This Week - St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church

February 1, 2015
Welcome to Our Community Celebration of the Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time.
S t . M a r y M a g d a l e n Pa r i s h
If today
you hear his voice,
harden not
y o u r h e a r t s
St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Parish is a Eucharistic community that places God first in all
things and comes together as a family to Love as Christ Loves and Serve as Christ Serves.
a welcoming spirit loving God with all of
celebrating the
and a culture of
our heart, our soul, our center of our faith
genuine inclusion strength and our mind to through creative,
into our diverse actively and passionately vibrant and diverse
parish family
build the Kingdom
Faith Formation
committing to life-long
learning through
Catholic education
from childhood
through adulthood
responding gratefully
with sacrificial
and supporting generosity for all God
strong families
has given us
in today’s world
Witnessing & Evangelizing
living the Gospel by
sharing & teaching our faith
through conversion of mind,
heart, & reconciliation
with God & one another
Daily: Monday through Friday: 7am, 8:30am Thurs.: 7pm (Español )
Weekends: Sat: 8am, Vigil: 5pm, 7pm (Español) , Sun: 8am, 10am (Interpreted for the Deaf) , 12Noon, 5:30pm
A DDRESS : 861 Maitland Avenue, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 ✥ W EBSITE :
P HONE : 407.831.1212 ✥ F AX : 407.831.1560 ✥ E-M AIL : [email protected]
A L e t t e r f r o m t h e Pa s t o r
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This past week we celebrated National Catholic
Schools Week here at St. Mary Magdalen and in
Catholic communities around our country. For over
fifty years our school has shaped the lives of our
young folks in academic excellence, in spiritual
maturity and in moral responsibility. These
generations of students are a living testimony to the
priceless value of a Catholic education. It all began
with a bold and courageous vision of faith that
continues to this very day and will preserve our
Catholic heritage for future generations to come.
The Church speaks frequently about the importance
of being an “evangelizing community” that follows in
the footsteps of the Lord and the Apostles. Nowhere
is that spirit of evangelization taken more to heart
than in our school. Literally from infancy, right
through middle school, our teachers, administrators,
catechists, priests and deacons join with our families
in providing the next generation of disciples with the
type of environment where the gift of faith cannot
only grow but flourish. Our students grow in their
knowledge of Jesus Christ and who we are as his
disciples. We introduce them to the rich tradition of
prayer and spirituality that has grown and developed
from the traditions of our Church and to the lively
new energy that is part of our praise and worship
Our youngsters are taught the value of being good
citizens and are involved in the larger community,
particularly through acts of selfless sharing with those
who are in need. They are taught to be role models to
their younger fellow students in ways of kindness and
compassion. They are taught that in all things,
whether it be sports, academics or social interaction,
that we carry a high responsibility in how we present
ourselves as disciples of the Lord Jesus.
All of this is done every day, in every setting. It is
accomplished while also giving them a top notch
academic grounding, with the latest technology being
put to use in ways we cannot even imagine, and on a
campus that, with its ample, beautiful grounds, is
second to none. Because of your generous support
through Sacrificial Giving, the mission of our parish
school is able to thrive. From the bottom of my
heart, I thank you.
The next few days are full of more celebration.
This month we celebrate Catholic Scouting in the
parish, including our own Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts
and American Heritage Girls. Scouting provides
young men and women the opportunity to develop
strong character, physical fitness, good citizenship
and leadership skills. At the 8am Mass, we will
bestow our religious awards to our Cub and Boy
Scouts. Included in these awards will be the Pope
Pius XII Scouting Award, which is a new scouting
program and award at St. Mary Magdalen. The Pope
Pius XII Scouting program is Catholic Scouting's
church-related ministries and vocation program.
The program deals with different life choices (single,
married, religious, ordained), occupations and ministries
in the church as calls from God. It includes youth led
discussions on current issues facing the church and
society. Congratulations to our Scouts! We are proud of
St. Blaise: This weekend we celebrate the Feast of St.
