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Prayer Ministry Bulletin
Galilee Christian Church
February 1, 2015
Be A Prayer Warrior!
Join our Prayer Team
in room 409 of our Worship Center
Sunday Mornings 8:45-9:15 AM
Praises & Thanksgiving
Our Galilee family
God’s grace and mercy
*Chris and Melissa Thomas ― Congratulations on
the birth of baby girl, Braylee Ruth. Braylee weighed
6lbs 9oz and measured 20 inches in length.
Church Family
Hoke Elrod ― recovering from RSV.
John Carpenter ― Biopsy results malignant. PET
scan and brain scan scheduled for 2/2.
Billy Hall ― recovering from a heart attack.
Ed Wyndham ― procedure for advanced stage
ALS 2/6.
Robert Jenkins ― tooth infection.
Miller Booth ― recovering from RSV and
Rhonda Coffman & Tyler Dalton ― job search.
Brad Coffman ― back problems.
Mary Jo Lathrop ― continued progress with her
cancer treatment.
Zac Farmer — recovering from surgery at Scottish
Rite Hospital.
Tina Davis ― recovering from shingles.
Tom & Elizabeth Lowe — trip to Manila,
Monica Lisk — upcoming surgery.
Church Family Relatives
“Financial Support for my family”, requested by Stephanie Gomez.
Sandra Gomez, mother of Stephanie Gomez ― pray for a quick recovery.
Janice Dowker, daughter of Debbie and Lavern Pethel ― has been approved to be put on transplant list,
now waiting on insurance approval.
The Family of Virgil Adams, father of Miles Adams ― passed away 1/28.
Marion Smith, mother of Courtney Purcell ― surgery to remove non-cancerous brain tumor 2/11
Joann Camp, mother of Marla Loggins ― begins chemotherapy 2/2 for colon cancer.
Connie & Josh Burgess, sister of Wendy Whiddon ― found out their unborn baby does not have a
bladder or kidneys and is incompatible with life.
Lelia Bryant, mother of Gerald Bryant ― continued health and pain problems.
Keith Jackson, son of Peggy and Lester Pearson ― recovering from electric cardio version in Columbus,
Jason Hutchins, son of Jennell Hutchins ― adjusting to job shift change.
Norm Botelho, father of Dawn Botelho ― had a stroke.
Betty McDonald, mother of Julia Pontsler ― had a stroke and possible heart attack.
Phillip Morris, father of Paula Wentz ― in the hospital in Wichita, KS after suffering a stroke.
Lynda Kesler, sister of Joe Massey ― knee rehab.
Sue Langford, sister of Joe Massey ― stress test.
Chuck & Ilene, son and daughter-in-law of Vickie Payne — their first child is due February 2.
Evie Archer, mother-in-law of Tracey Archer — healing from a fractured ankle.
Les Kaiser, father of Tracey Archer — recovering from a fall down the steps.
Charles Call, requested by *Nita Nemnich ― heart attack.
Jordan Mixon, requested by Chris and Amanda Corkery ― 14 year old girl missing from Lawrenceville.
The Turk Family, requested by *Kevin and Nicole Bare.
Man with prescription drug addiction, no name given.
Jill Johnson, requested by *Gloria Martin ― hip replacement surgery at NEGA.
Clete Meaders, requested by *Bruce and Ellie Berthold.
Hazel Allen, requested by John Johnson ― head injury while playing volleyball.
Friends of *Tom and Patty Kimmel ― their teenage son has been admitted to Laurelwood.
Barbara McCallister, requested by Delmer and Nell Casper ― diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy.
Maryann Hick, mother of a friend of *Paula Wentz ― heart problems and pneumonia.
Kody Massey, friend of *Kyle Potts ― heart condition.
Yessa Sledge’s sister in the Philippines ― kidney failure.
Pam Clark, friend of *Nancy Wilson ― vocal chords damaged after intubation for surgery.
Justin Gee ― in ICU at St. Joseph’s Hospital after open heart surgery.
Karen Parker, friend of *Nita Nemnich ― diagnosed with cancer and given six months to a year to live.
Wyatt John Vadeford, grandson of *Tim Booth’s friend ― three year old with Leukemia.
Janet Standridge, requested by *Joe and Wanda Massey ― health issue.
Theron Kesler, requested by *Joe and Wanda Massey ― knee rehab.
Over for long-term health issues
GCC Long-term Prayer Concerns
February 1, 2015
Members in Assisted Living/Nursing
Mary Morgan
Birthday 8/13
The Oaks of Athens
490 Cathwood Drive, #210, Athens, GA 30607
June Hall
Birthday 01/30
Bentley Assisted Living
50 Summer Way, #155, Jefferson 30549
Barbara Brooks
Birthday 11/05
(Please continue to pray but don’t send mail.)
