Registration Info Pack

Registration Info Pack
Congratulations on signing up for 5k FoamFest Canada–Okanagan!
If you didn't receive your registration confirmation please email us at
[email protected]
This Fun Run is at the top of its class, and the smiles won’t stop! Don’t forget to bring
your “A” game! There are many challenges throughout the course. Whether you like it
or not, it’s definitely a workout. Please remember to enjoy the course at your own
Saturday, June 13, 2015
Silver Star Mountain
123 Shortt Street
Silver Star Mountain, British Columbia
V1B 3M1
Not from the area but still want to take part in the foamy fun? Perfect, we have just the
solution for you. We have arranged with Silverstar Resort to receive 15% off most
properties available at the resort. Registrants can reach out to the Central Reservations
team at 1-800-663-4431 or [email protected] and quote 5K Foam Fest. All the
agents at Silverstar will explain the rates and accommodations available to 5K Foam Fest
When you arrive on site you will follow the signs to the designated parking area. Arrive
early because parking is limited. Parking is $10.00 per vehicle, so please carpool if you
can. We accept Cash ONLY so be sure to hit the bank machine before you come.
After Parking, please follow the signage or (in some cases) take the event bus to the
Race Festival Zone and Registration. Registration will be clearly marked.
To get you through registration as quickly as possible proceed to the registration tents
as you registered. If you are part of a TEAM or FAMILY registration go with your whole
group to the Team & Family tent. If you registered as an individual proceed to the tent
marked with the letter from your last name. The registration team will take care of you
from there, checking you in & getting you all sorted for the day!
Please print out the waiver form found on the website specific to your run location.
There will be a limited amount of waivers at the event for those without a printer, but
doing this before will speed up the process. When you arrive, the Registration team will
prepare your paperwork and assign a bib #. After registration, please feel free to mingle
about the festival area and wait for your heat.
If there are still openings, registration will be open online till midnight the night before.
Registering online will get you a lower price and guarantee your spot in the fun run! We
do take day-of registrations on site, so tell your friends. We can not guarantee wave
times for day-of registrants but will do our best to have your friends run as close to your
start time as possible. We suggest registering early.
During the race, there are Hydration Stations, Washrooms and lots of staff on hand to
answer any questions you may have. The whole course is marked with tape, so as long
as you stay in the tape you won’t get lost or end up in a place you might not want to
be. You better plan on the foam, mud and water being a part of the course.
The waves begin at 8am and run every 15 minutes until 3pm (last wave). There are up
to 150 people in each wave.
The heat will gather 10 minutes prior to their start times in the starting corral before
having the foamiest start you have ever seen! You will get a brief introduction on the
course, a group stretch, fun activities and race rules. The race is 5km long and features
16+ obstacles including:
Foam Start
Body Washer
Lily Pads
Slip and Slide
Mocha Pit
Up and Over Cargo Net
Climbing Walls
Spiderweb Forest
Tube Town
Stop, Drop and Roll
Chamber of Foam
Monkey Business
Log Roll
Death Drops
What if I am too scared to do an obstacle?
We have staff and volunteers scattered throughout the mud run course that are ready
to leap into action and help you through the obstacle, but if you feel you shouldn't do an
obstacle for any reason, our staff will help you around it.
If you are worried about the foam, it is just air mixed with less than 1% of an
environmentally friendly all natural foam solution. Made from natural oils, the foam
should not cause irritation of any sort. Still, we encourage participants to NOT leave the
foam on their body for an extended period of time. We also recommend that you do not
inhale, ingest or get the foam in your eyes.
Age restrictions
All children must be physically, mentally, and emotionally capable to complete the
course with proper racing etiquette. Ages 9 and under will not be able to participate in
the 5k but we would love to have them join us for our pre and post-race activities such
as our foam pit and bounce house! Ages 10 – 12 can register for the 5k race but must
run with a registered adult. Ages 13+ can run in the 5k race without an adult chaperone
but must adhere to all race rules and regulations.
Rules and Regulations
By registering for the 5K FoamFest I agree to the following terms and conditions
I agree to abide by all instructions given by Race Officials, Staff, Volunteers, and Medical Personnel.
I will not inhale or ingest mud, foam, or any part of the race course.
I acknowledge that 5k FoamFest is an extreme event and that participation presents certain risks
which I accept voluntarily.
4. I am physically, mentally, and medically able to compete in the race and can complete the course
and all obstacles.
If I have a known or diagnosed medical condition or am pregnant, I have received permission from a
doctor to participate in this race.
5. I am 10 years of age or older and agree to sign the Race Waiver prior to participation in the race.
If I am less than 18 years of age, my parent or legal guardian has also signed the Race Waiver.