Blaise and will confer a very special healing blessing of
your throat at all the weekend Masses. The blessing of
throats, which coincides with the Church’s celebration of
the feast of St. Blaise (February 3), is in memory of the
miracle of healing the saint performed on a boy who was
choking to death from a fish bone that was caught in his
throat. The annual blessing of throats is a traditional sign
of the struggle against illness in the life of the Christian.
Rite of Acceptance—Rite of Welcome—Rite of
Reception: At the 10am Mass, we welcome those who
have never been baptized into the Order of Catechumens
(known as the Rite of Acceptance) as well welcome those
baptized but who were previously uncatechized adults who
are preparing for confirmation and/or First Eucharist
(known as the Rite of Welcoming), and finally welcome
those who were baptized in another Christian faith but who
begin their journey into full communion of the Catholic
Church (known as the Rite of Reception). This is the first
stage of the Initiation process in becoming Catholic
Christians. We are overjoyed to be able to walk this
journey with them.
Candlemas (or Candle Mass): Can you believe it’s been
40 days since Christmas? Also known as Candlemas, the
Roman Catholic Church celebrates February 2 with the
Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (the Child Jesus) at
the temple. Upon bringing Jesus into the temple, his
parents encountered Simeon. The Gospel records that
Simeon had been promised that “he should not see death
before he had seen the Lord's Christ” (Luke 2:26).
Simeon prayed the prayer that would become known as the
Nunc Dimittis, or Canticle of Simeon, which prophesied the
redemption of the world by Jesus:
Now, Master, you may let your servant go in peace,
according to your word, for my eyes have seen your
salvation, which you prepared in sight of all the peoples, a
light for revelation to the Gentiles, and glory for your
people Israel.” (Luke 2:29-32)
It is on Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (or
Candlemas) that we bless the candles that will be used
throughout the year. If you have candles you would like to
have blessed for use in your home, please bring them to
Mass on Monday morning. (7AM or 8:30AM). We would
be happy to bless them for you.
In Christ,
“Y ou are the light of the world. A city set
on a mountain cannot be hidden. Nor do
they light a lamp and then put it under a
bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand,
where it gives light to all in the house. Just
so, your light must shine before others, that
they may see your good deeds and glorify
your heavenly Father.” Matthew 5: 14-16
In gratitude for God’s gifts of time and talent to all of
us, we gratefully acknowledge and salute:
Gladys has been with St. Mary Magdalen for many
years and co-started our first pre-school Religious
Education program (formerly CCD) during Sunday
Mass in 1968! She was also one of our three organists
for four years. Currently she serves as a Sacristan,
Eucharistic Minister, and proofreads our quarterly
magazine entitled “Today’s Disciple.”
With deep gratitude, we thank you, Gladys!
In gratitude for the gifts we have received from God,
parishioners and visitors made a joyful return to the
Lord of $44,008 on January 24 and 25 for the mission
and ministries of St. Mary Magdalen. Thank you for
helping us carry out Christ’s mission and ministry.
Thanks for Giving First Fruits & Taking a Step! ✥Ofrenda con Sacrificio: En gratitud por los
dones que hemos recibido de Dios, los feligreses y visitantes
hicimos retorno gozoso al Señor de $44,008 el 24 y 25 de
enero para la misión y ministerios de la Parroquia Santa
María Magdalena. Gracias por ayudarnos a seguir
llevando a cabo la misión y el ministerio de Cristo. !
Gracias por dar los primeros frutos y dar un paso!
Our Catholic Appeal for 2015 is underway! You may
have received a mailing that explains more about this
important effort to sustain the essential ministries of
the Diocese of Orlando.
This year we are asked to consider the question: how
can we glorify God through our lives?
One way we give glory to God is by supporting
ministries that carry out his work in the world. Gifts to
Our Catholic Appeal help our diocesan family to
defend human life and dignity, engage college students
in campus ministry, care for those who are suffering,
and evangelize more people than we could ever reach
We are so blessed that you decided to join us! Won’t you join
our Catholic community by registering at St. Mary Magdalen?
Registration forms are available at the Connection Central
“Concierge” table in front of the Church, by calling Lisa Oak at
the Parish Office 407.265.2300, or by filling out the form
below. Please drop it in the mail, collection basket, or you can
sign up online at
Our parish goal for Our Catholic Appeal in 2015 is
$476,509. Once we achieve our goal, the majority of
the additional funds will be returned to our parish to
support our own ministries.
