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Actor Shine Tom
Chacko, Models
Arrested For
Possession of Cocaine
Upcoming film star Shine Tom
Chacko is in the news for being in possession of cocaine,
along with a four other women. The Kochi police detained
them in an apartment in Kadavanthara, Kochi that belongs
to business baron and Kings
Group owner, Muhammed
Nizam. Shine Tom Chacko is
a rising star who has appeared
in a few Malayalam films in prominent roles. The
women who have been arrested are assistant director Bessy, models Tinsy and Reshma, along with
Travel Mart owner from Dubai, Sneha. The police
have recovered 10 grams of cocaine from the flat.
200 TPDK activists
For a change, some of the Hindutva outfits are
facing the fire. Their intent to portray Nathuram
Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, as a ‘hero’,
has backfired and earned them a lot of flak. Widespread agitation has been seen across Tamil Nadu.
Over 200 activists of TPDK (Thanthai Periyar
Dravidar Kazhagam) have been arrested for staging
a demonstration condemning this move. According to police reports, effigies of Godse were burnt
by the agitators during the demonstrations. The
agitations took place in Chennai, Cuddalore, Coimbatore, Dindigul and Arakkonam.
Foundation Day
National Convention
For Women
January 31st, 2015 is the Foundation Day for Women! India celebrates the Foundation Day for women
across India. From Darkness to Light, Triumphant
in your Pursuit. Let your Dreams take Flight, Your
Spirit we Salute! As India inaugurates this day,
we salute the spirit of the Indian woman for her
patience and courage in the face of the everyday
struggle that she faces against discrimination of
gender, right to education, career, and the freedom
to raise her voice against violence and crime.
Nirbhay Nari , Sashakt Bharat!
Water Effluency Tank
Blast in Ranipet, TN
A tank in a water effluency treatment factory exploded in the wee hours on January 31st, 2015. The
blast took place at 01.15 hours in the morning. The
impact of the explosion was huge, leaving 10 workers dead in the neighbouring leather unit. Investigations are on to confirm the nature of the accident.
CBSE pre-exam The
Board of SecEducacounselling to ondary
begin Feb 2
Friday said it
will provide pre-examination psychological counselling to students and parents from Feb 2nd, 2015
till April 2nd, 2015. The outreach program is in its
18th year and is designed keeping in mind the diversity and geographical spread of the student’s population. This year, 72 principals, trained counsellors
from CBSE affiliated schools and a few psychologists will give tele-counselling and address exam
related psychological problems of the students. 62
counsellors from India and others from Nepal, Saudi Arbia, Oman, UAE and Kuwait are participating
in the program. To access the helpline, students can
dial a toll free number 1800 11 8004 from any part
of the country.
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The DMK leader and the former Telecommunications Minister
Dayanidhi Maran recently criticized the CBI vehemently following
the arrest of three people, including his close aide and the former
Additional Private Secretary V. Gowthaman, in a decade-old case
related to Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI, after the arrest
of three people, including his close aide, in a decade old telephone
exchange case.
Dayandhi, who met the party chief M. Karunanidhi, accused the
CBI of framing him to placate a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
(RSS) ideologue. The former Union Minister also alleged that he
is being singled out. He also claimed that the CBI was ‘torturing
and forcing the three imprisoned’ men to issue statements against
him. It may be recalled that the CBI court dismissed the petitions
of three accused, including Gowthaman. “The investigation is at
a crucial stage and the accused areinfluential persons and there is
every possibility of tampering with the evidence if they are let on
bail,” Special Judge for CBI cases Krishnamoorthy, said in his order.
Incidentally, Sun TV shares fell about ten per cent after the action
initiated by the CBI. Sun TV shares traded 3.5 per cent lower at
Rs 397 on the National Stock Exchange and underperformed the
broader Nifty, which traded at record highs above 8,750. Kalanidhi
Maran, the founder of Chennai-based Sun TV, holds nearly 75 per
cent stake in the network according to the Bombay Stock Exchange.
Shares in Spice Jet, also owned by the Marans, traded with nearly
0.3 per cent losses. Investigators have alleged that when Dayanidhi
was Telecom Minister between 1004 and 2007, he used 300 government-owned phone lines for Sun TV, the media network owned by
his brother, Kalanidhi Maran, in Tamil Nadu. It may be noted that
the CBI began its enquiry in 2011, nearly four years after receiving
complaints that a ‘virtual’ telephone exchange had been configured
at Dayanidhi’s residence for illicit use by Sun TV.
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Can the Bharatiya Janata Party make an inroad
into the political citadel of Tamil Nadu? This
is the question lingering in the minds of the
people of the State where the people are polarized between the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
and Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam for the
last 48 years.Would it be possible for the BJP,
with or without allies, to really challenge the
hegemony of the two main Dravidian parties
that have ruled Tamil Nadu by turn since 1967?
In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP-led
National Democratic Alliance proved its worth
by winning two seats, as the ruling AIADMK
swept 37 of 39 seats.
The important thing is that the BJP was ahead
of the major Opposition party, DMK, which
drew a blank. In Tamil Nadu, the BJP would
like to have the best of both winter and summer under one roof. For instance, on the one
hand, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has
an equation with the AIADMK supremo J.
Jayalalithaa, but on the other hand, she has
been convicted in a corruption case, and her
future may be well-nigh-impossible to predict.
The party is also hoping against hope that Jayalalithaa will succeed against her conviction in
the Supreme Court before the assembly elections. In Tamil Nadu, the BJP would like to
have the best of both winter and summer under one roof. For instance, on the one hand, the
the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an
equation with the AIADMK supremo J. Jayalalithaa, but on the other hand, she has been
convicted in a corruption case, and her future
may be well-nigh-impossible to predict. The
party is also hoping against hope that Jayalalithaa will succeed against her conviction
in the Supreme Court before the assembly
elections. Clearly, the BJP can be a force-toreckon-with, if it can spruce up its party organisation in Tamil Nadu and get a few other
vote-pullers to join the party or align with
it. Can the BJP, with or without allies, really
hope to challenge the hegemony of the two
main Dravidian parties that have ruled the
state by turn for four-and-a-half decades?
The BJP State Unit is reportedly wooing
the Tamil Maanila Congress President G.K.
Vasan, who recently broke away from the
Congress party. Political observers point out
that a combination of BJP and TMC could
conceivably cross the ten percent mark on its
own, and alliances with other smaller Dravidian parties, could take the combine higher. Is
Tamil Nadu ready for a non-Dravidian party
to emerge centre-stage? At a rally addressed in
Maraimalainagar in the outskirts of the city, a
few months ago, the BJP supremo Amit Shah,
who spoke in Hindi, drew a resounding apCont Page 05
plause from the crowd to
Partners in Friendship – India and the USA R.K. Laxman: 1921 – 2015
US President Barrack Obamna’s visit
to India, his second in the capacity of a
president, has been much talked about,
and looked forward to. Prime Minister
Narendra Modi, made sure every effort
was made to accord the President and
First Lady a grand welcome. Breaking
protocol, the Prime Minister went to
the Palam Air Force station to welcome
them in person.
The US President’ visit comes at a time
when there is a change in leadership
and a transformation in the mood of the
country. The close relations that the two
countries share is a palpable outcome, of
the years of crisis, understanding and
dialogue. The free market policies
appealed to Prime Minister Modi and he
capitalized on the opportunity and
created history. President Obama’s
visit is an important one in terms of
furthering bilateral ties and India will
go beyond its border to play a central
role. The outcome of this visit has many
positive factors. A hotline is being established to link Prime Minister Modi
and President Obama. Apart from a declaration of friendship, a renewed 10 year
partnership in defence, the centerpiece
of their discussions, the breakthrough in
the nuclear pact that has been hanging
in the balance since 2008, transforms
the relationship. Nuclear contracts will
be signed between the US firms and
India. A commitment to regular summits further strengthens ties. A renewed
Defence Strategic Framework covers all
Potential Drug For
Cancer Treatment
A research team in
the University of
Tennessee Health
Science Centre led
by Gabor Tyigi
power of
acid (LPA), a naturally occurring signaling molecule that appears to give cells a better chance to
revive themselves against radiation exposure. The
new drug protected mice days after being exposed
to radiation, and can one day treat the side effects
of cancer therapy, as well as protect astronauts
from harmful cosmic rays. LPA can buy the cell
more time to repair its DNA through a mechanism
that remains unclear. A drug, nevertheless that
can make a great breakthrough in protecting cells
against radiation.
Indian Leather
Exports Cross $ 5
aspects of defence co-operation.
Joint production, development,
exploring co-operation for jet
engines and
aircraft carrier
systems and co-production of
specific advanced defence projects
outline the future of our defence
ties with the US. It will make the
Defence Trade Technology Initiative more operational in order
to make it result oriented. Both
countries have agreed to increase
bilateral anti- terror co-operation,
intelligence sharing and maritime
resulting in a joint
strategic vision statement for the
Asia Pacific and the Indian Ocean
region. President Obama went
a step further to confirm the
support of the United States to
make India a permanent member
of the United Nations Security
Council. Cross border terrorism
and India’s issues with Pakistan
were studiously avoided.
The visit has made a distinct and
visible impact on the neighboring
countries. While the liabilities of
the nuclear deal have seemingly
been sorted out according to
reports, and regardless of who will
be at the helm in a few years
after President Obama’s term,
the foundation for a solid base has
been put in place, one that Prime
Minister Modi seems determined
to achieve.
Nearly two weeks after a duel with
severe urinary tract infection and
kidney failure, R.K. Laxman called
it a day. Bogged down with a series of
strokes in 2004 and 2010, that severely
impeded his speech and paralyzed one
side of his body, the legendary cartoonist continued undaunted. As his
health spiraled downwards, he was put
on ventilator support and was taken off
it, responding well to treatment to
improve his multiple organ dysfunction. However, the last 24 hours
saw his health take a deep dip and he
did not respond to any therapies.
