips to stop
creditor harassment after filing for bankruptcy –
Explain the creditors you have filed bankruptcy
After filing bankruptcy if any creditor calls, you can tell the creditor that you have
filed for bankruptcy. If the creditors know that you filed for bankruptcy, they will stop
calling you but few may not. After filing for bankruptcy continued collection activity
by creditors is illegal.
Take note after every creditor calls
It is important for all creditors to stop calling, mailing and messaging you after
filed bankruptcy. Thus it is in your favor to keep record of every call you receive
from the creditors. You can write down their number and what they have to say.
This is great evidence for your bankruptcy lawyer to use in court if necessary.
Hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer
Creditor harassment is a common issue during and after bankruptcy. You do not
deserve harassment after filing for bankruptcy. If you are suffering from creditors
interfering and harassment, it is most important that you need to hire an
experienced and reputed bankruptcy lawyer. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer
will help you to stop contacting you.
Drag the creditors into court
If you think creditors calling and harassment has not stopped when you file
bankruptcy you can fight against your creditors in the court. You have every right
to file a case against your creditors for harassment and emotional suffering
they’ve caused. You have the right to protect yourself and the bankruptcy court
may punish the creditor for contempt.
Stand up for your legal rights
If your creditors are harassing you and you are suffering from creditors because they
will not stop making the phone calls, emails, and letters and you need legal help in
stopping creditor harassment, do not wait. You just need to talk to your bankruptcy
lawyer. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will protect your rights and offer guidance
on what your next steps should be. Apart from that a lawyer will stop creditor’s
harassments and take more aggressive steps.
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