Brian Linnekens provides tips to improve credit score

Brian Linnekens provides tips to improve
credit score after bankruptcy
Individuals who file for bankruptcy in the court will definitely have to see a negative
impact on their credit scores. If you recently filed for bankruptcy chapter7 and chapter
13 protections, it is very important for you to manage and improve your credit scores
afterwards. Healing your credit scores will help you get your life back on track.
According to Brian Linnekens there are several things you can do to start re-establishing
your credit score after bankruptcy. Follow these expert tips and improve your credit
scores in a very small period of time.
Brian Linnekens Advises to clear your credit reports of errors
One of the most important steps of managing your credit is to clear your credit reports
of errors from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, It
is your right to dispute inaccuracies. Ensure that your credit reports have correctly
labeled your pre-bankruptcy debt as “included in BK”. If a debt you included in the
bankruptcy is not being reported correctly, contact the credit bureau reporting the
information to start a dispute and have the information corrected.
Brian Linnekens asks you to Track your finances and credit reports in a regular manner
After a bankruptcy, you must be extra vigilant about your finance and credit reports. Keep
a regular eye on your finance and credit conservatively. Be cautious with spending. This is
a high time when you essentially require making a budget for your expenditures. A
definite budget or effective spending plan will help you to manage your cash flow. Have a
budget with a line for saving, so you can deal with future emergencies and unexpected
events easily. Stop racking up unnecessary debt. Keep your employment stable.
Brian Linnekens advises you to pay your current bills in a timely manner
After filing for bankruptcy in court you are required to make timely payment of your
current bills and rents. Just for the reason that missed payment can hurt your credit
score. Bankrupt’s payments are being tracked by the credit bureau Experian, so it is very
important for a bankrupt to pay his bills in a timely manner. Repaying existing bills as
agreed in court will be one of the single, most powerful things that a bankrupt can do to
restore his finances and credits. It will positively affect his credit score and will help him
to release his case shortly from court.
Brian Linnekens advises to apply for a new secured credit card
Give up on your unsecured credit cards and apply for a secured credit card. Secured
cards are useful tools for rebuilding credit. Secured cards need a cash deposit and offer
lower credit limit than unsecured cards. Take a close look at the interest rate and fees
before committing to a secured card. Ensure you are keeping your spending in control
and paying in full and on time each month. Doing this will help you get most benefit for
your score.