ERNN Legislative Conference
February 28, 2015
Red Lion Inn
Olympia, Washington
Fred McCarthy, Ed.D.
Mayor, City of Langley, WA
[email protected]
(pictures of Langley by Ron Roesler)
City of Langley
Population 1070
15 member staff
1 square mile
IT/knowledge workers
High expectations
Arts and music
Economic development
Highly educated
Light industrial
“The Village By The Sea”
This presentation is about:
Bringing Out the Best in Yourself
and Your People
Presentation Outline
Concepts of Human Effectiveness
Building High Quality Organizations
Specific Strategies for Acknowledging People
Dealing with Today’s Professional Demands
Presenter’s Background
2 years as mayor
30 years of public school experience
7 years of private school experience
Superintendent, assistant superintendent, director, manager,
principal, specialist, teacher
Positions in curriculum, instruction, finance, negotiations,
personnel, grants, foundations, fund raising, etc.
Districts of 10,000, 3,000, 2000, 1,500 - school of 175
33 years in school administration
Instructor in WWU Superintendent certification program
Published author - books and articles on recognition
Presenter, facilitator, and keynote speaker
Recipient of various national, state, and local awards
Do the people who work in your
organization feel valued and
Are the administrators in your
organization high use or low use
recognition managers?
Could you attract and retain quality
people and motivate them to higher
levels of performance if they felt
recognized and appreciated?
Two People Who Profoundly
Influenced My Life
Bob Moawad - United Learning Institute – former coach
Lakes High School
“Increasing Human Effectiveness”
Lou Tice – Pacific Institute – former coach
John F. Kennedy High School
“Investment in Excellence”
Human Effectiveness Training
1. Awareness, Potential, Visualization
2. Self Image, Self Esteem, Self Talk
3. People I Like and Respect
4. Values, Exciting Goal Setting, Making Change
5. Relaxation, Forgiveness, Affirmations
6. Journal Winning Experiences
7. No Limit Thinking, Lifelong Learning
7. Celebrate Successes
Fundamental Value Statement
“Each person, regardless of position, has a
special interest, talent, or skill. Each person is
unique and has limitless potential for personal
growth and contribution to your organization.
By expecting, encouraging, and recognizing
achievements and contributions, we move
toward achieving our potential both as
individuals and organizations.”
Consider for a moment the
motivational power of timely and
deserved recognition!
We can either spend our time on the bow
looking towards the horizon . . . or on the stern
looking into the wake.
The Joy. . .
of recognition
can significantly enhance the quality of
your work life
. . . regardless of your position.
Have you ever attempted to
recognize someone and had it blow
up on you?
(We call this “Wreckognition”)
Do some people prefer private to
public recognition? How would you
know this?
Can one person in a large
organization make a difference in
recognizing others?
You can bloom where you are planted!
Seven Compelling Data-Based Results Documented
by the National Association for Employee Recognition
with Quality Recognition Programs
1. Improved production
2. Improved profitability
3. Increased customer satisfaction
4. Increased employee motivation
5. Improved recruiting ability
6. Improved employee retention
7. Facilitation of organizational change
Who are a few local companies that believe in
employee recognition and implement strategies
to affirm the work of their people ?
Perkins Coie
Fairmont Hotels
Complete the sentence
“There are two things people want more
than sex and money . . .
“. . . recognition and praise!”
Who said that?
Mary Kay Ash
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Starfish and Campfires on the Beach
What business are we in?
“We are in the business
of enhancing lives!”
Dr. Harry Wong
Distinguished Educator
Dick Huselton
Retired Superintendent
Marysville School District
• “We are all of equal value. We have
different roles to play.”
William James
• “The deepest principle of human nature is
the desire to be appreciated.”
Charles Schwab
• “I have yet to find the person, however
exalted their station, who did not do better
work, and put forth greater effort under a
spirit of approval than under a spirit of
Bob Mowad
“We are unique and precious human
becomings . . .No one is more or less
important than we are . . . We do the best our
awareness permits at a given time . . . We are
ever growing in wisdom and love.”
“Do you get tired of how often people in
your organization tell you how much you
are appreciated?”
Langley Marina
Sterling Sessions
Operations Supervisor
Boeing Aircraft
(747 & 767)
• “ Recognition is the biggest motivator there is.”
Thomas Sergiovanni’s Research
“Teachers obtain their greatest
satisfaction from reaching and
affecting students, followed by their
experiencing recognition for a job well
“Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it
makes what is excellent in others belong to
us as well.”
Mark Twain
“I can live for two months on one good
Arnold Glasow
“Praise does wonders for our sense of
Woodland Trails
• “Be kind. Everyone is carrying a heavy
To consider . . .
. . .the incredible power each one of us has to
make a significant difference in the lives of
There is Opportunity in Every Difficulty
Goals I Have Had For My Staff
Help them be the best they can be.
Support their personal relationships.
Encourage taking risks
Help them achieve financial
Ken MacFarland
• “We have the opportunity to put light in
people’s faces.”
bus drivers
educational assistants
support staff
school board members
Not every cloud has a silver lining
. . . some are made of gold!
A Question
How do we create high performance
organizations dedicated to continuous
improvement that utilize the talents and
skills of all of their people?
The Starting Point
• With what we know about . . .
– Work motivation
– Job satisfaction
– Morale
– Recognition
– Praise
– Intrinsic, extrinsic, and ancillary rewards
– Our unique needs and those of our people
We can do it in one of three ways:
• 1. As a solo act
• 2. As a member of a task force
• 3. As part of a system-wide initiative
1. Solo Act
We do it by increasing our own awareness of the
talents, skills, abilities, and needs of the people
we work with and by actively seeking, as an
individual, to catch them in the act of doing
things right.
