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Ksenia Kovalyshin,
Maria Weber, and
Felicity Chang
participating in the
Million Minute
Marathon during
Florida Literacy Week.
In this issue:
Pinnacle Photos
Python Run
And more!
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Scheduled Events
February Highlights
4 Spring Portraits, 7:00 – 4:00 pm
6 Middle School Dance, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
12 Fifth Grade Celebration Dance, 6:15 pm
13 Pine View Pride Day – All Day
13 Volunteer Breakfast, 9:15 – 10:30 am
13 Kids Night Out – Senior Class, 4:00 pm
20 Dodgeball, 2:00 – 4:00 pm
20 Peramathon – All Day
20 Jamie Myers Benefit Concert, 6:00 pm
21 Astronomy Night, 5:00 pm
24 EP Signings, Grade 6, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
26 Sarasota & Laurel @ PV Track/Field, 4:30pm
27 Proud Python
March Highlights
3 College Night @ Venice HS, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
5 Graduation Performance Auditions 2-5 pm
19 Blood Drive, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
20 Family Movie Night, Grades 2-5, 6 – 9 pm
21 Jazz Under the Stars, 8:00 pm
27 Sophomore Dance, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Student Parking
One of the most exciting rites of passage in a teenager’s life
is receiving their driver’s license. The increased freedom and
mobility is a welcomed reprieve from dependence upon
caregivers, and students look forward to being able to drive
themselves to school, practices, and social events. This is no
different for Pine View students.
Each Fall, students who have a driver’s license can
purchase a parking spot, with the understanding that priority
goes to seniors and then juniors. Those students who receive
their driver’s license during the school year, are afforded no
guarantee they will have access to a parking spot as there are a
limited number of spaces available and are issued on a firstcome, first-served basis.
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Your PVA Team
Executive Committee
Camille Cline,
Lisa Daily,
Vice President
Mae Isaacson,
Paige Dean,
Recording Secretary
Ben Turoff,
Corresponding Secretary
Board of Directors
Cathi Bell
LisaMarie Emerle
Meeru Fendt
Michelle Halbreich
Sue Keating
Karen Kirsch
Laureen Martel
Natalie Merkher
Phillip Mihm
Arysol Niffenegger
Valerie Orr
Mildred Pastorizo
Scott Petersen
Beth Sullivan
Laura Ter Doest
Aurelie VandenBroek
Faculty Representatives
Jennifer Wise, Elementary
Julia Schran, Middle School
Seth Gardner, High School
Dr. Stephen P. Covert,
Page 4
President’s Letter
Dear Pine View families,
Like many great ideas, isicathamiya or
“treading softly” in Zulu, came to Ladysmith
Black Mambazo founder Joseph Shabalala in
a dream. Many Americans know his Grammywinning a cappella group because of its
collaboration with Paul Simon on the
Graceland album in the 1980s, but, in fact, the
group had been singing together for more than
two decades before in South Africa, changing the musical
landscape to one of smooth harmony. His dream of a new vocal
sound serves as inspiration to us to tread softly and make our
own dreams reality.
One way we can band together is by participating in the 2015
Peramathon on February 20, coordinated by its chairs, Aurelie
Vandenbroek and Karen Kirsch. Each year, students jog, walk,
skip, and blaze around the PVS track in an effort to gain the most
laps and raise money for the school. New this year is the ability to
purchase your Peramathon T-shirt and make your pledge online
from the comfort of your home! That’s right, Peramathon has gone
digital! Please see the form inside this issue for details, including
the web address. We also need volunteers to stamp lap sheets,
hand out snacks and water, and cheer on our perambulating
Pythons! Congrats to our T-shirt drawing winners, Josie
Filipanits, Erin Chen, and Maximilian Carey!
Remember to look for our Annual Summer Camp Spectacular
issue in March, where you’ll have a chance to win camp sessions
at auction and benefit our school. E-mail us with the name of your
favorite camps so we may ask them for a donation. You can help
your camp and PVS! PVA board nomination forms are coming in
March too. I encourage you to consider joining the PVA board and
continuing our legacy of school support and leadership.
Our first PVA meeting of 2015 will be held at 7:00 p.m. on
Tuesday, February 3, in room 911 of the Media Center. Mark your
calendars for March 3, April 7 (PVA’s annual meeting), and May
5. And be sure to pitch in on February 20 and help make
Peramathon a dream come true!
See you at Pine View!
Camille Cline
Pine View Association President
[email protected]
Principal’s Perspective
February, 2015
Dear Pine View School Parents and Community:
The tireless work and dedication to excellence demonstrated by
Pine View students, parents, and teachers continues to amaze me daily!
From parent volunteers contributing hours upon hours in our office and
classrooms, students studying and laboring over projects and
assignments, and teachers planning exciting and engaging lessons
infusing technology, Pine View continues to go the extra degree!
I need to apologize to two very special PVA volunteers whom I mistakenly omitted from
my Principal’s Perspective column following Pinnacle. Laureen Martel and Beth Sullivan
were wonderful to volunteer their time and energy in preparing for such a memorable
Pinnacle, and I want to publicly thank them both!
This is a busy and important time of year for many reasons- we are continuing to prepare
our students, grades 2 through 12, for outstanding success in the coming months on
statewide assessments (“FSA’s”), End-of-Course assessments, Advanced Placement
examinations, and myriad other tests. While these are some of the many public ways in
which we are collectively assessed, Pine View teachers and students truly do breathe life into
our mission of providing, “…a qualitatively different learning environment that nurtures a
passion of intellectual curiosity, … and that is committed to a tradition of academic excellence
and social responsibility.” Through PVA support and teacher-created initiatives, Pine View
continues to reinforce the arts as a critical component in our students’ complete education.
