St. Genevieve Roman Catholic Church

St. Genevieve
Roman Catholic Church
cÜÉvÄt|Å|Çz à{x ZÉáÑxÄ Éy ]xáâá V{Ü|áà á|Çvx DKKL
cÜÉvÄtÅtÇwÉ xÄ XätÇzxÄ|É wx ]xáâvÜ|áàÉ wxáwx DKKL
4835 W. Altgeld Street, Chicago, Illinois 60639
Prayer for our parish
O God, you have made us the Church of
your Son, Jesus.
Make our diverse parish a family of one
heart and mind in love toward you.
Strengthen our capacity to serve one
Our Mission
We, the Roman Catholic Community of Saint Genevieve, are inspired by
the Holy Spirit to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by worship, ministry and
Nuestra Misión
En Saint Genevieve, somos una Comunidad Católica Romana inspirada
por el Espíritu Santo a vivir el Evangelio de Jesucristo por medio de la
alabanza, el ministerio y la evangelización.
Grant our community life and work, that
may be an example to all about us.
Bless our parish mission by your love to do
your will.
Acknowledge the intercession of St.
Genevieve, our patroness; And keep us
secure in your mercy. Amen.
October 19, 2014
Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Vigésimo Noveno Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Oración por nuestra parroquia
Oh Dios, Tú, nos has hecho el templo de tu
hijo Jesús.
Haz que la diversidad de nuestra parroquia,
sirva para que seamos una familia, de un
sólo corazón y mente por amor a Ti.
Danos la fuerza y la habilidad de ser
servicial con los demás.
Concédenos vida y trabajo, para que
nuestra comunidad pueda ser un ejemplo
para todos.
Bendice nuestro apostolado, para que por
medio de tu amor hagamos tu voluntad.
Acepta la intercesión de nuestra patrona,
St. Genevieve, y en Tú misericordia,
guárdanos y protégenos. Amen
Page Two
October 19, 2014
The Cardinal’s Column
Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
October 5 - 18, 2014
The Most Rev. Blase Joseph Cupich:
ninth Archbishop of Chicago
The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has graciously appointed as ninth Archbishop of Chicago the Most Rev. Blase
Cupich, presently the Bishop of Spokane, Washington. The process sometimes seemed lengthy, perhaps, but
the Holy Father acted when he felt he had enough information to make the right choice for our archdiocese.
The relationship between a bishop and his diocese is like that between Christ and the church, between a
husband and wife. It takes time to think about whether or not it will be a good “fit” and then it takes more time
to grow into it and create something new and beautiful. Our life in Christ together with and under the direction
of Archbishop Cupich will be shaped by his dedication to the faith, his love for Christ’s people, his quick and
insightful intelligence and his varied pastoral experiences. His life, in turn, will be shaped by what we bring to
him. I am sure that each of us will be praying for him in the months to come, as he is already praying for us.
For myself, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for my years as archbishop of Chicago. I am grateful to God, of
course, who blessed me with this calling, but grateful as well to the millions of Catholics and others in our
community who have been so good to me and so dedicated to the mission of the church here. I have often been
edified by witnessing the working of God’s grace in people’s lives. Many to whom I have ministered in these
years have become close to me, others I recall only by a facial gesture or a remark remembered, but many
paths have been crossed and I find great satisfaction when someone reminds me of a talk I had with them or of
a time I counseled them or prayed with them.
I have spent more time in recent years asking for help for the poor than directly helping the poor, but I’ll be
back in the confessionals and on the food lines in the coming years. Care of the poor, especially through
Catholic Charities and the St. Vincent de Paul Societies, has always claimed a great part of our resources here,
and it is done joyfully and generously.
There have been receptions and award dinners and graduations and confirmations and a thousand and one
other occasions — usually joyful — that have sustained my faith and, I hope, strengthened the faith of others.
Support of the schools and the religious education programs remains strong. I am blessed with many active
councils, whose advice is both comfort and challenge. The Post-Conciliar lay movements have taken root here.
The formation of people in Christ in our seminaries, our deacon programs, our lay ecclesial ministry formation
processes, our catechetical conferences, our collective and personal habits of prayer and devotion, along with
the regular sacramental discipline of the parishes, assure me that the next archbishop will have many faithful
men and women to help and guide him in his role as high priest and shepherd of the Archdiocese of Chicago.