2. Task Force Effort
We can do it by being part of a small group of
people within our organization who have a
passion for affirming the work of others and
celebrating their contributions to achieving
our mission and goals.
3. System-wide Initiative
We can do it by setting exciting organizational
goals, working together to accomplish them, and
celebrating contributions and accomplishments
with public and private recognition.
Let your spirit soar . . .every day!
Make Recognition an Integral
Part of Your Strategic Plan
Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D.
Getting Results
• “You get more of the behavior you reward.
You don’t get what you hope for, ask for,
wish for, or beg for. You get what you
reward. Come what may, you can count on
people and creatures to do the things that
they believe will benefit them most.”
Analysis - Need for Praise
• Study - 800 teachers (Blaise and Kirby, 1992)
– “Of all of the strategies used to influence
teachers’ work, praise was the most frequently
reported, and was received as one of the most
effective by teachers in the study we
Analysis of 800 Educators’
Suggestions On Praise
1. praise sincerely
2. maximize nonverbal communication
3. schedule time for recognition
4. personal notes
5. tell others about your people
6. praise briefly
7. target praise to work
You are unique and special.
The one and only you . . . that ever
was . . . and ever will be.
Maximizing Award Presentation
group greeting
who are we?
why here?
why selected
speak first to contributions
what award?
then name the recipient
in memory
read poem
present pin/award
shake hands
thank group
1. set exciting goals
2. teach people to evaluate their work with standards
3. visibly recognize efforts and accomplishments
4. recognize individual contributions
5. recognize group contributions
6. celebrate accomplishments
7. praise people often
8. each person needs to know they make a difference
9. put light in peoples’ faces
10. be in the business of enhancing lives
Bob Nelson
• “We have enough employees of the month.
We need employees of the moment”
Research - Nelson 2001
Reasons given by high-use recognition managers
for praising people:
1. I have the skills and confidence to do so
2. It’s easier to get the work done
3. It helps employees be more productive
4. It helps managers achieve their job goals
5. They enjoy giving recognition
6. Giving recognition makes them feel like they are being
a good manager
7. The organization has provided the necessary tools
The Critical Role of the Administrator
Setting the example
Taking the time
Making it a personal priority
Giving away the credit
Affirming staff
Listening without being defensive
Knowing the art and science of recognition
Putting the knowledge into practice
Recognition Materials Suppliers
 Baudville
 The
 Successories
 Brown and Company
 Bale and Company
 Positive Promotions
 The Gallery Collection
My Favorite Strategies
 Staff interviews
 Thank
you cards
 Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas cards
 Pins, Certificates, Momentos, Journals
 Excellence in Performance Awards
 Meeting the Exceptional Challenge
 Years of Service Pins
 Retirement Awards
 Stories about our people in local paper
Award Ideas
Wishing Stones
Staff Interviews
The Power of “Thank You”
Retirement Award
Years of Service Pins
Journals of Excellence
Walls of Fame
Dedicated Benches
150 + Benches in the City
Excellence Pins
Meeting the Exceptional Challenge
Keys to the City
The Golden Bridge Builder Pin
Excellence Cerificates
Recognition Weeks
September - Student Appreciation Week
October - Transportation – National School Bus Safety Week
November - Librarians - National Children’s Book Week
December – School Board Appreciation
January – Heath Personnel – National School Nurse Day
February – Counselors – National School Counseling Week
March – Classified Support Staff – National Employee Appreciation Day
April – Secretaries/Office Workers – Professional Secretaries Week
May – Teacher Appreciation Week – National Educational Bosses Week
June – Volunteer Appreciation
July August -
Name Plates for Meetings
Leading With Soul . . .
An Uncommon Journey of the Spirit
by Lee Bolman and Terry Deal
“When the spirit is right . . .
gift giving transforms a place of work . . .
into a way of life.”
Inspirational Gifts
Volunteer Appreciation
Tell Stories About Your People
• “Most people know more about
organization than their garage would
Bob Mowad
United Learning Institute
• “What are you going to do in the next few
days and weeks to improve your organization
and catch people doing things right?”
Jim Rohn
• Four keys to success in whatever you do:
1. Know your business
2. Be willing to take risks
3. Stay a while
4. Care a lot
Nichols’ Brothers Boats
Affirmations and self talk
statements I have found helpful
for dealing with today’s
professional realities.
Satisfying Work Done Joyfully
I treat everyone I meet with
consideration and respect.
Assume good intentions.
Tough times never last.
Tough people do.
I seek first to understand
. . . then to be understood.
I do first things first . . .
one thing at a time . . .
. . . and some things can wait.
It’s not what happens to me, but
how I handle it, that determines my
emotional well being.
I rejoice in my mistakes . . .
and my expanded awareness.
That’s not like me. . . Next time I
will do that differently.
I always do the best my awareness
permits and I am ever growing in
wisdom and love.
The joy is in the adventure
the journey. . .
as well as in arriving at the
Concepts of Human Effectiveness
Building High Quality Organizations
Specific Strategies for Acknowledging People
Dealing with Today’s Professional Demands
Is your organization bringing
out the best in your people?
ERNN Legislative Conference
February 28, 2015
Red Lion Inn
Olympia, Washington
Fred McCarthy, Ed.D.
Mayor, City of Langley, WA
[email protected]
(pictures by Ron Roesler, Langley, WA)