R.K. Laxman’s death indicates the end
of an era of legendary journalism. He
was India’s greatest caricaturist post
independence. He died of cardiac arrest
on January 26th, 2015. He is survived by
his 89 year old wife Kamala Laxman and
his son Srinivas Laxman, a journalist.
Mr. Laxman was born in the then
Mysore on October 24th, 1921. From
a young age, he was attracted to drawing. His idol was the New Zealand born
Sir David Low, who was a pre-eminent
caricaturist of the western world. R.K.
Laxman was famously denied admission to the prestigious J.J. School of Arts
because his drawings fell short of their
standards. He joined the Times of India
in 1947, doing illustrations for the
Illustrated Weekly of India since 1951.
Laxman became the chief political
cartoonist for the magazine and his
devastating humor trashed many a
Revenue Department On A
Recovery Spree
Chennai city has currently come
under the scanner for unpaid dues.
Across the length and breadth of
the city, tax payment defaulters are
being hauled up for by the Chennai Metro Water Board. Water tax
arrears have been building up with
both commercial and residential
buildings defaulting on their payments.
the vicinity for
having arrears of
Rs. 2.7 lakh over a
period of five years.
Notice warnings
were put up on the
and water and sewage
were disconnected.
Owners of 15 of the shops paid up the
arrears of nearly Rs.7 lakh. This fiscal
year an amount of RS.226.98 crore in
taxes has been collected till November 2014, as against tax amount of
Rs.451.69 crore raised. Reportedly,
in Teynampet alone 4,000 defaulters
have been identified and measures
are being implemented against them
under the Revenue Recovery Act.
Some of the shops in the Spencer
Plaza mall have been sent notices to
pay up pending arrears to the tune of
over and above Rs.70,000, with approximately 18 shops identified. A
team of officials sealed three shops in
Notices will be sent to all residential and commercial complexes that
have not paid dues for several years.
The notices are being implemented
to enforce payments are made that
have been pending for several years.
Quarries In Erode District
Face Closure
The Indian Leather Exports market is seeing a
boom in the industry, having crossed the $5
billion mark, as on December 31st, 2014. The
figures during the same corresponding period the
previous year accounted for $ 4.37 billion. The
increase has been by 16 percent.
Target for the full year was fixed at $7.32 billion.
The footwear industry was the first to cross the
mark with a 25 percent growth. All he three sectors – footwear, leather goods and accessories have
crossed the $1 billion mark. Footwear components
accounted for 12 per cent and saddler and harness
for 18.50 per cent. Though the leather industry has
been posting double digit figures month-on-month
since April,2014, it posted single digit growth in
the months between October and December.
Martyrs Day
(Sarvodaya Day or
Shaheed Diwas) in
January 30th, 1948 will always be remembered as
the day India lost ‘Bapu’, the ‘Father’ of the nation.
Gandhiji was killed as he approached the meeting
for evening prayers. Even as he fell to the bullet,
his last words were ‘Hey Ram’, with his frail hands
clasped together in a Namaste. The sun set on a
tumultuous evening that indicated the end of a
great era for the Freedom Struggle.
Over 39 quarries in Erode district
have been operating illegally for
nearly 10 years and now face closure. The southern bench of the National Green Tribune, have ordered
the closure of the quarries. Quarrying, stone crushing and transportation have been carried on illegally
in this cluster of quarries bordering
the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve.
The constant detonation of stone and
transportation have caused tremendous dust pollution and noise.
The worrisome fact has been that
these quarries did not have the clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests or The National
Board for Wildlife. They however,
had obtained permits from the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.
The quarries have been operation in
a ‘no development zone’ that covers
a radius of 10 kilometres of the tiger
reserve, which happens to be the
state’s largest habitat for the big cats.
The panacea is clear for all to see,
taking into account that the leases
were renewed even after Sathyamangalam was declared a tiger reserve. Clustered mainly in Igalur,
Palayam, Thalavady and Bhavani
Sagar, these quarries occupy several
acres each. The din and stone dust
pollution have affected not only
wildlife but also the surrounding villages. Buildings are forming cracks
and the air pollution is affecting the
health and animal behavior, forcing
them to come out of the reserve area.
Villagers in the surrounding areas complain that graing lands have
been taken over by quarry owners.
As per the recently declared Ecologically Sensitive Zone notification, no
activity detrimental to the national
park/sanctary should be allowed
within a radius of ten kilometres,
which has not been followed in the
Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve area.
Despite the current focus and steps
taken to conserve tigers and their
habitats around the country, this
comes as a shocking report in what
is considered one of the main belts in
south west India , which has seen a
significant increase in the tiger population.
The various Government bodies
should not only play a bigger role but
a more responsible one, considering
the fact that the country has a huge
responsibility in the climatic change
and environmental conservation
projects that are constantly being assessed.
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cartoonist was the
creator of the
‘common man’.
their joys and
lives in many
ways. His humor
was often grim
and ironic. The
political upheavals,
life on the footpath, slum dwellers, space research,
water scarcity were all highlighted in his cartoons.
Awarded the Padma Vibhushan and the Magsaysay
awards, R.K. Laxman was unmatched in his brilliance
and his warmth of wit. His cartoons portrayed his incisive humor and social apathy, illustrating the common
man and his pathetic plight, fighting for life’s basic
necessities. R.K. Laxman held up a mirror to society at
large, making them laugh at themselves. But he also
showed an uncanny understand of the common man’s
plight and put it at the forefront for all to see.
A cartoonist with a conscience, R.K. Laxman successfully
articulated the view point of the silent millions for more
than five decades through his eloquent cartoons. He
made the common man ‘iconic’. R.K. Laxman is perhaps
the last of the great exponents of journalism, a cartoonist
‘extraordinaire’, whose instincts and sensitive observations beneath that shrewd humor championed the cause
of the under-privileged. R.K. Laxman was given a state
funeral, with tributes pouring in from all corners of the
country, people from all walks of life and whose lives he
touched, in his imperceptible manner.
President Obama Touches On
‘Religious Harmony’
While it can be taken that the visit of US
President Obama has been successful on
all counts, his mention of ‘religious
harmony’ and the need for every
individual to practice their faith with freedom did not go unnoticed. While India
along with the US, remains the world’s
largest democracy, and stands for secularism, the recent past and current happenings around the country state otherwise.
Religious conversions, ‘ghar vapsi’ and
other violent responses and protests have
marred the secularism of India. President
Obama made a careful mention, gently
touching on every individual’s freedom
to practice his or her religion, without the
shadow of threat. He stated that India
would succeed in her journey towards
progress as long as she is not splintered
by religion. The pro-Hindutva groups and
other forms of extremist groups need to
take note. No country can make progress
in any manner, be it economical, educational, health and other social sectors if the basics are not in place. By that,
the right of freedom to practice one’s faith
without fear or favor, the right to freedom
of expression, are all instruments that play
a vital role in our day-to-day strive towards growth and progress. If basic rights
are not adhered to by the governments
and society at large, then it becomes
difficult for the common man to function
successfully, as well as at higher levels in
all spheres. If religious digression, and as a
result of that political unrest follows, especially in a democracy as large as ours,
where freedom of speech is also misused,
then progress of any kind can be difficult,
if not completely unattainable.
As a parting shot, President Obama
touched upon one of the most sensitive issues in India, but one that needs constant
addressing. He stated that no society
is immune from the darkest impulses of
man. However, the need of the hour was
to ensure religious tolerance and acceptance. He also emphasized the need to
respect women. A country is successful if
they treat their women right, he added.
The opposition was quick to read between
the lines and hoped that the Modi government was listening carefully to President
Obama’s speech.
‘Ghar Vapsi’ in Chennai!
While states across the country have been witnessing ‘ghar vapsi’, Tamil Nadu and Chennai, the capital,
seemed spectators on the sidelines. However, ‘Ghar
Vapso’ has come home to the southern capital as a full
circle of this reconversion ritual! The reconversion
ceremony is to bring converts back in toe Hinduism
fold. The Hindi Makkal Katchi, a Hindutva outfit that is
operational in the state will reconvet 108 persons from
Non-Hindu families to Hinduism. All families are from Chennai. While at least 80 per
cent of them are Christians, the rest are Muslims. The reconversion ceremony was to
take place at the Sri Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane, but the Hindu religious and
Charitable Endowments Department has refused permission to do so. The
ceremony is now to be held at the Kamatchi Amman temple in West Mambalam.
The organisation has set a target of one lakh conversions before the 1000th birthday of
the Vaishnavite philosopher, Sri Ramanuja, by 2017. The police state that they are not
aware of the conversions.
Lack Of Initiative For Post Graduates In
Engineering Sector IITs state that post graduates normally are
While the lakhs of B.E. and B.Tech
students get placements after finishing
their engineering degrees, in the annual campus recruitment drives, the post
graduates in engineering are not lucky.
Despite possessing better qualifications
and specialized skills, they are side lined.
This trend can be seen not only in the
state-run and affiliated engineering
colleges but surprisingly also in the
Indian Institutes of Technology across
the country.
The lack of quality parameters for
colleges and courses appear to be reason
behind this malaise. In the normal course,
at least 50 to 60 per cent of the students
take up teachin g after post graduation in
the government colleges. When the private colleges start post graduation courses without the requisite infrastructure
to earn more money, then the problem
becomes multi-fold. When queried, the
professors at the Anna University and
absorbed into research and development
wings of companies. But the level and quality of education that is being imparted in
the engineering colleges could affect their
job prospects. Any employer in an industry would prefer to take on an engineering graduate at a particular salary and train
him up according to the requirements of
the post. Whereas in the case of a postgraduate, the company would be required
to hire him at a higher salary and also offer
him the necessary training the post would
require. The solutions to this impasse can
only be overcome by enhancing the job
markets for research and development, Indian companies investing in research areas,
and creation of new job markets. Increasing
productivity through market supply chains
increases the potential of indigenous markets by creating incentives for substituting
import markets. Only such steps taken to
create more jobs for the engineering sector
will help create a sustainable job market for
them to showcase their skills.
