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Dino-Mites Newsletter
3’s News for February Dear Dino-Mites Families:
February is the month that we
celebrate friendships that are so
very special to us. This month we
will take the opportunity to learn
about friendships and sharing and
will send Valentine cards to all of
our friends at Dino-Mites! We have
planned a number of activities to
make this special day memorable to
• Create mailboxes for our
• Wear something RED on
Thursday, February 12.
• Creating a friendship fruit
salad and Valentine exchange.
Class time is changing on Tuesday.
February 3rd to 9:00 – 11:30.
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Friendship Salad
Please send a piece of fruit on
Thursday, Feb. 12th. We will
prepare the fruit at preschool and
combine it to make a friendship
fruit salad which we will share
during snack time. No snack is
needed on Thursday, February
Valentine Cards
Please send for 10 children (+ 3
Teachers) Valentine cards signed
with just your child’s name. Do not
address the Valentine cards to
individual classmates.
Please Note
Dino-Mites Preschool has begun
registering children who turn 3
years of age on or before
December 2015.
We are taking registration for the
4 year old class for Sept. 2015. If
you would like your child to attend
you may reserve a spot with $40
non-refundable deposit by
February 27.
Book Orders
Due Thursday, Feb. 7 (Please pay
by cheques only)