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2 nd I nternational C onference on
P ower G eneration S ystems &
R enewable Energy T echnologies
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International Islamic University,Old Campus Auditorium (Faisal Masjid),
Sector E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan
10-11 June, 2015
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Shah Faisal
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International Islamic University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
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Account No: 50067000058703
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Conference Secretary
Dr. Saeed Badshah
Associate Professor/ Chairman
Tel: 051-9019497; Fax: 051-9258025
Email: [email protected]
Branch: IIUI
Address: International Islamic University, Sector H-10,Islamabad, Pakistan
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For Further Information
Engr. Sakhi Jan
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Engineering & Technology, IIUI
Cell: +92-333-9330406
Email: [email protected]
International Islamic University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, IIUI
is organizing its 2
International Conference Power Generation Systems and
Renewable Energy Technologies (2nd PGSRET) on 10-11 June, 2015 in collaboration
with HEC, at International Islamic University, Old Campus (Faisal Masjid) Islamabad.
The first conference in 2010 was a success in catalyzing interest in this important topic
among participants from industry, the national laboratories and academia.
1-Ocean Energy & Hydro power generation systems and technologies
2-Renewable Energy Systems and technologies
3-Renewable Energy System Aspects of Materials and Structures
4-Energy Systems, Technology & Management
5-Fossil fuels power generation systems and technologies
6-Nuclear power generation systems and technologies
7-Energy Applications of Nanotechnology
8-Mix Topics
Join us to investigate future power and energy technologies presented by leading
industry and academic experts in the power and energy field. The conference will
promote academic and research collaboration among universities and provide an
opportunity for participating companies, academicians, researchers, and students to
The outcome of the topics, lectures, expert discussions, presentations and latest R&D on
different power generation systems and technologies will help our societies in Asia and
particularly in Pakistan to get rid of energy crises and power shortages. The experts will
help us during the discussions and meetings for possible solutions on our industrial and
domestic energy production goals.
The young engineers/professionals will be given a chance to present their findings on the
conference topics. Conference will provide an opportunity for everyone to come and join
us in the day to day discussions, lectures, presentations with their new ideas covering
everything from a micro project to a mega project. The Conference theme covers as
many topics as possible, under different fields of electricity/power generation,
sustainable, as well as, renewable systems and technologies.
The conference will have a pool of active researchers, with a proper balance between
academia and industry, as well as between senior and junior researchers, including
graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. It is anticipated that such a balance will
provide both senior and junior researchers an opportunity to interact and to have a wider
picture of recent advances in their respective fields. The conference, especially, enables
the setting up of new interdisciplinary research directions among its participants by
establishing links with world renowned researchers, making possible joint international
projects that will no doubt bring about fresh and innovative ideas and technologies in
energy and power generation and management. You are invited to submit papers in all
areas of power and energy engineering.
2000 PKR
Student Participation:
1000 PKR
Foreign Delegates/ Authors:
100 USD
[50% discount for IIU students]
Every registration fee type covers:
Conference attendance & materials
Lunch, Tea/Coffee breaks.
Abstracts submission Deadline:
Feb 25, 2015
Notification of Acceptance:
Mar 05, 2015
Full Paper submission Deadline:
Mar 15, 2015
Registration Deadline:
May 05, 2015
Conference Dates:
Jun 10-11, 2015
Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
Power Generation - Conventional and Renewable
Wind power generation and utilization
Optimization of Wind Energy Systems
Wind Turbine Design and Optimization
Wind Farm Layout & Optimization
Solar Energy: solar power applications
Biofuels & Biogas
Bio-energy technologies, process and utilization
Geothermal and tidal wave energy
Ocean Energy
Hydro Energy
Electric Vehicles
New technologies and design for energy efficiency
New technologies for minimizing CO2 generation
Nuclear Energy
Fossil Fuels, Oil, Gas & Coal
Waste products as fuel
Other sustainable energy
Energy Production & Plant Layouts
Energy Marketing
Energy Management
Cost effective means of energy conservation
Power Engineering
Power System Management
Power system management technologies
Integrated substation automation technologies
Power system monitoring and mitigation technologies
Online monitoring and fault diagnosis systems
Control strategies for modern power system stability
Modeling and simulation of Power systems
Power Transmission and Distribution
Power system analysis and optimization
Load modeling, estimation and forecast
Power system planning and operation
Electromagnetic transient in high voltage power systems
Insulation condition monitoring in power systems
Electromagnetic analysis in power systems
Smart Grid Technologies
Modeling of Grid environments
Environmental-friendly technologies for power generation
Uncertainty in energy system design & operation
Risk Assessment of Energy System
Rector, IIUI
President, IIUI
VP Academics, IIUI
VP Higher Studies & Research, IIUI
DG Admin Finance & Planning, IIUI
Prof. Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik, IIUI,
Mr. Sajjad Ahmad, IIUI
Dr. Saeed Badshah, IIUI,
Mr. M. Amjad Khattack, IIUI
Dr. Rafi Ullah Khan, IIUI,
Mr. Abbas Raza, IIUI
Prof. Dr. M. Afzal Khan, IIUI
Mr. Aasar Ahmad, IIUI
Prof. Dr. M. Amir Khan, IIUI
Mrs. Saba Hameed, IIUI
Dr. Syed Athar Masood, IIUI
Mr. Khurshid Alam, IIUI
Dr. Rizwan Nazir, IIUI
Mr. Khalid Mehmood Raja, IIUI
Dr. Ihsan Ul Haq, IIUI
Mr. Hairan Khattak, IIUI
Dr. Suheel Abdullah Malik, IIUI
Mr. Adnan Khan, ORIC IIUI
Prof. Dr. Adnan I.O. Zaid, University of Jordan
Prof. Dr. A.H. Yosri Mashal, Taibah University Saudi Arabia.
Prof. Dr. Mohd. Nasir Tamin, UTM Malaysia
Prof. Dr. Omar bin Yaakob UTM Malaysia
Prof. Dr. Akhtar Kalam Victoria University, Melbourne Australia
Prof. Dr Brig. A. Ghafoor, NUST, Islamabad
Prof. Dr. Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi, Air University, Islamabad
Prof. Dr. Ahmad Shuja Syed, IIUI., Islamabad
Prof. Dr. Zafar M. Khan, IST Uni., Islamabad
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ijaz, Hitec University, Taxila
Prof. Dr. Nawar Khan, NUST, Islamabad
Prof. Dr. M. Zafarullah Koreshi, Air University, Islamabad
Prof. Dr. Shahab Khushnood, UET, Taxila
Prof. Dr. M. Zubair Khan, IST, Islamabad
Prof. Dr. Syed Kamran Aafaq, HITEC Uni., Taxila
Prof. Dr. M. Abid, COMSAT University, Wah
Dr. Qasim Zeeshan, Adjunct Faculty, IST, Islamabad
Dr. Muhammad Adil Khattak, UTM Malaysia
Professor Dr Adnan I.O. Zaid
Professor Dr. A.H. Yousry Mashal
(Saudi Arabia)
Professor Muhammad Nasir Tamin
Professor Dr. Omar bin Yaakob
Professor Dr. Akhtar Kalam