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IILF India International Leather Fair Chennai -2015
The thirtieth edition of the IILF India International Leather Fair takes
place on 3 days from Sunday, February 1st till Tuesday, February 3rd,
2015 in Chennai. The venue is at
Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai. The Fair in Chennai exhibits a fascinating range of
finished leather goods, footwear
and footwear components, leather
garments and goods, fashion accessories, machinery and equipments
and chemicals and more. This trade
fair brings to the fore tips and information on latest trends, styles, color
patterns as well as material preferences that are in demand in the
global leather markets for manufacturers to take cues and implement
in their own business to reap more
benefits. Leveraging trade in the
Indian leather industry, this fair is
visited in overwhelming numbers
by manufacturers, retailers, designers as well as exporters from around
the world. The business visitors
will surely be attracted to exhibits
displayed by more than 400 companies, including over 100 from more
than 20 foreign countries.
ILLF - India International Leather Fair - is
a platform for global manufacturers and exporters including national players engaged
in the leather industry, to come forward
and get together to display their products
and services and conduct business. The
event will showcase the widest possible
range of leather products such as finished
leather, shoes, fashion accessories, travelware, belts, gloves, saddlery and harness
to ancillary and auxiliary, chemicals, machinery and equipment. Concurrent to
the fair, seminars on topical interests and
a fashion show presenting the latest trends,
colors and styles will be organized.
Product groups:
bags, belts, briefcases, chemicals, gloves, handbags, heels, leather, leather accessories, leather
clothing, leather goods, leather processing machines, leather working tools, saddlery, sewing machines, shoe uppers, shoemakers equipment, shoes, soles, tanning equipment, wallets
Industry sectors:
Clothing Industry, Fabrics,
Leather Goods, Textiles
Gulmarg - The Meadow Of Flowers
A huge cup shaped meadow, lush and green
with slopes where the silence is broken only
by the tinkle of cowbells, Gulmarg looks
like a fantasy set in a film and not surprisingly have been the venue of several films.
The valley of Gulmarg, a large meadow about
3-sq-kms in area, stands at 2,730 metres, 56km south west of Srinagar. The name means
‘Meadow Of Flowers’ and in the spring it’s
just that, a rolling meadow dotted with
countless colourful Bluebells, Daisies, Forget
Me Not’s and Buttercups. The valley itself is
about 3-km long and up to a km wide.
All around are snow-capped mountains, and on a clear day one can see
all the way to Nanga Parbat is one
direction and Srinagar is another.
It’s a popular day trip from Srinagar
to Gulmarg, although many people
extend their stay or use it as a base
for trekking. The road from Srinagar
rises gently towards the lower slopes
of the range, passing through rice and
maize fields. From Tangmarg, at the
foot of the range, there are two paths
to Gulmarg - a steep footpath or a
winding sealed road. There is also a
pony track from Gulmarg that leads
upwards to Khilanmarg, Kongdori
and seven springs.
The nearest railhead is at Jammu. The
journey from Srinagar to Gulmarg takes
approximately 2 hours in bus and may
take short time by chartered conveyance.
The road to Gulmarg is very beautiful
and is lined with poplar trees all through.
All sorts of transport are available to Gulmarg from Srinagar bus stand at Batmallo
and from private transport operators.
Best Time of the year to visit Gulmarg
In Summer - May To September
In Winter - November To February
Know why rain brings that
fresh, earthy smell
An International Pre-School in India, with a truly holistic environment for young minds. In association with Eton House
International Education Group, Singapore, committed to provide
world class education with an exceptional faculty that understand the needs of young children. A warm and family-oriented
atmosphere to stimulate learning and development of children in
the age group of 18 months to 6 years, all encompassed in a modern
building with state of –the- art technology, excellent hygiene and
high safety measure.
KavitaKedia - Principal
F 144, 8th Street Anna Nagar (east)
Chennai 600102
Contact us: 9790812200/ 044-26266515
Mail us at: [email protected]
Love the fresh and earthy smell of
rain drops and curious to know where
the smell comes from? Scientists have
now identified the exact mechanism
that releases this aroma into the environment. Rain drops before hitting
the ground have no smell but the
moment they hit the ground and interact with dirt, the fresh and almost
sweet fragrance comes out. The smell
is called ‘petrichor,’ that is derived
from the Greek words ‘petra’, meaning ‘stone’, and ‘ichor’, which refers to
the fluid that flows like blood in the
veins of the gods.
55000-Year-Old Skull Suggests Human and Neanderthal
Interbreeding Began in Israel
Earlier studies have suggested that our human ancestors likely had sexual relationship
with Neanderthals and a 55,000 year old
partial skull that was unearthed in a cave in
Israel is giving clues as to when and where
these interbreeding between the two species occurred. The partial skull was discovered by anthropologists exploring the Manot
Cave in western Galilee in Israel. In a new study published in the journal
Nature on Jan. 28, researchers posited that the fossil belonged to a modern
human, probably a woman, and that it was likely a love child of a human,
who belonged to a group of Homo sapiens that moved out of Africa, and
a Neanderthal. The partial skull was named “Manot” after the cave where
it was unearthed, and radiometric dating has determined that it is 55,000
years old.
Manot is older than the modern humans that lived in Europe 20,000 to
30,000 years ago. In fact, it is 10,000 years older than the first known
Homo sapiens in Europe weakening theories that modern humans and the
Neanderthals first met in Europe. “All recent genetic and archaeological
studies predict that the interbreeding event between the Neanderthals and
modern humans occurred between 50,000-60,000 years ago, and in the
Near East.”
Investigators have now
established that alcohol
drinking pattern has a significant influence on the risk
of cirrhosis of the liver and
that, daily drinking increases that risk compared
with drinking less frequently. ‘For the first time,
our study points to a risk
difference between drinking
daily and drinking five or six
days a week in the general
male population,’ said lead
investigator GroAskgaard,
from University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen.
To examine the patterns of
drinking associated with alcoholic cirrhosis, researchers in Denmark investigated
the risk of
alcoholic cirrhosis among
participants aged between 50 and
64 in the Danish Cancer,
Diet, and Health study
(1993-2011). Among the
55,917 participants, 257
men and 85 women developed alcoholic cirrhosis,
corresponding to an incidence rate of 66 in men and
19 in women per 100,000
There were no cases of alcoholic cirrhosis among
lifetime abstainers. The
results also suggest that recent alcohol consumption,
and not lifetime alcohol
consumption, is the strongest predictor of alcoholic
cirrhosis. Among women,
researchers were unable
to draw firm conclusions
due to low statistical power, though in general they
found the same trends.
Uttar Pradesh – Legendary Cuisine
Asia’s one of the most famous Heli-skiing
resort is at Gulmarg, Kashmir. Come December, and the verdant green slopes of
Gulmarg are blanketed with snow, forming some of the finest natural slopes for
ski runs of all levels. Gulmarg also has
one of the world’s highest green golf
courses, as well as a clubhouse, which is
a historical building in its own right. For
a fun filled ride of a most unusual kind,
Gulmarg’s newly constructed Gondola
lift from high above Gulmarg, through
pine clad slopes, is exhilarating. Gulmarg is in Baramula District and is 56kms from Srinagar District. The nearest
Airport from here is situated in Badgam
District, which is well connected with all
the major cities of the country.
‘SERRA’ is Italian for a place where life is nurtured.
Daily drinking ‘ups’ risk of
alcoholic cirrhosis
The cuisine of Uttar Pradesh is just as diverse as its geography. Delectable delicacies like chaat, samosa and pakora, that top the most
popular street food charts in all of India, are native to this state.
The state is famous for its royally delicious Nawabi food. Cooking
techniques in Uttar Pradesh were greatly influenced by Mughal’s.
The Nawabs of Oudh were great gourmets and encouraged their
master chefs to create new culinary styles. The famous recipes of
Lucknow are ‘tunda kebabs’ and ‘kakori kebabs’ flavoured with rich
spices and seeds.
The main genre of Uttar Pradesh cuisine is Awadhi, and the cooking patterns of the state
are similar to those of the rest of Northern India. The Awadhi cuisine of Uttar Pradesh bears
similarities to those of Kashmir and Punjab.
These melt in your mouth kebabs are a great dinner party
option. Minced lamb or mutton grilled with a range of
Indian seasoning and flavors. It derives its name from the
Oven temp: 425F-220 C
city of Kakori on the outskirts of Lucknow.
2 cups minced mutton/lamb
Mix all ingredients except ghee and
1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
garnishes to marinate for about 4 hours,
2 tsp salt
then grind to form a smooth, thick
1/4 tsp powdered black pepper
paste. Knead this mixture well and mix
2 tbsp chopped green coriander
in the roasted gram and the egg. Cover
Chopped green chillies to taste
and refrigerate for another hour. About
2 Tbsp chopped raw papaya
25 minutes before serving, shape the
4 cloves
meat around the skewers and place the
1 black cardamom seeds
kebabs on to a grill over a drip tray, or in
1/8 tsp powdered cinnamon
a pre-heated oven (also on a drip tray).
1 tsp cumin seeds
If cooking them over a charcoal grill,
1 blade mace
you will have to keep rotating them so
1/4 tsp grated nutmeg
that they brown and cook evenly. They
2 cups onions - sliced thin, and browned crisp in
should take 15-20 minutes to cook.