Name: ____________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
City/Zip: __________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
We will celebrate Our Catholic Appeal weekend on
February 14-15. Please come prepared to make your
sacrificial gift. For your convenience, all pledges can
be paid in ten monthly installments.
861 Maitland Ave — Altamonte Springs — FL — 32701
Follow Emmet, an
ordinary, rulesfollowing,
perfectly average
LEGO mini-figure
who is mistakenly
identified as the
most extraordinary
person and the key
to saving the
world. He is
drafted into a
fellowship of
strangers on an
epic quest to stop
©Warner Bros.
an evil tyrant, a
journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and
hilariously under prepared. Free popcorn and
refreshments in the Parish Life Center on Friday,
February 6 at 7PM…just bring your blankets and
chairs. Dove “Family A pproved” for all ages!
We invite all who have joined our parish community within
the last year or missed a previous celebration to join us
Friday, February 6 at 7PM in the School Cafeteria for a
Mardi Gras Potluck Social! It will be a great time, good
food, and an opportunity for fellowship with many other
new parishioners, our priests, staff, and leaders of our
community. Please R.S.V.P. by contacting Melissa
Findley in the Parish Office at or 407.265.2311 or
[email protected] If you are unable to
bring a dish, don’t let that stop you from coming. YOU are
important to us! ✥ Mardi Gras para Nuevos
feligreses - Potluck Social: ¡Invitamos a todos
los que se han unido a nuestra comunidad parroquial en el
último año o a los que no han asistido a unas de las
celebraciones previas. Únanse a nosotros el viernes 6 de
febrero a las 7PM en la cafetería de la escuela para el
carnaval con un Potluck Social. Pasaran un rato muy
agradable,con buena comida, y la oportunidad de conocer
otros nuevos feligreses, nuestros Sacerdotes, empleados y
líderes de nuestra comunidad. Por favor R.S.V.P.
poniéndose en contacto con Melissa Findley en la Oficina
Parroquial al 407.265.2311 o
[email protected] Si no le es posible traer
un plato, no deje que eso le impida venir. ¡Usted es
importante para nosotros!
Join us Saturday, February 14 at 6:15PM in the School
Cafeteria for pizza and games. The cost is $5 per person,
to be prepaid by Tuesday, February 10. Make checks
payable to St. Mary Magdalen, and mark the envelope “50
+.” Leave it at the Concierge Table, the collection basket,
or Parish Office. Call Jeanne at 407.260.9515 or Joann at
407.951.5090, if you have questions. If you have game
preferences, let them know. If desired, bring a dessert to
share. ✥ Ministerio 50+: Nos reuniremos el sábado 14
de febrero a las 6:15PM en la cafetería de la escuela para
compartir pizzas y juegos. La entrada es $5 dólares por
persona y tiene que ser pagado antes del martes 10 de
febrero. Por favor dirijan los cheques a St. Mary Magdalen y
escriba en el sobre “50+”. Déjelo en la mesa de conexiones
(afuera de la iglesia), la canasta de ofertorio durante las
Misas, o en la oficina de la parroquia. Contacte a Jeanne al
407.260.9515 o a Joan al 407 951.5090 si tiene preguntas. Si
tiene algún juego preferido déjenos saber. Si desea, traiga un
postre para compartir.
Bishop John Noonan will celebrate the annual
Marriage Anniversary Mass on Saturday, February 14
at 10AM at St. James Cathedral. Light refreshments to
follow. Please register at or at 407.246.4930.
The Orlando Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
Central Deanery will be hosting “Sweet”, an A rt
Auction on Sunday, February 15 at the Longwood
Community Center at 2:30PM. Join them for this
afternoon of fun which will include the auction, a
raffle, and a few surprises too! Hors d’oeuvres and
drinks will be served. Tickets are $15 in advance and
$20 at the door. Proceeds benefit local charities. For
tickets or more information call Judy Hosler at
407.628.0616. ✥ Amantes Atención del Arte: La
subasta “Sweet” del Consejo Diocesano de Orlando de
“Women Central Deanery” se llevará a cabo el
domingo, 15 de febrero 2015 en el Centro Comunitario
de Longwood, FL a las 2:30pm. Aperitivos y bebidas
serán servidas. Subasta, rifa, fondo y algunas sorpresas
también están previstos. Los boletos cuestan $15.00 por
adelantado y $20.00 en la puerta. Las ganancias irán a
organizaciones benéficas locales . Llame a Judy Hosler
al 407.628.0616 .
