Filing A Claim – A Customer’s Perspective

Filing A Claim – A Customer’s
The following advice comes from a Warrantech customer who purchased an
extended service plan for a tablet. All claims are handled differently – depending on
product, problem and usage – but hopefully this provides you with some insight as
to what to expect and how you can be prepared in the event that you need to file a
I was a little unsure about purchasing this accident plan for my new tablet.
However, my tablet fell off an elliptical trainer and was trapped between the
moving metal arms of the machine. It ended up bent into a semi-circle … somehow
still working but definitely no longer reliable, and no longer fitting in its case. So I
filed a claim. They exceeded my expectations in several ways:
1) I had never finished registering the product when I first received it. But they
helped me finish the registration process a year late, which they totally could have
declined to do.
2) They sent me a shipping label, and I put the broken tablet in the mail 3 days
before my coverage period was up. I called and they assured me “we will see this
repair through to completion even if it extends past the time of your insurance
coverage, because you were covered when you made the claim.”
3) They needed replacement parts, and those took time. But both times when I
called for an update, I was given great service and reliable times for expected
4) The item shipped earlier than expected, and when I got it back it looked brand
new and works perfectly.
I am totally surprised to be saying this because my expectations were low, but I am
100% happy with my service experience. It was absolutely worth the money!
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