1/2 cup ghee
Brush with ghee and cook another 2
1/4 cup bhuna chana - powdered
minutes. Serve garnished with chaat
1 egg
masala onions and the lemon and serve
Ghee for brushing some chaat masala
with green chutney.
Onion rings and lemon wedges for garnish
Kakori Kebab
‘They talked about oils emitted by
plants, and certain chemicals from
bacteria, that lead to this smell you
get after rain following a long dry
spell,’ said Cullen Buie, assistant
professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology in Cambridge. When
a raindrop hits a porous surface it
traps tiny pockets of air. These bubbles speed upward before breaking the drop’s surface and releasing
microscopic particles, called aerosols, into the air. Now, researchers
think these aerosols carry the rainlike aroma. ‘This paper provides an
elegant mechanism by which these
microbes can be propelled past the
stagnant layer of air around them to
a place where the breeze can take
them elsewhere,’ Bird concluded.
The findings were published in Nature Communications.
Genetic Legacy of Genghis Khan in Challenge?
Experts Discover 10 More Ancestors Who Spread
Lineages in Asia
Genghis Khan is
believed to have
fathered hundreds
of children. However, researchers
have found that
the ancient Mongolian ruler has
competition and
10 more ancestors
may have spread
their strong lineages. Patricia Balaresque, a geneticist at the Paul Sabatier
University and Mark Jobling, a geneticist at the University of
Leicester claims that they have found evidence of ten more
powerful men who founded the Y-chromosome lineages in
Asia. Genghis Khan is believed to have fathered hundreds of
children. However, researchers have found that the ancient
Mongolian ruler has competition and 10 more ancestors may
have spread their strong lineages. Patricia Balaresque, a geneticist at the Paul Sabatier University and Mark Jobling, a
geneticist at the University of Leicester claims that they have
found evidence of ten more powerful men who founded the
Y-chromosome lineages in Asia.
Beetroot juice boosts exercise
function in heart patients
‘The intent of this study was to
determine if acute ingestion of
beetroot juice, which is rich with
nitrates, prior to exercising could
improve the exercise capacity of
COPD patients,’ said Michael Berry,
chairman of Wake Forest’s department of health and exercise science.
New York: A small yet significant study shows that beetroot
juice improves exercise function
in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients.
The new research by Wake Forest University looked at a small
group of COPD patients who
drank beetroot juice as compared
to a placebo drink before exercise.
COPD makes it difficult for patients
to breathe and worsens over time. In
turn, they tend to limit their activities, become more sedentary, and
lose fitness and physical function.
The findings showed overall that
those patients who drank beetroot
juice were able to extend their exercise time and had reduced exercise
diastolic and resting systolic blood
Child Neglect
Transforms the Brain
Child neglect can lead to
harmful changes in the
brain, with a negative
impact on development
in children, a study has
found. Severe neglect
in childhood may cause
structural changes in the
white matter of the brain,
the researchers report, although early intervention may prevent or even possibly reverse such changes. The
study led by Boston Children’s Hospital analyzed the consequences of neglect on
brain development in children in Romania, comparing brain differences between
those who were abandoned and institutionalized, sent to institutions and then to
foster families, or who were raised in biological families.
Children who were not raised in a family environment -- in other words, raised solely
in institutions -- had detectable alterations in the white matter of their brains later
on, while the brains of children placed with a foster family looked mostly similar to
those of children raised with their biological families, the researchers reported in the
journal JAMA Pediatrics. Previous studies have found children raised in institutional
environments, where access to language and cognitive stimulation is often limited,
often show a lack of development. However, the new study’s findings suggest that
even children at risk for poor development because of living circumstances at an early
age can recover if given support in a care giving environment.
It may be mentioned that the CBI has named the former
minister and officials of the state-owned telephone company BSNL in an FIR or police complaint filed in 2013. The
phone lines allegedly were capable of carrying huge data to
facilitate aster transmission of TV news and programs across
the world. Dayanidhi was also summoned to a Delhi court
earlier to explain charges of assisting Malaysia’s Maxis group
take control in 2006 of Indian mobile phone carrier Aircel.
Mr. Maran has been accused by the CBI of misusing his office as Telecom Minister in 2006 to pressure the owner of
Aircel, C. Sivasankaran, to sell his company to Maxis, which
is based in Malaysia. Both Dayanidhi and Kalanidhi are being investigated in connection with money laundering allegations linked to the 2G spectrum case. However, the Maran
brothers and Maxis officials have both denied any wrongdoing. The CBI, which began investigating the Marans in
2011, says that as minister, Dayanidhi blocked licenses and
clearances to Aircel to force its owner to sell the mobile carrier to Maxis. Companies controlled by Kalanithi’s Sun TV
Group had received ‘illegal gratification’ totalling about Rs.
742 crore, according to the CBI. About Rs. 549 crore of it was
‘in the garb of’ the premium paid for the purchase of a stake
in a Sun Group company, the agency noted.
Marans for entering into a quid-pro-deal with
a Malaysia-based entrepreneur. The Attorney
General was urged to look into the matter after
differences between the CBI Director Ranjit Sinha and the agency’s Director of Prosecution led
to a delay in filing of the charge sheet in the case.
It is pertinent to note that Director Ranjit Sinha
felt there was insufficient evidence to implicate
Mr. Dayanidhi Maran.
The DMK, especially the party president M.
Karunanidhi and its treasurer M.K. Stalin vociferously voiced their opinion in favor of Dayanidhi Maran and said it was a systematic and
orchestrated campaign by the Central Government led by the Narendra Modi Government
to malign Dayanidhi with political motivation. Dayanidhi and Stalin further alleged that
their suspicion had gained ground after the BJP
leaders attended the wedding of Gurumurthy’s
daughter in Chennai recently and the surprise
meeting of the Union Finance Minister Arun
Jaitley with the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa later. It is also being speculated
that efforts are on to please the AIADMK chief
by the BJP to pass Resolutions for vital bills like
Insurance and Land acquisition in the Rajya Sabha by the Centre, as they are not expected to get
adequate support from other non- BJP parties
like the Trinamool Congress, Samajwadi Party
and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).
However, in a statement issued four months ago, Maxis said
it would ‘vigorously’ pursue all available legal remedies to
defend itself. The company said “the allegations are totally unfounded and the charge sheet has been filed without
basis”. The CBI alleges that Dayanidhi misused his office
in 2006 to force the sale of Aircel to Maxis, owned by T.
Ananda Krishnan. In return, the CBI claims, the Malaysian
group invested nearly Rs. 650 crores in the Sun TV Group.
C Sivasankaran, who owned Aircel at the time, alleged
that Maran ensured that the Telecom firm was not given
critical licenses to apply mounting pressure on the beleaguered entrepreneur of Aircel. After he eventually caved
in, Sivasankaran claims, Aircel received clearances within
no time.
Karunanidhi and Stalin also lashed out at the BJP
government for allowing its Central Minister to
meet the AIADMK supremo when disproportionate assets case was pending against her in the
Bangaluru and in the Supreme Court. Dayanidhi
also commented cynically that there is an intellectual former Union Minister, who with his
nefarious design is secretly intriguing him with
his pampered son. The insiders in the DMK,
however, assert that a section of party leaders
are not happy over the support extended to the
Maran brothers by some top leaders in the party.
A section of DMK cadres are of the opinion that
it will not serve the party well in the long-run,
, if they continued to support the Maran brothers. They further claim that the party was more
or less split over the Stalin-Azhagiri imbroglio.
Any charge sheet by the CBI against the Maran
brothers could be a stumbling block to the DMK
which had suffered a huge defeat in Lok Sabha
elections, largely due to the 2G spectrum scam
The CBI charge-sheet also names Ananda Krishnan and
Ralph Marshall of Maxis, and four companies, including Sun
Direct TV and Malaysia’s Maxis Communication Berhad.
South Asia Entertainment Holding, Mauritius, and ASTRO
All Asia Network have also been named. They have been all
charged with criminal conspiracy and under the Prevention
of Corruption Act Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi
has, according to sources, told the CBI that there was enough
evidence to file a charge sheet against Maran brothers in the
Aircel-Maxis deal. Rohatgi, appointed as the country’s top
law officer by the BJP Government, has advised the CBI to
go ahead with the process of filing a charge sheet against the
The Centre has reportedly told the Central Bureau of Investigation that there is enough evidence to charge sheet former telecom minister
Dayanidhi Maran in the case of a kickback or
quid pro quo in the sale of telecom firm Aircel
to the Maxis Group in 2006. Sources say Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi has told the CBI to
file a charge-sheet against Maran brothers in the
Aircel-Maxis deal, in news that spells trouble
for the DMK, a former ally of the Congress-led
UPA. C. Sivasankaran, who owned Aircel at the
time, has said that Maran ensured the telecom
Mettur Dam
The reduction is storage capacity is due
to the sedimentation and methods to
remove it would be studied. Although
earlier surveys have been made in 1978,
1984 and 2004, not once has any effort
been made to de-silt the 80 year old dam.
While the full reservoir level is 120 feet,
the storage capacity of the dam is 94.470
tmcft (thousand million cubic feet of
water) Due to the sedimentation, there is
huge storage loss. After the study by the
team, a report is to be submitted in the
next three months.
was not given critical
licenses as a pressure
tactic to his organization. After he eventually caved in, he claims,
Aircel received clearances at lightning speed.
The Attorney General
stepped in after differences between the CBI
director Ranjit Sinha and
the agency’s Director of Prosecution led to a delay in a
charge-sheet in the case. Sinha had said the evidence
against Dayanidhi Maran was insufficient. The CBI also
questioned Kalaignar TV MD Sharad Kumar and former CEO of Sun Pictures Hansraj Saxena in connection
with the case against Dayanidhi. It is important to note
that both Kumar and Saxena have held senior positions
with Sun TV in the past. It is being learnt that hundreds
of high-speed telephone lines allotted to the former
Union Minister’s residence were actually routed to the
offices of Sun TV through underground cables. Dayanidhi said in a statement that he is ready to quit politics,
if RSS ideologue Gurumurthy, a renowned Chartered
Accountant and a noted columnist prove his claim on
operation of over 300 ISDN PRI telephone lines.