The next Infant Baptism Prep session will be this Sunday,
February 1 at 3pm in the School Cafeteria. If you cannot
make this session, our next one will be held Sunday, March
1 at 3PM in the SMM School Cafeteria. No registration is
necessary. Parents and Godparents, simply show up and we
will have all the paperwork necessary.
Save the Date for XLT on Friday, February 13 at 7PM with
Heidi Peckham! How many of us have ended our day as if we
were in a V-8 commercial, slapping our head and saying, “I
should have said a prayer!” How many of us have said, “I can’t
meditate, that’s for monks!” Come, laugh and learn as our
speaker, Heidi Peckham, shares reminders and remedies for
what ails us as we seek to walk our path closer to Christ.
Parishioner Anita D’Sousa will also give her testimony. We
hope to see you there!
Next week Fr. Charlie will be inviting you to reflect in prayer if
you are being called by the Holy Spirit to serve by becoming a
Minister to the Sick. Our parishioners who are ill in hospitals,
assisted living facilities, and those homebound are in great need.
Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Ministry to
the Sick Training is provided to help you with any obstacles.
Also, new ministers shadow several times to learn the “How
To” in the hospital or nursing home. We will be at the
Concierge Table after all Masses next week to answer any
questions or call Rosemary at the Parish Office at
407.265.2307.✥ Ministerio de los Enfermos necesita
Discípulos: La próxima semana, el Padre Charlie lo invitará
a reflexionar, en oración, si Ud. es llamado por el Espíritu
Santo para servir como un Ministro Visita a los Enfermos.
Nuestros feligreses que están enfermos en hospitales, centros de
asistencia, y confinados en casa tienen una gran necesidad de
Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión y
Ministerio Visita a los Enfermos. Se proveerá entrenamiento y
asistencia para superar cualquier obstáculo. Además, los
ministros nuevos acompañan varias veces a ministros ya
establecidos para aprender la mejor forma de cómo hacerlo en
el hospital o asilo de ancianos asignado. Vamos a estar en la
mesa de consejería después de todas las Misas la próxima
semana para contestar cualquier pregunta. También puede
llamar a Rosemary a la Oficina Parroquial al 407.265.2307.
Saturday, February 7 we will be hosting our SemiAnnual Leadership Gathering in the Parish Life
Center! All leadership teams serving our parish
community are invited! R.S.V.P. to Melissa at
[email protected] or 407.265.2311.
✥ Encuentro Semestral de Liderazgo:
recuerden que será el 7 de febrero, en el Parish Life
Center. Todos los equipos de liderazgo al servicio de
nuestra comunidad parroquial de Santa María
Magdalena están invitados. R.S.V.P. a Melissa
Findley en [email protected] o
Our parish mission is to “Become a Community
of Disciple-Makers.” Last year, Casting Nets
Ministries presented on “The Seven Pillars of
Effective Evangelization” for our Parish Mission
and parishioners left on fire to go and proclaim
the Good News! Starting Friday, February 20 at
7:30PM in the School Cafeteria (and ending
March 20), we will engage in a five-week
Lenten Reflection on “HOW” we can live out
the seven pillars for Christ and fulfill His
command to “Go and Make Disciples.” All are
invited! Complimentary refreshments will be
provided and we are working on providing
childcare! For more information contact John
Youngman at [email protected] or
407.497.0090.✥ Evangelización: ¿Cómo
difundimos efectivamente la Buena
Nueva? La misión de nuestra parroquia es
" onvertirnos en Una Comunidad de Creadores
de Discípulos."El año pasado, “Casting Nets
Ministries”, hizo una presentación en "Los Siete
Pilares de una Evangelización Efectiva"para
nuestra Misión Parroquial, y todos los feligreses
salieron con una llama encendida para anunciar
la ¡Buena Nueva!. Comenzando el viernes 20 de
febrero hasta el 20 de marzo a las 7:30PM, en la
cafetería de la escuela, tendremos cinco
semanas de Reflexión Cuaresmal.