We are excited about this year’s Peramathon at Pine View, which will be held on February
20, 2015. This is an exciting event in which students collected pledges for laps to be run
around our PV track. Last year, I ran 40 laps, so my goal in leading our students in the 212
degree philosophy is at least 41 this year! PVA parent, Aurelie Vandenbroek, is coordinating
Peramathon with Karen Kirsch and PV Activities Director, Misty Tucak, and more
information is available at
Take Stock in Children recently announced that Pine View senior, Alexis Smith, has been
awarded a scholarship and one of only six finalists in the state of Florida. This prestigious
award was created in partnership with the Asofsky Family Foundation and is valued at
approximately $40,000. Take Stock in Children is a statewide non-profit organization with a
20-year history of mentoring middle and high school students so they can achieve academic
success by graduating high school and earning a college scholarship to help break the cycle of
poverty. We are very proud of Alexis’ incredible record of volunteerism and celebrate her
Many students and parents also recently joined us in celebrating the Make-a-Wish
Foundation’s award to Pine View senior, Jamie Myers and his family. Jamie and his family
were surprised at school in January and his wish was to travel to New York City and meet
artist, Regina Spektor; a musician on tour and who Jamie has followed for some time. Both
of these student recognitions exemplify Pine View’s philosophy that gifts are for sharing, and
allow our community to help take care of each other- building social responsibility and
continuing our rich tradition of excellence!
Stephen P. Covert, Ph.D.
“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
– Alvin Toffler
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Scheduled Events .............................................. 3
This publication is the official newsletter of the
Pine View Association. Nine issues are published
throughout the year and are mailed home to the
families of all Pine View students and distributed
throughout the Pine View community.
Student Parking ................................................ 3
The nine issues are:
In this issue:
President’s Letter .............................................. 4
Principal’s Perspective ................................... 5
Pine View Information ...................................... 8
About PVA (Pine View Association) ...................... 9
Principals Tune into Arts Education ............... 11
Classified Employee of the Year from ............ 12
Art News from Retsy Lauer from.................... 14
Pine View Senior Awarded Fellowship ........... 15
“A Renaissance Experience” .......................... 16
History Club Donations Wanted .................... 16
PVA Board Nomination Form ........................ 19
WALL OF FAME – November ........................ 20
Mathematics Competition .............................. 23
Celebrate Literacy Week ................................. 23
Astronomy Night............................................. 23
Middle School Honor Roll Changes ............... 25
Geography Bee Finalists ................................. 27
Pine View Peramathon ................................... 29
Attention Seniors ............................................ 35
Post Office art contest. .................................... 39
Media Center News ......................................... 40
Pinnacle Highlights ......................................... 41
Typing Training Now Available Online .......... 54
Make-A-Wish Foundation .............................. 55
Green Ribbon School Award.......................... 55
Literacy Tips by Pine View Literacy Team ..... 60
Advertise Your Business in Pine Views .......... 62
Submissions: Students, faculty, staff and
parents are encouraged to submit articles and
photos no later than the 12th of the month
preceding the issue date.
Please submit articles to
[email protected]
Information and articles should be of interest to the
Pine View School community.
Pine Views is published by and all rights
reserved by Pine View School. Although information
contained in this publication has been derived from
sources which are believed to be reliable, they are
not always necessarily complete and cannot be
guaranteed. Neither PVA, Pine View School, nor any
of its employees, or any person(s) or firm who is
represented within this publication shall have any
liability for any loss sustained by anyone who has
relied on the information contained in this
publication. PVA, Pine View School and its affiliates
do not endorse any advertising within this
Copyright © 2014 Pine View Association
All rights reserved.
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Pine View Information
1 Python Path, Osprey FL 34229 • Phone: 941.486.2001 • Fax 941.486.2042
Administration Office Hours
M-F 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Media Center Hours:
M-F 7:45 AM - 4:00 PM
Dr. Stephen P. Covert ........... Principal
Assistant Principals:
Lisa Wheatley .................... Grades 2-5
Sue Fair ............................. Grades 6-7
Janel Dorn .......................... Grades 8-9
Jennifer Nzeza ............... Grades 10-12
Guidance Counselors:
Lance Bergman .................... Grade 12
Mary Cantillo ..................... Grades 2-5
Kate McManus ................... Grades 6-7
Paula Lindsey ..................... Grades 8-9
Lynn Halcomb ................ Grades 10-12
Linda Lyons ....Admissions Coordinator
Kim Ellis.......... ESE Liaison Coordinator
Christopher Hudson School Resource
Monthly Meetings
PVA Board.......... 1st Tuesday, 7:00 pm
SAC .................... 2nd Monday, 4:00 pm
SDMT ..... 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 4:00 pm
Everyone is invited to attend these
meetings. Unless otherwise noted,
these meetings will be held in the
Media Center, Room 911.
Who To See If You Need…
Accident Ins. Claim Form Jenny Reyka
Activities Calendar .... Beth Baranowski
Activity Bus...................... Jenny Reyka
Admissions ........................ Linda Lyons
Announcements ........ Beth Baranowski
Attendance Info. ........ Maureen Borden
Audio-Visual Aids .. Lauren White-Opitz
Custodial Assistance ........ Roger Ferris
Deposit/Withdraw Funds ..... Teri Fisher
Discipline Information ........Ann Kolesar
Info. About Intramurals ...... Misty Tucak
Lockers................................Front Desk
Medical Attention ....... Deana Sandefur
Parking ................................Front Desk
Sign In .................................Front Desk
Sign Out ..............................Front Desk
Snack Machine Refunds Student Union
Student Activities .............. Misty Tucak
Report theft or vandalism Dep. Hudson
Transportation ....................... 486-2141
Transcript Request .......... Sue Manders
Withdrawals..................... Maggie Adler
7:21 - 8:13
8:18 - 9:10
9:15 -10:10
10:15 -11:07
11:12 -12:04
12:09 - 1:01
1:06 - 1:58
2:03 - 2:55
3:00 - 3:52
Pine View School Mission
The mission of Pine View School
is to provide a qualitatively different
learning environment that nurtures a
passion for intellectual curiosity,
independence and innovation, and is
committed to a tradition of academic
excellence and social responsibility.
School Advisory Council
(SAC) Mission Statement
The purpose of the School
Advisory Council is to enhance
school site decision making, to serve
in an advisory capacity to the
improvement, to assist in the
preparation and evaluation of the
school improvement plan, and to
provide input on the budget and use
of school improvement funds
pursuant to Florida Statue 229.58.