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Page Three
October 19, 2014
I must especially thank with all my heart the priests and deacons of the archdiocese, those incardinated here
and those helping temporarily. In particular, I am grateful to my auxiliary bishops and to all who, at different
times during these 17 years administrated the Archdiocesan Pastoral Centers so well, always looking for ways
to improve, to direct all our energies toward the goal of the new evangelization.
Men and women religious are found in key roles throughout the archdiocese and have established a strong
personal presence among those who are often overlooked or marginalized: the poor, the unborn, the migrants,
the imprisoned. If one picks up an Archdiocesan Directory and glances through the columns of ministries and
offices, one cannot help but be struck by the breadth of the church’s outreach. These activities establish the
network of relationships we call Catholic communion. These various ministries I’ve seen in action as I’ve
visited each of our parishes through the years.
Friendship among fellow Christians we can now, thank God, take for granted, and I have also made many
friends in the Jewish community and among Muslims and followers of other religions, even secularists and, I
would like to think, among the media! There is as well an important and growing group of surgeons,
physicians, nurses, medical technicians, physical therapists and hospital personnel who deserve my gratitude.
Finally, those who have become my personal staff have shared my life and brought me much joy. The
Albertine Sisters have made the Archbishop’s Residence, which was built as the Archdiocesan Chancery
Office in 1882, a prayerful and welcoming house for many hundreds of visitors, and they deserve the gratitude
of the entire archdiocese. The list of those to whom I have reason to be grateful is very long, even without
mentioning any particular names. The list will continue to be rehearsed in my heart. This is a good place,
because there are a lot of good people here. I look forward to continuing to be part of it all, but in a very
different role.
Along with gratitude in my heart, there is a certain sense of relief, knowing that my responsibilities will now
be taken up by someone with fresh eyes and ears and with strength enough to rethink the various tasks. There
is also a sense of regret for the times when I didn’t measure up to the job, when opportunities were lost,
mistakes were made and people hurt. I can honestly say to myself and to the Lord that I have never
deliberately hurt anyone, even as I know I sometimes struggled with my own impatience and fits of ill-temper.
For these occasions and for letting people down, I have asked God’s forgiveness and I ask for yours.
Archbishop Cupich will be installed as archbishop here on Nov. 18, as the church is preparing to enter the
Season of Advent. The reason for our Advent hope is, of course, the coming celebration of the birth of our
savior, Jesus Christ. But this Advent, in this archdiocese, the new archbishop will be a sign of hope for me and
you and for many others.
May God give us the grace to finish the tasks at hand now and the zest to begin something new with great joy
in November.
Please join us every first Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the church, as we honor Our Blessed Virgin
Mother, Mary, in a Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Our Blessed Mother along with her Divine Son
have helped to provide strength, comfort and even miracles to the faithful for centuries. The Novena is
Bilingual English/Spanish
Novena a Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro
Acompáñenos el primer miércoles de cada mes, a las 6:00 p. m. en la Iglesia, a rezar la novena a Nuestra
Señora del Perpetuo Socorro. La Novena se reza en Inglés/Español.
Page Four
October 19, 2014
Healing Mass
St. Genevieve Church
With a special guest
Carmelo Cortez
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 7:00pm
Misa de Sanación
en la Parroquia St. Genevieve
Con un invitado muy especial
Carmelo Cortez
Martes, 28 de Octubre, 2014 a las 7:00pm
Page Five
October 19, 2014
Fiesta de Disfraces
El Grupo Filipino de la parroquia San Genevieve
Les hace la cordial invitación a su Fiesta de
Disfraces . El viernes, 24 de octubre, 2014 a las
6:00pm. En el Lone Tree Manor Banquet Hall
7730 N. Milwaukee Ave. Niles, Illinois 60714
Donacion: $35.00 por persona
Haga su cheque a nombre de la Parroquia St.
Genevieve, Ministerio Filipino.
Para mayor información contacte a las siguientes
Mel Sonon,
Tess Soriano,
Vel Guffey,
odo lo recaudado será para
renovar la Pila Bautismal
Page Six
October 19, 2014
Sunday, November 2nd., 8:00am to 3:00pm in Maher Hall.
Flea Market tables are available for $10.00 each.
Sunday Flea Market 8AM-3PM.
Breakfast, after 8:30 and 10:00 AM Masses, Breakfast ticket: $5.00 per person.
Raffles for Turkeys and other prizes will be held throughout the day.
Call Bill Kinder at 773-235-9743 for more information or to reserve a table.
