Fall Worship Schedule Resumes…

February 2015
Gettysburg United Methodist Church
30 West High St.
FAX 717-334-3572 Pastor’s cell 717-321-3149
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Women’s Drama for Holy Week…
March 31st
“Services of Repentance and Renewal”
Jesus’ “Journey to Jerusalem” is beginning anew!
Each year we are invited to share in the travel with Him.
It will ultimately lead us to a cross and an empty tomb.
The journey will…possibly… stir a new appreciation of
God’s saving presence in the death and resurrection of
Christ in and through us. Won’t You Join the Journey?
It begins any day, but particularly on Ash Wednesday,
February 18th when Christian people throughout the
world gather to “go a new direction” (repentance) and
receive “renewal” through their confession as well as
the “imposition of ashes.”
Gettysburg UMC will host a “Service of Repentance
and Renewal” on Ash Wednesday, both at 12:00 Noon 1:00 PM (an informal lunch/service...reservations
requested, by not required) and 7:00 PM. Persons are
invited to gather for either service. All Are Welcome!
Ash Wednesday
Women’s Drama
January Soup Kitchen Acknowledgements
“Drop the Octave” & Dinner St Six
Young Adult Ministry
Women’s Retreat
Hospitality…Make It a Special Sunday Ministry
Did You Know?
2015 GUMC Scholarships
On the Music Ministry Horizon
Lenten Music
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Youth Group News
2015 UMC Summer Camp
ELC Class is Off and Running
February Mission Can
Easter Egg Hunt & Kite Flying
Ladies Garden Tea Party
Around the Community News
York District UMC Day
February Celebrations
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March Newsletter Deadline
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Women’s Retreat Registration Form
January Calendar
Easter Lily Form
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Women were most attentive to the teaching, ministry,
and life of Jesus. Mary and Martha, to mention two
were intimate friends of Jesus, and thus, the Gospel
narrative speaks of their special relationship.
In this spirit, we are pleased to
announce that our March 31st
Dinner At Six Gathering will
celebrate the significant
relationships of such women
with Jesus, To do so, we are
preparing “A Women’s Upper
Room Drama” and accordingly
we are inviting women of the
congregation and the community
to prayerfully consider participation. – The speaking
parts are brief; the costumes will be simple and
tasteful; the rehearsals will be three or four one hour
sessions. You are welcome to be a participant!
Interested persons are invited to contact Pastor Jay
about additional details or signup on the Gathering
space poster.
Also, we are pleased to announce that the
Transitioners Class will once again this year serve as
our meal hosts for the evening! How good! Please mark
your calendar with this special Holy Week time of
Thank you to those contributors
who gave their culinary gifts and
made casseroles for the 3rd Tuesday
of January. The volunteers for this past 3rd Tuesday
included Janet Carlson, Donna Cropp, Sue Faust,
Joyce Dye, Millie Ryder and Cindy Toussaint.
If you would like to participate in one of our 3rd
Tues. "Soup Kitchen Casserole Days," please contact
our coordinator, Genny Reaver, at 334-2133. For the
5th Mon., contact Sue Ressler at 338-1728.
“Drop the Octave”
To Sing at… Dinner At Six
Tuesday, February 24th at 6:00 PM
“Dinner at Six” is a great place to
connect with others as well as recharge
your batteries! In that sense, please note that our Feb.
24th gathering of this monthly Congregational/
Community meal will host Gettysburg College’s Capella
group, “Drop the Octave”. Many will recall that this
sensational group was part of the Ladies Christmas Tea
in 2013. How pleased we are to have them return! Plan
now to join in the “food and fellowship!” You’ll receive a
Blessing! You’ll be a Blessing!
Registration form is available for the new 2-day
format of “United Methodist Heritage and Polity” or
“Worship” being held here at GUMC. on March 1 & 8
from 2-7:00 PM. Designed to fulfill one of the required
courses of study for Lay Servants for certification. $50.
Preregister by Feb. 16th. For more information, see
Pastor Jay or Michele in the church office.