All said and done, there is no iota of doubt that Maran
brothers, especially Dayanidhi is in deep trouble. However, much they might try to defend themselves, the
evidence, according to the CBI and Gurumurthy are
against them. What is worrying them is about the lack
of demand for their shares at least for the time being.
The forthcoming Srirangam by-election will testify the
DMK’s strength, after the charges leveled against Maran and some BSNL officials by the CBI, albeit at the
instance of the Union Government.
Free Physiotherapy Awareness
Camp Held on 31st January, 2015
Conducted by J K Physio & Rehab Clinic
Dr. Raviprasad M.S., (Ortho)
Dr. V. Jagadeesan M.P.T.H. (Ortho), Dip in
Emergency & Trauma D.A.C., F.I.A.C.A.
Dr. J. Kalpana B.P.T. Dip in Ortho Rehab
Venue: #5, N Block, 24th Street, 6th Avenue, Anna
Nagar East, Chennai 600 102.
Medical Camp for Diagnosis and Treatment of
Camp Highlights:
Age Group: 40 and above years – male and female
For Cigarette and Alcohol Consumers
• Joint Disease
• Hip and Back Pain
• Hand & Leg Pain
• Consumers of Steroids
• Fits & Seizures
• Paralysis/Stroke
Contact Details:
Landline: 044 42662350
Mob: 9840593223
Golden opportunity lost, DMK Chief tells
OP on Lankan Refugees Meet
DMK Chief M Karunanidhi today faulted TN Chief
Minister O Panneerselvam for nil representation at
the Government meeting for voluntary repatriation
of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees losing an opportunity
to highlight the plight of the refugees. Mr Karunanidhi said the Tamil Nadu Government could have
used the opportunity to send the official to explain
the measures required to be taken in Sri Lanka for
the refugees’ welfare and sufferings of the Tamils.
Chennai City Faces Water Crisis
Chennai has not had a great
monsoon in the past year and for
the next five months is not likely
to receive much rainfall. A crisis
of sorts seems to be looming large
over the city. The recent meeting between the chief secretaries
of both the states, I.Y.R.Krishna
Rao of Andhra Pradesh and
K.Gnanadesikan of Tamil Nadu
were present in the inter State
liaison meeting that recently took
place in Hyderabad.
The current storage in the city
reservoirs stands at 2.8 thousand
million cubic feet, the lowest in
three years. Water supply for
Chennai is supplemented by other resources such as the Veeranam
tank, two desalinization plants
and groundwater. The present
water supply to the city holds at
600 million litres a day. The chief
secretary of Andhra Pradesh has
promised thousand million cubic
feet of Krishna water by March
end. The development comes as
a relief to Chennai, wherein the
authorities will be able to manage
the supply situation comfortably.
The supply would be delivered at
the entry point of the KandaleruPoondi canal in Tamil Nadu to
tide over the water crisis in the
city. According to the Tamil Nadu
team, the supply of Krishna water
in the past three years has been
poor. While the Tamil Nadu authorities feel that the realization
of water should be maintained at
1,000 cubic feet per second. The
representative of Andhra Pradesh
has committed to a supply of 500
cubic feet per second over the
next two months. Tamil Nadu is
taking focused steps in bringing
up projects for more desalinization and water processing plants.
The Rain Water Harvesting has
been a major step taken by the
state to improve the water tables
in an effort to raise the ground
water levels across the city and
its suburbs. Measures to control
pollution of water reserves in the
city and needless commercial
expansion across land areas will
help in keeping the scarcity in
check to an extent.
Chennai – City of Potholes
Chennai Corporation Face
Stiff Opposition For Marina
Loop Road Project
The Centre has sent a 3 member team
to assess the level of sedimentation in
the water spread area, covering 59.25
square miles, of the Stanley reservoir in
the Mettur Dam. The assessment suggests
de-silting, taking into consideration
whether it is likely to affect the environment, animals in the forest area and
fishing, as water is the main resource.
Page: 04
The Marina Loop Road Project
is the latest one to come under
fire from various factions such
as the fishermen communities and environment activists,
who claim that the manner
in which the project obtained
clearance is questionable and is
in violation. The Chennai Corporation faces stiff opposition
to proceed with this project
as there are several loopholes
in the process. The application
appears to be incomplete on
several fronts according to the
opposing factions. The Tamil
Nadu State Coastal Zone Management Authority who gave
the Corporation the go ahead
are now caught in the crossfire.
The Corporation had initially
claimed in its application that
there would be no changes,
permanent or temporary, in
the land use. However, a
detailed project report clearly
states that the project intends
to convert the Loop road into
a ‘viable route’ for motorists to
ease the traffic flow on Santhome High Road, the stretch
that connects Kamaraj Salai
and Adayar. The Corporation
has not submitted any key
documents that confirm that
the project will not result in
a change of land use. The
Corporation has not submitted
a report on environmental impact assessment report, disaster
management report and risk
assessment report. The fishermen are clear that the Loop
Road was never meant for any
use, other than that the
fishermen use this stretch to
reach their homes. The road
is only being used for fishing
related activities. The Chennai Corporation on the other
hand, claim that work on a
storm water drain on Loop
Road connecting the stretch
with Adayar Creek is under
way, to reduce pollution in
the neighborhood. They claim
that the stretch is already being used by a large number of
The argument according to
the fishing communities and
activists holds that the Marina
Loop Road was never intended
for public thoroughfare. Of
late, time and again, government bodies are caught
on the wrong foot or are in the
news for the wrong reasons.
Chennai is on its way to becoming
one of the fastest developing metros in the country. It is also known
for its legendary potholes that dot
the city’s main arterial roads and
the busy side roads in the city and
its suburbs. All these roads are
subjected to poor quality of road
laying and materials, as well as
repair work. The city’s roads are
perpetual victims of shoving, potholes, ravelling, poor design, fatigue cracking, and high pressure.
All of the above factors contribute towards recurring damage of
the riding surface. The Chennai
Corporation spends hundreds of
crores every year relaying roads,
whilst residents observe that within a matter of months the roads are
damaged and in need of repair. The
Corporation does not take into account the heavy vehicular traffic
traffic on certain stretches. Water
logging and delay in relaying the
roads can be factors to this issue.
Shaaring of the roads occur when
rains cause water stagnation resulting in peeling of the road surfaces.
Other public works departments
also contribute to road quality
issues when they lay service utility
lines for electricity, Busy intersections where there is heavy traffic
brakes and halts find deformations
in the road surface.
Poor designs of the sewer networks often cause potholes, which
in turn cause accidents. Roads
with tar topping and cement concrete roads are all faced with this
problem. telephone connections
and broadband that cause damage
to tar roads across the city. Other
stretches of roads that are unable
to bear the stress of heavy tonnage
vehicle density also face problems
when the weak sub-layer of the
roads give way or wear off. Continuous usage and high temperatures can result in damaging the
Deformation of road
surfaces can sometimes be caused
by bitumen mix contamination.
Frequent dumping of large
amounts of construction debris
and their subsequent removal by
heavy equipment causes striations on the road surface. Experts
state that storm water drains and
cambers are important factors that
determine the quality of the roads.
Apart from these factors, the mix
of bitumen (binding material) and
the aggregate (gravel) should be
as per specifications to ensure the
road surface does not suffer wear
and tear.
The contractor must ensure the
bitumen mix has the right temperature while being transported to
the site. Compacting of the roads
should adhere to the specifications
of the Indian Road Congress as it
makes a big difference. A majority of the roads travelling are of
the light weight category. Hence
if specifications are followed,
there should be no reason why
roads should, constantly suffer
fatigue wear and tear. According
to a Chennai Corporation official,
around 183 bus routes roads are
to be re-laid, that should be completed by April 2015. This year,
the Corporation will maintain its
focus on correcting the camber
of roads to prevent damage to the
road surfaces.
The Mariamman Teppakulam in Madurai
Anticipates Float Festival In Water
The Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar
temple in Madurai is all gearing up
for the annual event organized this
year. The 22 acre temple tank now
has over three feet of water and is
getting ready to host the festival
on February 3rd, 2015. The festival
is celebrated on the full moon day
of the Tamil month of ‘Thai’ when
the presiding deities, Goddess
Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar are taken around the tank on
a brightly decorated float.
The Corporation as well as the Hindu
Religious and Charitable Endowments
Department and Executive Officer of
the temple are taking the necessary
steps to facilitate the supply of water.
The Corporation is now pumping water into the tank through 10 hp motors.
Simultaneously, the temple authorities
are continuing to draw water from a well in the Vaigai river using 5hp
motors. Meanwhile, work on the float has begun and it will be
completed soon and grandly decorated. After two consecutive years
of a dry float festival, the temple is at last looking foward to the float
festival taking placed in the water.
Page: 05
A BJP source said both Modi and Shah separately visited the state to boost the morale of the cadre. Shah
has appointed Tamilisai Soundararajan, a fiery speaker
and daughter of former Tamil Nadu Congress committee chief, Kumari Ananthan, as the State unit president
and plans to rebuild the party structure during the ongoing membership drive in the party.
questions like “whether the people would want 24
hours power supply; end family rule; jobs for the
youth and Tamils to live with dignity and respect.”
The BJP’s biggest worry is finding a leader to match
the stature of the former State Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, or the DMK Treasurer M.K. Stalin, whom
the party is likely to project as the DMK candidate
in the 2016 assembly election. The BJP leaders are,
however, delighted that that they have converted
the state’s bipolar polity into a triangular contest.
