Prayer concerns - New Chapel Hill Baptist Church

Prayer concerns
Church Members:
Mike Cheatham/lung cancer
Virginia Dickerson/gall bladder surgery 2/12, SFMC
Carolyn Donaldson/back in Little Rock hospital
Emma Frost/running tests
Gerri Heard/ongoing health issues
Mary Johnston/recovering at home from outpatient procedure
Mindy Jones/cancer
Karson McClain/ongoing health issues, testing
Alice Meador/ALS
Herman Moore/ongoing health issues - doing a little better
Billy & Joyce Osbon/both in bad health, living in Georgia
Gail Powell/health issues
Reece Stuckey/recovering at home - pneumonia
Barbara Ann Carpenter/ongoing health issues
Jimmy Caples/cancer, lung & brain - Carol Whittington’s brother
Tommy Sutton/lung cancer - Johnny & Tina Roush’s son-in-law
Larry Hamm/lung cancer - Ben Bridges’ cousin
Emily Mathey/masses on brain and lung
Teresa Smith/paralyzed - Myrtle Feazel’s niece
Ron Johnson/cancer in remission, weak - Pat Collie’s brother
Crystal Ritcher/rejecting kidney
Iley Kevin Evans/cancer
Brandon Maxwell/stage 3 colon cancer
Steve Williams/cancer in liver & bones - Odis & Yvonne’s son
Matthew Lord/cancer - going to Mayo Clinic for evaluation
Marsha Linam/cancer - pray that chemo is effective
Jeff Albritton/stage 3 brain tumor
Celeste Dobbs/heart issues
Christy Aymond/stage 4 breast cancer
Amber Mushegan/cancer
Dorothy Dixon/bleeding on brain - surgery not an option
Andy Nickens/leg amputation
Tommy Chatham/critical
Don Hudson, Jr./pancreatitis
Annette Frantom/cancer
Peggy Lewis/cancer
Tapper Glass/ recovering at home
Marion Eugene May /leukemia -Monica Mann’s dad
Beverly Redman/recovering from breast cancer surgery
Todd Givens/lung cancer
Natalie Weaver/seizures, bleeding on brain
Tracey Armstrong/MS & kidney stenosis
Mark Lenard/cancer, ongoing treatment
Tommy/stage 4 cancer (National Jewelers in Ruston)
Roy Robert family/wife has lymphoma
Dorsey Byers/recovering at home from cancer surgery
Tim Ervin/lung transplant
Jerry Lillo/cancer
Colton Rodrigues/brain tumor, facing surgery
Dwight Whitaker/MS - John & Gayle’s grandson
Arlon Terrell/brain tumor - Julian Terrell’s cousin
Lois Taylor/heart problems - Troy Kennedy’s sister
Renee Trichell/brain tumor
Tom Liles/pancreatic cancer
Byron Barrett/pancreatic cancer - Cathy Hopkins’ nephew
Brenda Dean/cancer, being treated at MD Anderson
Ben Sullivan/diabetes, recovering at home - still very sick
Sam Routon/St. Jude’s - neuroblastoma
Jennifer Lacobee/mass on lung - Nadine Bounds’ niece
Dean Baugh/awaiting results of cancer surgery
Mary Sue Thrash/stage 4 cancer, MD Anderson for treatments
Ray Coon/recovering from heart surgery
Liz Smith/broken pelvis
Bill Aikens/critically injured at work - broke all ribs and part of back
Earl Powers/fell, cannot walk or stand - Monica Mann’s uncle
Roger Woolsey/cancer
Erline Johnson/recovering at home - Pat Collie’s mother
Todd Snuggs’ mother/very bad car wreck, paralyzed
Dale Liner/rejecting liver transplant, clotting issues
Bobbie McDonald/Shreveport hospital, several health issues
Henry Hair/kidney removal 2/5 - Margie Carter’s brother-in-law
Charlotte Coats/recovering from back surgery - Feazel’s daughter
Steven Moore/fungal infection
Vera McCormick’s sister, Audrey/health issues
Derek Osbon’s parents/multiple health issues
*Nathan Adams/USAF, Turkey - Steve Adams’ nephew
*Charles R. Agin/USAF, Tennessee - Betty Scott’s nephew
*Barry Bomar/USAF, Barksdale - Feazel’s nephew
*John-Cody Canal/National Guard - Buddy Canal’s son
*Leah Chapman/USAF, D.C. - David & Melinda Chapman’s niece
*Nelson Daniel/US Army Reserves - Gloria’s son
*Anthony Elms/USAF, Omaha - David & Melinda Chapman’s nephew
*Chris Feazel/USAF, Virginia - Bud & Myrtle’s grandson
*Steve Gentry/National Guard, Kuwait - Harold & Barbara Sullivan’s son
*Kennith Gibson/USAF, Barksdale - Dunham’s great nephew
*Josh Henderson/Marines, S. C. - Feazel’s nephew
*Aaron Johnston/Army, Ft. Campbell, KY
*Allen Jones/Army, Ft. Drum, NY - Tim Doughty’s nephew
*Christopher Maxwell/National Guard (full time), Monroe - Camp’s son
*Robert Maxwell/Marines, Shreveport - Camp’s grandson
*Ted Moore/Army - Herman’s grandson
*Jason & Carla Robinson/USAF, Goldsboro, NC - Angela Robinson’s
brother and sister-in-law
*Brandon Taylor/Army, Ft. Hood, TX - Angela Robinson’s cousin
*Joe Taylor/Army, Ft. Hood, TX - Angela Robinson’s cousin
*Colby Thomas/Marines - Stephanie Weaver’s nephew
*Brad Tonneson/Army, back in states - JoErin Perkins’ brother
*Cody Waldrop/Bagram, Afghanistan - Dewey, Mary Alice’s grandson
*Michael “Mickey” Walker/National Guard
*James Watson/Navy, Oak Harbor, WA - Randy & Jayme’s son
*Brandon Whitaker/National Guard
*Kerry Whitaker/Army, Knoxville, TN - John & Gayle’s grandson
*Shelbey Vallery/USAF - Billy & Amy Nugent’s daughter
Uella Avery/Stoneybrook
Bud Feazel/Guest House, room 402
Myrtle Feazel/Guest House, room 505
James Frost/Guest House, room 607
Janice McVay/Azalea Estates, room 413
Pat Pinckard/Landmark
February 4, 2015