Introducing our new
“Young Adult” Ministry…
The goal of our Young Adult
Ministry is to connect young
adults (adults between approximately the ages of 18
and 40) with Jesus Christ, our church community, and
a community of fellow young adults who share a faith in
Jesus Christ. We seek to provide social networking and
service opportunities that will allow us to build and
strengthen the community of Young Adults within
Gettysburg United Methodist Church. Our Young Adult
Ministry is currently being coordinated by Bonnie
McCutcheon and Cindy Bittinger. They welcome your
questions and ideas regarding this ministry!
Who is a “Young Adult”?
I know what you’re thinking – “isn’t that the youth
group?” No, we're not talking about the youth group!
"Young Adults" are those adults between about 18 and
40. We also welcome those who are "Young at Heart"
to join us as well - after all, age is just a number!
Young Adult Ministry Email List
(You can email us at [email protected])
Name: _____________________________________
Email Address: ______________________________
Mark your calendar and register now
for our next WOMEN’S RETREAT
starting Friday evening, March 20,
2015 and all day Saturday, March 21,
2015 ending around 5 pm or so. The retreat will be
held at Gettysburg United Methodist Church. Be part of
this retreat and register today.
Our theme, Hearing the Voice of God, will be read by
Rev. Christine Rogan, a Pastor of two UMC churches
and a Conference Evangelist of Western PA.
Meet Christine Rogan… “I have a passion to save the
lost and equip God’s people to serve Christ in the
power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. I received Christ as
Lord and Savior in 1980- and heard the call to ministry
in 1987. Immediately following the call, I experienced
what Jesus described in Acts 1:5-8 as the baptism with
the Holy Spirit and began preaching the gospel. I
earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Edinboro University
of PA in English/Writing and a Masters of
Divinity/Pastoral Counseling from Ashland theological
Seminary. I have received further training through the
Billy Graham Assoc. of Amsterdam 2000, an event to
equip evangelists and pastors for the evangelization of
the world. In addition, I have received training in
healing prayer under the teaching of Dr. Terry Wardle at
Ashland Seminary. I have 10 years of pastoral ministry
experience and have served as a Conference
Evangelist four years.”
Hospitality ... Make It A Special Sunday Ministry
We have and have had some very special people
offer a very special Sunday ministry! It all relates to
the "Hospitality" time that we all enjoy from 10:00 10:25 AM each Sunday. Particularly, we recognize
Tina Brady and Barbara and Tony Buenger along
with Norma and Vic Reale, who for numerous years,
provided our refreshments each first Sunday. We
"thank them" for a job well done!
In a similar way, we acknowledge Maxine and
Meredith Ball and Genny Reaver for their on-going
hosting of hospitality time refreshments on the third
Sunday of the month. Their gifts are always visually
appealing and a real joy to the palate!
With a "new" kitchen and gathering space, we are
seeking folks who would host our Hospitality Time
on the first, second, fourth, or fifth Sundays of
the month. Food is the essential item, as beverage
and tableware are provided. For further information or
to volunteer, please contact Sue Ressler, our
Invitational Ministry Coordinator, at 338-1728
or call the church office at 334-3032.
Did You Know????
A variety of ministries take place on the Gettysburg
College campus, including Disciplemakers, a ministry
that is nationally based. -- Gettysburg UMC is pleased
that our March Mission Can Offering (March 15th) will
benefit Colleen Christian, who is a Gettysburg College
graduate, who is currently ministering with on behalf of
Disciplemakers. In a recent Disciplemakers newsletter,
Colleen offers the following:
There’s no doubt that God is raising up disciples on
college campuses. But there are certain student groups
that are presumably harder to reach, like fraternities,
sororities, and athletes. Why do we shy away from
reaching the “cool “ kids? Why do we assume they
want nothing to do with Jesus? They need Him just as
much as anyone!
Here’s a link to a short video highlighting two of my
co-workers at Gettysburg College, Clint and Jillian
Watkins, and their efforts to reach these overlooked
student groups. They are partnering with student
leaders to reach athletes and Greek life, and one bible
study has football and frat guys coming out consistently
to learn about what it means that Jesus was the
perfect man. He sets the standard for manhood, and
on one can live up to it, but He offers Himself to be our
perfections! Praise God for the work He is doing I these
guys’ lives to open up His Word to them.