Modi attempted to make the right noises by asking officials in the PMO to hold a special meeting
on the plight of Tamil fishermen, an issue flagged
by Dravidian parties in every session of Parliament.
BJP leaders also see an opportunity in the power
struggle between the sons of former chief minister
M Karunanidhi, who expelled his elder son M.K.
Alagiri from the DMK last year.
Focus will be on the seven assembly segments in which
the party stood first and 60 others in which it emerged
second in the general elections. A multi-pronged approach to strengthen the organisation is in the pipeline.
Enrolling of members with booth-level as the reference
point had already begun. A mass contact programme
where popular faces of the state BJP will take the Modi
government’s achievements to the people has also been
planned. Training the cadre for polls, too, is on the priority list of the new state unit leadership. The positives
materialising from the Modi government at the Centre
will help its Tamil Nadu unit before the assembly elections The party members are confident that his party,
and not the DMK, will pick up the anti-government
votes. The war of words between Jayalalithaa and Modi
might have impacted national politics earlier. However, after the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s
meeting with the AIADMK supremo at her Poes Gardens residence in Chennai, the bonhomie is expected to
develop between the two parties. The harsh reality has
dawned on them that they need each very badly now,
considering the Resolutions for passing the Bills in the
Rajya Sabha soon. BJP is aware that without the co-operation of the AIADMK, as they have eleven members
in the Upper House, they are unable to pass the bills.
Being a practical politician, Modi is aware that Jayalalaithaa will not extend her party’s support
In Dire Straits – Bharathiyar
The premier institute founded in 1988
in Puducherry to promote dance, music,
fine arts, sculpture and painting along
the lines of the Kalakshetra Foundation
is mired in neglect. An institute named
after the great Tamil poet Bharathiyar,
it was started as a multi-arts institute
offering certificate courses. The institute
upgraded itself to provide degree courses
in these streams and also offered 5 year
integrated courses.
In 1997, the Bharathiyar Palkalaikoodam started its new journey in a new
campus on a sprawling 11 acre campus
Ariyankuppam. However, the
degeneration set in amidst maladministration and poor patronage by the
government authorities. The students
have been agitating for the past several
weeks against the authorities on account
of the poor management and have asked
for a reversal of the current state
of affairs, or issue transfer certificates
so that they can pursue their education
in other institutions. The All India
Council for Technical Education has
directed the authorities to appoint a full
time principal. Despite the directive,
the institute is still being run without a
principal for several years. The teaching
and non-teaching staff is bogged down
by litigation related to their services.
The management does not seem keen
to start new courses or encourage new
Students who pass out of the institution
have no opportunity to pursue post
graduate courses and have to look
elsewhere to apply. The teaching faculty
is not showing any interest in improving the lot of the institution. Learning
has become an everyday struggle for the
students. The facilities are poor. There
are no proper rooms for teaching, proper
toilet facilities. Most of the rooms are
neglected due to lack of cleaning and
covered in dust. The window panes in the
buildings housing the classrooms require
to be changed. The toilets do not have
proper locking system. Poor wiring in
the rooms cause electric shocks. There is
water leakage in the buildings. The music
block has no roof and the first floor needs
repair work to prevent leakage. Despite
the presence of gardeners, the lawns are
unkempt and neglected. The works on the
roofs of structures need attention. But due
to lack of funds, they are in a state of disrepair. The work on establishing a library
and administration block was started but
abandoned along the way. Creative works
of the students are left in shambles and
The education minister T.Thyagarajan
states that a new principal full time is
being appointed and all steps will be
taken to set things right. However, the
fact remains that while Puducherry is
taking such interest in ensuring steps to
safeguard the heritage buildings and
ensure their upkeep, it sadly lacks the
perception to sustain a premier institution
such as this one.
Nellore – Vibrant
Industrial Growth
The past two decades has seen the growth of Nellore in
leaps and bounds. The district is all set to woo the
industrialists for more development. With the
establishment of several special economic zones, a
deep water port, and thermal power stations in the
district, the industrial development has been progressing
at a fast pace. However, financial constraints have been a
constant concern. The municipal corporation is now cash
strapped and unable to proceed on further development
projects. Mayor S.K.Abdul Aziz has seized the
opportunity to seek support from various sections
of the city for participation for further development.
He has reached out to the industrialists who have now
settled elsewhere.
The Mayor has plans to rope in the industrialists by
requesting them to adopt different wards in the city in
order to develop facilities. Also with the help of NRIs
(Non Resident Indians) and NGOs (Non-Governmental
Organizations), the Mayor is confident about taking steps
to move forward in development projects for the district.
to them without gaining
her political ascendancy
and retrieving herself
from the clutches of
court cases in return.
Without the BJP’s support, she would find the
going tough to extricate herself from legal
hassles. Modi wants to
emphasise that the BJP
should have future interests in Tamil Nadu.
This simple logic has prompted him to concentrate
on this southern state that has been the monopoly
of Dravidian politics. The Prime Minister could
achieve what the Congress President and the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi could not do in
1989 - to get a cadre and organisational base for the
BJP. Modi has become the talking point among the
60 million Tamils and others in the state. He understands the real politics of Tamil Nadu. While some
might believe there is a real discontent against the
Dravidian parties, the truth is that many people in
the State are impressed with the performance of the
AIADMK government in parameters ranging from
economy to security to Foreign Direct Investment
(FDI). There is a general perception that Tamil
Nadu did more than adequate justice to the people,
but in the absence of Jayalalithaa at the helm of affairs, a section of people have started looking for
BJP as an alternative, considering the increase in
the factional feuds in the Congress and the DMK.
Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy, the man who
was in charge of Maharashtra, is the party in-charge
of the State. Rudy claimed that “the people of Tamil
Nadu are disillusioned
Prime Minister
Modi’s Suit Design
Triggers Debate
A pinstripe bandhgala worn by Prime Minister
Modi during the luncheon at the Hyderabad
House during President Obama’s visit, seems to
have triggered off a debate in the social
media. President Obama mentioned in a speech
his desire to don a ‘Modi’ kurta. The pinstripe
suit, on closer observation has the Prime Minister’s name woven all over the fabric. While
sections of the media feel that this display
reeks of narcissism, and call Modi a self
proclaimed master of ‘hype, others within the
party defended his dress sense stating that the
Prime Minister should at least have the freedom
to choose his attire and dress according to his
personal taste.
Some of the media noted that former President
Hosni Mubarak of Egypt also used to wear suits
with his name branded on them. Overall, Prime
Minister Modi’s dress sense has evoked
admiring comments within the country and
from the international community. His choice
of clothes were very much appreciated during
the United nations General Assembly meeting.
Shah further said all factors are favourable for the BJP to
emerge as the single largest party in the next Assembly
elections.”The BJP will lead the National Democratic Alliance in the 2016 Tamil Nadu Assembly election. There
are differences of opinion among the alliance partners.
But those issues would be sorted out by the time of the
election. The chief ministerial candidate will be announced by the BJP before the election,” he added. The
BJP boss pointed out that people in Tamil Nadu wanted a
change and the BJP is the right choice. “The alternate rule
by the DMK and the AIADMK has cost the State dearly in
terms of development and growth. The BJP has plans and
persons to take Tamil Nadu into a trajectory of growth
and we will do it,” he explained. If the BJP wants to be the
natural party of power at the centre, a lot depends on how
it develops strong roots in states where it has never been a
force-to-reckon-with not only in Tamil Nadu, but also in
Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal,
and Assam. The party may go slow in spreading its wings
in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh for the time being, since
the ruling parties in these states are either in an alliance
with it or friendly to the BJP at the centre. So these are
clear focus areas for the party.
In 2015 India’s Population
Remains Young
India came into her own as
a newborn republic on January 26th,
1950. Except for the following decade
after the founding of the republic, India
has added between 250 to 350 million
every decade to her population.The
country’s population has tripled. The
mortality rate has come down from a
staggering 146 infant deaths for every
1000 people, to 40. The adult mortality
rate has more than halved over the last
60 years.
A noticeable factor is that over the past
60 years the median age for women
having children has fallen. Women
still have children in their early 20’s
but stop after two or three children. So
fewer women in their thirties or forties are having children. The sex ratio
against girls remain skewed over the
years even now. Fifty years ago India
was mostly a rural country. India has
urbanized over the last half century,
but it has been slower than expected.
The urban growth has been modest.
The contemporary growth scenario in
India has cast serious doubts on rapid
urbanization in the country in the
future. This is because the bulk of
urbanization has happened in the cities. Most of the cities have expanded
and the urbanization has extended to
the surrounding villages. This has
happened due to the explosion of
India’s mega cities. Delhi for example,
has grown 11 times its size, leave alone
its satellites. The last 65 years have been
transformative for the Indians. This
year, the world has 22 mega cities, out
of which India fields three of the ten
biggest in the world- Mumbai, Kolkata
and Delhi.
Mumbai and Delhi will be the world’s
second and third biggest cities by 2030.
The poverty ratio too ahs improved. It
has fallen from 45 per cent in 1993-1994
to 22 per cent in 2011-2012. Despite the
deep seated inequalities in caste, gender
and religion,. The gaps have substantially narrowed.
Dr.Ambedkar’s London House To Be A
Museum Cum Memorial
Clean Ganga
Project Under
After a study of current conditions, the Government of India
has planned to undertake the
installation of six Sewage Treatment Plants in all the 118 cities and towns that are located
along the length of the Ganga in
a phased manner. The steps are
being taken to control pollution
in the river. The operation of
the sewage treatment plants will
be paid for by the government
and help plug the gaps in the system to prevent untreated effluents from flowing into the river.
