Six things not to do when filing for Bankruptcy

Six things not to do when filing for Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy is a tough time for the person undergoing bankruptcy. When you are filing
a bankruptcy case, it will help you eliminate debts and start fresh. Filing bankruptcy is
not easy and should not be taken lightly. Before proceeding you need to know
everything about bankruptcy.You need to be aware of what you need to do and what
you should not to do when you are applying for bankruptcy. An experienced
bankruptcy lawyer like Brian Linnekens shares six things you need not do when you
are filing for bankruptcy. Always avoid mistakes which might create problems in your
Don’t abuse your creditors When you are filing for bankruptcy and creditors are calling you in spite of you having
filed for bankruptcy do not message back on your creditors message in anger or
frustration. It is important not to say anything wrong and not to be abusive with your
creditors. These types of mistakes might create problem for you in your bankruptcy
case. Don’t try to communicate directly with your creditors, always ask your
bankruptcy lawyer to give you the best advice; advice that is always perfect for your
Avoid moving assets –
It is important when filing bankruptcy to avoid moving assets, transferring, selling or
even hiding them. Don’t try to move assets because if the court knows you are trying
to it will amount to a fraud, your case may be dismissed altogether.You need to talk
to your attorney about your assets that you might be considering to transfer. The
bankruptcy attorney will help protect your assets.
Don’t giving any false information –
This is really most important thing; don’t give any wrong information about your
property and assets when filing necessary paperwork. Always share correct
information with your lawyer so that he/she can fight for you. If you don’t complete
all information correctly and honestly there are chances that the bankruptcy court
might dismiss your case.
Don’t make any large purchase Don’t purchase anything new with your credit cards. When you know you can’t pay
your credit and loan. Avoid this type of mistake because it can create more problems.
In general bankruptcy rules if you are purchasing luxury items during the 70 to 90
days before filing bankruptcy then it is considered as fraud. Only use credit card to
purchase items which are considered as necessities.
Avoid failing to file income taxes When you are filing a bankruptcy, remember your taxes should be up to date. If you
want your bankruptcy to go fine remember that filing taxes is pertinent. Before filing
bankruptcy you need to check your income tax returns. It should be filed properly
because without your returns and completing paperwork it will be next-to-impossible
to consider your bankruptcy application for the court and this might stop your
bankruptcy in its tracks.
Don’t hire an inexperienced bankruptcy lawyer This is the biggest mistake many people make. Sometimes people just to save money
tend to hire a lawyer with low fee However one should understand that every lawyer
with a low fee might not be able to present you case properly to the bankruptcy
court. When you are hiring a lawyer for your bankruptcy case, the lawyer should be
local, experienced, professional, honest and well reputed. If you are hiring an
experienced bankruptcy lawyer, there is more and more chance to get a good deal.
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