Weekly Newsletter 1/16/15

Weekly Newsletter 1/16/15
2/3/15, 12:18 PM
The Calvineers at the Whaling Museum
Lunch Menu
WEEK OF 1/19-1/23
Monday: No School - MLK Jr. Day
Tuesday: Whole-grain mac and
cheese with ham, broccoli, fresh fruit
and milk
Wednesday: Whole-grain pancakes,
turkey sausage, homefries, fresh fruit
and milk
Weekly Happenings/Updates
Thank you to all who participated in BINGO,
Thursday night, from the parent volunteers to the student
callers and the many who played. Mark your calendars for
the next BINGO! Night, Thursday, March 26th.
Class Notes
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Weekly Newsletter 1/16/15
Thursday: GF- Sock-rockin chili,
whole-grain cornbread, tossed salad,
fresh fruit and milk
Friday: Grilled cheese on whole-grain
bread, baked chips, carrot sticks, fresh
fruit and milk
Pennies for Patients: Our 4th annual
fundraiser for the Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society begins next week
and will run through February 9th.
Your child will be bringing home a
letter and collection box. The
homeroom which raises the most
money will have a pizza party. Mrs.
Bertrand will make a huge ice cream
cake for the whole if we reach our goal
of $650! If your child thinks he/she will
be able to raise $50 individually,
please have them hang onto their
money and turn it in to the office all at
once. Their name will be entered into
a drawing, along with all the
participating schools, to win an Apple
IPad. Please call Mrs. Bertrand with
any questions. Thanks for your help.
Now start digging under those sofa
Wilson Museum "Cocoa Ice" cream:
Did you know that chocolate grows on
trees and that Maine ice has been all
over the world? Here's a tasty way to
learn about history! Come to the
Hutchins Education Center at the
Wilson Museum on Wednesday,
January 21 at 2:30 p.m. and listen to
the story of Cocoa Ice, a children's
book by Diana Karter Appelbaum
which tells the story of two young girls:
one in wintery Maine and one in
steamy Santo Domingo. See historical
artifacts, run a scientific experiment,
and learn about the trade that brought
2/3/15, 12:18 PM
Updates from teachers/staff/students
Spanish: Due to changes in our schedule this week, neither preK nor 7th- and 8th-grade had a Spanish lesson. Kindergarten and
1st- and 2nd-graders continued to sing their new songs, practice
family and animal words and make a sleepy kitty face (cara
adormilada de gato). 3rd- and 4th-graders continued to practice
their vocabulary for classroom objects and began to learn
vocabulary for clothing (ropa), and 5th- and 6th-graders studied
grammar and sentence structure through various activities.
PE: All classes started playing Pickleball this week. The K-2 class
learned to hold the racquet and serve underhand.PLEASE
remember to send your child with sneakers on Tuesday and
Thursday. Muddy boots make a mess on the gym floor and it is
also very hard for your child to run and play in boots.
Athletics: Schedule next week:
Tuesday-practice 2:30-4
Wednesday Practice 3:30-4:30
Thursday-HOME GAME vs Penbrook 4pm Boys, Girls arrive
at 4:45
Saturday, Jan 24-Boys B Tournament at Deer Isle
Health: The 3-4 class looked at nutrition labels and learned about
important nutrients in food. Their homework is to look at labels at
home and think about what they are eating. The 7-8 class took a
quiz on tobacco and read an article about alcohol.
Pre-K/K: Many thanks to Ms. G for filling in for me this week while
I attended meetings in Rhode Island with the Calvineers. It is
perhaps a teacher's greatest moment when a substitute teacher
tells you how wonderful your class is and can't wait to come back.
Kudos to my little learners in the pre-k/kindergarten for their
warmth and openness they shared with Ms. G!
1st & 2nd Grade: 1st and 2nd graders finished reading Flat
Stanley this week. Next week we are going to begin to write Flat
Stanley letters to learn about places around the world. Each child
will be sending two letters. On Tuesday I will be sending home a
form asking for addresses of people your child can send their
letter to.
3rd & 4th Grade: We just finished a short read aloud book
called Mississippi Bridge by Mildred Taylor. This author has many
short stories about the struggles of African Americans during the
1930s. I usually read books by this author to teach why we
celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Our class began health classes
with Mrs. Dagan just before Christmas, so our focus has shifted to
science. We will be doing experiments next week to find out how
much Vitamin C is in various juices we frequently drink.
Ms. Bouchard's & Mrs. Fro LA/SS: This week, while the
Calvineers were in MA, students engaged in fun listening activities
and worked on various Civil War mini-projects or material
possessions timeline/paper. We also offered new activities for the
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Weekly Newsletter 1/16/15
cocoa and ice together. Finally, try
your hand at bringing cocoa and ice
together in the form of delicious ice
cream. And, of course, sample the
sweet results!
Though aimed at children ages 6-12,
this program will appeal to anyone
who likes to listen to a good story and
eat ice cream! This program lasts for
an hour. Children attending without an
adult should be picked up at 3:30,
though parents are also welcome to
join us for the entire program. Please
preregister for this program by
contacting 326-9247
or [email protected] For this
special mid-winter event, the normal
$3 per person material fee for the
program will be waived, and all can
participate free of charge.
2/3/15, 12:18 PM
students who joined our class for the week, including a creative
science-fiction writing piece.
Science: The Calvineers spent Three days in Massachusetts and
Rhode Island this past week. They attended a NOAA National
Marine Fisheries Service Large Whale Take Reduction Meeting in
Providence. They stayed at scientist Amy Knowlton's beach
house in Marion Mass. It was a great learning experience for the
students. They learned about government run meetings and lots
of things about human nature also. The science was interesting.
You can request a full account of the trip from Mr. McWeeny
at [email protected]
Po Box 29
Castine, Maine 04421
(207) 326-8608
(207) 326-0665 (fax)
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Weekly Newsletter 1/16/15
2/3/15, 12:18 PM
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