Reflexionaremos sobre "cómo"podemos vivir los
siete pilares de Cristo y cumplir con su mandato
de "Ir y haced discípulos."¡Todos están invitados!
Tendremos refrescos gratuitos y procuraremos
ofrecer cuidado de niños. Para más información
favor de comunicarse con John Youngman al
407.497.0090 o [email protected]
As we quickly approach the beginning of our Lenten vigil,
February 18 through March 29 outside of Planned Parenthood on Tampa Avenue in
Orlando, Respect Life Ministry will be hosting a table this weekend after all Masses.
Stop by so we can share with you the life-saving work being done throughout the
Orlando community. We ask you to join us in prayer for the countless lives impacted
by abortion. Contact Melissa at 407.831.2662 or [email protected]
Disciple Volunteers needed for Life Choices Women’s Center, a Catholic pro-life pregnancy resource
center in Altamonte Springs. Positions needed are lay counselor (training provided), nurses to perform ultrasounds
(training provided), administrative assistance, and receptionists. We also need handymen and help with light
cleaning. For details, please call Respect Life representative, Rebie Cruz at 321.422.4168. To all the parishioners of
SMM who give your time, talent, and treasure to us here at Life Choices Women’s Center, thank you for your love
and support. God bless you. ✥ ¡Tenemos mucho trabajo! Se necesitan discípulas voluntarias para el Centro
“Life Choices Women’s” en Altamonte Springs. Este es un centro pro-vida Católica de recursos para el embarazo.
Estamos buscando consejeras laicas (se provee entrenamiento), enfermeras para realizar ultrasonidos (se provee
entrenamiento), asistente administrativo y recepcionistas. También necesitamos mantenimiento en general y ayuda
para labores simples de limpieza. Para obtener más información, llame a la representante de Respeto a la Vida,
Rebie Cruz al 321.422.4168. El Centro “Life Choices Women’s”, agradece a todas las feligreses de SMM por su
amor, apoyo, y por compartir su tiempo, talento y tesoro con nosotras. ¡Dios la bendiga!
As a reminder to all registered families in our Sacramental Preparation
Ministry, our first session is Tuesday, February 3 at 6:30PM in the Church.
If you are not registered and have questions about this ministry, please
contact Larann at 407.265.2303 or [email protected] ✥
Sesiones para Familias de: Primera Comunión: Le recordamos a todas las familias registradas con el
Ministerio de Preparación para los Sacramentos, que nuestra primera sesión será el martes 3 de febrero a las
6:30PM en la Iglesia. Si no está registrado y tiene preguntas acerca del ministerio, por favor póngase en contacto
con Larann Wilson al 407.265.2303 o [email protected]
All children and their parents are invited to a Children's Holy Hour on Friday, February 6, from 3:30-4:30PM in
the Chapel. There will be prayer, songs, and adoration at a child's level. Contact Dulce at 407.538.7833 for more
information. ✥ Hora Santa de los niños: Los niños y sus padres están invitados a la Hora Santa de Niños el
viernes 6 de febrero, de 3:30PM a 4:30PM en la Capilla. Habrá oración, canciones, y adoración a nivel de un niño.
Póngase en contacto con Dulce al 407.538.7833 para más información.
This Ministry is for 6-8th graders. EDGE
meets Wednesdays from 7-8:30PM in the
PLC.✥ Los jóvenes de los grados 6 al 8,
tienen “Edge” los miércoles de 7PM a 8.30PM en el PLC.
ministry is for 9-12th graders. Join us on
Sundays for 5:30PM Mass followed by
Life Night from 6:30-8:30PM! ✥ Los jóvenes de los grados 9 al 12, nos
reuniremos después de la Misa de 5.30PM para tener nuestro “LifeNight”
desde las 6.30 hasta las 8.30PM.