Failure to present a signed Race Waiver will result in my inability to participate in the race.
6. I agree to exercise personal restraint and not take any unnecessary risks.
7. I will not urinate or defecate anywhere other than in designated areas.
8. I will wear my bib in a clear and visible location throughout the race.
9. I agree to allow 5k FoamFest to film, photograph, and record my image for future commercial and
promotional use.
10. I understand that I am required to wear shoes and clothing during the course of the race.
11. I understand that cleats and other sharp objects are not allowed on the race course and agree not to
wear such.
If I am observed wearing or having a sharp object in my possession, I will be asked to remove it from
the race course.
Race Officials, Staff, and Volunteers will not accept possession of personal property(including but not
limited to rings, necklaces, cleats, watches, clothing, etc.) or be responsible for watching or returning
any personal property discarded during the course of the race.
I acknowledge that any weapons, animals, illegal substances, outside alcohol or food are not
permitted and agree not to bring such.
If any such items are found on my person, they may be confiscated for safety and I may be asked to
leave the event grounds.
I agree not to deliberately harm, cause injury, or come into contact with other participants and will
exercise care and caution to avoid injuring others and myself.
I agree to exhibit appropriate behavior and will not use lewd and inappropriate language and
I acknowledge that I may be asked to leave if I do use such.
I agree not to drink, ingest, or use any substance, legal or illegal, medicinal or recreational, known or
suspected to cause physical and mental impairment prior to the race. Prior to taking any medicines
before the race, I will consult with a medical professional about possible side effects. I will not bring
any illegal substances onto the race course.
I acknowledge that once I have left the race course, I will not be permitted reentry.
I understand that no refunds will be given for any reason.
I understand that this includes events that have been postponed for any given reason with a
minimum of two weeks notice and/or a venue change of a maximum distance of 80 kilometers from
the original venue.
I understand that registration is closed when the maximum capacity is reached. I will not assist any
individuals who are not properly registered or who have been ejected to gain access to the course.
I understand that violation of any of these Rules, Terms and Conditions will result in my removal
from the race course and will put myself and others at greater risk of injury.
I agree to pay for any damage caused by my negligence or failure to abide by rules and instructions
of race officials.
Start times and Course Conditions
Waves will be sent in groups of up to 150 people every fifteen minutes with the first
heat leaving at 8am and the last heat leaving at 3pm. Runners that arrive after 3pm will
not be permitted on the course.
To help you plan out your day we have given you the option to register fora specific heat
time. We require that runners arrive to the venue one hour before their heat time and
due to high volumes, all runners must run during their allotted heat time, no exceptions.
If you have any worries or doubts about your start time please email us at
[email protected]
NOTE: Foam machines are constantly cranking out foam ALL DAY so you don’t have to
worry about the course being more or less foamy depending on start time. While many
people worry about the condition of the course it sometimes can be even more fun as
the mud softens and the sun gets overhead so please remember that every experience
will be different and to enjoy the challenge we’ve laid in front of you.
THIS RUN IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT! Unless we’ve contacted you to tell you otherwise,
Course Times and Festival Info
If you are looking to beat a world record or run so hard that you nearly lose bowel
control then you might be disappointed. The 5K FoamFest is not a hardcore race it is a
FUNCORE race. The goal is to have fun while running. We will have a race clock at the
end of the race so you can internally take note how fast you ran the race but you will
not be given timing chips and we encourage you to focus on the fun aspect of the race
rather than the speed.
We've got several activities in our festival area for all ages.
We even have activities for the kids at heart! Like our Skyfall to test your nerves, and
Foam Pit.Expect fun snacks and exciting action while waiting for your start time at 5k
FoamFest. Children 9 and under have free all day access to the festival area as do all
• Complimentary Change Rooms for Men and Women
• Complimentary Gear Check, you can bring a change of clothes and personal
belongings. They will be kept safe and secure!
• Hydration Stations
• Shower and hose systems for after the race to get all of the mud off
• Washrooms and sanitation stations.
• Music
• Food Stations - Refreshments and munchables!
• Kids Inflatables
Race Day Schedule
Registration & Festival Area open
First wave (waves every 15 minutes)
Registration Closes
Last wave
Festival Area closed
Can I bring my camera or phone?
Electronics, foam and mud don't mix. This is a Foam Fun Run, the kind of race that
involves a lot of mud and water, which will result in most devices getting damaged. We
advise you to leave all electronics in the car or at home. However, other than this
warning we won’t stop you from bringing them with you, but you do so at your own risk.
At the finish line you will receive your T-shirt and medal. This is a great way to spend a
day with friends, family, kids, parents etc. Please be courteous and if you have any
questions or concerns please email:[email protected]
We look forward to seeing you there!