Are you looking for a little
monetary support as you prepare to head off to college
the first time in the fall? If so, the GUMC Endowment
committee invites you to apply for a 2015 Post High
School Scholarship for college or vocational school.
Applicants must be a member of GUMC and must also
be anticipating their first semester this fall school year.
Application forms are available in the church office
(334-3032) or by contacting Mr. Larry Speer,
Endowment Committee Chairman at
[email protected] or 642-6123), Applications are
due Sunday, April 12th, 2015. Scholarship awards will
be will be made on Graduate Recognition Sunday, June
7th. If you have any questions regarding the
application process please contact Larry. Thank you!
Easter will celebrate the
Resurrection of Jesus Christ in
many significant ways, including
most notably Jim Hendricks, a talented pianist, who
will be with us on Sunday, April 12th, at 10:30 AM.
Likewise, we are pleased to announce that the
Westminster Ringer’s Ensemble group, Accelerando,
will be leading us musically in worship on Sunday, May
31st. Plan to invite a friend, and join us!
“Undivided”- Lenten
Musical Group
As part of our Sunday
night Lenten Lyrics, an
eight –member group
called “Undivided” will
present a musical
program on Sunday, February 22nd at 7 PM. The group
is from the Chambersburg area and represents four
congregations. They perform a variety of music: gospel,
contemporary, inspirational and Southern gospel.
The group members are: David and Lori Grove, Steve
Delaney, Amanada Wolf, Owen and Michelle Myers;
Tina Lehmas and Brad Martin with technician,
Wannette Horst.
Bring a neighbor, friend or relative to our weekly
Sunday evening concerts. A free-will offering will be
Below is the entire Lenten Music Concert schedule:
February 22 Undivided (Mixed group)
March 1
Eastern Gate Trio (Men’s Quartet)
March 8
Dave Powers
March 15
The Village Brass Band
March 22
Daystar (Men’s Trio)
March 29
Victory Express (Family Quartet)
We are looking for volunteers for our
Clothing Closet on Wednesdays. Please
call the church office at 334-3032
We Invite Your Special Participation .....
Ministry is a gift that we each offer in praise and
thanksgiving! Some cook! Some shovel snow! Some
lead a study group! Others are worship leaders! Still
others contribute a monetary gift! Each is significant in
our ministry!
In this spirit, please be reminded, especially as we
begin this new year, that there are several on-going
ways that your ministry gifts contribute wonderfully to
our Sunday celebrations. These include:
* Serving As A Greeter Prior to Worship -- Two persons
often serve on a given Sunday, but a single greeter is
also a real blessing!
* Flower Sponsorship -- God is honored when lovely
altar flowers are provided by you and others. The cost
is $30/Sunday for two arrangements. Our florist,
Flower Boutique, processes the billing when you
sponsor altar flowers for a given Sunday. -- You are
welcome to take the flowers home or give them to a
friend, shut-in, etc. Please see the "flower chart" signup sheet outside the church office area.
* Worship Leader -- Engaging the congregation in
worship is a time honored ministry! We invite all
persons to share in the proclamation of God's Holy
Word, in the sharing of the sacraments, and witness of
God's grace.
* Worship Bulletin Sponsorship -- In recent years our
lovely Transfiguration of Christ stained-glass window
has been the focus of our worship bulletin. It is a
weekly reminder of Christ's mountaintop experience, as
well as the generosity of Marian Shears and her
mother, who contributed the window years ago. You
can continue this celebration by sponsoring our Sunday
bulletins in memory or in honor of someone special.
The weekly cost is $20, made payable to "Gettysburg
Sign-up Information for each of the above ministries is
locating on the bulletin outside of the church office.
Thank you for the anticipation of your ministry!
Every Sunday evening from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Don’t Miss It!
Believe it or not, summer is coming! With it there will
be green grass, pool time, picnics, vacation, and
whatever else goes along with warm weather!