I ran on the SMM track.
I collected food for poor people in
I helped mom an dad fix the house.
I prayed for friend that are sick.
I made breakfast for my family.
shared with friends.
I trained to serve at God's altar.
I pressure washed the drive way.
I was a good friend.
I did my best this trimester.
I helped train my dog.
M U S TA N G M O M E N T :
Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime! Register for the 2014– 2015
school year at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School. It is our mission to teach gospel
values, build a community of faith, and provide a rigorous educational experience in a
safe, supportive environment. SMM accepts Sister Parish Tuition as well as Florida Step
Up for Students Scholarships for those families who meet the criteria. Visit their
website, for more information. Contact the School Office or
email [email protected] for additional information or an appointment to take
a tour of our school. ✥-E s c u e l a d e S M M : Ha comenzado la inscripción para
el año escolar 2014-2015. Las familias, el profesorado y la parroquia comparten en el desarrollo del potencial
espiritual, académico y social de cada estudiante como un único hijo de Dios. Para obtener más información
sobre nuestra escuela o programar un recorrido, póngase en contacto con Brenda East al teléfono 321.280.5330.
The E.L.C. is now accepting VPK Pre-Enrollment for the year 2015-2016! Your child
must be 4 years of age by September to qualify. By registering early you will guarantee your child a spot for preschool. Pre Enrollment will run until all spaces are filled. Contact us Monday through Friday, 7AM to 6PM.
Openings go fast, don’t miss this exciting opportunity! ✥ El Early Learning Center (E.L.C.): Aceptamos Preinscripción para el VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarden Program) año 2015-2016 Su hijo tiene que tener 4 años de
edad en septiembre para calificar. Regístrese temprano para garantizarle un lugar a su hijo. Las preinscripciones se llevarán a cabo hasta que se llenen las vacantes. Póngase en contacto con nosotros de lunes a
viernes de 7AM a 6PM. Los puestos se llenan rápido; ¡No deje que sus niños pierdan esta gran oportunidad!
Dear Lord,
Watch over the
of our freedom and
those who protect our
Would you like to honor a loved one or a special event by
providing flowers for the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace in the
Church? If you are interested in donating, please contact Jo
Ann at the Parish Office at 407.831.1212.
In Loving Memory of
Be with those serving in
the air, on the seas and
on distant lands.
May their faith in your
might give strength and
honor to their service.
Pray for the parishioners who are celebrating
new life in Baptism, Marriage, or Eternal Life.
Valentino M. Fernandez
Gabriela Ocampo Guzman
Jacob Herrera
Makenna Grace
Don Gallagher
Hours: Mon-Thur 8:30 AM -7 PM ; Fri 8:30 AM -4:30 PM Sat 9 AM -12 PM Phone Number: 407.831.1212
Associate Pastor
Associate Pastor
Assisting Priest
Pastoral Associate
Fr. Charlie Mitchell
Fr. Ed Thompson
Fr. Alfonso Cely, O.P.
Fr. Patrick Patton
Lois Locey
Marshall Gibbs, Juan Cruz, Jerry Kelly, Henry Libersat,
Greg Nelsen, Bill O’Brien, Israel Colón
Ministry to Sick & Grieving
Rosemary Kazyk
Time, Talent & Evangelization
Melissa Findley
Facilities Director
Vince Edman
Assistant Facilities Director
Leslie McCranie
Membership Admin. Assistant
Lisa Oak
Parish Accountant
Heidi Lewis
Administrative Intern
Julie Daligney
Jo Ann Kuhn/Wanda Padin x2309/x2320
Bulletin Editor
Lisa Sojourner
[email protected]
Steward for Faith Formation
Fr. Alfonso Cely, O.P.