Shared Decision Making
Team (SDMT) Mission
The Shared Decision Making
Team is the policy making body at
Pine View. Teachers, support staff,
representatives who serve on this
committee. Visitors are welcome to
DR. COVERT ONLINE - [email protected]
Feel free to drop Dr. Covert a line, ask a question, or share a comment.
Keep in mind, however, that due to his heavy schedule, there may be a day or two delay in responding.
He does promise to answer each and every message as quickly as possible
Page 8
About PVA
Pine View’s Organization of
Parents, Teachers, Staff and Supporters
Pine View Association (PVA) works to enhance and enrich the educational experiences of
our students -- by supporting our school’s academic, social, fine arts, and technology
objectives. PVA coordinates volunteers, raises funds, promotes communication between
Pine View and our families, provides input to the school on issues of concern to our
parents, and supports gifted advocacy on a local, state and national level. This is only
possible with the help and dedication of our parent and community volunteers and
donors, business partners, and staff. We do this because we want our bright and talented
students at Pine View, our children whose futures are so abundant with possibility, to
have every opportunity they deserve, every opportunity we can provide to them.
PVA Committees and Chairs
Diana Straeb [email protected]
Pine View Fair:
Valerie and Rob Orr pv[email protected]
Laureen Martel [email protected]
Meeru Fendt [email protected]
All-in-One Database/PVA Website:
Natalie and Alex Merkher
[email protected]
Campbell’s Labels:
Renata Gaertner [email protected]
Proud Pythons:
Rachel North Zipay [email protected]
Faculty/Staff Appreciation:
Karen Johnson [email protected]
BoxTop$ for Education:
Phyllis Weitzner [email protected]
Jill Creevy [email protected]
Jill Middleton [email protected]
Aurelie Vanden Broek
[email protected]
Karen Kirsch [email protected]
Summer Camp Auction:
Lisa Daily [email protected]
Paige Dean and Scott Petersen
Mae Isaacson [email protected]
Nutrition/Food Allergies Chair:
Rosana Motta-Jacks
[email protected]
School Directory:
Kati Burns [email protected]
School Store:
Aileen Newell [email protected]
Renee Ryckman [email protected]
Laura Ter Doest [email protected]
Mildred Pastorizo [email protected]
Environmental Health and Safety:
Nicole Jurczyk [email protected]
Class Liaison Chair:
Lisa Daily [email protected]
Homework Committee:
Lisa Daily, Wendy Rudd, Paula Ippolito
E-Library Chairs:
Lisa Daily and Mark Mason
Page 9
Volunteer Day
Page 10
Principals Tune into Arts Education
The Arts
Education Task
Force presented
their 14th Annual
discussing and
reflecting on the
past year's
advances in arts
education in the
dozens of
middle and high
schools across
Sarasota County.
The Sarasota
Orchestra was honored to play at the event sponsored by the Arts and Cultural Alliance.
Dr. Covert is pictured with PineView members of the Philharmonic Orchestra and the
Conductor of the Sarasota Orchestra, Anu Tali. The PineView members of the Youth
Philharmonic are Isaac Mingus, Kaleta Arase, Paige Hansen, Tyler Kaiser, Elizabeth
Daniels, Jack Vega, Alex Sosa, Daniel Solowey and Michael Guo (not pictured)
Page 11
Classified Employee of the Year
Page 12
Page 13
Art News from Retsy Lauer
to our talented art
students who won
awards at the
Sarasota County
Evening of
Excellence: pictured
above Maia Zildjian
with her ceramic tea
set for which she
won Best in Show;
additional winners
include Anika Hong
and Nick Cropper.
The Evening of
Excellence awards
are presented each
year by the Sarasota
Page 14
Pine View Senior Awarded Fellowship
Pine View senior Alexis Smith is one
of six deserving scholars across Florida
to be awarded Take Stock in Children’s
Leaders 4 Life Fellowship. This
prestigious award was created in
partnership with the Asofsky Family
Foundation and is valued at
approximately $40,000 per student
award. Take Stock in Children is a
statewide non-profit organization with a
20-year history of mentoring middle
and high school students so they can
achieve academic success by graduating
high school and earning a college
scholarship to help break the cycle of
With this award, Alexis will now be
able to achieve her dream of a postsecondary education free of all expenses.
She is active in community service and
consistently on the Honor Roll. Alexis
plans to attend the University of Florida
next fall and major in Veterinary
Alexis is among five other recipients
across Florida. These highly motivated
scholars, who are amongst several
thousand high school students statewide
benefiting from Take Stock in Children,
were selected based on their
demonstration of strong leadership
skills, moral character and academic
Following the surprise
announcement of her selection, which
was held on January 22 on the campus
of Pine View School, Alexis will be
officially recognized as an incoming
2015 Leaders 4 Life Fellow during Take
Stock in Children’s Leadership Summit
on February 10, 2015 in Tallahassee,
Florida. Take Stock in Children’s
Leaders 4 Life Fellowship Program was
created in partnership with the Asofsky
Family Foundation to provide financial
resources, services and support needed
to ensure student success throughout
college. The fellowship provides each
student with a new Macintosh laptop
computer, as well as funds for textbooks
and supplies, housing, transportation,
food and other college-related expenses.
The mission of this program is to enable
these students to excel in a university
environment by giving them the
resources that empower them to develop
their full potential as “leaders for life.”
“This life-changing fellowship,
generously provided by the Asofsky
Family Foundation is a transformational
opportunity for Alexis. By eliminating all
financial concerns, Alexis will be able to
focus solely on her education and
embrace the college experience on her
path to success,” said Candice McLeod,
TSIC of Sarasota County Program
Page 15
The John D. Woolever History Club of Pine View School
Proudly presents its annual school-wide simulation for 2015,
scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
“A Renaissance
 Enjoy an abridged Shakespearean production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
 Visit our Renaissance Village: interact with merchants, traders, skilled craftsmen and
women, entertainers and scoundrels! Hair braiding and wreath-making will be
 Experience an English tavern, enjoy a sample of Renaissance fare, and interact with
the Bard himself, William Shakespeare!
