We know the trends
A visionary approach from a
highly experienced team of
Our leadership boasts a wealth of regional
Attention to
Making your
vision into
- interior of the rooms
of Malliouhana Resort ,
We believe every
project has a soul
to communicate.
We bring our own knowledgeable
team members to the table along
with a network of designers,
engineers, suppliers, contractors
and specialists with proven track
records in the region and beyond.
It is with this comprehensive
and flexible set of skills and
resources that we enhance the
project’s upside performance
and mitigate overall risks for
our clients.
We value the opportunity
we have to do what we do.
To have an established
company that contributes to
the making of our clients
vision and needs. From that
value comes hard work,
accessibility and
overall coordination of
a project, we want you
to feel confident and
certain your project is
in the right hands.
Our project delivery
approach is one that
integrates people, business
Our Clients must respond to and practices in a
emerging trends, and ever- collaborative way.
shifting market conditions.
When you come to us
They trust our advice.
with a project vision, we
We blend diverse expertise
tailor our capabilities to
to facilitate projects and
mitigate risk. Serving a wide meet your specific
range of industries in Puerto needs. There is nothing
we can't build when we
Rico and the Caribbean.
work together.
As a general
contractor we are
responsible for the
It is our clients’ final impression that represents
not just who we are as a company, but who we
are as individuals.
Our team is
determined and
persistently finds
creative solutions in
environments, while
building value for all.
Paint and Wall
Roofing and
Sometimes a new coat of
paint just isn’t enough to
freshen up a space. From
design consultation to color
selection,we will guide you
through your entire project.
Often, before a professional
commercial painting
contractor can begin work,
construction and repair is
required. From initial
specifications to project
management, small
customer work orders to
complete interior and
exterior renovations
We install plenty of square
meters of waterproofing,
roofing and insulation
systems across the
Caribbean, while always
focusing on sustainable
Gypsum Board
Acoustical Ceiling
Magnificent gypsum
solutions which have long
been recognized for
contributing to the
sustainability of commercial
and residential buildings.
Sound panels are a great
solution for noise control for
all sorts of applications. The
raw acoustical panels can
be wrapped with
acoustically transparent
fabric to create attractive
wall treatments that absorb
excessive amounts of
Tile, ceramic, marble and
resilient floor
installations, offering a wide
and impressive range of
colors, textures and finishes,
you can create the looks
that are unique and
guaranteed to last for many,
many years to come.
Demolition and
Waste Disposal
We have a strong company
policy that safety comes
first; all personnel adhere to
all safety regulationsWe
work hard to ensure that all
safety rules and regulations
are followed to the last
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You’ll always have the peace
of mind that Paradox has
highly skilled and welltrained personnel to
provide the quality and care
that our customers demand.
Some of our Clients
Malliouhana Resort, Anquilla, BWI
Ashford 1000, Condado, PR
BBVA, San Juan, PR
Federal Court, San Juan, PR
Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot, PR
Normandie Hotel, San Juan, PR
for details please visit:
Hansa Bank Building
1st Floor Landsome Road
The Valley, Anguilla BWI
M: +1 264 584 3857
M: +1 787 273 8169