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Family News
~Bob Birge went to his doctor this past week and found out that he has
emphysema and needs to be on oxygen full-time. He will see a lung
specialist and a cardiologist for further tests. Let's be sure to keep him
and Thed in our prayers.
~Arthur Faulkner, son of Wanita, had successful back surgery this past
week, and as soon as he's able, he'll have neck surgery.
~Both Jerry and Marlene Blevins are still not feeling well.
~It is good to see Earl and Nancy Rogers back after his shoulder
surgery. He is in therapy two times a week.
~It is also good to see Sam and Carol Ann Collette back with us after his
hand surgery and both having a 'bug'.
~Sympathy is extended to Len Nuckols whose sister, Margaret
Nottingham, passed away recently. She was in Kirkwood Manor in New
Braunfels. Len had an x-ray taken on his ankle this past week. He has a
cracked bone as a result of his recent fall. He was to see an orthopedic
doctor within a few days of the x-ray.
~Charles Boren's brother, Royce, had surgery Friday at Scott and White
to do some skin grafting on his face where he had been treated for skin
~Joyce Stephens has been to the doctor 4 times as a result of
neuropathy trying to find a medicine that will work.
~John and Davida Hollingsworth's new address: 922 E. Sonterra Blvd.,
Apt. 7102, San Antonio, 78258.
~Mike Dwight will have hernia surgery as soon as that can be arranged.
Happenings and Notes
February 3: Ladies Bible Class luncheon----Pot Luck
February 7: Blood Drive at Lowe's Market in Startzville and Ace
Hardware in Sattler, 8:30-2:00
February 8: Pot-Luck with worship in song immediately following.
February 14: Men's Business Meeting
Prayer List
Members: Bill Babb, Mike Dwight, Connie Nuckols, Fred Tallmadge,
Marlene Blevins, Michael Dove, John and Davida Hollingsworth, Margaret
Snow, Lori Spencer.
Relatives and Friends: Roland Korte (family friend of Jackie Ort, cancer),
Vernon Arnold (brother of Shirley Tallmadge), Jennifer Goodwin (Linda
Bliss’ daughter), Joshua Horn (son of former members, autoimmune limbic
encephalitis), Frank Smith (friend of Sam & Carol Ann Collette), Arthur
Faulkner (back and neck surgery), Sid Beauman (Mike’s father, cancer).
February 1, 2015
Privileged to Serve
When was the last time that you read the book of
Proverbs? It is an amazing book to say the least. It contains
so many down to earth practical lessons for everyday living.
Solomon shares one of those lessons in these words: “Pride
goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”
Proverbs 16:18. One of the most, if not the most, destructive
powers used by Satan on man is that of pride. Our Savior, on
the other hand, emphasized the power of humility in these
words: “For everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled,
and he who humbles himself shall be exalted.” Luke 14: 11.
Now which one of these powers will we choose in order to
live a happy and contented life?
Consider the following Biblical example in answer to
our question. In the Old Testament, the story of King Saul is a
good example of a humble man to begin with, but later
became a victim of pride. The prophet Samuel said to Saul,
“When you were little in your own sight,…the Lord
appointed you king over Israel.” I Samuel 15:17. But as time
went on Saul allowed pride to enter his life. He became a
king whose self-esteem blinded him to his own mistakes. He
blamed the people for his failure to carry out the Lord’s
command. He refused to accept his responsibility and
consequently was replaced by King David. Thus we see that
pride has a devastating effect on our sense of values. Left
unchecked, pride will destroy those who yield to it. Let’s
heed the inspired advice of Solomon mentioned above.
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