 Elementary and middle school students are invited to participate in the following craft
Experience Michelangelo’s challenge in painting the Sistine Chapel.
Create a simulated piece of “stained glass” in our glass workshop.
 Visit our Renaissance Museum:
Our docents will take you on a tour of some of the greatest artwork and inventions of
the time. Learn more about the imagination of Leonardo da Vinci, a true
“Renaissance Man!”
 Enjoy roving entertainers, and dozens of notable Renaissance characters who will
roam the campus sharing their stories.
Page 16
History Club Donations Wanted
This year the John D. Woolever History Club will be
conducting another historical simulation …. A Renaissance
Experience. Our goal is to create a historically accurate,
interactive, and fun event! Our Pine View family has
been so generous to us in the past; once again we are
seeking your support. Activities such as our Club’s
simulations are what contribute to making Pine View such a
special place. The following is a list of donations we need to
bring it all together, and anything you can donate is a huge
help! In addition to the items listed below, we are also in
need of sewers, woodworkers, and crafters. Thank you in
advance for making this the best simulation in our
history! Please send donations to either the front office or to Mrs. Regan’s room, #409,
with returnable donations clearly labeled. If you have any questions, or wish to offer
your help, please email Mrs. Regan at [email protected]
Food: Honey, sugar, tea; apple juice, white and red grape juice, apples, beef
jerky, grapes, bakery bread (bring juices, honey, sugar, tea, and beef jerky at
any time; please bring apples, grapes, cheeses and bakery bread the day
Cardboard; pieces/sheets of ¼” plywood; wooden crates
Cloth (All kinds, clean and lightly used please!); muslin fabric, burlap
Small artificial flowers and other greenery; Ribbon (solid colors, any widths)
Plastic fruits, vegetables
Fair vendor tents to borrow
Renaissance Costuming (Armor, Wooden Swords, Headdresses, etc.)
Building Supplies (Tape, Plain Tailgating Tents, Table Cloths, Spray Paint,
Foldable Tables/Chairs, Rope, Wood, Glass, Metals, etc.)
Crafting Supplies: packages of multicolored tissue paper, packages of large
black construction paper; small watercolor paint sets (Crayola type)
If you would prefer to make a monetary donation to help us purchase supplies,
checks should be made payable to “Pine View School,” attn.: History Club simulation.
Any amount is greatly appreciated.
Page 17
Page 18
PVA Board Nomination Form
Name: ___________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________Email: _________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
2015-2016 (starting fall 2015) grades of your child(ren):
Briefly describe your background experience as it may pertain to your qualifications for
serving on the PVA board. Please include activities that you have been involved in at
the school:
What do you think you have to offer the PVA board and/or why do you want to serve?
By signing, I state I am a member of PVA and the above statements are correct and true:
(full name)
Please return original signed form to the Pine View Front Office no later
than March 19!
If necessary, please use an additional sheet to complete this form.
Page 19
WALL OF FAME – November
At 211 degrees,
water is hot – at 212
degrees, it boils, and
with boiling water,
comes steam, and with
steam, you can power a
One degree.
Applying one extra
degree of temperature to
water means the
difference between
something that’s simply
very hot and something
that generates enough
force to power a
machine – a beautifully
uncomplicated metaphor
that ideally should feed
everything we do.
Thomas Edison
said… “Many of life’s
failures are men who did
not realize how close
they were to success
when they give up.”
Vince Lombardi
tightened it up with…
“Inches make the
212 distills it even
further. According to
Sam Parker, author of
“212, The Extra
Degree”, the purpose of
the 212 message is to
create a level of
awareness and
accountability that
inspires and challenges
all of us to try harder,
give more and,
ultimately, enjoy more.
To learn more,
please visit
Page 20
GRADE 2: Frankie McDonnell is a wonderful friend and knows
the qualities of true friendship. Her caring ways are a wonderful example
to others. Frankie has also been willing to work with others students to
develop skills for getting along and has served as a mediator. Recently,
Frankie used her skills as a friend to stick up for another girl who was
being mistreated and put the girl’s relationship back in order with a fellow
second grader.
GRADE 3: Joseph Marble demonstrates his 212 spirit in his
kindness towards his classmates and everyone around him. He is quick to
spot someone in need of assistance and does not hesitate to offer a helping
hand. From rushing to help a classmate who has dropped something to
cleaning up paints, Joseph demonstrates a level of awareness and
accountability that inspires and challenges all of us to try harder and give
GRADE 4: Angelique Novak has made a great adjustment as a
new student to Pine View. She is a part of the media crew, volunteering at
recess to assist in the library. She participates in the Marathon Club on
Fridays, works hard and earns excellent grades. She is a friend to all, often
performing random acts of kindness in our community. We are happy that
Angelique is a Python!
GRADE 5: As a new student to Pine View this year, Ruby Copsey
has truly taken on the message of 212. Her performance in class is
exemplary and she often does more than required, making her projects
shine. In addition to academics, Ruby is a kind and compassionate person,
she looks out for her classmates and is always willing to lend a helping
hand. Ruby truly goes the extra degree!
GRADE 6: Max Milburn has such a positive attitude! Max will
stop to help a friend in need and always has a kind word to share. His
work is consistently of high quality and he works well in collaborative
groups with his peers. In his spare time, Max stays active by swimming
competitively and he is also a member of Team Pine View and PV Fit. It
is a true pleasure having Max in class.
GRADE 7: Faith Kern’s teachers report that she is constantly hard
working. She is consistent in her attendance, production, maturity and
leadership. Faith has a determination that propels her to think critically
about each subject. She is pleasant and polite. Faith is cooperative with
her fellow peers and she always goes 212!
GRADE 8: On his birthday Peter Chau was giving away some of
his presents. Specifically he gave a small teddy bear to a 2nd grade girl.
Peter has always been very polite, generous, and is a wonderful
influence! Listening, questioning, volunteering he helps make class an
interactive exercise. Peter shows maturity monitoring his own needs and
understanding of course material. We all benefit from the energy he
infuses into the classroom atmosphere.
