Please note that, depending on the current market offers, our menu might change at short notice!
Our steak Specialities
Krenzer’s apple sherry from the Rhön mountains 5,00 €
Aperitif „Fegerer“
4,50 €
Sparkling wine of Riesling with blackberry
Sparkling wine of Riesling with cinnamon and
4,50 €
Sprizz or Hugo cocktails
4,50 €
Secco Saignée from „Frank & Frei“
4,50 €
Sherry, port wine, Campari, Martini etc.
4,50 €
Steak of Thuringian piglet
5,50 € / 100 g
order from 150 to 400 g.
Rump steak of grain-fed beef Uruguay
at least 120 days grain-fed
only Hereford & Angus breeds
10,00 € / 100 g
order from 220 to 400 g.
Carolus Doppelbock
– 0,5 l 3,90 €
a strong bock beer speciality served in an earthenware jug
6,00 €
Käthchen’s cream soup with mincemeat
and paprika peppers
Mixed salad from the weekly market
6,00 €
Couscous with fried sheep’s milk cheese, quince
chutney and lamb’s lettuce
10,50 €
Side Dishes
Rocket with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese 5,50 €
Beans in bacon wrap
5,00 €
Scallops on a lemon-and- herbs foam bed,
12,50 €
with a small portion of lamb’s lettuce and baguette
Steakhouse fries
3,50 €
Backed potato with curd cheese
4,00 €
Carpaccio of Tafelspitz with kernel oil, diced
tomatoes and shredded Parmesan
„Fegerers” spicy steak sauce
2,00 €
Schöllkrippen goat’s cheese gratiné with fig and
walnut honey, bowl of rocket salad
Lamb fillet – medium rare - at date salad with
snow peas, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts
10,50 €
9,50 €
12,50 €
Leaf salad with apples, walnuts, skewer of turkey 12,00 €
and curd cheese with herbs
Salad „Fegerer“ with egg, bacon and cheese
Salad of wild herbs goat’s cream cheese, pine
nuts and cherry tomatoes
12,00 €
12,50 €
Tartar of “Freesisch ox” with capers, pickles, egg 12,50
onions and bread
Lamb’s lettuce with chopped cheese, diced
tomatoes and pine nuts
Linguine with fried oyster mushrooms and
diced tomatoes in truffle butter
12,50 €
Beef goulash with tagliatelle and
winter vegetables
14,00 €
Tender beef liver with grapes in a gravy
of honey and balsamic vinegar, swedes
purée and rocket salad
15,00 €
Schnitzel „Viennese style“ or
10,50 €
Viennese Schnitzel of veal
16,00 €
both with lukewarm potato salad and cranberry-lemon
Small order of salad from the weekly market 4,50 €
7,50 €
10,50 €
Oven-fresh roast meat with a wheat beer
12,50 €
gravy, two kinds of dumplings and coleslaw
Beef filet of young bull
12,00 € / 100 g
order from 150 to 400 g.
Soup of Tafelspitz with three types of add-ins
Lasagne of black salsify with mozzarella
and fried rocket salad
Back of venison – medium rare – at a ,
22,00 €
blackberry sauce with Brussels sprouts and
bacon, and potato croquettes
Beef roulade with carrots and porcini purée 16,50 €
Sea bass fillet – fried on the skin -with
19,00 €
lemon grass, Thai curry risotto and coriander pesto
Lamb knuckle in a thyme-and- sherry16,00 €
gravy with leaf spinach and rosemary potato gratin
Boiled topside of beef with horseradish
sauce and bouillon potatoes
15,00 €
Lamb’s lettuce with a sherry dressing,
bacon and croutons
Pork tenderloin with mushrooms à la crème 15,50 €
and potato croquettes
Turkey medallions “Swabian style” with
12,50 €
mushrooms and herb spaetzli (Swabian noodles)
Home-made game sausage with cranberry mustard
and swedes purée
Mixed grill “Fegerer” with three kinds of
steaks, steakhouse fries and market salad
19,00 €
9,50 €
Topfenstrudel (with curd cheese) with a fruit sauce
and vanilla ice cream
Menu Price: 17,50 €
Selection of cheese, fig mustard, grapes
7,50 €
Chocolate tart at a fruit sauce with sorbet
7,50 €
Crème brûleé
7,50 €
Home-made apple pancake with vanilla
ice cream and whipped cream
7,50 €
Our apple pancake comes fresh from the oven and therefore cannot be
with you immediately. Nevertheless, it gets a wriggle on ...