Domingo 2 de noviembre de 8:00 AM a 3:00 PM en el Maher Hall.
Puede rentar la mesa para el Tianguis por solo $10.00.
Tianguis de 8AM-3PM.
Desayuno después de las misas de 8:30 & 10AM solo $5.00 por persona.
También tendremos rifa de pavos y otros premios durante el día.
Para mayor información o para reservar su mesa para el tianguis,
Llame a la rectoría al 773-237-3011.
Page Seven
October 19, 2014
Patroness of Puerto Rico
The Committee of Our Lady of Divine Providence
cordially invites everyone to join us on the following days:
Friday, November 14th, 2014:
Archdiocesan Annual Mass in honor of Mary, Mother of the Divine Providence, will be
at St. Mark Parish, 1048 N. Campbell Avenue, Chicago, on Friday, November 14th at
7:00 PM. The Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez Nieves from the
Archdiocese of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Saturday, November 15th, 2014:
The Annual Breakfast in Honor of Our Lady of Providence will be on Saturday,
November 15th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at White Eagle Restaurant, 6839 N.
Milwaukee Avenue in Niles Illinois.
Sunday, November 16th, 2014:
Our Lady of Divine Providence Annual Mass at St. Genevieve Church will be
celebrated on Sunday, November 16th at 12:00 NOON by Rev. Vidal Martinez, O.S.M.
from Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica. There will be food and refreshments for sale in
Maher Hall after Mass.
Patrona de Puerto Rico
El Comité de Nuestra Señora de la Divina Providencia les hace una cordial invitación para que nos
acompañen en los siguientes días:
Viernes, 14 de noviembre, 2014:
La Misa Anual en Honor a Nuestra Señora de la Divina Providencia se llevará a cabo el viernes, 14 de noviembre a las
7:00pm en la Parroquia de St. Mark, 1048 N. Campbell, en Chicago. Dicha celebración estará a cargo del Arzobispo
Roberto González Nieves de la Arquidiócesis de San Juan Puerto, Rico.
Sábado, 15 de noviembre, 2014:
El Desayuno Anual, en Honor a Nuestra Señora de la Divina Providencia, tendrá lugar el sábado, 15 de noviembre de
10:00am a 1:00pm en el Restaurante White Eagle localizado en el 6839 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Niles, Illinois.
Domingo, 16 de noviembre, 2014:
La Misa Anual en Honor a Nuestra Señora de la Divina Providencia, en la Parroquia St. Genevieve se llevará a cabo el
domingo, 16 de noviembre, a las 12:00 NOON y sera celebrada por el Padre Vidal Martínez de la Basílica de Our Lady of
Sorrows. Habrá comida a la venta, inmediatamente después de misa, en el Maher Hall.
Page Eight
October 19, 2014
We would like to thank Melissa McGlynn and
her Youth Group for cleaning the parish pantry
and organizing the food on the shelves. You did
an excellent job. Our pantry looks great. Thank
you very much for donating your time.
God Bless you.
Nos gustaría agradecer a Melisa McGlynn y a su
Grupo Juvenil por el excelente trabajo que
hicieron al limpiar la despensa de la parroquia y
ordenar toda la comida en las repisas. La
despensa quedó muy limpia y ordenada. Gracias
por donar su tiempo y que Dios las bendiga.
Articles for the bulletin of
November 23rd, 30th &
December 7th
are due in the Rectory by Friday,
November 14th at 10:00am.
If you would like to, you may email it to:
[email protected]
Special Thank you to Father Bradley Schaeffer for
celebrating Mass at St. Genevieve Church on
October 5, 2014 at 8:30am.
Fr. Bradley is a Jesuit and graduate of St. Genevieve
His mother still attends church here!
La fecha límite de anuncios
para el folleto de la
parroquia del
23 y 30, de noviembre
El 7 de diciembre
es el viernes, 14 de noviembre
a las 10:00am
Yo soy el
No tendrás
otro Dios
Traiga sus anuncios a la
Rectoría o si lo desea,
puede enviarlos por email a:
[email protected]
Page Nine
October 19, 2014
Collection: October 11/12, 2014
Colecta: 11/12 de octubre, 2014
Sunday Offering………………..….….$5,438.00
(Ofrenda Dominical)
Second collection: Education………....$2,522.00
(Segunda Colecta: Educación)
Total collection………………….…....$7,960.00
Weekly goal/Meta semanal……....…...$12, 250.00
Thank you for your generous
support of St. Genevieve Parish
Gracias por su apoyo tan
generoso a nuestra parroquia.