Margaret Miller
Birthday 4/10
208 Fawn Road, Milner, GA 30257
Don Curtis
Birthday 4/27
The Oaks of Athens
490 Cathwood Drive, #405, Athens, GA 30607
Family & Friends Serving in U. S. Military
Long-term Health Needs
 Sandy Balduci, intensive therapy, stroke
 Rosalind Bishop--breast cancer
 Katrina Bloyd—leukemia
 Betty Brandon
 Scott Brooks, cancer
 Jerry Causey, lung cancer
 Kale Corbett, Leukemia
 Deanie Dotson, health issues
 Michelle Eager, brain cancer
 Ray & Donna Evans, health issues
 Zac Farmer—continued recovery
 Mandy Foreman, MS
 Terry Funderburk, cancer
 Sandra Gomez, brain tumor
 Larry Harrelson, breathing problems
 Pat Harrison & family, terminal illness
 Logan Hermes, medical issues
 Gerald Hester, terminal cancer
 Dale Hobbs, Stage 4 COPD
 Cheryl Kerr, breast cancer, continued success
 Glen & Bobbie Larkin, health issues
 Mary Jo Lathrop—healing, ovarian cancer
 Jackson Lindauer, continued recovery
 Grace Lowe, lung cancer
 Jill Macy, lung cancer
 Ty Maschke, PANDAS disorder
 Joey Mullins—esophageal cancer
 Michelle Nevitt & family—cancer
 Kay Paoletti, lung cancer (husband Tom)
 Anne Richardson, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
 Bryce Satterfield, long term health issues
 Shirley Satterfield, cancer
 Neva Smith, hospice care
 Teresa Smith, back problems
 Dianne Still, Lupus
 Deac Tiley, recurring throat cancer
 Butch Vipperman—lymphoma
 Kay Waddell, cancer
 Val Walden and family—motorcycle accident
L Cpl Brian Bent USMC (B & J Goldsmith’s nephew)
Michael Botelho, Army (Dawn McElreath’s brother)
SSGT J Cullen Branch, USAFR
Ryan DeBockler, Army
Nathan Durden, Nat’l Guard (P Tillman’s g-nephew)
Michael Duren, Army
Jon D'Zamko, National Guard
Capt. Ron Forster (L & D Powell’s son-in-law)
Clifton George (D & T George’s son)
Emily Hardy, USAF (B & B Perkins’ niece)
Steve Holman, USAR
Heather Hultman, USAF (J Phillips’ g-daughter)
Lance Hultman, USAF (J Phillips’ g-son)
Adam Kemmp, Army, Iraq
Daniel Kirchens, Army
David Kirchens, USN
Troy Mayfield, Nat’l Guard Military Police
John Mazepa, USAF, deployed (Caldwell’s nephew)
Capt. Emily Meredith, USAF (Ramlow’s g-daughter)
Dan Oakes, Army (J&C Geer’s son-in-law)
TSGT R.B. Quiggle, USAFR
Richard Quiggle, Army
Kris Saunders
LTC Jonathan Rex Simmons, Army
Sean Tillman, USMC (P Tillman’s g-son)
Joseph Tillman, USCG (P Tillman’s g-son)
Lori Tillman, USCG (Joseph’s wife)
Shawn Weed, Army (H & B Weed’s g-son)
Sadie Caudell, US Army
Church, Community, Nation
 GCC Church Family
 Simultaneous worship
 Our Staff, Elders, &
 Bible Study Leaders
 Sunday School
 Women's Ministry Team
National Leaders
All in the Military
Prayer Team
Our schools & students
Ekklesia 2015
President Obama and
our country/decision
Supported Missions
 Patrick & Heather Cline-Ghana
 UGA Christian Campus Fellowship - Athens
 Jonathan & Heather Powell-Ukraine
 Christian City - Union City
 Bethshean Mexico Mission & Clinic
 North GA Christian Camp - Clarkesville
 Gideon’s International
 GA Tech Christian Campus Fellowship - Atlanta
 The Ark for Jackson County - Jefferson
 Andreas Valencia- El Oasis, Chile
 Hope Resource Center-Jefferson
 Vivert & Neelam Lall - Mid-India Church Partners
 Cris Garcia - Mexico
 Western Bible College-Mexico
 Marty & Jeannette Steiner - Center for Global
Outreach, Fort Myers, Florida
Fledge Fiamingo - Son Safaris - Africa
CY & Patricia Kim, C.R.A.M. - N Korea & China
Melissa Young - Imagine Mission, Haiti
Sauceda Christian Church - Mexico