However, please don't forget to put United Methodist
Summer Church Camp on your calendar! --- It is quite
literally a week or weekend that you won't forget!
There is something for everyone .....Music Camps,
Adventure Camps, Special Needs Camps, Mini
Camps, Intergenerational Camps, Sports Camps, etc.
All camps for our Susquehanna Conference are under
the theme: "All Things New ... Finding Your True Self in
Jesus." --- Once again this year, Gettysburg UMC is
pleased to offer 1/2 tuition for any young person, who
plans to attend one of our conference camps. Please
note that the Early Bird Discount is effective through
April 1st. Please contact our treasurer, Mr. Fred
Myers, for payment/registration details Schedule and
Registration are now online, and in our
church office. Go to: www.susumc.org.
The 2015 theme is “Get Real with
Jesus!” with “Lots of exciting new events
are available for children, youth and adults.”
ESL Class Is Off and "Running"
You can feel the enthusiasm in the air! Toni Carlson,
daughter-in-law of Janet and Ken Carlson, began a very
special ESL (English as a Second Language) Class for
Spanish speaking folks on Monday, February 2nd. The
group, of which there are 6 or 7 already, will gather
each Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 11/11:15
AM in the GUMC Fellowship Hall area. All are welcome!
-- For additional information, please call the church
office at 334-3032 or Toni at 334-0222. -- We "thank
Toni" for your gifts and graces, as also her enthusiasm!
If you would like an
electronic Giving Statement,
please email Fred Myers, our
church treasurer, at
[email protected]
It is with great pleasure that our Mission Committee
announces that the February Mission Can will be
The Neighborhood Center UMC in Harrisburg.
Thanks so much for the anticipation of your gift on
Sunday, February 15th …
our (Mission Can) third Sunday.
How pleased we are to announce that we will be
receiving new
members into our church in the near future! There are
several ways that membership can take place:
Letter of Transfer: Persons currently belong to another
congregation nearby or in another community, etc. The
desire to transfer membership is activated by having
our church office (334-3032) request a "letter of
transfer" from the other congregation (United
Methodist, Lutheran, etc.).
Profession of Faith: Persons who
have never joined a congregation are
invited to receive membership by
expressing their faith in Jesus Christ.
Our hymnal has a brief order of
worship for this celebration. The
profession of faith may take place
during the service or privately. ---For
persons who have not been baptized, the Sacrament of
Baptism is the means of union with the church.
Reaffirmation of Faith: Persons whose membership in
another congregation has lapsed may be united with
the church by a brief reaffirmation of faith. This may
take place in worship or privately.
Associate Membership: Persons who have their
United Methodist Church membership in another
congregation (and seek to retain it) may become an
"associate member" in the Gettysburg Church family.
What is next? If you are a person who has been
prayerfully considering union with our congregation, we
say thank you for your prayers! Please note that
Gettysburg Church will receive new members on
Sunday, March 22nd at 10:30 AM. An informal, get
acquainted will be held on both Sundays, March 15th
and 22nd at 9:00 PM in Pastor Jay’s office.
For further information, you are welcome to call Pastor
Jay at 321-3149 or Sue Ressler, our Coordinator of
Invitational Ministries, at 338-1728. Welcome!
Easter Egg Hunt
+ kite flying
on Sunday, March 29th,
at 2:00 PM at the Rec Park
Our annual community Easter Egg Hunt will take
place on Sunday, March 29th at 2:00 pm at the
Gettysburg Rec Park. Children ages 12 and under are
encouraged to attend. Last year, over 1,000 plastic
eggs were filled with candy and prizes, thanks to the
many donations of goodies from our congregation.
This year we hope, it will be bigger and more fun with
our 2nd “Kite-Flying” Event, which immediately
follows the Easter Egg Hunt. The Kite-Flying is for all
We are collecting items again this
year for filling eggs! All candy should be
pre-wrapped and be small enough to fit
inside the plastics eggs. Small toy
items are welcome too. A great team of
volunteers have a significant number of eggs stuffed
already, but we have more to go. So is your eggs and
help are valued. Donated candy can be placed in the
large box in the hallway that is marked "Egg Hunt
Candy". Thank you!