II. Wendy Tafoya & Raul Valdez
II. Lourdes Fernandez & Manuel Jara
7:00 — Francisco Velasco by Friend
8:30 — Sister Theresa Obremski by Friend
10:00 — People of Saint Genevieve Church
Sister Theresa Obremski by Frances Kaleta
12:00 PM Hortencia Silva by Family
Gonzalo Avila Vilchiz by Family
Juan Sanchez by Family
Consuelo Sanchez by Family
7:00 PM Maria de Lourdes Vanegas Sandoval
Miguel Silva by Family
8:15 — For the sick of our parish
7:00 PM Por los enfermos de nuestra parroquia
8:15 — Emma Renteria by Family
7:00 PM Intencion especial para Sergio Alejandro
Rodriguez Solis en su cumpleaños
8:15 — For the men & women in the military service
7:00 PM Por los hombres y mujeres en el servicio militar
8:15 — For the sanctity of priests
7:00 PM Por la santidad de los sacerdotes
8:15 — For souls in Purgatory
7:00 PM Por las almas en el purgatorio
El Grupo Carismático
Les invita a su Circulo de Oración
Todos los viernes a las 7:00 PM
en el Maher Hall
Natural Family Planning
Center for Women
Doctor, Jose Furlin, 773-725-2100
Método Natural de Planeamiento Familiar
Centro de mujeres
Doctor, José Furlin, 773-725-2100
11:30 — Baptisms (Spanish)
5:00 PM Anita Mota by Family
7:00 PM Joel Verdugo by Family
7:00 — Hortencia Silva by Family
8:30 — Sister Jean Michael Rafferty
10:00 — People of Saint Genevieve Church
Ida Wojcicki by Frances Kaleta
12:00 PM Miguel Silva by Family
7:00 PM Saturnino Pule by Family
Page Ten
Sunday, November 9, 9AM-11AM
School Hall 4854 W. Montana
This is a Marriage Workshop offered by the Marriage
Encounter group at St. Genevieve Church. This
workshop has proven to help couples in their
relationship with each other and with their children.
We also have a day care available for your kids.
Some of the topics discussed at our meetings are:
communication between husband and wife, we offer
solutions for conflicts and problems within the family
and we talk about discipline and love for our children.
We also have a group for the children of the couples
who assist the workshops and want their adolescent
children to participate. They must be 12 years or older
to participate. The topics for them are: how to
improve communication with their parents,
self-esteem, addictions and their relationships with
For more information, please call, Abigail or Ruben
Olivarez at 708-716-0349.
October 19, 2014
All the men & women serving
in the Armed forces of our
union, especially:
Recemos por todos los hombres y mujeres en las
fuerzas armadas de esta union, especialmente por:
Paulo Amparo, Sgt. Renato Amparo, Jose Alvarez,
Carlos Arce Jr., Sherwin Bolahan, Ulises Corado,
Officer Henry Creque, Mayra Creque, Jose De Jesus,
Gustavo Delgado, Jeff Eirich, Sgt. Emerald Galindez,
Sgt. Everett Galindez, Alex Garcia, Luis Gonzalez,
Rafael Gonzalez, Sgt. Christine Kmiecik, David Kmiecik,
Victor Lezama, Michael Brian Medina, Freddy Muñoz,
Dexter Musgrave, David Nolasco, Luis Ochoa, Richard
Pacheco, Marta Pagan, Ector Peña, Eliseo Peralta,
Esteban Perez, Ivan Perez, Nelson Rocha, Nelson
Rodriguez, Spc. Miryan V. Sarabia, Marco Antonio
Soto, Ruben Soto, Heather A. Stiles, Sgt. Hector
Valdez, Miguel Valdez and Henry Villacrusisi.
Pray for the Sick of
our Parish
Recemos por los Enfermos
de nuestra Parroquia
Domingo, 9 de noviembre, de 9-11AM
en el Salón de la Escuela 4854 W. Montana
El Grupo de Matrimonios de la Parroquia St.
Genevieve te ofrece la oportunidad de participar en
estos “Talleres de Formación” que te ayudarán a
mejorar la relación en pareja y también la relación
entre padres e hijos.
Algunos temas que se tratan en las reuniones son:
Comunicación en el matrimonio, Solución de
conflictos y problemas, disciplina y amor para los
hijos, etc.
