Weekly Galloway Connection Sheet

Galloway Connects through Prayer
Thursday, January 29, 2015
Love & Sympathy
To Gordon Shoemaker on the death of his wife, Sarah Shoemaker on Sunday, January 18, 2015.
Visitation will be held on Saturday, January 31 at 10:00 a.m. in the Galloway Parlor.
A memorial service will follow in the Galloway Chapel at 11:00 a.m.
In The Hospital
Kay Valentine
River Oaks Hospital
In Our Thoughts and Prayers
Continue Praying For
Yuvette Carter-receiving home hospice care
Lucille Clark-Prayer Line caller from Durant, with
chronic pain making her immobile
Cusi de la Cruz-on the death of her grandfather,
Ernesto Campos, in Peru
Tress Gardner-Brett Gardner’s wife, for medical
Sandra Grantham-receiving home hospice care
Janet Jones-at home, recovering from Carotid Artery
Lynette Lewis-recovering from a fall
David McGee– Kimberly Graham’s father, at UMC
being treated for leukemia
Kathy Morgan-daughter of Joe Hilliard, diagnosed
with stage 3 lung cancer
Paige McLendon-friend of Kathy Evans, receiving
chemo for pancreatic cancer and continuous care
Martha Nations-cancer reoccurrence
Betty Price-Prayer Line caller who has recently
become guardian to 2 little girls
Sara Roberts-undergoing chemotherapy for breast
Tiffany Renee Simmons-niece of Rita & Allan Simmons,
at UMC in Critical Care
Georgia Smith-Prayer Line caller from Brookhaven, for
strength and healing of vocal chords
George Sikes-advanced renal cell cancer
Bob Weaver-receiving home hospice care
Eve Beaumont-Nan Beaumont’s mother in NC
Mary Frances Broome-being treated for macular
Sally and Charles Carmichael-for health concerns
Ruth Cole-for medical concerns
Justin Cox-for health concerns
Campbell Dale-Maudelle Martin’s great-nephew
Ralph Farr-at Manhattan
Barbara Fraizer-mother of Caprist Fraizer (Galloway
nursery worker), at home recovering from a stroke
Louise Ginn-at Siena
Joan Harry-Lampton Harry’s mother
Joy and Devereaux Jones-for health concerns
Kuebler Family
Julia Lewis-at Manhattan for rehabilitation
Mary Martin-Sherry Russum’s sister
Lauralee Meyer-April Vestal’s mother, had hip surgery
and is going to palliative care
Ronnie Mitchell-for health concerns
James Prewitt-Susan Cardin’s father
Peggy Rogers-Pam Tatnall’s cousin, with pancreatic
Ann Myers Schimmel - recovering from stroke at home
Eleanor Taylor-at home following rehab at Wisteria
Bill Tennant-at home, recovering from surgery
Jack Wakeland-for health concerns
Upcoming Weddings
Pray for Our Military
+ Ellen Sampson & Sean Saathoff
+ Kacky Cole & Chandler Mangum
+ Savannah Goodman & + Stuart Tirey
+ Kate Ridgway & Jerame Hill
+ Kimbell Bingham & Vaughan Waters
+ Mary Clair Cardin & Noel Cumbaa
+ Elizabeth Queen & Matthew Henry
Mar. 14
Mar 21
Apr. 11
June 20
June 27
Oct. 3
Nov. 14
Justin Alexander (cousin of +Corinne Sampson) in North
Carolina, serving in Army Special Forces
Jon Marchetti (friend of +Renee Jones) in basic training
in the Navy
1st Lt. Thomas Cooper (son-in-law of +Cheryl Huntley)
serving in the Mississippi Army National Guard
Christopher Daniel -in the Navy, stationed at Stennis
Space Center
*David Hudson (nephew of +Ken St. John) Marines,
serving in Afghanistan
*Scott Johnson (nephew of +Judy Taylor) in the Army,
stationed in Turkey
+Ismael Luna- active duty in the Army National Guard
while attending MS College
Matthew Corey Mayberry (son of Carolyn & Harold
Mayberry) in the Army, based in Louisiana & Texas
+Jonathan McLeran (son of +Janet Porter & brother of
+Monte Kraus) in the Navy, based in Jacksonville, FL
Blake Rhoades (husband of +Quincey Griffith and
son-in-law of Wesley & Kat Griffith) Captain in Military
Intelligence in the Army; at Carnegie Melon in Pittsburgh
Maj. Frank Rosenblatt (son of +Lauren & Jim
Rosenblatt) in the Army, serving at Camp Smith, Hawaii
*Kyle Shelton (nephew of +Joey Shelton) in the Army,
serving his third tour in Afghanistan
Austin Snider (brother of Megan Snider) in the Marines,
in combat training school in North Carolina
Chase Sorrell (cousin of Chris Daniel) Senior Airman in the
Air Force Reserve. Deployed to Jordan in November
Carlton Wilkerson-(husband of +Dabney Lipscomb
Wilkerson) serving in the Air Force, at Shaw AFB in South
*indicates currently deployed personnel
+indicates Galloway member
+Indicates Galloway member
Expecting Baby
Jenni and Matt Eichelberger
Kyla and David Weems
Lane and Scott Staines
Leah and Tal Hendrix
Claire and Jeremy Jungling
Kate & Michael Boerner
Dabney & Carlton Wilkerson
Lauren & Wesley Clay
Victoria & Brandon Ezell
Feb. 7
Mar. 29
Mar. 30
Apr. 2
Apr. 17
May 3
May 7
June 6
June 21
Seminary Students
Lori Galambos
Kelsey Hall
Erin Hicks
Dwight Johnson
Haley Jones
Ben Nicholson
Duke Divinity School
Candler School of Theology
Princeton Theological Seminary
Ctr for Youth Ministry Training,
Memphis Theological Seminary
Boston School of Theology
Bible College in Colorado
Pray for Our Missionaries
Hispanic Ministries
Dakin Cook
Margaret Madison
Phyllis Asher
Terry Henderson
Ludmilla Garbuzova
Paul Jeffery
Forrest, MS
Nepal (Retired)
First UMC of Moscow
Honduras/C. America
Prayer requests can be submitted to
Emily Sanford or Susan Richards at
esananford@gallowayumc.org or
srichards@gallowayumc.org. Prayer
concerns will remain on the list for 3-4
weeks unless otherwise specified.
Pray for Upcoming Events
Living into the Lectionary-Bible Study each Sunday
evening at 6:00 p.m. in The Foundery led by Joey Shelton
and Emily Sanford. Snack supper 5:00-6:00 p.m. in
reception rooms A & B. No cost for the meal, but
donations are appreciated.
Communion & Contemplation-Each Wednesday evening,
beginning February 4, at 5:30 p.m. in the Galloway
Chapel, followed by Fellowship & Acts of Service 6:007:00 p.m. in The Foundery. The February 4 service activity
will be making cookies and cards to show appreciation for
First Responders.
Galloway’s Care-A-Van needs drivers and greeters. To
volunteer, please contact Bobby Cumberland at
b.s.cumberland@hotmail.com or Susan Richards at