There will be prizes for the kit flying, including the
highest flying, most decorated, longest tail, most
unique kite, prettiest, oldest, youngest flyer and oldest
flyer, etc… a special gift for all “flyers”.
Everyone is invited to participate!
Save the Date…
for a Garden Tea Party
Celebrate the special women in your
life this May at our first Mother’s Day
Saturday, May 9
Doors open at 1 PM for silent
auction, entertainment, and socializing;
Tea served at 3 PM
Watch for more details! Tickets go on sale in March.
Want to help us plan this year’s tea? Join us at our
first planning meeting directly following church on
Sunday, February 15. Please indicate your interest by
contacting Bonnie McCutcheon at 398-8952 or
[email protected]
Gentlemen… As always, we are in need of servers for
this year’s tea. Please let Bonnie McCutcheon or
Michele in the office know if you are willing to help out.
Around Our Community News
*GIRLS GATHERING FOR GOD ..... FEB. 6th & 7th …
"God Calls Me for Who I Am" is the theme that is
capturing the essence of this year's Susquehanna
Conference "Girls Gathering for God Overnight Retreat,"
at Fishing Creek Salem UMC, 402 Valley Rd., in Etters,
PA. All girls in grades 7 thru 12 are welcome! The
registration cost is $25.00 per teen girl, which includes
Friday Night Pizza, Saturday Breakfast and Lunch, and
the 2015 GGG Long Sleeve T-Shirt. This year is a live
concert by "3 Shades of Blue." --- This special ministry
is sponsored by the United Methodist Women, whose
mission is to "bring teen girls from across the
conference together to get to know each other as
Christian friends, and in so doing develop a strong
relationship with God." Please see church office for
all the details, including a registration form.
Registration deadline is January 21st. Don't Miss It!
*MAJESTIC THEATER … will present the movie“Happy” on Tuesday, Feb. 17th at 7:00 PM. Doors
open at 6:15 PM. Sponsored by Family First Health,
Healthy Adams County and True North. Tickets are free
and can be reserved by calling the theater at 717-3378200.
plan ahead for a personal medical crisis. Class held on
Tuesday, Feb. 17, 7:30-8:3: AM, Monday, Feb. 9, Noon1:00 PM OR Tuesday, March 3, 7:30-8:30 PM. More
information at 717-337-4137.
invited for the Day activities and traditional
Thanksgiving Luncheon at Camp Eder on 914 Mount
Hope Rd.in Fairfield on Wednesday, February 25th.
Leah Hileman, singer, songwriter and recording artist,
will present a fabulous musical program coming
nostalgic favorites, hymns about the love of God and
few original love songs. Leah is the author of nearly
300 songs and as performed throughout the United
States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and
the Caribbean. Glenda Shetter will present a lecture &
demonstration of quilts used as codes on the
Underground Railroad to assist slaves on their journey
The schedule begins with Meet & Greet at 9:30 AM,
continental breakfast and morning activities at 10 AM ,
lunch at 12 noon, and the afternoon program at 1 PM.
Lunch is Chicken Parmigianino over linguini with
Marinara Sauce, vegetable, salad, bread and dessert.
Cost is $15/Person (Covers all food & activities). Call
ahead to reserve at 717-642-8256 or email Lori
Jackson at [email protected]
MAPLE MADNESS … is quickly approaching, with
pancake breakfasts and maple sugaring tours
(plus great crafts vendors!) set for February 28th
and March 7th. Breakfast is $8/adults,
$4/children and under 3 free. Maple Sugaring
programs are $8/-embers, and $5 for members
and children ages 3-12. Buy both and save at
$12/adults and $7/children. Your help is needed
to make this event a sweet success. Volunteers
are also needed to help tap trees and collect sap
throughout March’s maple sugaring season.
If you are interested in any of the volunteering
opportunities below, please call (717) 642-5840 or
email [email protected]
Join the group as they gather for another wonderful
weekend of Scrapbooking and relaxation at Camp Eder
on 914 Mount Hope Rd.in Fairfield on March 13-15th.
