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African Leadership Academy seeks an MBA
candidate with a passion for finance and social
innovation to work directly with our CFO and CEO
in summer 2015 to create systems and processes
that will enable organizational efficiency, and to lay
the foundation for our next phase of growth.
African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to transform
Africa by identifying, developing, and connecting its future
leaders. The Academy was founded on the philosophy that
a new generation of ethical, committed leaders is the key to
Africa’s development. ALA seeks to become the training
ground for these future leaders. Each year, ALA draws the
most outstanding students from across Africa to its campus
in South Africa. Here, they build a powerful intellectual
foundation and develop their leadership capacity through
ALA’s unique curriculum. ALA then works with these
young leaders throughout their lives as they enable lasting
positive change on the African continent. With its
audacious mission and lifelong engagement, ALA is unlike
any school in the world. To achieve our mission, we have
attracted a diverse “staffulty” (staff and faculty) of global
changemakers: world-class professionals who share our
values and passion for Africa and her youth.
Over the past ten years, ALA has become one of the most
prominent non-profit and educational organizations on the
African continent: identifying, developing, and connecting
young leaders from across Africa and enabling them to lead
change at home.
We are now positioning ourselves for our next phase of
growth, which will see us expand our impact on Africa with
a range of new programs and business lines. To enable this
growth, we must build capacity in our finance office, and
carefully plan our resource requirements. We thus seek an
exceptional intern from a leading MBA program to work
full-time with our executive team for about 10 weeks from
June to August 2015: laying the foundation for this growth.
The MBA intern will report directly to the CFO, and will
have visibility into strategic decision making at the
Executive Committee – including our Founder and CEO,
Dean, VP of Strategic Relations, and Director of the ALA
Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.
Expected Responsibilities
• Develop financial systems and reporting processes that
will improve visibility at the ExCo and Board levels and
enable outstanding decision-making across ALA
• Model resource requirements for a set of strategic
decisions facing the organization, and present those
options to ExCo as we define our long-term strategy
• Support the CFO in defining ALA resource allocation
plans, with potential projects including defining a plan
for the ALA endowment.
Profile of Ideal Candidate
• An MBA candidate with a strong background in finance
and modelling, and a passion for social innovation
• A lifelong learner, with a characteristic maturity that
lends itself well to a leadership position
• Interest in coaching finance staff with different levels of
experience on analytics and decision-making
• Interest in Africa and global development
Start Date: 1 August 2015, South Africa
1050 Printech Ave
Honeydew, South Africa
[email protected]
Leaders develop over many years, and are shaped through
experience. ALA will transform Africa by identifying future
leaders with potential; creating learning environments that
develop intellectual and leadership capabilities through
practice; and building a network that connects these
leaders to opportunities that accelerate their trajectory.
Location: Honeydew, a suburb of Johannesburg, SA
• Our two year flagship program brings together the
most promising young leaders from across Africa for
their final two years of schooling before university.
• Catalyst Term offers students from around the world
the opportunity to spend a term immersed at ALA.
• Our Global Scholars Program is a three-week
intensive leadership experience for high school students.
• The Anzisha Prize is the premier award for Africa’s
youngest entrepreneurs, under the age of 22.
• Africa Careers Network connects young leaders to
internship and career opportunities across Africa.
Integrity ● Humility ● Curiosity
Compassion ● Diversity ● Excellence
Over the next fifty years, ALA will build a powerful panAfrican and global network of change-makers who are
linked by their shared values. At ALA, students receive
regular feedback on values, and staffulty are challenged to
reflect on the values in each review and appraisal.
Opened: 2008
Student Body:
ALA seeks promising young leaders from all backgrounds
18,610 students have applied to ALA
3% of applicants admitted in our need-blind process
44 African countries represented
92% of students require financial assistance
80% will be the first in their family with a university degree
University Enrollment:
90 leading universities worldwide enroll ALA graduates
$62M in scholarship funds accepted over the past 5 years
Universities with the highest ALA graduate enrollment by continent:
Americas: Rochester, Notre Dame, Trinity, Duke, Yale
Europe: Sciences Po, Jacobs, UCL, Oxford
Africa: Cape Town, Witswatersrand, Ashesi, USIU
Asia: NYU-Abu Dhabi, NYU-Shanghai, Yale-NUS
Graduate Impact:
634 young leaders in our network, average age of 20
52 ventures founded by students or graduates
209 quality jobs created through those ventures
$1,500,000 in global investment in their ventures
6,000,000 stakeholders reached across Africa
68% of 2014 university graduates returned to roles in Africa
To watch a video about working at ALA, click here. To
learn more, apply, or nominate a candidate for this role,
email [email protected]
Candidates are requested to include a CV and Cover Letter.
Discover ALA. Join Us. Shape Africa’s Future.
1050 Printech Ave
Honeydew, South Africa
[email protected]