GRADE 9: Alyson Hiles is willing to help other students and is a
very personable young lady. She is diligent in keeping up with her work,
listens to advice for improvement and incorporates new information into
her work. Alyson exudes confidence and has a great balance between
her social life and school life. She is an all-around wonderful student
and exemplifies Pine View's tradition of excellence.
GRADE 10: Evan Dietrich is an extraordinary young man who is
especially talented in conducting research and in his public speaking
abilities. He is able to analyze social science problems with a great deal
of upper level thinking and presents his research in a charming and
entertaining manner. While these skills display some of his intellectual
strengths, Evan is particularly attuned to those around him. He is quick
to help another classmate with difficult concepts and volunteers
regularly for school activities as well as community service.
GRADE 11: Jenny Shao is a new student to Pine View who has
impressed her teachers with her inclination to go out of her way to
research and extend her knowledge of course material on her own.
Jenny is described as a deep thinker, one who applies her learning
directly to her life. Jenny has been quickly earning the respect of her
peers and encourages academic rigor by actively engaging in
GRADE 12: Madeleine Kausel is an energetic and charismatic
young woman with strong leadership ability. She is an excellent student
with a special interest in the areas of foreign policy and relations. A
dedicated member of Model United Nations, Maddy has collaborated
with and led her teammates. Maddy has volunteered in various schoolbased projects, worked the polls on Election Day and participates in an
externship with ShelterBox, a non-profit international disaster relief
Staff: Rory Kaminske - Algebra 1 and Classroom of Tomorrow
Teacher. Mr. Kaminske chose to embrace learning new technology,
new ways of teaching and is an amazing professional! He has an
incredible connection with students, and really gives of himself to
ensure they master the material, skills and content. He mentors students,
gives up his free time and builds capacity within students to become
student-leaders with the technology. Congratulations Mr. Kaminske!
Through Forums with
Dr. Covert and grade level
Guidance Counselors,
students are being introduced
to the concept of “212” and
“going the extra degree”.
Opportunities to
compare and contrast
examples of going the extra
degree in various settings are
provided. Grade level
recognition of students who
have demonstrated that extra
degree of effort through
moral character or
performance character are
being showcased on the Pine
View “Wall of Fame”
proudly displayed in the
Student Union. The 212
“Wall of Fame” recognizes
students who demonstrate
going the extra degree.
Nominations are
received from grade level
and/or classroom teachers.
This recognition may
highlight Moral Character
(Citizenship, Gratitude,
Kindness, Responsibility,
Honesty, Respect, Good
Sportsmanship) or
Performance Character
(Personal Improvement,
Risk-taking, Diligence,
Independent Learning or
Enthusiasm). Students may
be recognized for a specific
action or for demonstrating
the 212 “Everyday – Every
way” spirit. As Dr. Covert
points out when he addresses
students, “the true measure of
success is not to outdo others
but rather to outdo
ourselves”. The 212 message
certainly reinforces that
important notion for Pine
View students.
Page 21
Dr. Covert with Wall of Fame recipients
Page 22
Mathematics Competition
For more than 60 years, students across the
country have taken up the challenge of America’s
longest-running and most prestigious math
contests, The American Mathematics Competitions
(AMC). Every year, at thousands of schools in every
state, more than 350,000 students are presented
with a set of questions rich in content, designed to
make them think and sure to leave them talking.
Pine View’s competition for 9th and 10th graders
will take place Tuesday, February 3, periods 1 and
2. Students participating are: Jackie Cetola, Livia
Qoshe, Jade Fischer, Zachary Raad, Joseph
Flahavan, Alyx Reckahn, Rachel Galindo, Slynia
Shi, Dylan Hull, Chelsea Singleton, Ashley James,
Gabriel von Kessel, Soumya Kona, William Wang,
Brandon Lo, Joshua Wolff, Celeena Menon, Connor
Wozniak, Daniel Paredes, and Emily Zezas.
Celebrate Literacy Week
Pine View participated in Florida’s 6th annual Celebrate
Literacy Week, January 26-30th, 2015 by participating in the
Million Minute Marathon.
663 Pine View students and staff read for a grand total of
19,750 minutes!
Thank you to all that participated, and way to go!
Astronomy Night
Saturday, February 21, 2015 is Astronomy
Night from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Mr. Percival will
have telescopes set up for people’s viewing. All
Pine View students and families and friends are
invited. Observations will take place on the
service road by Lake Largo.
Page 23
Page 24
Middle School Honor Roll Changes
Students and Parents! Please read the
following information for important updates
regarding honor roll!
The criteria for middle school honor roll
is as follows:
A’s are 4 points
B’s are 3 points
C’s are 2 points
Specials are not used to calculate the GPA, however, we encourage all students to
give it 212 degrees in these classes nonetheless.
The minimum GPA to make the honor roll is a 3.5.
If a student has a report card that is the following:
French 89 = 3 points
Math 80 = 3 points
Social Studies 91 = 4 points
Science 95 = 4 points
Language Arts 92 = 4 points
This would mean that the student has an average of 3.6. Total the points
3+3+4+4+4 = 18 divided by 5 (the number of classes). This student made the honor
If you have further questions regarding this, please contact your grade level guidance
Kate McManus
Grade 6 and 7 School Counselor
Page 26
Geography Bee Finalists
Over 1,000 Pine View students in grades 4 through 8 competed in classroom and
grade level Geography Bees to determine the ten finalists who would compete for the
school-wide title. The top two students in each grade advanced to the Pine View finals,
held on January 14, 2015.
After seven rounds of challenging questions, followed by a three-question
championship round, seventh grader Milo Ruffing was crowned Pine View’s Geo Bee
champ for the second year in a row! Milo will now go on to see if he can qualify as a
Florida state finalist. This year’s runner-up, who battled Milo in the championship
round, was sixth grader Spencer Opal-Levine. Fourth grader David Bayer took third
place honors. Congratulations are in order for all ten finalists, who are listed below.
4th Grade: Florencia Geddes & David Bayer
5th Grade: Dylan Alexander & Brian Lee
6th Grade: Owen Eisman & Spencer Opal-Levine
7th Grade: Milo Ruffing & Elizabeth Hopkins
8th Grade: Nicholas Gonzales & Jacob Jarezynski
February 20th
Dear Pine View Families,
As you may know, the Pine View
Association sponsors an annual fun run,
PERAMATHON, to raise money for the 2,200+
students at Pine View School.