También se ofrece una formación para los hijos de los
padres de familia mayores de 12 años, para ayudarles
con: la comunicación con sus padres, el autoestima, las
adicciones y de cómo relacionarse con otras personas,
Para más información, comuníquese con Abigail o
Rubén Olivarez al 708-716-0349.
Raul Pichardo, Lorena Perez, Judith Petrusich, Juan
Miguel Esparza, Andrea Solis, David Cerda
Villanueva, Veronica Perez, Luz Villalobos, John
Terek, Gloria Graffia, Elixir Sarabia, Roberto
Rodriguez, Jesus Rodriguez, Maria Arroyo, Sam
Forsberg, Lina Kroenke, Janelly Nieves, Lillian
Lopez, Magda Marin, Ruben Perez, Ricardo Alvarez,
Joe Peck, Daniel Vasquez, Gene Klocek, Ninure
Saunders, Leona Drews, Jean Juske, Richard Juske,
Jeannette O’Connell, Giovanna Perez, Debbie
Dixon, Ashley Jensen, Brian Barth, Richard
Wojcicki, Irene Stanko, Mary Zajac, Francis
Malecke, Robert Hallas, Evelyn Gruetering, Shirley
Crallie, Salvatore Carbonelli, Jose Montoya and
Pamela Fricano.
NOTE: Please notify the rectory if you would like
your name to be removed from the sick list.
NOTA: Avísenos a la rectoría si desea remover
algún nombre de la lista de enfermos.
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Saint Genevieve Catholic Church
4835 W. Altgeld, Street
Chicago, IL 60639
Parish Staff
REV. ORLANDO FLORES, Associate Pastor/Vicario
MARY CORRIGAN, School Principal
CARLOS ESPINOZA, Director of Religious Program
VANESSA BALDWIN, Business Manager
SUZANNE McBRIDE, Music Director
Rectory Administration
PINA ESPARZA, Office Manager/Bulletin Editor
JUAN ESPARZA, Office Secretary
Saturday 5:00 PM, English; 7:00 PM, Spanish.
Sunday 8:30 AM & 10:00 AM, English;
7:00 AM, 12:00 PM & 7:00 PM, Spanish.
Sábados 5:00 PM, Inglés; 7:00 PM Español
Domingos 8:30 AM y 10:00 AM, Inglés;
7:00 AM, 12:00 PM y 7:00 PM, Español.
Monday-Saturday 8:15 AM, English;
Lunes a Sábado 8:15 AM, Inglés
Monday-Friday 7:00 PM, Spanish;
Lunes-Viernes 7:00 PM, Español.
Please check Sunday bulletin for Holy Day schedule.
Para horarios de misas en Dias de Precepto,
consulte el folleto de la parroquia.
Saturday 4:00-4:50 PM or by appointment
Sábados 4:00-4:50 PM; Domingos 11:00-11:50 AM;
6:00-6:50 PM o con cita previa. Llame a la rectoria.
English Baptisms: 3rd Saturday
Please come to the Rectory to register.
Bautismos en Español: 2do. & 4to. Sábado
Venga a la oficina a registrarse.
4835 W. Altgeld St., Chicago, IL 60639
Phone/Teléfono: 773-237-3011.
Office Hours: Mon & Tue, 1:00 PM-8:00 PM
Wed-Fri, 9:30 AM-8:00 PM
(Closed 12:00 Noon-1:00 PM for lunch)
Saturday, 9:30 AM-2:00 PM; Sunday: Closed
Horario: Lunes y Martes, 1:00 PM-8:00 PM
Miercoles-Viernes, 9:30 AM-8:00 PM
Cerrado diariamente de 12:00 MD a 1:00 PM
Sabados, 9:30 AM-2:00 PM
Domingo, Cerrado
4854 W. Montana Ave., Chicago, IL 60639
Phone/Teléfono: 773-237-7131.
4834 W. Montana Ave., Chicago, IL 60639
Phone/Teléfono: 773-637-6086.
Office Hours/Horario
Tuesday-Friday/Martes a viernes
12noon– 8:00 PM
Please call the Rectory at least six months in advance.
Llame a la rectoría con 6 meses de anticipación.
We welcome all newcomers to register at the rectory.
Les damos la bienvenida a los nuevos feligreses
y les pedimos que se registren en la
rectoria lo antes posible.