Currently the gap in demand
and supply is estimated at 1,852
million litres of water a day and
for the demand by 2030, the gap
holds at 2,664 MLD (million litres per day). A review meeting
was held at which it was decided
that all six stated that bordered
the Ganga would be taken on
board before implementation
of the sewage treatment plants.
The first phase would include
the 56 cities and towns that
with family and hate politics”. But another view is that
with Modi entering the Tamil Nadu scene, the BJP hope
for a bright future of Tamil Nadu, with monitoring directly by the Prime Minister. Tamil Nadu needed an outsider
to sort out people’s agonies against DMK and ADMK, Tamil Nadu. Hardly 12 hours after he exhorted the cadre
in Tamil Nadu to ensure the enrolment of 60 lakh new
members in the party, Amit Shah, has entrusted the task
to the State leadership; make BJP the single largest party
in the 2016 Assembly election.”In the 2016 Assembly
election, the BJP would emerge as the single largest party
and the next Chief Minister should be from the party,”
Shah told reporters recently.
account for at least 80 per
cent of the sewage generation. The capacity of the
sewage treatment plants
would be augmented to
meet the 2030 demand.
Action plans for treatment
of the sewage, rehabilitation of
dysfunctional and sub-optimal
sewage treatment plants, capacity building of local urban bodies, timelines and adopting of
modern technologies proposed
by the Bhaba Atomic Research
Centre and the IITs would all
be taken into account. Finally,
a meeting of all the representatives of the 195 industrial units
located along the Ganga would
be held in the month of February, 2015 by the Ministry of Environment,
Forests and Climatic Change,
that would be further followed
by a meeting of all the municipal commissioners of all the 118
towns and cities on February
17th, 2015. The project on cleaning of the Ganga has been a long
outstanding one with successive
governments holding discussions but quite unable to impact
an implementation of the cleaning project.
The landlord of 10, King Henry’s Road, London. NW3,
had put an advertisement in the local newspapers
last September, 2015, regarding sale of the house at
the above mentioned address. The FABO (Federation
of Ambedkarites and Buddhist Organisations) had
alerted the Maharashtra government but the Prithviraj Chauhan Government failed to capitalize on the
information. The current BJP Led Government in Maharashtra has sent a letter of intent to the Indian High Commissioner in UK., before
formally setting in motion the process to purchase the house. Babasaheb Ambedkar
is reported to have lived in the house between 1920 and 1921 while he was pursuing his
studies at the London School of Economics. The three storied bungalow is spread over an
area of 2.500 square feet, and the Government of Maharashtra is now waiting to purchase
the residence in order to showcase the house as a museum cum memorial by April 14th,
2015 to celebrate his 124th birth anniversary. The Maharashtra Cultural Affairs Minister,
Vinod Tawde during his visit to London for a global meet on education, met with the
Indian officials and representatives of the FABO in this regard. The BJP government plans
to purchase the house at an estimate of Rs.40 crore. It is a fitting tribute to the Architect
of the Indian Constitution.
Feasibility of Offshore Wind
Energy In Tamil Nadu
The Global Wind Energy
Council led consortium is in
co-operation with the Ministry of New and Renewable
Energy and is currently
undertaking a study of the
potential in India. India is
taking the initial steps in
tapping the potential of
offshore wind market. The
off shore potential is being
studied and a survey is being
taken. The Centre for Study
of Science, Technology and
Policy is carrying out a
feasibility study and has
identified eight zones so far
that include Rameswaram,
Ramanathapuram and Tuticorin
as high potential areas. The
main benefit of offshore is
that the wind conditions are
known to be stable and less
seasonal, providing power
close to load centres compared to onshore facilities.
The potential of generating
power through
wind mills is high. The
state has an area of around
10,000 square kilometers of
ocean floor and can support
around 63,000 mega watts
offshore wind capacity.The
estimate of cost of wind
energy in Tamil Nadu is
high and will be anywhere
between Rs.12 to Rs.13 per
unit as against the onshore
wind costs, being four times
the cost of the latter. But a
small first step is the way
that paves for constructive
and productive projects that
will benefit the county and
the state in the long run.
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Sports Buzz
What’s New in February, 2015!!!
The DBPPA-Volkswagen Crocker World Cup 2015
The sixth edition of the
Crocker World Cup is back!!
The Vintage Badminton Club
is hosting their Mega Annual
Open tournament on Sunday,
February 1st, 2015 at 9 a.m.
The venue is at the RSR Stadium, Alappakkam, Chennai.
The tournament is being
held at the Don Bosco Main
School grounds on February
8th, 2015 at 2 p.m. Time for
half-outs and oorutals can be
kicked :) Round up guys from
your batch and get ready to
face-off with other batches in
the world’s (!) ultimate interbatch crocker challenge!!
The atmosphere in Kerala is agog with the advent of the
35th National Games taking place today, the 31st January, 2015. Kerala witnesses the dawn of a New Era in
the history of Indian Sports.
The Games is being inaugurated today amidst pomp and
splendour by the Minister for Urban Development and
Parliamentary Affairs, Shri. Venkaiah Naidu. The inaugural ceremony is at the newly constructed Greenfield
Each squad can have upto 14 players. Only 10 people in a team can play each game. Stadium, Karyavattam in Thiruvananthapuram.
The final playing 10 list should be shared with the Organizing Committee and the
competing team skipper. Substitutes allowed only for fielding, not for batting or The National Games will be a great display of colourful
bowling. All of them should be DBPPA Egmore Past Pupils.
cultural programmes. The audience will also be witness
Sport’s Day It is the Third Annual Sport’s Day for to breath taking pyrotechniques .
the tiny tots of Indus Early Learning
Centre, Adyar, Chennai! A day of fun filled sports for The Kerala Government and Sports Federation has
the little ones is being held at the Madras Race Club, taken stupendous efforts, months ahead, to ensure the
No 2639, Race Course Road, Guindy, Chennai. The Games are a huge success and will be remembered for a
Sports Day is on Friday, February 06th, 2015.
long time to come. Sachin Tendulkar, the Godwill Ambassador will be present on this memorable occasion.
The VBC Sri Krish Open Badminton Tournament 2015
State School Creates World
Record Breaking National Flag
On the eve of Republic Day, students of Sigaram Matriculation Higher Secondary School
at Chettiyappanoor near Vaniyambadi set a world record by creating the world’s largest national flag in salt. The students used 43,200 kilograms of salt and 1,600 kilograms
of color powder and completed the flag in five hours. The flag covered an area of 3,456
square kilometers. Representatives of the Elite World Records Private Limited, UK,
watched the event on Skype and declared the record.
M.S. Irfan Ahmed, adjudicator, Asian Records Academy, Singapore, P. Jeganathan, Records Manager for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, India Records, Mumbai, and L. Raj
Krishna, Inspection officer, Tamilian Book of Records, Chennai, adjudicated the record.
The word record in this category has been held in the Singapore Youth Club by making
a 2,081 square meter national flag with 1,800 participants in eighteen hours on August
9th, 2012. The District Collector, Vellore, R. Nanthagopal presented a certificate to the
Women Power To The Fore
In the Republic Day parade, women contingents took part, a first for India. Women
empowerment has been the theme of the
parade this year. All women contingents of
the three armed forces- army, navy and air
force were in full display. Women contingents of the three services marched down
the Rajpath, displaying their ‘nari shakti’.
The Indian Navy showcased their tableau
of the first women officers to scale Mount.
Everest. Major Ashwini A.S. Pawar became
the first woman from the Navy to do so. The
navy focused on its theme ‘Bharatiya Nari
Sena Aur Nari Shakti’ which represented
the four navy women officers who participated in an ocean voyage from Goa to Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil on board the ‘Mhadei’. Chennai’s pride, Captain. Divya Ajith Kumar led
the all women contingent of the Army.
Lieutenant Commander Sandhya Chauhan
led the Navy contingent. Sqaudron Leader
Sneha Shekhawat led the Air Force contingent. Each contingent had 148 officers and
cadets from the three services.
Apple may boost share buybacks NCC displays unity in
diversity: Modi
after blockbuster results
after the company posted the biggest
ever quarterly profit reported by a
public corporation. With a cash pile
of $178 billion, Apple may increase
its capital return program to more
than $200 billion over three years,
RBC Capital Markets analysts said.
Apple Inc’s blockbuster results and
a ballooning cash pile may prompt
the company to boost share buybacks and dividends this year, with
some analysts expecting the iPhone
maker to return more than $200 billion to investors.
Apple’s shares were set to open 8.3
per cent higher on Wednesday,
Apple said it would release its next
product, the Apple Watch, in April
and reach 40 company stores in
greater China by mid-2016. Analysts at J.P. Morgan wrote Apple’s
shares were trading at $117.40 before
the bell. Based on projected earnings growth, the stock should trade
at $132.80, according to StarMine’s
Intrinsic Value model. Apple sold a
record 74.5 million iPhones in the
quarter and reported a 70 per cent
surge in China sales.
The SLK55 AMG is the high-performance, range-topping
version of Mercedes-Benz’ SLK hardtop convertible. The
SLK55 is less of a tactile, precision driving instrument
than competitors like the Porsche Boxster S, instead
providing a combination of brutal power and traditional
Mercedes luxury. As with all AMG models, the car sports
wider fenders, a lower stance, quad tailpipes, enlarged
air intakes, and, of course, a more powerful engine.The
“55” portion of the SLK55’s name comes from a potent
5.5-liter V8.
Essentially a naturally aspirated version of the engine
used in a wide range of other AMG models (there was
no room under the hood for twin turbochargers), the
powerplant has a 7200-rpm redline and puts out 415
horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. Mercedes conservatively states a 4.5 second zero-to-60 miles per hour time,
but in reality the sprint takes two or three tenths of a
second less.Transmitting power to the rear wheels is a
seven-speed automatic transmission dubbed the AMG
strong suit) that utilizes a wet clutch pack in place of a
traditional torque converter.
