Vodafone - 24x7Learning

24x7 Learning developed highly interactive customized
eLearning courses for Vodafone, on various aspects of
their products and services, enabling the sales staff to
serve their customers better. These eLearning courses
provided a cost-effective, engaging and an easily
accessible training solution for the workforce.
Business Need
About Company:
Vodafone India, formerly Vodafone
Essar and Hutchison Essar, is the
second largest mobile network operator
in India. The company now has
operations across the country with over
150 million customers. Vodafone India
has firmly established a strong position
within the Vodafone Group too, making
it the largest subscriber base globally.
Mumbai, India
Train the dispersed workforce on the Unique Selling
Propositions (USPs)
Create an engaging learning experience for the
Maintain consistency and uniformity of the courses
Customized eLearning courses on various USPs and
product services
Offered 22 business skill eLearning courses to more
than 10000 users
Solutions Deployed:
Custom eLearning Courses
Off-the-shelf Business Skill courses
11% of the total learning in the organization is
delivered through eLearning
Significant reduction in existing training costs
Improved knowledge retention and productivity of the
relevant, interesting and engaging.
Vodafone, the world's second-largest mobile
telecommunications company with a customer base of
150 million in India needed to train their dispersed
workforce on the their USPs i.e. their Value Added
Services and Vodafone Data Services. It was
important for their customer care to have an in-depth
knowledge of each of the services offered and the core
selling points which would enable them to attract the
customer base from worldwide.
24x7 Learning built another course to train Vodafone
employees on the Data Services offered by Vodafone.
The course content revolved primarily around the
latest 3G services offered by Vodafone, using a highly
animated approach to communicate this content.
Using conceptual graphics, scenarios and step-bystep animations, complex concepts were broken into
simple, logical and easy to understand topics to help
the learner absorb and retain the information.
Additionally, checkpoints were included every few
pages to reinforce recall and aid better learning.
The company wanted to quickly accelerate this
initiative using eLearning or the online training
program. There were many reasons to consider the
eLearning mode - firstly, it was more affordable than
traditional classroom training, with savings of over
60%. Secondly, online courses could be taken in
multiple sittings and was available 24x7, to better
accommodate the busy schedule of the employees.
Lastly, online training could take place anywhere and
at any time - in a café, while travelling or at any place
where the employee had an internet-accessible
Vodafone chose 24x7 Learning to customize
eLearning modules that strengthened the product and
services knowledge of the workforce. The first one was
the 'Vodafone Induction Course' that introduced new
employees to Vodafone's history as a global
organization, what the brand stood for, the consumer
and market insights and most importantly, the science
behind the Telecom Structure at Vodafone. A
customized eLearning character called Susan was
introduced to take the learners through the course,
mirroring a classroom instructor.
The second eLearning module encompassed
Vodafone's Value Added Services (VAS), designed
with a series of animated episodes based on the daily
life of a typical Indian family. Each character in the story
was modeled on a regular telecom service user and
each Value Added Service was mapped to a character.
By weaving the learning into a story with characters
that learners can relate to, the course built was highly
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Each of these customized eLearning modules
equipped the learner with necessary skills that they
could relate to in the day-to-day scenarios they face.
Other offerings from 24x7 Learning also include, 20+
business skill courses offered to more than 10000
users. These courses helped in effective training
specific to business skills and competencies relevant
to the industry.
Vodafone has seen tremendous results since the
implementation of the customized courses from 24x7
Learning. The company has successfully delivered
these courses to its geographically dispersed
workforce, resulting in 11% of the total learning in the
organization done through eLearning.
This eLearning initiative improved knowledge
retention and productivity of the employees,
standardised the content with real time access and
accelerated personalized learning. It has helped
Vodafone to drive the National Agenda and Strategy to
all employees at all locations seamlessly.
In addition to reducing existing training costs
significantly, 24x7 Learning was able to deliver the
promise of ease of use and an engaging learning
experience. The feedback from the learners has been
very positive at all levels.