Steward for Children & Family
Steward for Youth Ministry
Steward for Annulments
Larann Wilson
Darryl Dziedzic
Sister Pat O’Malley
Lucy Berger
Steward for Adult Sacramental Preparation Deacon Marshall Gibbs
Project Coord . for Faith Formation
Steward for Music & Liturgy
Liturgy Assistant
Steward for Contemporary
Christian Choir
Mark Ayers
Debbie Karleskint
Andres Ocampo
Fax: 407.831.1560
x 2310
x 2310
Lorianne Rotz
x 5332
Brenda East
Elisa Steiner (Director)
407.831.3740 x5381
Cecile Bertot (Chair)
Joe Hillebrandt (Vice Chair)
Adult Center
5PM, 7 PM (Español )
8AM, 10AM (Interpreted for the deaf),
12NOON, 5:30 PM
Mon-Fri: 7AM, 8:30AM, Saturdays 8AM,
Thurs 7PM (Español)
Morning Rosary
8 AM (Monday-Saturday)
Adoration First Friday
9 AM - 5PM (In the Chapel)
Prayer Line
407.830.9042 [email protected]
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Sat 3-4PM (English), Sat after 5PM Mass (Eng/Sp)
Sacrament of Initiation,
Deacon Marshall Gibbs
Baptism and Matrimony
Lucy Berger & Fr. Charlie Mitchell
Sacrament of the Sick
Rosemary Kazyk
Religious Bookstore
Contact Jo Ann Kuhn
(ca. 450–525) ✥ Feast: February 1 ✥ Patron:
Ireland, abused children; midwives; nuns; poets; the poor
Historians say we know a lot more about St. Brigid than we have facts, a polite way of
saying that legends swirl about Ireland's most celebrated woman. But even legends may
have cores of truth. And some miracle stories are not legends at all, but true accounts of
God's interventions.
Brigid was the daughter of a slave woman and a chieftain, who liberated her at the urging
of his overlord. As a girl, she sensed a call to become a nun, and St. Mel, Bishop of
Armagh, received her vows. Before Brigid, consecrated virgins lived at home with their families. But the saint,
imitating Patrick, began to assemble nuns in communities, an historic move which enriched the Church in
In 771 Brigid founded a monastery for both women and men at Kildare. This was the first convent in Ireland,
and Brigid was the abbess. Under her leadership, Kildare became a center of learning and spirituality. Her
school of art fashioned both lovely utensils for worship and beautifully illustrated manuscripts. Again following
Patrick's model, Brigid used Kildare as a base and built convents throughout the island.
Brigid's hallmark was uninhibited, generous giving to anyone in need. Many of the saint's earliest miracles
seem to have rescued her from punishment for having given something to the poor that was intended for
someone else. For example, once as a child she gave a piece of bacon to a dog, and was glad to find it replaced
when she was about to be disciplined. Brigid exhibited this unbounded charity all her life, giving away
valuables, clothing, food--anything close by--to anyone who asked.
The saint's unbounded hospitality is the context in which we should read this famous Celtic poem attributed to
I should like a great lake of ale
For the King of the kings.
I should like the family of heaven
To be drinking it through time eternal.
I should like the viands
Of belief and pure piety,
I should like [scythes]
Of penance at my house.
I should like the men of heaven
In my own house;
I should like [tubs]
of peace to be at their disposal.
I should like vessels
Of charity for distribution.
I should like vesselsB
Of mercy for their company.
I should like cheerfulness
To be in their drinking;
I should like Jesus,
Too, to be there among them.
I should like the three
Marys of illustrious renown;
I should like the people
Of heaven there from all parts.
I should like that I should be
A rent-payer to the Lord;
That, should I suffer distress,
He would bestow on me a good blessing.
We should beware of reading twenty-first century notions into a fifth-century poem. Ale in Brigid's Ireland, for
example, was a nutritious malt drink brewed and served in every household. You could not get drunk on it, and
our tea is a much stronger stimulant. The poem celebrates bountiful larders, which Brigid never knew. She
always had to scrounge for something to give. She expected heaven to be different, overflowing with goodness
and satisfying everyone's deepest hungers.
One of the most appealing things told of Brigid is her contemporaries' belief that there was peace in her blessing.
Not merely did contentiousness die out in her presence, but just as by the touch of her hand she healed leprosy,
so by her very will for peace she healed strife and laid antiseptics on the suppurating bitterness that foments it.
—Alice Curtayne
From Bert Ghezzi, Voices of the Saints (
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Intentions of Rosemary Peaskowski
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All the People of the Parish
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