Arrive on Friday any time after 6 PM. Head home on
Sunday after lunch. Two nights of lodging and five
meals included. The overnight accommodations in Tree
of Peace Lodge ($125) are limited. Geigley Dorms
($85) will be used for overflow, Call for more
information and to register at 717-642-8256 or online
at www.campeder.org. (You will need to bring some
items for the class and linens,) There is a $10 discount
if you pay in full before February 16th.
Mark Your Calendar!
York District UMC Day at the York
Revolution stadium on Sunday, July 12th
at 5:00 PM. More details coming.
Gettysburg United
Methodist Church
30 West High Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone 717-334-3032
Fax: 717-334-3032
e-mail address: [email protected]
Rev. Jay E. Zimmerman Cell No. 717- 321-3149
Our Church Staff…Serving with You in Ministry
Rev. Jay E. Zimmerman
Debbie Henning
Fred Myers
Julie Reaver
Sue Ressler
Juan Sierra
Michele Thompson
Megan Tolar
Cindy Van Arsdale
Music Director
Coordinator of Invitational
Administrative Assistant
Children & Youth Ministry
Child Care Provider
The Deadline for the March
Newsletter is Friday, February 22nd.
Please be sure to send in your announcements.
February Celebrations
Kim White
Bud Steckman
Bill Krishan
Jay Gessaman
Peggy Mallorey
Zachary Marlowe
John Bergeron
Luann Light
Cora Koser
Carlos Wampler
Pat Kellam
Amy White
Abby Fortnum
Connor Nace
Andrew Shevchuk
Michael White
Hosted by GUMC Youth Fellowship
Ralph Morgan
Luke DeCampo
Tim Geesaman
Meredith Ball
Buddy Angleberger
10- Tina and Matthew Bradey
10- Pat and Tom Kellam
PLEASE jot down your anniversary, birthday and/or birthday of you
or your family on a note and drop it in Michele’s mailbox. This way
your celebration is listed.
Saturday, February 28th
5:00 – 8:00 PM
Doors open at 4:30 PM with dinner being served
at 5:00 PM
Dancing after dinner until 8:00 PM.
Adult Tickets are $15.00 per couple, $8 per single
Tickets on sale from February 8th –22nd
Dear Gettysburg Church Family and Friends,
It's February .... the "Love Month!" Not that other months do not encompass the spirit of love, it's
just that February seems to have a corner on the market ... for obvious reasons.
The Biblical narrative talks often about love, whether it's the Old Testament or the New Testament
proclamation. The reason is pretty simple: "When You Talk About God, As Also the Dynamics of
Life, Love Is Involved." Love is the noun ... the verb, and even the adjective that is manifest in
divine/human relationships. To use a well-known analogy, it is the "glue" that
keeps relationships going in a healthy, vital direction.
As strange as it might sound, the dynamics of love have become very "up front" for the Zimmerman
family in recent days. Yes, as you probably heard, our daughter, Erin, and her husband, Zach, are
anticipating the birth of a baby on July 22nd. (Erin is dying to know whether the baby will be a boy or
a girl, while all the more cheering for a girl.) We, as expectant grandparents, are focused on a healthy
pregnancy and a healthy baby.
Likewise, our younger daughter, Lauren, is well connected to Colin, a young man serving in the
Army, just like our son-in-law. For Linda and me, Lauren and Colin's relationship has
been somewhat like reliving our senior year in college, when we met and eventually envisioned a life
together. The affirmations of love are inspiring! How cool!
In it all, love is rarely mentioned, at least in an overt manner, yet, it is so obvious. Actions, of
course, speak louder than words. -- Maybe that's the point of my sharing with you today.
Quite simply, Love Is Both An Emotion And a Decision. Your words can capture both of these, but
how you put love into play says more than anything else.
I can't help but conclude that God's action in Jesus Christ continues to set the pace for love in
your life, as in mine! Blessings of love to you and yours in Christ!
In Christ's Ministry,
Jay E. Zimmerman, pastor