The run takes place on the ¼ mile track at
the P.E. fields. Students will run/walk/jog for 1 hour.
Parents and friends are invited to watch and cheer. Please
mark your calendar with the schedule listed below.
This is a premier fundraiser to assist teachers in purchasing
instructional materials, field trips and other classroom
expenses. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.
Are there prizes? YES!! Top lap winners, best t-shirt design,
100% classroom participation, prizes for the top dollar produced
and a drawing for more great prizes!
Students are encouraged to sign up “Lap Sponsors” on their
Pledge Envelopes OR ONLINE AT
Volunteers are needed for this large event. Please contact
Aurelie van den Broek at [email protected] or Karen
Kirsch at [email protected] .
Friday, February 20th
Runners Times:
9:45-10:45 – Grades 2, 3 & 8
11:45-12:45 – Grades 6 & 7
1:20-2:20 – Grades 4 & 5
Page 28
Pine View
Peramathon 2015
Save The Date: February 20, 2015
Order Your T-Shirts Now!
Back by popular demand: Peramathon 2015 t-shirts with new, studentcreated logo designs! Made out of high-quality, 100% cotton, Gildan brand,
in easy-to-wear grey color. They are available to pre-order for only $10!
NEW this year: ORDER YOUR PERAMATHON SHIRT ON-LINE AT . The shirts will be available for
purchase on-line until February 15th – so order yours today. After February
15, leftover shirts will be sold, at a premium price of $12 each, at Pine View
every school day, before school and at lunch, until the day of the event, or
until sold out. T-shirt sizes are available on a first-come first-served basis,
and we cannot guarantee the availability of all sizes during the last week.
For elementary students, all pre-ordered shirts will be delivered
directly to the students' classes the day of the event (per teacher's request).
All other pre-ordered shirts (MS, HS, siblings & parents), will be
available for pick up the week of the event (Feb. 16 – 19) at the
Peramathon table in front of the auditorium, before school and during
lunch time.
Page 29
Page 30
Page 31
PVS Choir News from Seth Gardner
Friday, February 13th through
Monday, February 23rd
Spring in Bloom Fundraiser
Thursday or Friday, March 5 or
6, 2015
District 11 Choral Festival
North Port High School
During School Day
Mr. G’s Podium:
We hit the ground running in the new
year. The second week back from Winter
Break, we had a visit from Harvard’s
Radcliffe Pitches and they were
amazing! These young ladies sang for
Vocal Ensemble and High School
Chorus and gave a mid-day concert for
the entire school. I want to thank Mrs.
Niffenegger for her help in coordinating
this spectacular event.
I am currently writing this from my
hotel room at the Florida Music
Educators Conference, only hours after
the Radcliffe Pitches Performed, where
we have 10 students (see names below)
performing in five different All State
Choirs. Friday night to Saturday night
will be a smorgasbord of choral music. I
am incredibly proud of these very
talented choir students.
Coming up, all of the middle and
high school choir students will have
their photograph taken in their uniforms
on January 29th. Students will have the
opportunity to purchase individual
portraits and/or a composite of the
entire choir. What a wonderful way to
immortalize their time in the Pine View
Finally, April Shower, bring May
flowers! We hope to foster this age old
saying on Friday, February 13th, by
kicking off our “Spring in Bloom”
fundraiser. This is the last opportunity
students will have to raise
Pine View
Sings at
Page 32
Chorus News from Kathy Sheplar
We had 3 students who sang in the Elementary All-State Chorus in January in
Tampa. It was an exciting experience for them and their parents. What a wonderful
opportunity to sing with 200 students from all over the state of Florida under the
direction of well-known conductor and composer.
Congratulations to Annika Trout (4th grade), Chloe Kortie, and Joanna Malvas (5th
More Chorus News from
Seth Gardner
We also had ten students participating in five
different All State Choirs in January. It was an
amazing experience. Every single student came
away inspired, while every teacher and parent
listening to their concert left in awe of the talent
that exists in Florida.
If you see the following students, please
give them a high five!
HS All State Students: Jack Fitzgerald,
Sahil Pankhaniya, Nathan Schlesinger, Evan
Silverman and Ryan Rose
MS All State Students: Eva Bayer,
Aitana Burman, Grace Menke, Olivia
Priovolos and Alana Schreibman
Page 33
Page 34
Catch the Rain
The original artwork of Olivia
Lynn Wilborn, in Mrs. Bradly’s third
grade class, was selected from over
2,000 Sarasota county students to be
included in the 2015 Sarasota County
Neighborhood Environmental
Stewardship Team Calendar (or
“NEST” for short). The theme for this
year’s calendar is “Catch the Rain.”
More than 1,500 students entered
this year's competition to illustrate
ways to use landscaping methods that mimic Mother Nature in catching and keeping
more of our rainfall to water plants and reduce stormwater runoff.
"The goal of the 'Catch the Rain' calendar is to show the community's youth and
their parents how easy it is to capture this vital natural resource, and how this helps
keep our bays healthy," said Rob Wright, who coordinates the calendar contest for
Sarasota County through its Neighborhood Environmental Stewardship Team (NEST)
Attention Seniors
As in the past, all seniors need to be completed with any online class (completed and
graded – transcripts to Pine View) one week ahead of senior activities in which they
wish to participate. This applies to courses that are graduation requirements. We
recommend students set a date for themselves that is approximately one week before
our date. This allows their teachers time to grade everything and get the transcripts to
Pine View.
The deadlines for this year are as follows:
Grad Bash – Saturday April 25th
Cobalt – Saturday May 9th
Graduation – Sunday May 31st
Completion date – Friday April 17th
Completion date – Friday May 1st
Completion date – Monday May 18th
Page 35
Page 36
Page 37
Page 38
5th Annual
Osprey Post Office
Art Contest
Open to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Pine View Students
8 students will be selected to have their art framed and displayed
in the Osprey, Post Office Conference Room!