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said
NCC was a ‘mini India’ and it displays the unity in diversity that
is the country’s strength. Speaking at the NCC rally here, the
prime minister said it brought
back memories of his childhood when he was a cadet of the
National Cadet Corps (NCC). The prime minister revealed
that Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, Minister of State
for Defence Rao Inderjit Singh, External Affairs Minister
Sushma Swaraj, BJP’s Delhi chief minister candidate Kiran
Bedi and actor-turned-parliamentarian Jaya Bachchan were
all NCC cadets. ‘I was also an NCC cadet but was never selected to come to Delhi,’ he said. ‘I am standing in front of
a mini India, a miniature of India’s future... Our country is
full of diversities, and unity in diversity is the beauty and
strength of our nation. And this is what keeps inspiring us,’
he added. ‘We are blessed that we are a youthful nation.
Our dreams are young, our energy is youthful. ‘The prime
minister called upon NCC cadets to plan a unique nationwide celebration of the first International Yoga Day June
21. He urged them to work towards a record-setting performance, which would send a strong inspirational message
across the world. Modi said Yoga has now acquired a global
character, and as the country in which Yoga originated, we
should show the world that Yoga can be an important component of a balanced, strong mankind.
The result is gear changes that can occur in just
.1 second in the transmission’s sportiest shift
mode. The transmission features smooth revmatching during downshifts and has a launch
mode for stoplight racing; if drivers want to take
control into their own hands, aluminum paddle
shifters situated behind the well allow them to
do just that.A cleverly designed sports exhaust
system utilizes computer-controlled flaps to allow quiet low-speed operation that won’t offend
neighbors and a throaty V8 roar when the car is
put through its paces. At low engine speeds, the
flaps remain closed, keeping the noise level low.
Once the driver starts to accelerate more aggressively, the flaps open incrementally: first the
to 15 degrees, then 30, and then 50. Upon full
throttle, the engine is given free reign to make
an eight cylinder symphony.
Chennai’s Captain Divya Ajith Kumar
belongs to the Corps of the Army Air
Defence. She has earlier led the all India contingent of the National Cadets
Corps senior division Girls Wing for the
Republic Day parade in 2008, when she
won the All India Best Girl Cadet and
the Best parade Commander award.
Capt. Divya Kumar passed out of the
OTA (Officer’s Training Academy) in
2010 bagging the ‘sword of honour’, the
first woman to do so in the history of
the Academy, where she is an instructor
now. She had earlier served in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir.
But while women empowerment has
precedence in the armed forces, the flip
side is a petition filed by the government
against giving permanent commission
to them in the army. This petition has
been pending and gathering dust in the
Supreme Court. Women are given the
Short Service Commission for a period
hat is extendable up to ten years.
t Due to their limited service period,
they are not eligible for pension, which
requires a minimum service period of 20
years. Their release from service comes at
a time when they are in their thirties and
are not trained to do any other job. The
Army’s affidavit in September 2012 states
that women officers might not live up
to the role models that the jawans, who
come from rustic background are used to.
Wars have no runners up, and to ensure
an effective war machine that can achieve
victory, women’s roles seem circumspect
as role models. The jawans repose full
faith in their commanders to take decisions in combat situations and are prepared to make the supreme sacrifice in
the line of duty. In the case of women,
the possibility of them being taken prisoners of war, combat hazards and frontline trauma are some of the factors why
the Army is withholding them from long
term service. The case as of now is still
pending in the Supreme Court.
Largest cricket bat bids for
Guinness world record
“We wanted to do an activity where we
could engage UAE cricket fans and give
them an opportunity to come here and
say something to the UAE team. So that
is what this activity is about. The objective of this is to demonstrate our passion
for cricket,” said Hamad Malik, Chief
Marketing Officer of OSN TV network
that made the bat.
With the cricket World Cup round
the corner, a bat as tall as a 10-storey
building, unveiled in Dubai to promote
and celebrate the quadrennial event,
is bidding for the Guinness world record for the ‘Largest Cricket Bat’. The
32-metre long and four-metre wide
bat, created by a leading pay television
network, was displayed on Monday at
the ICC Academy in Dubai. As large
as an eight to 10-storey building, the
bat weighs a mammoth 950 kg and is
nearly 32 times longer than a standard
cricket bat. Placed horizontally, the
bat’s length is equivalent to the distance of seven cars parked bumper to
Helping to balance the SL55’s
accelerative forces is the AMG
high performance braking
system. With internally ventilated and perforated brake
discs on all wheels, measuring
14.2 by 1.4 inches at the front
and 13 by .9 inches. at the
rear, the system offers short stopping distances and excellent fade resistance. The AMG sports suspension is a big
part of the SLK55’s more playful nature in comparison to
lesser SLKs. It includes independent suspension struts with
stiffer spring and damper tuning, torque strut bearings on
the front axle featuring higher rigidity, stiffer stabilizers at
all four corners as well as a more negative camber on the
rear axle, all of which conspire to result in high cornering
speeds and low body roll in fast S-shaped bends.
When the car is driven through corners in an aggressive
manner, the Torque Vectoring Brake system can apply
braking power to the inner rear wheel allow the SLK55
to turn precisely and under full control.A three-stage ESP
stability control system allows the driver to select the system’s level of intervention at the touch of a button: “ESP
ON”, with the system fully engaged, “SPORT Handling
Mode,” which allows a bit of power oversteer, and “ESP
OFF” for moments of bravery or foolishness.
“We are celebrating the start of the
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 with
the Guinness world record attempt,”
the network said. Malik along with
Andy Warkman, VP Sports and Production at OSN; David East, CEO of Emirates Cricket Board, and the UAE National Cricket team’s coach, Aqib Javed,
along with star players launched the
gigantic cricket bat. It will be on display
at the ICC Academy in Dubai until the
end of March. The World Cup, which
begins on February 14, will be jointly
hosted by Australia and New Zealand.
Related News: ICC Academy, UAE
National Cricket, OSN, Dubai, Emirates
Cricket Board
Wetland Centre
Planned in the Adayar
The Tamil Nadu government is taking steps to
conserve and sustain management of the wetlands
across the state. They have decided to initiate a
Wetland and Environment Centre within the campus of the Adayar Poonga. The site covers an area
over 1.4 acres of land and will include a laboratory,
hands-on activity area for children, an exhibition
hall, a museum and an observatory.
The building is to be LEED platinum rated and
modern green constructions are to be adopted. The
centre will also incorporate effective rain water
harvesting, a solar power module and water recycling and reserve system.
Page: 07
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MEDIA HORN, English & Tamil Weekly
1980-fspd; fhyj;ij kPl;Lf; nfhLj;j
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ngw;wNghJ vg;gb czh;e;jPh;fs;?
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rhKNty;> fh;ehlf ,irapy; gl;lg;gbg;G
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cq;fs; FLk;gj;jpd; MjuT vg;gbapUe;jJ?
rpW tajpNyNa mg;ghit ,oe;jjhy; mk;kh
kl;Lk;jhd; me;j rkaj;jpy; ,Ue;jhh;fs;. mth;fs;
rw;Wj; jaf;fj;NjhLjhd; ,Ue;jhh;fs;. Mdhy;
1983,y; ehd; Kjd;Kjyhf xypehlh ntspapl;L
XbNdd;. md;Wjhd; mk;khTk; ,we;J Nghdhh;fs;.
cq;fs; MSikia cw;W Nehf;Fk; ahUk;
cq;fsplk; xU Mrphpah; gz;G ,Ug;gij
czh;thh;fs;. ,jid tsh;j;njLj;j #oy; vJ?
ehDk; ,ij czh;e;jpUf;fpNwd;. mJ vd;Ds;
,Uf;fpd;w ,ay;ghd gz;G. vd; jhaplkpUe;J
vdf;F te;jpUf;f Ntz;Lk;.
Mq;fpy ,yf;fpak; gbj;jpUe;jhYk; ePq;fs;
khzth;fsplk; jkpohh;tj;ij cUthf;ff; $ba
epfo;r;rpia tp[a; btpapy; ntw;wpfukhf epfo;j;jp
tUfpwPh;fs;. me;j epfo;r;rp mDgtk; gw;wp
njhiyf;fhl;rpapy; gzp nra;jJ NghJk; vd;W
ehd; epidj;jpUe;j rkaj;jpy;> tp[a; b.tp. ,e;j
epfo;r;rpia elj;j mioj;jhh;fs;. Nehf;fKs;s
Nfhl;ghL vd;gjhy; clNd rk;kjpj;Njd;.
jkpo;j; jpiug;glq;fisg; nghWj;jtiuapy;
cq;fSf;F gpbj;j ,iraikg;ghsh;fs; ahh;?
re;NjfNk ,y;yhky; jkpo; rpdpkhtpd; ,irr;
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jkpo;j; jpiug;glq;fspy; Nkw;fj;jpa ,irapd;
Nkw;fj;jpa ,ir ,y;iynad;why; ,e;jpaj; jpiu
,irNa ,y;iy. Mdhy; mij gpd;dzpapYk;
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gad;gLj;jf;$ba mstpw;F QhdKk; gilg;Gj;
jpwDk; ekJ rq;fPjj;jpy; ey;y Njh;r;rpAk; nfhz;l
,irg; gilg;ghspfs; md;W ,Ue;jhh;fs;. ,d;W
,y;iy. ,d;W vy;NyhUk; fhy; Ntf;fhLfs;.
vijAk; njhpe;J nfhs;shky; cs;Ns te;J
rpf;fpf; nfhz;L Nkw;fj;jpa ghly;fis mg;gbNa
nghJey tof;F
Gjpa epge;jidfs;
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fhuzj;jhy; ePjpkd;wj;ij mZfp tof;F
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Page: 08
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