The winners will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the
US Post Office, Osprey FL
 First and Last name, Grade and Teacher must be on FRONT of Picture
in the lower right corner
 Picture: Any hand drawn or painted picture that is post office related.
Examples: Stamps, Post Office (inside or outside), Postal Worker, Postal
 Color: Picture must have color! Paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils, or
colored chalk can be used.
 Size: 12 by 18 inches. Ask your art teacher or your homeroom teacher for a sheet
of white construction paper that is 12 by 18 inches. No other size or type of
paper will be accepted because of framing and displaying issues.
Deadline: Friday, February 6th, 2015. Turn your Post Office
art work into your homeroom teacher by 1st period on
Friday, Feb.6th to be eligible for the contest.
Winners: Eight (8) winners will be selected by the Osprey Post Office Staff.
Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day!
Returns: All winning art work will become the property of the Osprey, Fl Post
Office. It will be on display at the Osprey Post Office until February 2016.
Questions: Any and all questions should be directed to Mr. Ross, 5th Grade
Teacher, Pine View School. Phone: 486-2001. Email:
[email protected]
Page 39
Media Center News
Student Art Display: Izabella Smith, Grade 8, written by Izabella
My mom used to draw a lot, so when I was little she would always make me sit down
and draw with her. She stopped drawing because she said I got better than her (that is
what she said but I doubt that is the reason). By 4th grade I started watching a lot of
cartoons and anime and I was drawing these Lucky Star characters on my couch. I
wanted to develop my own style, my own cartoony character style, not copying some
anime. I stayed away from copying someone else’s work and developed my own style.
In 7th grade my art teacher submitted a water color piece I did into a contest and I
won, which made me want to do more water color pieces …
(To read more about Izabella’s art work, please see her display in the Media Center.)
The media staff is excited to announce that the case is completely booked for the
rest of this school year by talented students who are excited to exhibit their artwork.
Thank you for spreading the word 
Bedtime Bags
The Bedtime Bag Drive was a HUGE success!! We ended up collecting and stuffing
close to 70 full bags. In fact, there were so many, we were able to share with three
homeless shelters in Venice, Sarasota and North Port. Way to go PV!! Thank you so
much to everyone who got involved. A special thank you to Mrs. Molinaro for her
collaboration with us in this endeavor - couldn’t have done it without her. 
Page 40
Page 41
Page 42
Page 43
Page 44
Page 45
Page 46
Page 47
Page 48
Page 49
Page 50
Page 51
Our Extreme Gratitude
And Thanks To
Sue Keating
Norm Worthington
For Their Generous Donations
Over 12 Years of Support,
Service and Commitment
Pine View School
Page 52
Pine View Association
Sincerely Thank
The Wilborn
For Charitably Supporting
Pine View School
As a PVA $10,000 Annual
Page 53
Typing Training Now Available Online
Attention parents of 2nd through 7th grade
students. Now, your child can practice touchtyping skills both at school and at home, or
anywhere you have an internet connection.
Pine View has purchased licenses for all our
elementary, as well as our 6th and 7th graders
to work with the online typing program
Get started instantly! Everything runs
from a web browser so there is no software to
install. Students sign in with their N number and PIN.
Easy to use. Animated coaches are available to guide your childs' every step. The
program can be customized for all ages and abilities. It supports beginning typists, as
well as those who already have some skill and want to improve. The computer-guided
mode (for elementary) guides your child in a step-by-step training program. The selfguided mode (for middle school) allows students to pick and choose what to work on.
Numerous options are available to customize the course to match the child's goals,
age level, skill level, and specific needs.
The training modules demonstrate correct technique using clear, bold, easy-to-read
Learning and fun combined. - Students can play educational typing games or
choose from over 2500 unique exercises. Lessons train specific fingers on the hand, and
also focus on the home row, top row, and bottom row of the keyboard. Longer typing
tests are designed to measure speed. Exercises also broaden students’ education with
famous quotations, biographies, geography, and world landmarks, world history, and
much more.
Track progress - with detailed reports and graphs.
Desktop and mobile device support. Supports Windows, Mac, iPads, and
Android tablets (using an external keyboard).
Page 54
Pine View Submits its Application for
the Green Ribbon School Award!
Article by: Nicole Jurczyk, PVA Environmental, Health & Safety Chair
These past few months have been very busy for the Sustainability @ Pine View
([email protected]) Core Team and the Student Sustainability Council as they successfully completed
the 15-page Florida Department of Education Green Ribbon School Award application.
Teachers, students, administrators, PV staff, Landings staff, and parents worked tirelessly
to complete the data and essay-filled pages with Pine View’s multitude of achievements
in the areas of environmental impact reduction, student and staff health, and
sustainability education. Through a coordinated effort and an abundance of team work
throughout the school and district, the application was submitted on time at the
beginning of December.
Initial feedback from the State has been very positive and it looks like the school is
being nominated for a national-level Department of Education Award. A summary
version of the essay shown here was submitted with the application. It is amazing to read
what the school has achieved in just three short years. Thank you to everyone who
contributed information, data, and essays to the application. We couldn’t have done this
without everyone’s help. Special thanks go out to our science teachers Mrs. Templeton,
Mrs. Torres, and Mr. Yotsuda for their years of investment in our successful sustainability
program. Thanks also to Katarina Jurczyk for her important role in helping to compile
the information and facilitate the application submission. The application is currently
under review and the national award winners will be announced in April 2015. We will
keep you posted!
Page 55
Sue Keating and Norm Worthington
Wilborn Family
The Buroughs Family
The Family of Milo Ruffing
The Patrice Family
The Niffinegger Family
Mercado – Pastorizo Family
Alfred Kausel & Laureen Martel
Page 56
Family of Danny Marousis
The Kourelakos Family
The Joerger Family
The Jemison Family
The Ippolito Family
The Daly Family
Steve & Michelle Halbreich
Luis & Nikki Chu
Page 57
Surprises Pine
View Student
Pine View students,
teachers and community
members gathered together Jan.
29 to celebrate twelfth-grader
Jamie Myers, who had his wish
granted by the Make-A-Wish
Foundation. Myers, who has
been battling cancer for several
months, was granted his wish to meet singer Regina Spektor. Myers and his family will
travel to New York City to meet the singer, who is currently on tour.
Around 9:50 a.m., Jamie Myers was surprised by Make-A-Wish Foundation
representatives, who were waiting by the drop-off loop with students, teachers and his
family. According to Regional Director Rebecca Blitz, the Make-A-Wish Foundation
“grants wishes for children between the ages of 2 and a half to 18 who have lifethreatening diseases.” Myers was taken to the area with his physics class, taught by
Roger Siegel.
After he was told that his wish was granted, Myers, his family and a few close friends
were driven away in a limousine to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch.
Myers’ mother, father, grandmother, aunt, sister and wife, Lauren Plant, all
attended the ceremony. Myers’ mother, Heather Myers, said, “I don’t think words can
express what I’m feeling right now. I’m so thankful and overjoyed for everything Pine
View has done and for everything Make-A-Wish has done. It’s just been amazing
through such a treacherous time.”
Myers and Plant were married, on Dec. 30 at a small ceremony in New Jersey,
where Plant currently lives. In the summer, Plant will move to Florida.
Principal Dr. Stephen Covert was also in attendance and helped to organize the
reveal. According to Covert, Guidance Counselor Lynn Halcomb came up with the idea
of hosting the reveal at Pine View. “We really came together for Jamie,” Covert said. “It’s
just a special way for Pine View to show him that we love him.”
Several band students played music during the ceremony, and art students
displayed signs they painted in class. Before leaving in the limousine, Myers’ family
released a bundle of blue balloons into the air.
“He comes to school everyday. He could easily give up and say, ‘I’m not doing this,’
but he loves being here and being part of a team,” Covert said. “This is a really special
Plant said, “Jamie has shown me so many things; he’s changed me a lot. He’s shown
me that even though things get rough, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and
there’s always something to be happy for. He’s the most positive person I’ve ever met.”
“It’s a testament to the community that’s been fostered here, as far as coming
together in times of need for such a special person as Jamie,” English teacher Charles
Reinhoff said. “He just gives, gives, gives, and it’s nice to be able to give something to
(Article reprinted from Pine View’s Torch.)
Page 58
Page 59
Literacy Tips by Pine View Literacy Team
How To Carve Out Time
For Reading For Your Child
And Your Family
Do you think your life is too busy for quiet reading?
Try some of these simple tricks to find that extra time.
Take advantage of all the time in between activities –
waiting in a dentist’s office, friends have not yet arrived
to school, coach is late for practice, or even better, there
is a rain delay in some activity. If you have a good book on hand, all these little
moments are opportunities to read a few more pages or even finish an entire article in a
Keep a brief log of how you spend your time. Is there unnecessary time watching
TV, checking Facebook, Twitter, etc? You might find it surprising how your child
spends their time. For example, a study conducted by the Institute for Social Research
found that girls between the ages of 6-17 spend two hours more a week on personal
grooming than boys of this age. This is an interesting bit of information if you are
looking for some extra reading time. Try to determine where you can “borrow” a few
minutes that can be used for quiet reading.
Use commute time to gain a few extra minutes for reading. Driving to school, afterschool activities, errands, play dates, etc. can all add up to several minutes a day. This is
also a great opportunity to be away from other distractions.
Plan your time in advance and make sure you and your child are not over-scheduled
and doing things that are not absolutely necessary. Determine if there is something that
can wait until the next day to find a few extra minutes in your day. This will leave a few
precious minutes for reading.
Keep phone, computer, and any other electronic devices out of reach and check only
at designated times. This will eliminate the distraction and avoid any temptations to
stop reading and check for messages.
Monitor TV time. Keep a log of exactly how much TV watching is happening with
your child. A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that school-age
children spend approximately 14 hours a week watching TV. Do they need to watch a
cartoon while they eat breakfast or can they read a good book? Also, monitor computer
time – is your child completing a homework assignment or spending time on Facebook.
The same study found that one third of the students surveyed have computers in their
bedrooms and this use is unsupervised by an adult.
Use quiet reading as a “reward” for your child. If they have worked hard on
homework or completed a challenging chore, give them some quiet reading time to rest
and relax. Make quiet reading time a family activity. Turn off all TV, radios, phones,
computers, etc. and spend a few minutes enjoying a book. This does not need to be a
great amount of time – a few minutes every day can add up to a lot of reading time.
Page 60
Page 61
Advertise Your Business in Pine Views
Pine Views provides a fantastic and targeted opportunity to promote your business,
organization, or club to more than 2,000 of Pine View’s families, faculty, staff, and
business owners. Pine Views is a popular, must-read resource for Pine View families.
Most families read it cover to cover! And advertising in Pine Views not only provides a
unique opportunity to communicate with our families, business owners, and staff but has
the added benefit of supporting Pine View School. Plus, PV families are incredibly loyal
to the businesses that support our school. All advertisements and payments must
be received by the 10th of the month to be included in the following month’s
issue. Pine Views is published by PVA and provided free to every student family.
Ad sizes available (please check appropriate box)
 Full Page $500.00 (approximately 7.5” x 10”)
 ½ Page $300.00 (approximately 7.5” x 5”)
 ¼ Page $175.00 (approximately 4.5” tall and 3.867” wide)
 Business Card $100.00 (approximately 2.25” tall and 3.867” wide)
 Banner $100.00 (approximately .859” tall and 7.624” wide)
Name of Business: ______________________________________________
Business Address: ______________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________
Business Phone: _______________________________________________
Contact Person: ________________________________________________
Check #: ____________ (Please write “Pine Views” on your check and envelope)
Which month(s) do you want your ad to run? ____________________________
Are you interested in becoming a Pine View Business Partner? YES
NO (circle one)
Make checks payable to: Pine View Association
Mail check to: Pine View Association/Pine Views, 1 Python Path, Osprey FL 34229
Submit camera-ready ad (high-res PDF or high-res JPEG) to: [email protected]
Questions: email PVA Publications Director Cliff Menezes [email protected] or
Thank you for supporting Pine View School
Pine View Association 
Page 62
1 Python Path  Osprey FL 34229  (941) 486-2001
Page 63
Page 64